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I am the primary teaching pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Bloomington, Illinois, where I have served since 1993. I received my B.A. in Biblical Studies from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, and I received my M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. I am also a U.S. Navy veteran and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. And, by the way, my last name has a silent β€˜h’ and is pronounced β€˜troop.’


Joe Biden continues to see dismal poll numbershttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 22, 2021:
The MSM could only cover for Biden for so long. Eventually people were going to believe what they actually saw and heard from Biden.
How “The Plot Against The President” came to behttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 22, 2021:
I found the website for the movie discussed in the video:
Pelosi Using January 6th to Target Trump and Trump ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 22, 2021:
Right. There is no doubt in my mind that these Democrats are simply trying to silence the opposition and that they are using any and all means necessary, no matter how dirty or underhanded those means may be.
Omicron becomes the dominant variant in the UShttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 22, 2021:
Well, if about 1/3 of America's population is estimated to be traveling for Christmas this year, and most of them are going to visit family and friends, then that tells you how seriously most Americans take the Wuhan Flu at this point. They obviously don't see it as a serious threat, despite the attempts of so many politicians -- and that snake Fauci -- to create fear. It looks like most people are finally wising up.
McCarthy: Manchin was underestimated by fellow Democrats; leaders 'overplayed their ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 21, 2021:
Kinzinger is a nitwit. McCarthy didn't help Trump when he visited him in Mar Lago; Trump helped McCarthy.
Have reparations been made to black people in America?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 21, 2021:
That brief video makes me want to buy the man's book. (And, yes, I dared to call him a man.)
Shocking New Revelations in Anti-Muslim “Hate Crime”[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 21, 2021:
So, the press once again jumped th gun and falsely reported a "hate crime" where none existed. At this point, even the boy who cried wolf would be rebuking them for the stupidity, except for the fact that it is intentional false reporting. So, it isn't stupidity on the part of the MSM; it is duplicity.
The real goal of the January 6th committeehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 21, 2021:
"the January 6 committee is a sham committee." Right on.
8 Reasons To Think That We are Witnessing the Sovietization of ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
It's hard to deny the arguments Dinesh is making.
Mom Goes Off On School After Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Coached Into Trans ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
So sad!
Jimmy Failla: Hillary Clinton is 'absolutely' running for president ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
I sure hope that guy is wrong. I do *not* want to have to constantly hear and see her all over the news again.
Biden appoints record number of judges in first yearhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
So, the Democrats are playing dirty again. Is anyone surprised?
Biden is 'obviously senile': Steve Hiltonhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
Steve Hilton gave a great overall summary of the failures of the Biden Administration thus far.
James Webb Telescope launching Christmas Evehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
That is really cool. I am looking forward to seeing what they discover with this new telescope.
What the battle between Manchin and Democrats is really about: Tom ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
At least Manchin is demonstrating more common sense and courage than almost every other Democrat.
Kayleigh McEnany on voters' remorse for electing Biden as ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 20, 2021:
And, of course, those were all students who might remember that Biden promised to forgive student debt but then reneged.
Feminist Face Off: Chelsea Handler vs Hannah Gadsbyhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
I guess feminists just aren't funny.
Pentagon orders company to stop making faith-based dog ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Good grief! Those people strain out a gnat and swallow a camel. They go after a company like this over Bible passages on dog tags while they welcome CRT with open arms.
This upcoming annual Christmas tour ain’t as easy as it used to be.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
I have avoided going to Chicago for the past fews years, but, unfortunately, I have to start going there fairly regularly starting January 5 because that is where the Chicago University Hospital is with the cancer treatment team that I need. So, it took getting cancer for me to be willing to go there. That says something, huh?
Exclusive — Lt.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Yes, Florida as been a beacon of freedom.
How to 'De-Pansify' the GOPhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
We need more Republicans like Matt Gaetz if we are ever going to "depansify" the party.
A true festival of freedom in London.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Very encouraging!
How are the text messages to Mark Meadows a bombshell?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Right. All those text messages showed was that most conservatives and Republicans disagreed with what happened on January 6 and that most of those involved were a fringe element (although, no doubt, some were FBI plants).
Twitter Removes video of CNN/Tapper Producer Rick Saleeby fantasizing about fiancé’s minor ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
We have already seen that the degenerates at CNN will only take action when they are forced to do so, not because they have any moral objections to what their sleazy employees are doing.
16 cities break homicide records this yearhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
This is truly outrageous, and, as far as I can tell, those are all Democrat run cities.
Jesse Watters: Biden's lost controlhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 19, 2021:
Jesse really nailed it with that assessment.
Are Democrats anti-democracy?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 18, 2021:
Of course, it is impossible to "end our democracy," since the United States of America is *not* a democracy; it is a *republic*, and it is the Democrats who are actually trying to destroy it.
Gov. Abbott: We are building the border wallhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 18, 2021:
I'm so proud of Texas for doing this.It would be nice if New Mexico, Arizona, and California followed suit and built wall where there is none currently or repaired wall where it has been falling apart, but I would count on it.
Jimmy Failla slams Nancy Pelosi for playing ‘stupid’ on ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 18, 2021:
Nancy Pelosi was lying again, of course.
Harvard Law School address by Charlton Heston []
KeithThroop comments on Dec 18, 2021:
While I didn't agree with Mr. Heston on every point, that was a gutsy speech to give at Harvard Law School.
COVID pass under your skin?
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
That is pretty scary to me.
Can the Metaverse Church ACTUALLY Be a Church?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
No, the "Metaverse Church" cannot actually be a Church. It is indeed tantamount to heresy.
Religion in America Is on the Decline. This Is What’s Replacing It.[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
I agree with Matt's argument that actual Christians may indeed already be a minority in this country. I'm not altogether sure, however, that this hasn't pretty much always been the case throughout the history of America, with a few periods that are exceptions, perhaps, such as during the First Great Awakening. But ti is important to remember that the First Great Awakening immediately preceded the period of the American Revolution and the formation of our republic, which is not a merely coincidental fact.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Absolutely right. Dr. Oz is not to be trusted on the abortion issue.
LOL: DeSantis Master TROLLS With the WOKE ACThttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Yes, DeSantis and the conservative sin Florida are pointing the way here. hopefully many other governors and state legislatures will do the same.
Female athlete speaks out against competing with transgender ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 17, 2021:
Men are men, and women are women. Period.
Biden talks with Manchin on Build Back Better reportedly ‘going very poorly'[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I hope Manchin holds out. It probably doesn't help Biden that, when people were hounding Manchin while at home and on vacation and even threatening him, Biden thought it was just fine. Maybe Manchin didn't forget that Biden encouraged such behavior toward himself and Senator Senema instead of denouncing it.
LOL: ESPN Makes Documentary On NASCAR Noose Race Hoaxhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
"It's not real! none of this is real!" Yep.
What You DIDN'T KNOW About Watergatehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
That is a fascinating possibility, namely that Nixon might not have actually known about the Watergate cover-up.
Powerful dust storms blowing across the UShttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
We got the wind here in central Illinois last night at around 9:00 in the evening, and it lasted until the early hours of the morning. Thankfully, by the time the wind arrived here it was only about 40-50 mph, with occasional gusts that were 60+ mph.
Fitton: Fauci Funded Gain-of Function Research in Wuhanhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I'm glad that Judicial Watch isn't letting go of this issue.
Joe Concha: This is why Cuomo covered up nursing home ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I think Cuomo probably covered up the nursing home scandal not just for the 5 million dollars but also because he doesn't want to go to jail. Hopefully he will not only lose the money but also end up in jail where he belongs. I'm not holding my breath, though.
Why Is the Left Hell-Bent on Perpetuating Hate Crime Hoaxes?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
> ... even people on the right who are skeptical of the individual noose hoaxes still don't stop to question why we are pretending that the noose is a racist symbol in the first place. That's the power of the false reality that the Left has constructed, and which permeates and intrudes into the live of people who would otherwise know better. Good point, in my opinion. what say all of you?
Dana Perino analyzes CNN presidential list of Democrats who could replace ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Oh, my! I certainly hope we are not subjected to another run of Hilary Clinton for president. I'm not sure my digestive system could handle it. Constantly vomiting is really bad for you.
New COVID Pill Causes Sperm And Fetus Cells To MUTATE According To New Study, FDA May NOT ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I certainly hope that the FDA does not approve it.
Biden Goes BLANK When Reporter Dares to Ask a Real ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Wow! That was so informative. And the demonstration of erudition and wit was amazing. [That was my imitation of an MSNBC anchor.] 😁
NEXT WEEK: Candace Owens & Donald Trump Meet Againhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I'm looking forward to watching this interview. It should be very good.
Top 5 Most TRIGGERING Christmas Songshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
Frankly, I don't like any of the songs in that list, and I don't care if they ever get played again, but I am against the stupid cancel culture reasons for wanting them to done away with.
Ashley Biden Records Emerge – Bolster O’Keefe vs ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 16, 2021:
I'm glad that Project Veritas has a group like Judicial Watch on their side.
‘Woke’ West Side Story was ‘quite the flop’[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 15, 2021:
Frankly, I could never force myself to watch the original version, so there is no way I would attempt a new woke version.
Reporters continue to ask when Joe Biden plans to hold a press ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 15, 2021:
President Biden will "take questions many, many times this year." Right. On occasion he will spontaneously start to answer a question or two until his staff realize he's getting into trouble and immediately direct him away from reporters.
Will Cain: Black Lives Matter is participating in ‘segregation’[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 15, 2021:
Great segment exposing the constant hypocrisy of BLM.
DeSantis Threatens To Transport Migrants To Delaware, Martha's ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 15, 2021:
I sure would like to see this guy get elected president some day.
Is This The Next Viral Hate Crime Hoax?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
"They can't act out these roles or invent these stories believably because they've never encountered these sorts of people that they're inventing. And for that they should be very grateful. But instead their privilege makes them bitter ans weirdly resentful." Yes, that seems to be an accurate assessment.
James Bond Will Be "Non-Binary"?[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
I'm guessing that Ian Fleming would be rolling over in his grave.
Tucker: We need to stop using this term (Vid 1:56) []
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
I agree. In my view, we should stop using *any *of the Left's ideologically loaded language.
Julian Assange's family concerned for his safety as extradition ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
To be fair, it is not the Biden administration that has "criminalized knowing about classified information." Obtaining and disseminating classified information is a federal crime, and it has been a federal crime for a very long time. However, there has been persistent conflict over the press's obtaining and disseminating such information, given the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press. The issue here, it seems to me, would be whether or not a private individual can obtain and disseminate classified information and then simply claim he is part of the press in an attempt to avoid prosecution. It will be interesting to see what the Federal courts decide once the case is brought before them here in America.
Biden politicizing tornado damage to advance climate agenda: ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
No one should be surprised by this. It is typical of the Left to politicize everything in this manner.
The GOP, Like Hamlet, Is Fatally Paralyzed from Political Action by the Christian ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 14, 2021:
*First*, the term *hamartía*, as used in the Bible and understood by Christians, does not simply denote a "mistake," as Dinesh seems to understand the term in this video. It refers to *sin* against God and against His moral standards. As such it is evil. *Second*, sometimes a Christian might struggle to take political action not because of his "Christian conscience" but because of a misunderstanding of what Christian principles actually require. Thus, a Christian might have a misinformed conscience that keeps him from taking action he ought to be able to take with a clear conscience. On the other hand, however, a Christian might take certain political actions he should not take due to a misinformed conscience. It often depends upon the situation. At any rate, a Christian is to live his life in accordance with Biblical teaching, following Biblical principles of morality, and this means properly understanding the Bible and thus knowing what decisions are right in a particular context. This isn't necessarily always an easy thing to do, but it is what we are supposed to do. I'll be interested to hear what Dinesh goes on to say about this matter.
How many Boosters? []
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
Translation: No, we don't know what a third shot will or will not do, so we just have to continue the global study with all the human guinea pigs who are willing to be subjects of our experiment.
It was ‘disappointing’ to see Biden and Harris throw their ‘full support’ behind ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
"Does this actually prove that America is not the race society that, you know, some people of the Left would have people believe if people have to go out there and make up fake hate crimes because there's not enough real hate crimes for them to capitalize on?" Good question!
Media 'ate up' Jussie Smollett's hate crime 'hoax'[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
That assessment was right on.
US inflation hits a 40-year highhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
And the Biden Administration tells us everything is just fine. πŸ™„
We are bombarded almost incessantly by lies.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
That is a great video. Thanks for sharing it.
Why Jussie Smollett Didn't Expect the Jury to Convict ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 13, 2021:
I agree. Jussie's team did seem to be hoping for jury nullification.
Court agrees Avi Yemini deserves speedy trial in parliamentary press freedom ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 12, 2021:
I'm hoping Avi wins every step of the way and teaches these tyrannical people a lesson. It seems to me it will be a win for the Australian people.
Watters: It’s payback timehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 12, 2021:
"Everything on the Left's collapsing across the board. The press can rescue you this time. The press helped you get into this mess, and they're in just as much trouble as you." Sounds about right to me.
Kentucky looks like a war zone in aftermath of ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 12, 2021:
There are many tornadoes every year in parts of America, but I don't recall seeing this many in one brief period this late in the year, especially causing so much destruction.
Protest group targets wreaths placed on veterans' ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 12, 2021:
My local VFW and American Legion posts take part in placing these wreaths every year, and it is done as a way to honor those veterans who have served out country. We want people who see those wreaths to know that these men and women are not forgotten and that their service is still deeply appreciated. How could that be an "atrocity" or a "disgrace" except in the minds of some pretty demented people?
Dutton: China’s reaction to AUKUS was ‘irrational’[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 12, 2021:
Maybe china is getting a bit nervous?
RedState: The Army-Navy Game. 121 years of great traditions and great football. []
KeithThroop comments on Dec 11, 2021:
It was great to see the Navy win again today. Go Navy!
Fight breaks out during House Intel hearing over Trump-Russia collusion (Vid 6:19) Like ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 11, 2021:
Good grief. They billed this as some kind of "fight" when it was just two men disagreeing about something, and doing so in a pretty polite fashion as I saw it. To be sure, Schiff is a dirtbag, but his disagreeing with someone in a manner in which neither he nor his detractor even raised their voices is hardly what I would call a "fight." I get so sick of such silly, overly sensationalized headlines. "Major Fight Breaks Out." πŸ™„
Deadly tornadoes rip across five stateshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 11, 2021:
This morning at 7:30 the news reported at least 36 tornadoes in 6 states in the Midwest. There were several in central Illinois where I live. In southern Illinois an entire Amazon facility collapsed when hit be a tornado. So far there are at least 110 people dead. I haven't been able to check the news since that report.
Dogs Enjoy Playing With Kind Neighbor From Across Fence While He Treats ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 11, 2021:
It looks like the old guy has found some therapy dogs.
Ron DeSantis: We anticipate conflicthttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 11, 2021:
I'm liking Governor DeSantis more and more every day. We need more politicians like him
NEW: Judicial Watch Seeks to DEPOSE Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Over Racist Interview ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 10, 2021:
Just one more reason I'm a fan of Judicial Watch.
Citizens Step in to Save Cop Under Attackhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 10, 2021:
That was an encouraging sight.
Biden REFUSES To Give A Press Conference, Psaki Says He Takes Questions "Multiple Times A ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 10, 2021:
Yeah, right. Joe Biden "looks forward" to taking questions from the press. πŸ™„
Alec Baldwin's Subconscious Admission - The "Punishment Question" - Viva Frei Vlawg - This is ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 10, 2021:
That was a very interesting discussion of the "punishment question." I found it quite enlightening.
Why Democrats want you to be afraidhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
I love the way Tammy spoke of "... the village troll, flipper Fauci, in love with being on TV, as he continues to abandon science and threatens Americans with political opinions based on guesswork." Right on, Tammy!
Get the truck outta here.
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
I'm thinking there had to have been a tornado.
Marco Rubio warns of how ‘deeply intertwined’ China is in US ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
I think that Rubio is right on this issue.
Private sector vaccine mandate bad for business: Montana ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
I'm getting tired of hearing Republicans constantly preface comments with how they have been "vaccinated" and how everyone should be "vaccinated" as they then say that it should be a person's choice whether or not they will do so. Granted, a person can legitimately hold such a position, namely that they are personally in favor of the so-called "vaccine" but that they also believe it should not be mandated, but I would prefer that they just assert their view that it should not be mandated without constantly preaching the "vaccine" gospel to me. I've heard it already, ad nauseum. Stop virtue signaling and do your job without treating me like a child who needs you to scold him for not eating his vegetables. You sound just as condescending when you do it as the Democrats do.
China’s behaviour calls for more 'serious’ action than a diplomatic boycott of ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
Right. I seriously doubt that this "diplomatic boycott" will make any difference at all.
New Yorkers react to de Blasio's vaccine mandates on private ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
We should keep in mind that many of the conservatives, who were a minority in New York City anyway, have probably fled the city over the past year and a half or so.
Police Seen Checking For Vaccine Passportshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
This is what tyranny looks like, as well as the proper response to it.
China: Australian officials not invited to Olympic ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
Australia is not "a U.S. lackey." Australia is a U.S. ally. Although China would certainly like to drive wedge between them, we cannot allow that to happen. Our two countries need each other far too much.
Pearl Harbor 80th anniversary is ‘poignant’ at this time in history: Chris ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
"We need to stand to to China proportionately, because bullies like that are only encouraged when you appear as weak as water." Well said.
Hannity: This is not funny anymorehttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
Right. Biden seems to have forgotten the Americans left behind in Afghanistan, just as he forgets so many other things. And the MSM certainly won't remind him, let alone those who are running the White House.
Fauci Shocks MSNBC Host, Admits Individual Rights Don't Matter Anymore | DM CLIPS | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 9, 2021:
Fauci says that he respects a person's desire to exercise their own free will, but then goes on to completely disregard this desire. As I have repeatedly said, Fauci is a snake.
This single action Colt can’t fire itself.[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
I questioned Alec's claim that he didn't pull the trigger here: It seems I was right to question him on that point.
Fauci Fumes When Questioned On Resignationhttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
"The only thing I care about, Neil, is helping to preserve and protect the health of the American public." πŸ™„ Yeah, right. And I suppose he has a bridge he wants to sell me as well.
INSANE: Application Form Lists Absurd Number of Genders to Choose ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
Matt's critique in this video was particularly good, I thought.
What fascism? Australian flags! πŸ˜‚πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ˜‚[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
Sp, apparently it is just American flags that are fascist according to Leftists or ANTIFA types.
Weak: Biden “Boycotts” 2022 Beijing Olympicshttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
"The diplomatic boycott of the Chinese Olympics is a completely meaningless gesture. It does not scare China in the least. It does not have any consequences for China." Right. It is a virtually meaningless gesture the Biden Administration is making in order to try to make themselves look tough on China because they see their poll numbers crashing. But most of us know it doesn't really mean anything, and so does China, even if the Chinese government is going along with this political theater and complaining as though it matters.
Holocaust Survivor's Warning About 'Othering' Will Give You Chills | DM CLIPS | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
That is a much needed reminder.
WATCH: The View BLAMES YOU For New Varianthttps://[]
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
"When viruses mutate they, generally speaking, become less dangerous. And these less dangerous strains can become the predominant strains. "Isn't that a good thing?" Hmm ....
Watch Mayor Lose All Respect by Trying to Blame Stores for Increased Theft | DM CLIPS | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
My wife and I stopped visiting Chicago a couple of years ago.
Biden Begging Media to Change Coverage Due to Collapsing Poll Numbers | DM CLIPS | Rubin ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 8, 2021:
"Anyway, I don't believe these people. that's the bumper sticker." That would be a good bumper, but I think I still like "Let's go Brandon" a littler better.
Jim Jordan Causes ERUPTION in Hearing When Dem Chairman Gets ...
KeithThroop comments on Dec 7, 2021:
Jim Jordan sure seems to be one of the good guys. The democrats wanted to be able to criticize what Jordan said without allowing him to respond. Typical cowardly move.

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