LINK Joe Biden Gets Only 1,000 Viewers to Watch His Thanksgiving Address Live -- But He Got 80 Million Votes? -- What a COMPLETE JOKE!
Rick-A Canada Nov 25 Nov 25 11
Always enjoyed your YouTube channel, Joined Slug today. Slug is going to gain a lot of sign ups from that video sponsorship.
Nulzek NY Nov 25 Nov 25 00
Italian Woman Fascists Even before the March on Rome, despite the difficulties of the revolutionary period (Biennio Rosso), there were still a hundred militant fascist women, while in Monza the first women's fascist group was founded on May 12, ...
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 25 Nov 25 11
Be grateful for capitalism this Thanksgiving- If government controlled the production of turkeys and toilet paper, this would be a very unhappy holiday.
SpikeTalon PA Nov 25 Nov 25 22
He DT's Brexit Bulletin. Note that: "The Government is under NO OBLIGATION to call a vote on any treaty. It removed its previous commitment to hold a vote on the final UK–EU treaty from the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020, which was...
ieuan UK Nov 25 Nov 25 00
The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against Humanity ‘The Covid Hoax’ Yesterday The Entire British CABINET Were Put Under HOUSE ARREST For Criminal Fraud – Genocide And Treason Against the People! And An Arrest Warrant Was Issued For Matt ...
ieuan UK Nov 25 Nov 25 11
Could you be the latest Commander & Chief of the New Revolution? Watch this video, and remember from where we have fallen.
IO-NWO AL Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Britons who test negative for Covid twice in a week are set to receive a 'freedom pass' under government scheme that will allow them to live a normal life
RMSPT TX Nov 24 Nov 24 00
The Fasces and Mussolini The fasces, symbol of fascist power, are a prominent architectural motif on many Washington, D.C., structures, including the Supreme Court. In fact, the very first act of Congress was to make the fasces the official ...
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 24 Nov 24 22
Perspective, it makes all the difference.
Skkaarj FL Nov 24 Nov 24 00
SCOTUS accepts case dealing with warrantless gun seizures-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Gun grabbers new priority: "Local control"- With the growing likelihood of congressional deadlock for the next couple of years, gun control activists are going to be focusing a lot of their efforts on state-level gun laws, and ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Biden won thousands of illegal votes by noncitizens, study shows
ALIPAC NC Nov 24 Nov 24 11
Hello and a blessed day to all the slug community. I just wanted to send a message of hope,patience,faith and strength to any who may need it this day. 1st off know that you are not alone there are many more of us than they would have you believe, ...
Barefoot1 WV Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Hello and a blessed day to all the slug community. I just wanted to send a message of hope,patience,faith and strength to any who may need it this day. 1st off know that you are not alone their are many more of us,who still hold dear to our hearts ...
Barefoot1 WV Nov 24 Nov 24 00
This actually goes on in America! This is sick and downright evil, straight from the pit of hell!!!!
lawrenceblair OR Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Video: CNN Declares Trump Will Form ‘Shadow Government’, Hold ‘Counter Inaugural’
RealAlexJones TX Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Reading up on Rudolf Rocker's account of counsel systems as a cancellation of the very idea of the state makes me think that the US needs a new Association/meeting where both left and right anarchists and libertarians come together to brainstorm some...
Anarcho-whatev CO Nov 24 Nov 24 00
Gallup: Gun control unpopular and not a priority for Americans-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 23 Nov 23 11
👉 Billionaires Could Triple The Price Of Bitcoin ⏰ 4 MINUTE BITCOIN SHOW 681 Michael Saylor the founder and CEO of the world’s largest publicly traded business intelligence firm says that it will only take a handful of multi ...
GaryLeland TX Nov 23 Nov 23 00
Hi Daisy I made it !. I am in FB Cooler. Got in there Nov 3 GGRR. A Troll who said Melania was an unattractive Flotus got a curt reply from me that "only an ugly person could say such a thing" So lefty reported me SO of course I got...
HoolyDooly Australia Nov 22 Nov 22 11
WashExaminer: Mark Levin is leaving FB for Parler. Also has a long audio segment with Levin explaining legal process, litigation, and discovery.
timon_phocas CO Nov 21 Nov 21 55
Can this be real?
guru Australia Nov 20 Nov 20 22
Stumbling Joe Biden. If Trump's law suits do not over turn a stolen election, The Electoral College would be just as criminally liable​ if they did not vote in Trump. It's clear that Biden is in no physical or mental condition to lead this country,...
RoxyGellar AR Nov 20 Nov 20 33
Daily in Christ by Neil T. Anderson 2020-11-20 Signs And Wonders “By this all men will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another” (John 13:35)...
warminster100 Canada Nov 20 Nov 20 00
cagada mierda
A1fredo Mexico Nov 19 Nov 19 00
First, fascism isnt evil. It is a good thing. All Fascism is based on Ancient Roman Civilization, because it is the best example of early fascism, and the most successful civilization mankind has ever produced. If you balk at that, I invite ...
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 19 Nov 19 11
Trump's legal team is holding a press conference about the election Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. are holding a press conference in Washington, D.C. with former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign senior legal ...
ajhilder WA Nov 19 Nov 19 00
AOC Group Pushes Biden Toward Socialism As More Fraud Allegations Surface Even as Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden continues to preach unity and coming together as one nation, those with his ear – and the ears of his closet staff ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 19 Nov 19 00
Rep. Mo Brooks: Congress Has ‘Absolute Right’ to Reject a State’s Electoral College Votes Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) said that the presidential election’s final outcome may boil down to the invocation of the 12th Amendment ...
ajhilder WA Nov 18 Nov 18 00
Gun banners push Biden to target 2A with Executive actions- At the moment, it looks like if Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January, the centerpiece of his anti-gun agenda is going to face impossible odds in the U.S. Senate, ...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Lefties went full retard. Never go full retard. Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Declares Racism a Countywide Public Health Crisis Feckless Supervisors intend to establish a ‘Sacramento County Racial Equity Policy Cabinet’ By Katy ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 18 Nov 18 22
The biggest fraud in world history "The Covid Reset!"
Elles_Place Canada Nov 18 Nov 18 11
Pentagon Says it Shot Down Unarmed Missile in Sea-Based Test
timon_phocas CO Nov 17 Nov 17 44
I always thought there was more to him running for president!!!
sameg TN Nov 17 Nov 17 00
This lady was staring at me for over 5mins before I realized it was a magazine 😁
Haraldson Nov 16 Nov 16 11
LINK Chinese Military Soldiers Train on Salt Spring Island, Canada
Rick-A Canada Nov 16 Nov 16 22
As a fan of V for Vendetta it really pisses me off that with all the mask wearing we have to do Antifa has monopolized the Guy Fawkes mask. I get they call themselves anti-fascists and V was all about fighting fascist government but not with the ...
Joehlert11 PA Nov 16 Nov 16 33
Loeffler one of the last chances to hold the line in Georgia...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 16 Nov 16 00
War is Justice Denied: Brooks Agnew on America Free Radio 15 Nov, 2020
ajhilder WA Nov 16 Nov 16 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-11-16 FREEDOM TO SHARE “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to ...
warminster100 Canada Nov 16 Nov 16 11
“When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.” George Washington
Archangelwoghd AK Nov 16 Nov 16 44
Ayn Rand's Virtue of Productiveness
AndrewInVail AZ Nov 15 Nov 15 00
I've always been curious about mind control. Specifically programs such as MK ultra. If you've ever been curious about the details I went fairly in depth on this one.
MysteryArchive KS Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Pay attention and unbrainwash yourselves... being honest is hard for a lot of people. So many are still afraid of being called names. Grow up and get thicker skin. stop being spineless cowards
Wyozona AZ Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Is it just predictive programming?:
CourseofEmpire Canada Nov 15 Nov 15 00
4440 Words That is the numbers of words in U.S. Constitution. How many times does the word Democracy appear amongst those 4440 words? social security? health care? or even education? The answer is ZERO to to all the above. Why do our ...
scoutm3mg CO Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. (Henry David Thoreau)
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 15 Nov 15 00
Unkajoe awaits
kungpowkitty FL Nov 14 Nov 14 00
How's it goin' the group dead yet?
argus2019 AR Nov 14 Nov 14 11
TheMiddleWay OH Nov 13 Nov 13 55
Should Biden be sworn in as president of what soon may become a second rate country come late January and immediately plan on 🔒 locking down the country, I'm assuming he will lead by example by holding a virtual inauguration from his basement?? ...
azjc AZ Nov 13 Nov 13 22
Three part video comparing secular vs religious nations
pbuck0145 Canada Nov 13 Nov 13 11
Suggested News / Opinion Source: A young, well spoken, man of western civilization. Give him a listen, all he asks ...
JATW IL Nov 12 Nov 12 00
Boris Johnson has led a fascist coup against the United Kingdom. If that sounds like an exaggeration, just ask yourself how you’d have felt a year ago — or even six months ago — if you’d been told a British government was planning to ...
ieuan UK Nov 12 Nov 12 00
STOSSEL: Freeloader U BY JOHN STOSSEL NOV 11, 2020 12:01 AM ET Yale University has fancy dining halls. They pay no property tax. Local restaurants struggle to compete, but their tax burden makes that hard. “We basically pay one-third of ...
Krunoslav Croatia Nov 11 Nov 11 11
Government Advisers Suggest Giving Corona-Free Brits ‘Permission’ Wristbands!
RealAlexJones TX Nov 11 Nov 11 11
Just remember now, "no jab, no pay." You don't want the vaccine? Fine, but don't expect to ever get any pay as long as you take that position; the government won't permit it.
CourseofEmpire Canada Nov 11 Nov 11 22
Breaking Nothing to see here via @YouTube
YellowPill Canada Nov 10 Nov 10 11
When Government intervenes...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 10 Nov 10 22
US Election Fraud goes to the State ...What began as essentially a private lawsuit in Pennsylvania has now escalated into a full investigation by the US federal government... See here for the full article:
benthejrporter1 UK Nov 10 Nov 10 00
Another on that is funny sad but true
farmerguy56 PA Nov 10 Nov 10 11
Federal Government Won’t Help Biden’s Transition: ‘Ascertainment Has Not Been Made’ On Power Transfer – GSA Throwing a wrench into the Biden campaign’s plans, the General Services Administration says they haven’t made a ...
UndergroundUSA FL Nov 9 Nov 9 00
Did a program called, “The hammer” change the election for Democrats? Attorney Sidney Powell says yes it did, she says Dem operatives used this program to switch votes, which might explain why before the election Joe Biden said, “we have put ...
lawrenceblair OR Nov 9 Nov 9 00
The Plandemic has completed its task of allowing for fraudulent mail in ballots in compliance with "social distancing". Anyone who has not seen through this fraud by now should be ashamed of themself. If Trump doesn't win within a few months North ...
jakuboj Nov 9 Nov 9 33
Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses Indicate. With the 2020 elections marred by legal challenges and fraud allegations, some have used statistical analysis to try to determine if foul play was involved. In several ...
ajhilder WA Nov 8 Nov 8 22
Viral Evidence and Truth
YellowPill Canada Nov 8 Nov 8 11
The Coup Game: What Happens Tomorrow? Find out with Brooks Agnew on America Free Radio 8 Nov, 2020 Strictly speaking, a coup is an illegitimate change of government by violent means. But
ajhilder WA Nov 8 Nov 8 11
LINK DON’T CONCEDE: Emergency Message To Trump
LEOBRUCE09 TN Nov 8 Nov 8 00
Singer wants Trump supporters to 'burnnnnnnnnnn
1patriot Canada Nov 7 Nov 7 66
LINK ‘The Hammer’ And ‘Scorecard’: Weapons Of Mass (Vote) Manipulation in Election Fraud? – The Clover Chronicle
dd54 HI Nov 7 Nov 7 11
It's not a certified election --- only a projected one by "news" outlets. President Trump you in office no matter what until January 20, 2021 hang tough even if Biden wins American will be behind you in 2024 Hopefully one of your greatest ...
emptycupful NJ Nov 7 Nov 7 00
Intro Thoughts on The Hammer & Devilish Dems (a summary) I ran into some information yesterday that even I would have pooh-poohed as conspiracy theory until I have witnessed how the Dem-Marxists have stolen by some kind of data manipulation ...
JohnHouk OK Nov 7 Nov 7 00
The people pushing these shenanigans in the election so that Trump may lose and Biden win at any cost, really have clue what they may be setting loose. Power is like fire and the hand that seizes it is oft burnt. What will it profit them if the gain ...
RLeeBarker KY Nov 6 Nov 6 11
If Biden wins? If Trump wins?
emptycupful NJ Nov 6 Nov 6 00
S > 28 de Octubre 2020
MPink Peru Nov 6 Nov 6 00
It’s been smoke and mirrors all the way through Trump's presidency. Not from him though, he’s been irritatingly open, but from groups of politicians, public figures, and media who point fingers in one direction, keeping the public looking there ...
Starlight TX Nov 6 Nov 6 00
Anyone else think it's ironic that it's okay for leftists to baselessly rally against the result of the 2016 election for four years, simply because they didn't like the outcome, but suddenly conservatives are undermining democracy by questioning the...
DaisyCousens Australia Nov 6 Nov 6 1212
LINK the sting in the election
LEOBRUCE09 TN Nov 5 Nov 5 22
Jesse Elder - A Love Letter To Communism I don’t follow politics much. But I have studied history extensively, from the perspective of many winning - and losing sides. A country or society that allows greater individual freedoms, thrives and is ...
ajhilder WA Nov 5 Nov 5 00
If anyone is interested, i know for a fact that almost 30 million everyone have been filed in courts in the U. S. they only let them stay in their homes until the ban is lifted, then it will be a hayday for the sherif as they put people to the curb. ...
Derf MO Nov 4 Nov 4 00
More electoral fraud:
DinsdaleWalden Canada Nov 4 Nov 4 11
LINK Judicial Watch finds 1.8 million 'ghost voters' in 29 states, warns of 'dirty elections' - Washington Times
Rick-A Canada Nov 4 Nov 4 11
As we enter our second full lockdown in the UK for a virus that is no more deadly than the flu unless you are in a care home sky news reported on a qualified nurse attempting to remove her 97 year old mother with dementia from a care home in order to...
CHFandango Nov 4 Nov 4 22
Some perspective on the staggering number of new gun owners-
SpikeTalon PA Nov 3 Nov 3 22
I keep wondering who is locked down where a lock down exempts manufacturing, construction, health care, education, restaurants (for take out), grocers, hardware big boxes, transportation, utilities, much of government, and on and on and on. Contract ...
govols TN Nov 2 Nov 2 44
LINK Henry Thomas Auditions with Steven Spielberg for E.T.
NotMySTARWARS PA Nov 1 Nov 1 00
Might be of interest here: “Our information ecosystem is eroding trust in the media, democracy and other mainstream institutions,” Guess said. “It’s almost impossible to predict what the long-term consequences could ...
Hop-Frog IL Nov 1 Nov 1 00
LINK Dissident Thoughts: The Great Reset: A Solution In Search Of A Crisis
ArthurSido IN Nov 1 Nov 1 00
And the great purge draws ever nearer.
AdrianRainbow UK Nov 1 Nov 1 00
Do you know who & what you are?
juanjose CA Nov 1 Nov 1 00
Reminder that Biden Endorsed a Pedophile
WarmPotato CA Nov 1 Nov 1 00
Paul Weston - Do You Trust The Government?
ajhilder WA Nov 1 Nov 1 11
ExposeBillGates Bill Gates’ ‘Web of Power’ Threatens LifeonEarth, New Report Shows
YellowPill Canada Oct 31 Oct 31 11
A timely reminder from your government....
GeeMac Canada Oct 31 Oct 31 33