Is this normal?
maxmaccc Monaco Nov 29 Nov 29 00
ELECTION 2020 ANOMALIES READ FOR YOURSELF BOTH THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND THE CONCLUSION OF THIS EXTENSIVE ANALYSIS Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020 A Quantitative Analysis of Decisive Vote Updates in Michigan, ...
drshallal Nov 29 Nov 29 33
Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit Claiming Iranian, Chinese Operatives Potentially Targeted Dominion Voting Systems Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit In Georgia Reveals Iran And China Appear To Have Tampered With U.S. Elections In Order To Help ...
ajhilder WA Nov 29 Nov 29 00
“These People Were Vicious – I Saw All Kinds of Illegal Behavior” – Michigan Election Witness Who Saw 4 AM Illegal Ballot Drop for Biden Speaks Out (VIDEO)
JasperLMiller IN Nov 29 Nov 29 11
Georgia slammed by Powell's 104 page lawsuit; Exposed: The hands behind Dominion? | Front Page On Thanksgiving Day, Attorney Sidney Powell, filed a lawsuit in Georgia, which was referred to by her as “Kraken released.” I would ...
ajhilder WA Nov 29 Nov 29 00
Hey, let’s recount some more! Biden Gains Votes In Recount Of Milwaukee County Requested By Trump
BlurtReynolds WA Nov 28 Nov 28 00
LINK Hunter Biden texts regarding Hallie Biden and his niece, Natalie - Shadilay
keksarmy NJ Nov 28 Nov 28 00
Rep. Mo Brooks: Trump Could Win 2nd Term Through State Delegation Votes President Donald Trump could win a second term if the 2020 election goes to the secondary system set up to support the Electoral College, Rep. Mo Brooks ...
ajhilder WA Nov 28 Nov 28 11
20..28.0037Sa I FAIL TO UNDERSTAND? Why there isn’t immediate standing for action(s) to be brought in United States Federal Court(s) bypassing state courts from the beginning. Why doesn’t this election fraud fall squarely under the RICO ...
1914wizard FL Nov 28 Nov 28 00
The next president (Harris or Biden) might be the Neville Chamberlain of this generation.
pbuck0145 Canada Nov 27 Nov 27 11
Answer the Call for Liberty - It's Not Dark Yet This submission by Justin Smith will make big tech censors explode. Why? Smith calls on Americans – If Courts fails to adjudicate criminal Election Fraud – to RESIST a Biden/Harris Dem-Marxist ...
JohnHouk OK Nov 27 Nov 27 11
Trump Says ‘Very Hard to Concede’ if Electoral College Votes for Biden, Alleges ‘Massive Fraud
ajhilder WA Nov 27 Nov 27 11
LINK Thousands of Japanese supporters of President Trump rally in central Tokyo - Geller Report News
christiannerdy CA Nov 27 Nov 27 11
The Biden long shot.
Satch Nov 27 Nov 27 00
LINK Georgia Lawsuit Shows Clear Violations of Law, Gross Misconduct, and Election Fraud
Rick-A Nov 26 Nov 26 00
And it appears as though attorneys for the plaintiffs may be standing on solid ground when stating that all of those “grounds have been satisfied and compel this Court to set aside the 2020 General Election results which fraudulently concluded that...
Rick-A Nov 26 Nov 26 00
So Matt HanCOCK spends £50k of taxpayers ordering take away in a restaurant that has a secret menu that requires a password 🧐🧐🧐 ... Restaurant is called Bong Bongs.... remarkably like Comet ping pong 🍕 🍕 🍕...
ieuan UK Nov 26 Nov 26 00
Slug's Fascism Group! Learn about Fascism. Meet Fascists. Exchange philosophy.
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 26 Nov 26 33
LINK "Devout Catholic" Joe Biden Doesn't Know the "P" in "Psalmist" is Silent, Not the "S" - Says "Palmist" (VIDEO)
Rick-A Nov 26 Nov 26 00
LINK Joe Biden Gets Only 1,000 Viewers to Watch His Thanksgiving Address Live -- But He Got 80 Million Votes? -- What a COMPLETE JOKE!
Rick-A Nov 25 Nov 25 11
Remember Faith Goldy? We should be ashamed of the lack of support for such a strong, truthful and hardworking activist. If the Peoples Party of Canada would persuade her to run again, I am sure she would raise the national support.
rompinron1952 Nov 25 Nov 25 22
Biden eyes anti-gunners for Health & Human Services Secretary-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Study: Media’s Suppression of 8 Issues Likely Swung Election to Biden:
DinsdaleWalden Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Supplemental information on the Biden clan’s dealings with the CCP. The family is clearly beholden to the communist Chinese.
GaryWitt CO Nov 25 Nov 25 11
📺 Video: Biden Promises Amnesty For 11 Million Illegals In First 100 Days
RealAlexJones TX Nov 25 Nov 25 00
LINK Exposed: Sen. GOP Releases Incriminating Evidence in Biden Investigation
JohnBurke Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Video: Biden Tells Americans It Is Their ‘Patriotic Responsibility’ To Mask Up
RealAlexJones TX Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Delaware computer repair shop behind Hunter Biden's laptop closes shop after receiving death threats- The Delaware computer repair shop whose owner reportedly provided a copy of a hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 24 Nov 24 11
IF Biden gets inaugurated, he will be the first president in the history of the nation to get tucked in by his wife every night at 8PM, with warm milk and his jammies. This is the guy that got the most votes, ever. Yeah, sure he did....
TheRightNews Canada Nov 24 Nov 24 00
I am having trouble understanding the American political system. They have a Constitution. Each incoming president swears an oath on the Bible to honour and protect that Constitution. Now, we see a man that has said publicly BEFORE he is given the ...
Radar Canada Nov 24 Nov 24 1313
– take-no-part 2 days ago +391 / -0 WATCH THE FIRST MINUTE STRONG EVIDENCE OF FRAUD Biden's lead in Georgia is only 12,781 votes. This analysis is based on official timestamped election night data from Edison Research which was obtained ...
RMSPT TX Nov 24 Nov 24 00
LINK Joe Biden Won - YouTube
guru Australia Nov 24 Nov 24 22
SCOTUS accepts case dealing with warrantless gun seizures-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 24 Nov 24 00
i wonder what percent of minds are Hecklers. The amount of creativity to be an original orator, vs the social hazard of the nay sayer. Is it relevant? Valuable contribution or distraction of cause. Like the exception to the rule, ...
MisterEdmonds OR Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Biden won thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, study shows
ALIPAC NC Nov 24 Nov 24 11
At last, a site with free speech but how free? may I conduct an experiment please? If I don't go to Slug jail then it's good. Here goes........ nigger nigger silly paki, dirty smelly queer with a Muslim penis in a trans genders ear if you can not ...
SuperiorBeats UK Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Living off the grid in many places offer the opportunity for food forest farming, and methods of forestry which improve wildlife habit. (
BrianFey Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Dominion, exposed again.
Radar Canada Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.
ajhilder WA Nov 24 Nov 24 00
So... ... about the Hunter Biden laptop. ALL the rage among conservatives a few days prior to election. Now after election... ... ... ... ... What happened to the INCONTROVERTABLE and DAMNING evidence, Gulliani?
TheMiddleWay OH Nov 24 Nov 24 11
George Soros's Plan B If Biden Loses
ajhilder WA Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Mainstream Media Guilty of Treason, Usurped Constitutional Powers of the Electoral College, Violated the Sedition Act The Largest Corporate Media Have Profoundly Betrayed the Public Trust & Greatly Harmed the American People The entire ...
ieuan UK Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Must-see interview from Tucker Carlson's show about how Google manipulated votes towards Biden!
DaisyCousens Australia Nov 24 Nov 24 77
Biden/Harris Admin's new website " Jeezus, he couldn't come up with anything better than the same terminology used in the World Economics Forum??? Biden, the master plagerizer. Bet you dollars to donuts all the policy on there ...
torontogal4388 NY Nov 23 Nov 23 1010
Alright, I have started and deleted this rant 4 times. The things I am seeing people post is jaw dropping. I have read posts from people I thought I knew. I never thought there was so much hate in the hearts of people. It has showed me that even the...
ArBrnIrish IL Nov 23 Nov 23 11
Trump administration officially begins transition to Biden
BlurtReynolds WA Nov 23 Nov 23 22
Biden doesn't want to answer any tough questions right now. Not being Trump should be enough.
JobyOneKenobi CA Nov 22 Nov 22 00
The noose is tightening on Joe Biden. BidenCrimeFamilyExposed
jakuboj Nov 22 Nov 22 11
BLM Founder Tells Biden to ‘Abandon Police, Prisons, and Punishment Paradigms’
RealAlexJones TX Nov 22 Nov 22 00
Could GOP states ignore voters and send Trump delegates to the Electoral College? “It's unlikely. Here's how the byzantine body really works.” “Just on the legal side, there’s pretty much impossible-to-overcome obstacles to" the ...
BlurtReynolds WA Nov 22 Nov 22 00
RedState: Biden, the people's champion, is incoherent again.
timon_phocas CO Nov 21 Nov 21 11
ajhilder WA Nov 21 Nov 21 00
Florida’s Operation Stolen Innocence nets nearly 200 child sex trafficking arrests: Report Child sex trafficking has long been decried as a particularly heinous crime, and law enforcement agencies across the nation have recently devoted added ...
SeditioSumus70 IL Nov 20 Nov 20 00
Stumbling Joe Biden. If Trump's law suits do not over turn a stolen election, The Electoral College would be just as criminally liable​ if they did not vote in Trump. It's clear that Biden is in no physical or mental condition to lead this country,...
RoxyGellar AR Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Biden is flip flopping on a national lockdown. He was all Chicken Little for the votes. And now he's gone from a 3 month lockdown to a 6 week lockdown to leaving it on the local level. Hmmm is it a flip flop when you can't remember one day to the ...
RoxyGellar AR Nov 20 Nov 20 11
Biden wants to tax you to the tune of $34 billion-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 19 Nov 19 11
Corporate Anti-Whiteism Series No. 58: We live in the context of denial, deceit or delusion. Amazon know that companies are eagerly trying to hire black in the STEM fields even by lowering the bar on ability. These racial preferences in STEM are ...
Miner NC Nov 19 Nov 19 11
LAWSUIT: Nevada Electoral College Members File ‘Election Contest’ Claiming Widespread Election Fraud As Joe Biden’s campaign tries to float the false-narrative that he should be addressed at “president-elect,” a new lawsuit brought...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 11
California Democrats Ignore Their Own COVID-19 Travel Ban, Go To Hawaii For ‘Summit’ Hypocrisy reached a new and cruel high at the hands of California lawmakers who have decided that the travel restrictions they have placed on California...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 00
AOC Group Pushes Biden Toward Socialism As More Fraud Allegations Surface Even as Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden continues to preach unity and coming together as one nation, those with his ear – and the ears of his closet staff ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 00
Biden Appoints Reparations Activist to Treasury Transition Team Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken to shopping the idea of unity now that his team believes he will prevail in the still undecided election. But his actions are...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 00
BREAKING: President Trump Lawyers To Speak On MAJOR Update On Election President Donald Trump has announced a news conference to provide an update on his challenge to the results of the 2020 election. In a tweet on Thursday morning, ...
ajhilder WA Nov 19 Nov 19 00
The Underground USA Uncensored Headlines Give us 5 minutes and will give you the daily briefing minus the propaganda and the fluff. Please bookmark us, sign-up for the occasional mail-out (only when there's a new podcast), and follow us on ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 00
Waiting Waiting waiting for Trump to get this to the Supreme Court. Everything seems on hold until this is settled. I really don't want to start stocking up for a Biden Lockdown. There's no reason for me to have that much food on hand. Or for my ...
RoxyGellar AR Nov 19 Nov 19 33
THE DARKEST WINTER Quid Pro Crooked Joe told Americans a Trump reelection would bring a Dark Winter to the USA. As is typical of a Dem-Marxist, that was a lie cloaked in deceptive smoke and mirrors. Biden was telling Americans the ...
JohnHouk OK Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Rand Paul is already standing in Joe Biden's way on lockdown measures- Sen. Rand Paul isn’t having it when it comes to promises from the might-be Biden administration to lock the country back down and the Kentucky Republican is ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 18 Nov 18 22
Gun banners push Biden to target 2A with Executive actions- At the moment, it looks like if Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January, the centerpiece of his anti-gun agenda is going to face impossible odds in the U.S. Senate, ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 18 Nov 18 11
POLL What is the "Great Reset"? Whenever leaders start talking about plans using vague language, it's likely that they either don't know what they're talking about or they're hiding something dangerous. The World Economic Forum's "[Great ...
Admin Online Nov 18 Nov 18 3737
This should terrify all Canadians! This is @PierrePoilievre a "Conservative" leader in Canada. He says he "sometimes wonders" about the grand reset. Either he has read the UN Agenda 30 and is complicit or he can't read. Trudeau is following the ...
jakuboj Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Biden Appoints ‘Anti-Free Speech’ Zealot to Transition Team Propaganda Post With the election still far from over and not one state certified in the ballot counts, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has pre-maturely started ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 18 Nov 18 11
SUSPICIOUS: Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton Nationwide, Except In Four Cities The lawsuits are flying in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin over a plethora of anomalies where ballots, vote counting, voting systems, and ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 18 Nov 18 00
VIDEO: Georgia Recount Auditors Call Multiple Trump Ballots for Biden The date for state certifications of ballots is fast approaching amid a mountain of evidence that there was, indeed, mass vote fraud and ballot tampering across several ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 18 Nov 18 00
Uncensored Headlines Give us 5 minutes and will give you the daily briefing minus the propaganda and the fluff. Please bookmark us, sign-up for the occasional mail-out (only when there's a new podcast), and follow us on Parler and MeWe @ ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 18 Nov 18 00
Biden is not president-elect: Dershowitz explains Trump team's legal strategy | NTD:
DinsdaleWalden Canada Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Scytl Frankfurt servers containing ballot data seized; Trump expected to overturn state results. Fasten your seat belts, todays show is going to be a ride that has twists and turns. Larry Johnson writes that the US military does not have...
ajhilder WA Nov 18 Nov 18 11 MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) IS A REJECTION OF GYNOCENTRISM & TOURNAMENT MATING! Young Man, do you do anything in your life to impress women or anyone else for that matter? If you do that’s not MGTOW – it’s not you ...
1914wizard FL Nov 18 Nov 18 00
MORE HOT WATER FOR CHINA JOE BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
farmerguy56 PA Nov 18 Nov 18 11
SUSPICIOUS: Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton Nationwide, Except In Four Cities
RealAlexJones TX Nov 18 Nov 18 00
LINK California man BUSTED for Voter Fraud - 8,000 FALSE Applications for Joe Biden or Donald Trump ?? - YouTube
guru Australia Nov 17 Nov 17 11
Did Biden Just Admit Kamala Harris Is Leaking Him Classified Info?
Andyman MD Nov 17 Nov 17 33
If Democrat states could ignore Trump, Republican states can ignore Biden-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 17 Nov 17 22
Joe Biden has said nothing about the violent attacks on Trump supporters-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 17 Nov 17 22
Forget about metric, this is how we measure in the wilds of Canuckistan.
Palgravian Canada Nov 17 Nov 17 44
POLL If you saw a 5G tower near your home what would you do?
revealedforyou AZ Nov 17 Nov 17 11
Feeding a socialist.
guru Australia Nov 17 Nov 17 11