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Don't just bemoan the massacre in Sri Lanka on social media; do something! You can start by signing this petition. From the ACLJ: Defend Persecuted Christians Worldwide Christian persecution has escalated at a staggering rate worldwide. ISIS ... By Wordmage 6 FL Apr 22 Apr 22 99 comments
Black guy on Twitter who wants reparations: "We shouldnt have to depend on white people to get ahead." Me: "The majority of Congress who would make reparations a law is white and so are the majority of taxpayers who would fund your check." Black ... By BooRadley 7 AZ Apr 21 Apr 21 2020 comments
LINK Jordan peterson and liberty college cult beginning - YouTube By speaklife_6 3 Canada Apr 21 Apr 21 88 comments
Youtube Thoughts? Objections? By SpaceWillie2000 6 OR Apr 21 Apr 21 55 comments
5G safe or not? I suggest researching before jumping
By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 21 Apr 21 1010 comments
Going on vacation, building a home renovating a room or garage? Dressing rooms, public bathrooms, gyms, tanning beds, and more more. Could all have this hidden camera installed or being installed without out you knowing! How do you protect yourself ...
By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 21 Apr 21 11 comment
Every year Easter comes somewhere in and around early spring. That Jewish lunar calendar thing makes the exact day a surprise unless you like doing the math or cheating and looking ahead on the calendar. You can not miss the build up. Every store ...
By 10thGeneration 5 VA Apr 21 Apr 21 33 comments
Had a great Ishtar. Ate an eighth of some fine Psilocybin Mushrooms last night. Had a chat with God. He doesn't like His Son's resurrection being celebrated on a Pirated Pagan holiday. By Guido_Provolone 7 WI Apr 21 Apr 21 77 comments
Best languages for thinking? A fair amount of theory suggests that we are limited in our thinking by the language we possess. I'm wondering if we were to start raising American children to be multi-lingual, which languages would give them the best... By govols 4 TN Apr 21 Apr 21 1111 comments
LINK Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange - YouTube By UncleGott 5 Canada Apr 21 Apr 21 22 comments
On an advert for the new "Twilight Zone"--which, let the record show, is one of my favorite old time TV series--I made a comment about how I was avoiding it because the rampant wokeness that was likely to be infesting it with Jordan Peele involved ... By MaskedRiderChris 4 TX Apr 21 Apr 21 55 comments
Rabbits on Easter
By Dustin 4 WA Apr 21 Apr 21 88 comments
Are Muslims required to eat certain foods? Does this concern you? Yes it does anytime you may lied to it does concern you and your country. Why would a politician lie about something that seems so small? Youtube By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 21 Apr 21 11 comment
For all the Facebook fanatics out there, get your free face hug...
By SpikeTalon 8 PA Apr 21 Apr 21 22 comments
I wrote this article about free will with the intention of submitting it to be published somewhere. After I wrote this, I read Sam Harris's book "Free Will." I decided that my article sounded too similar to Sam Harris's views so I decided I wouldn't ... By BFrydell 5 IN Apr 20 Apr 20 1010 comments
I would like to bring attention to not only the border patrol but the PATRIOTS who have taken upon themselves to keep this Great nation safe and a Free Nation from what I truly believe to be A push for Globalization of a one world Government. If you ... By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 20 Apr 20 66 comments
The Scientific method Richard Feynman Youtube By RichardCowley 4 UK Apr 20 Apr 20 33 comments
What language should children be taught in at pre-primary and primary school age, where there are multiple languages required in a society? By EdwardLyons 2 New Zealand Apr 20 Apr 20 1313 comments
Y’all who call for impeachment? Wow! A Dumbest thing ever. Hypocrites: Anyone, amazingly the entire left, who will not call Hillary Clinton’s COMPLETE, DELIBERATE, OVERT response to a congressional subpoena to turn over electronic records by... By Pho6 2 TX Apr 20 Apr 20 77 comments
Here's a tip for safety-minded men (overheard on the Internet): "If a woman ever pulls a knife on you, just pull out two slices of bread. Her womanly instincts will kick in, and she will make you a sandwich!" By Wordmage 6 FL Apr 20 Apr 20 77 comments
History: Between 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly 1 million and quite possibly as many as 1.25 million white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast of North Africa. On the coast of the Indian Ocean too, ... By CRBG 6 Canada Apr 20 Apr 20 1515 comments
LINK Where are the Marxists Here? (Zizek vs. Peterson) By WilyRickWiles 5 IL Apr 20 Apr 20 1212 comments
Why is it that every time you address economic inequality you get accused of being a socialist? I have been saying for many years that senior executive salary packages are excessive in comparison to the value they bring to companies. I do not ... By waynus 4 Australia Apr 19 Apr 19 4141 comments
Any one else feel sorry who gets in power in Canada after what the liberal leader has done? By 2FollowHim 5 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 99 comments
There is no such thing as legitimate government. That can be proven to be objectively true, yet you won't hear that from anyone who benefits as a result in that mystical entity. You may have an opinion that I am wrong in my assertion, but ... By cdnlibertarian 4 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 1818 comments
Is this the New Feudalism? Or since that analogy is kinda lame (as pointed out by the first commenter)... Is this the new Colonialsim? Will we bite the hands that feed us? If the Electoral College is somehow Abolished or Obviated what is the net ... By An_Ominous 6 AL Apr 19 Apr 19 66 comments
POLL I found this floating around on the internet today; a brief synopsis of events over the past few years. Anyone care to comment, add your observations below, and as always, be objective... "The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election ... By Littlerock 5 TN Apr 19 Apr 19 1818 comments
Someone on Youtube said that if Liberals in Canada are shown the way out, that Canadians will celebrate!! What do you think of more Canadian parties, pot luck style, some bands BEFORE the elections? We'd have to pay something to hire set up and ... By 2FollowHim 5 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 33 comments
LINK Good Info. Really annoying presentation. By cRaZyTMG 6 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 11 comment
Political Correctness By Sarge45 5 FL Apr 19 Apr 19 2020 comments
How much should someone's past influence something positive they've done in their life? Example: if someone partakes in conversations that are racist during a time when rain was accepted or sexist when in a group of people who aren't offended by ... By LaylaLee22 4 NJ Apr 19 Apr 19 1313 comments
Here's what I believe: I don't care what country you're from, what language you speak, what color you are, what gender you are, who you sleep with (unless you're a pedophile, in which case we have a Problem), what religion you may or may not have,... By MaskedRiderChris 4 TX Apr 19 Apr 19 1515 comments
LINK Best of Neil deGrasse Tyson Amazing Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 1 - YouTube By ephiroll 5 KY Apr 19 Apr 19 55 comments
LINK Redacted Mueller Report By SpaceWillie2000 6 OR Apr 19 Apr 19 77 comments
The Pendulum It's a common scene these days. It's everywhere. I walk into a coffee shop, minding my own business, hoping to maybe get some work done. But then succumb to being ensconced in a adjacent conversation about socialism via ...
By R_D_Russell 5 SC Apr 19 Apr 19 33 comments
LINK In the Mother of Parliaments, This Is How Democracy Dies - Foundation for Economic Education By VonO 6 TX Apr 19 Apr 19 55 comments
"Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee" "Here we may reign secure, and in my choice To reign is worth ... By Boardwine 6 MD Apr 19 Apr 19 55 comments
LINK Church Burnings Are Escalating And It’s NO MISTAKE…It’s Satanic! - YouTube By Con-Can 5 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 44 comments
Free college is an attempt to indoctrinate more young people into leftist thought, which is what most colleges teach. By Garsco 6 NC Apr 19 Apr 19 33 comments
Love? What does it mean to love someone? Is it easier to love than to be loved? Love is a word so easily and often said, but what does it truly mean? When I tell my children, I love them I mean that I would lay down my life for them, or take ...
By Boardwine 6 MD Apr 19 Apr 19 77 comments
In sowing chaos, the media has done the work of the Russians. “The talking heads who pushed the Trump–Russia conspiracy for nearly two years signaled they would continue their ‘resistance,’ with or without facts. They seem intent on ... By Garsco 6 NC Apr 19 Apr 19 22 comments
"Remember humility, love and tolerance every waking hour of the day. When our heart is humble, then we never quarrel or criticize; we only love and love never breeds intolerance. Without these three we cannot be in harmony." – unknown A ...
By mindmuser 5 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 33 comments
Terry McAuliffe not running McAuliffe, a Clinton cronie, moderate and former Virginia governor, won’t be running for President. This announcement would have been surprising just a few weeks ago, but now it’s just more validation that the ... By Garsco 6 NC Apr 19 Apr 19 66 comments
Let me know what you think. Kept me on my toes until the end. “I Now Understand How Nelson Mandela Felt”, Titania McGrath []
By benoitdavid 6 Canada Apr 19 Apr 19 11 comment
Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, and Destruction of the US and Europe Youtube Back in the 1920s the Marxists in Europe came up with a plan to convert western capitalism to communism. Their innocent sounding name for it was the ... By MarPep 7 OK Apr 18 Apr 18 44 comments
I keep hearing commentators ask why the decision by Mueller doesn’t put an end to the constant drumbeat on collusion and obstruction. Be sure of this- ALL of what’s going on - Collusion, obstruction, tax returns, immigration, etc, etc.....are... By stevenbruce 3 WI Apr 18 Apr 18 66 comments
Converting to Islam By WhiteRose 6 Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 6767 comments
This is a link to the real-time meter on crime, population and more. I like to use this when debating. [] By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 18 Apr 18 77 comments
POLL Is it ever ok to lose your integrity? By Saintpatrick 2 NJ Apr 18 Apr 18 1616 comments
I was a cultural centrist for my entire adult life. From 2001 to now. My views aren't really that different now from then. As a combat veteran I have a pretty good reason to be distrustful of Islam but, hey who isn't? Now thanks to the Identity Wars,... By NineBucks 3 FL Apr 18 Apr 18 44 comments
POLL Do you consider yourself to be a feminist? By benoitdavid 6 Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 88 comments
As this community is discussing what types of speech may or may not be acceptable, with respect to attracting those on the new left to this community, will post on Gen/Hellos. Here's what Jordan Peterson has to say on this specific subject, while ... By purdyday 6 CA Apr 18 Apr 18 55 comments
Marxism vs. 4th Grade Math []
By filimowicz 3 WA Apr 18 Apr 18 22 comments
Today i am not celebrating the release of the Mueller report, because i knew all along that the collusion was on the other side. How did i know this? RESEACH! What kind of reseach anything and everything. Anyone thinking Trump is celebrating i think ... By Gerri4321 7 MI Apr 18 Apr 18 55 comments
POLL What’s worse : Action-less thoughts or thoughtless actions? By Dustin 4 WA Apr 18 Apr 18 1212 comments
I just called both my senators about this, and I think it would be a good idea for you to contact your senators, too. WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange, undoubtedly has a lot of information that would be valuable to the United States Senate ...
By Wordmage 6 FL Apr 18 Apr 18 33 comments
Electoral College and Second Amendment By Shelynn64 1 OR Apr 18 Apr 18 55 comments
Question of the moment is; is it really worth dating anymore or seeking a wife on my part as a man (one of those obnoxious straight white men who is so buried in his own privilege he can't see a thing otherwise, he said sarcastically)? What with Me ... By MaskedRiderChris 4 TX Apr 18 Apr 18 1919 comments
Another quick thought while I have a few moments to spare: honestly, it should be social justification not social justice, as the funny part about the term justification is that it pretty much never applies to anything actually just nor related to ... By CatreeceMacLeod 4 Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 33 comments
Let me set the tone here: I voted Libertarian, for Gary Johnson, in 2016 because I wasn't too fond of either Trump or Hillary Over the last couple years, however, I've warmed up to Trump rather a lot as President and appreciate where he's trying to ... By MaskedRiderChris 4 TX Apr 18 Apr 18 1212 comments
Stealth & Deceit Can Destroy Democracy Context: As a default position, it makes sense to reject political conspiracy theories as unfounded, unless the evidence looks solid. But sometimes there really is a political conspiracy. This is about ...
By Daryl 6 CA Apr 18 Apr 18 55 comments
No collusion, no obstruction! So now the Dems can shut the hell up. By Marydaniels6011 3 MO Apr 18 Apr 18 55 comments
Effects? With the Mueller report now public, the political question is how this historic failure to overturn a democratic election result will play out in the long run. If this had happened, say, 20 years ago, I think the effects would have ... By Edwardsson 5 FL Apr 18 Apr 18 44 comments
What brought you to this website? I've been a huge fan of Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson for years now and lived when they were labeled intellectuals and then when they were put in this group, I don't even know who coined the actual ... By LaylaLee22 4 NJ Apr 18 Apr 18 1212 comments
LINK Her type of reform we don't want... By cRaZyTMG 6 Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 33 comments
LINK Fake news on Tucker By EdNason 6 CT Apr 18 Apr 18 11 comment
The Mystery of Human Agency By SageClithsby 3 IL Apr 17 Apr 17 55 comments
LINK A Meditation on the Intellectual Dark Web By SageClithsby 3 IL Apr 17 Apr 17 33 comments
This should be fun. How many will vote for Trump in 2020? And how many DemonicRats will be owned by the rest of us!? By PalmThis 5 NV Apr 17 Apr 17 1313 comments
Youtube Penn Jillette on Libertarianism - a very wonderful take on how to live a civil life and why our country is wrong in how we go about it now. By Paisley_Pirate 6 KS Apr 17 Apr 17 66 comments
LINK Is the 'Intellectual Dark Web' Politically Diverse [enough]? By Admin 8 Online Apr 17 Apr 17 3636 comments
Is it time to halt all immigration? With democrats now in control of the house, too many open boarder republicans, and an out of control judicial system, the immigration issue will not be fixed. I firmly believe that this is the only leverage the ... By RogerB 3 MD Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
LINK Robert Welch Predicts Insiders’ Plans to Destroy America (1974 Speech) - YouTube By arboristly560 6 VA Apr 17 Apr 17 22 comments
Several democratic candidates are advocating abolishing the Electoral College. Why? I think I may have stumbled on the reason. It's about the Resistance. On the face of it... there's little to no chance of it happening. It would take 2/3 of the... By An_Ominous 6 AL Apr 17 Apr 17 1313 comments
LINK Join the group: Cult of Social Justice By EmbarrassingMom 5 OR Apr 17 Apr 17 33 comments
Hello, all! My name is Christopher, I live in Dallas, and I used to be pretty left leaning...until the 2016 election. After seeing the level of insanity the left has been manifesting in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the Presidency and ... By MaskedRiderChris 4 TX Apr 17 Apr 17 1616 comments
This short essay is the reason why I felt it important to have a group here at the IDW focused on Austrian Economic theory. It brings Economics out of the "don't look here, you might figure out what's going on" dismal science label that bankers and ... By FrankZeleniuk 6 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 11 comment
Statism is the most widely practiced and accepted Religion on the planet. So I find it strikingly odd when those who do not believe in a Creator act as though they are somehow more objective or critical in their thinking skills. In reference to ...
By cdnlibertarian 4 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
LINK Ilhan Omar doesn't care about America. - YouTube By Sarge45 5 FL Apr 17 Apr 17 55 comments
Can we please have a discussion about the Electoral College? The Communist Left is trying to abolish it. Fourteen states have passed Bill's to adopt it if they get the 270 electoral votes the need. They now have 170. This cannot happen! It is ... By Penny82 4 NV Apr 17 Apr 17 1111 comments
My thoughts.. As a Canadian, I will say, based on my own observations, that the glaring difference between UK commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada vs America is that the historical culture of the US is very more more about libertarian ... By cdnlibertarian 4 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 22 comments
Raise your hand if you can already hear the tantrum of the ideological puritans when they discover this platform. By EmbarrassingMom 5 OR Apr 17 Apr 17 77 comments
Double standard! On CBS’ ‘The Good Fight’ and Incitement to Violence Youtube By benoitdavid 6 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 33 comments
POLL Youtube The other day someone posted that Jordan Peterson was being ridiculed for becoming emotional after a young man rushed the stage seeking help. As if empathy and emotion are somehow a weakness I seen this video and thought it showed a... By Boardwine 6 MD Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
Last night, in my decades long desire to avoid TV commercials, I stopped on TCM's broadcast of Gettysburg. As is often the case, my timing has a fortunate occurrence as I tuned in at a crucial moment. Jeff Daniels was giving his speech to Union ...
By LordFoul 4 MN Apr 17 Apr 17 11 comment
Does anybody really think that there’s going to be any evidence of collusion or obstruction in the Mueller report and why besides “Orange man bad” I mean real evidence By PeterOTool 4 CA Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
I'm really sick of seeing the term "mansplaining." I think it's time to introduce a new term, "non-splaining." When someone (generally a "feminist") disagrees with with your point of view, and uses the logical fallacy Ad Hominem, because they ... By CrimsonFox 4 AZ Apr 17 Apr 17 1010 comments
Thoughts on the John Birch Society? By mcoulter 2 NY Apr 17 Apr 17 66 comments
Why so civil?? By Dutch 5 WI Apr 17 Apr 17 1212 comments
A Devout Socialist may be the front runner of the Democratic Marxists! Will you live under! He openly denounces the Constitution, what is more, treasonable than that! War drums are starting to sound!
By arboristly560 6 VA Apr 17 Apr 17 22 comments
The U.S. is the only major industrialized nation/society that is simultaneously growing their economy and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. (Karl Rove) By Garsco 6 NC Apr 17 Apr 17 22 comments
Long before socialism gains a foothold, martial law will raise it's ugly head... Which would come first, civil war or martial law? By Taps 3 CA Apr 17 Apr 17 66 comments
Curious again. The U.S. folks on IDW always frame conversations around our experience. For the Canadian and UK members, are your countries similar enough that it doesn't change the conversations, or how do you think your countries' unique ... By chuckpo 6 TX Apr 17 Apr 17 88 comments
You'd think that an intelligent society would recognize,a pattern of danger that is inherent to select few of a Jack The Ripper cult claiming REligion of peace! So did I miss anything!
By arboristly560 6 VA Apr 17 Apr 17 22 comments
The move against free speech continues with the censorship of one of the great truth tellers. Instagram deletes Ben Garrison Grrraphics.
By jeymay 3 PA Apr 17 Apr 17 11 comment
TROLLS.TROLLS, TROLLS! Anybody notice an influx of liberal socialist bloggers who have arrived!IT seems Fakebook faithful are attacking in droves!
By arboristly560 6 VA Apr 17 Apr 17 1717 comments
The line keeps moving politically, the left moves to the edge of the line they create and then push that to an extreme. Democrats from 20 or 30 years ago are considered moderate at best and radical right wingers or "neo-nazis" at worst! Since ... By LaylaLee22 4 NJ Apr 17 Apr 17 33 comments
I would like to perform a thought experiment about partially nationalized healthcare. By CalebBaeten 3 WI Apr 17 Apr 17 55 comments
Just got a 30 day ban from FaceBook for reposting a item I found on my newsfeed. No true recourse of action. Censorship at its highest. I am an American Patriot and want others to be aware of what’s being fostered out there .
By FDNYFIREMAN1981 3 NY Apr 17 Apr 17 44 comments
LINK Carbon Tax = Population Control - YouTube By Con-Can 5 Canada Apr 17 Apr 17 11 comment
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