Let us know your ideas on how to improve this new site!
Admin Online Feb 14 Feb 14 10601060
POLL What is everyone's opinion on the word "Retard"
Marcus_Aurelius Canada Mar 14 Mar 14 8383
Is the IDW at risk of being infiltrated by alt-right provocateurs?
jnaatjes WI Feb 27 Feb 27 6969
POLL So... what do you think about Kamala Harris? Does she have what it takes to be the next US President? That is, if Biden is pushed to retire after the election. Aside from satisfying Biden's strict race and gender requirements (irony), what do ...
Admin Online Aug 12 Aug 12 6161
POLL Are Left-Wingers Welcome Here?
InternetDorkWeb Czech Republic Mar 29 Mar 29 6161
Converting to Islam
WhiteRose Canada Apr 18 Apr 18 5959
Reparations for slavery
SJJensen MN Mar 24 Mar 24 5858
Acceptable posts and comments on this site. Let’s talk through an issue that needs a clear policy decision - how we should handle "over-the-line" posts/comments/groups. As you may know, we just launched in mid-February and have been busy ...
Admin Online Apr 22 Apr 22 5454
POLL Are people more racist now than they were 20 years ago? I recently watched the Netflix documentary "The Last Dance" about the 1998 Chicago Bulls basketball team. One thing that stood out to me, besides Michael Jordan poise both on and off the ...
Admin Online Sep 5 Sep 5 5252
POLL Are you concerned that there will be a coup if Trump wins? Hillary Clinton recently made a statement that she suggests that Biden should not concede defeat in a close election. Biden himself said that he military will “escort from the...
Admin Online Sep 6 Sep 6 5252
POLL Do you support abortions? Why/ why not?
edgyberry NY Mar 1 Mar 1 5252
POLL There are so many issues that I could write about for my first post, but I decided to give my opinion on lowering the voting age to 16. I'm high school teacher, and I come in contact with multiple 16 year olds on a daily basis. These kids are ...
Mrs_SO AL Mar 19 Mar 19 5151
POLL Do you believe people are naturally good, or evil? Why?
Marcus_Aurelius Canada Feb 21 Feb 21 5151
I'm 23 and have made the choice to almost entirely detatch from my siblings due to a plethera of reasons. What do you all think of someone deciding to do such a thing? Right or wrong? Do any of you have absolute views on this or is it entirely a ...
C_M_G_1995 UK Apr 5 Apr 5 5050
POLL Do you think children should be vaccinated? Why/ why not?
edgyberry NY Mar 2 Mar 2 4949
Should LGBT people and women carry guns for their safety? Is the second amendment outdated? Is it still important? Why or why not? What side of the political spectrum do you see yourself on, and what do you think? Thanks for being excited about ...
ariellescarcella NY Mar 28 Mar 28 4646
POLL Do you think weed should be legalized? What are your thoughts on restrictions, and what the money will go to, etc.
edgyberry NY Mar 3 Mar 3 4545
POLL How are you doing under Covid lockdown? After five months of Covid-19 lockdowns, most people have greatly been affected both economically and mentally. How are you handling it? Have things changed where you live? What are your plans as it ...
Admin Online Sep 8 Sep 8 4444
What's people's thoughts on Tommy Robinson being banned from all social media????
Scroves UK Feb 28 Feb 28 4343
POLL I am curious the political leanings of this site. Cannot have a serious debate if all parties do not have a seat at the table. So where do you see yourself on the political spectrum?
JMiller TN Mar 6 Mar 6 4343
POLL Can trans activism and feminism truly co-exist? Where is the happy medium?
ariellescarcella NY July 14 Jul 14 4242
POLL Do you agree with Trump building this wall? Why/ why not?
edgyberry NY Mar 3 Mar 3 4141
Why is it that every time you address economic inequality you get accused of being a socialist? I have been saying for many years that senior executive salary packages are excessive in comparison to the value they bring to companies. I do not ...
waynus Australia Apr 19 Apr 19 3939
What are three books that had a major influence on your life? How/why did they deeply affect you?
graesvol VA Mar 2 Mar 2 3939
Facebook bans our entire ad account! After spending about $200k in ads to promote this site, Facebook abruptly terminated our entire ad account without recourse. While we could try to setup a new account, it is likely that they will ban it ...
Admin Online Jan 29 Jan 29 3636
What is hate speech?
Rick82518 CA Apr 3 Apr 3 3636
Do women realize abortion makes men hate them even more??
Conservative-Mex CA Mar 6 Mar 6 3636
Does anyone on here want to discuss the elephant in the room that this election is virtually ignoring? The UN Global Migration Pact and Agenda 30. Liberals, NDP and Greens all voted to sign Canada over to this ideolgy of One World Government, which ...
jakuboj Oct 16 Oct 16 3636
LINK Thoughts on the Aussie kid who egged the politician and got punched?
Clammypollack NY Mar 18 Mar 18 3535
POLL What is the "Great Reset"? Whenever leaders start talking about plans using vague language, it's likely that they either don't know what they're talking about or they're hiding something dangerous. The World Economic Forum's "[Great ...
Admin Online Nov 18 Nov 18 3535
What are your thoughts on immigration/illegal immigration?
Clammypollack NY Mar 30 Mar 30 3535
I am curious to know people’s feelings concerning the state of education in America. As a college instructor I have noticed that a great many students entering college are ill-prepared to start classes at the college level. Many require a ...
Wtretired TX Mar 7 Mar 7 3434
Trump's Troubles With the Truth There are some good reasons not to trust President Trump. His penchant for dishonest rhetoric is just one: "It was only 200 days ago, on his 601st day in office, that President Trump exceeded 5,000 false or ...
Germaine CA Apr 1 Apr 1 3434
What are your thoughts about homeschooling?
Clammypollack NY Mar 5 Mar 5 3333
POLL Does the term white privilege exist in America?
MikeSwi MN Apr 22 Apr 22 3333
After living in Sweden and USA for a very long time I firmly believe USA needs healthcare like the Scandinavian model. Change my mind.
svenskost OR Mar 8 Mar 8 3333
POLL Help design a T-shirt for our community! We're about ready to launch a new project where we will be giving out some swag. We're obviously going to need a design. Here's what I came up with in 5 minutes... and no, that's not me. Designers, help!?...
Admin Online Mar 11 Mar 11 3333
POLL Camala Harris want us to pay for past transgressions. Do you agree?
Harleyman OK Feb 27 Feb 27 3333
I wanted to talk about transgender people for a moment. I am pro trans rights, in that I think trans people deserve to dress and identify as they wish, as long as it is a committed lifestyle and identity, and not a trend. I don't actually think most ...
Fayerweather NJ Apr 2 Apr 2 3333
LINK Is the 'Intellectual Dark Web' Politically Diverse ?
Admin Online Apr 17 Apr 17 3232
What are some taboo statements that the far Left / mainstream media don't want discussed?
Admin Online Mar 15 Mar 15 3232
How necessary do you think a college education is? Should we push more kids towards trades?
edgyberry NY Mar 24 Mar 24 3131
Will there be a civil war?
kayleanna WA Mar 17 Mar 17 3131
POLL Do you think the current "fat acceptance" or "body positivity" movement helps or hurts men and women?
ariellescarcella NY 3131
I've deactivated my Facebook account and replaced it with you fine people in the IDW Community. Am I the only one?
Danny705 Canada Mar 23 Mar 23 3030
Not sure if any of you saw - but Tomi Lahren uploaded to Facebook a 15 minute discussion/rant about men and male behaviour. She made some fairly negative comments about men as a whole, and I'm interested to hear what everyone thought of it? Here's...
SydneyWatson DC Aug 6 Aug 6 3030
POLL Why was the popular vote so close in the US presidential election? Regardless of the eventual winner, one thing that stood out was how close the popular vote was. What does it imply that the polls, predicting a Biden win with up to 10% more ...
Admin Online Nov 5 Nov 5 2929
What are your guys favorite books of all time?
OrderOutofChaos NM Feb 24 Feb 24 2929
POLL Do you think Biden will really beat Trump if he runs? I know polls suggest that Biden would win, but polls also said Hillary would win. (I also recognize we are still pretty far from 2020.) I recently read an article (link below) written by a ...
plebeian_lobster AZ Mar 30 Mar 30 2929
Did 9/11 and its aftermath change your view of the world? 19 years ago today, the US experienced a horrifying attack that changed the way many of us view the world. We remember and honor the people who lost their lives in and around the towers,...
Admin Online Sep 11 Sep 11 2828
POLL What do you think about Amy Coney Barrett and getting her confirmed for the Supreme Court this year? While it's unlikely that there will be claims of sexual improprieties in her confirmation hearings, it doesn't mean that it will be a smooth ...
Admin Online Sep 26 Sep 26 2828
POLL What have we NOT been paying attention to in 2020 but should? 2020 is turning out to be one of the most chaotic in recent history. With Trump's non-impeachment, Covid-19, and BLM/Defund Police/Anti-Fed demonstrations coverage monopolizing the ...
Admin Online Aug 6 Aug 6 2828
I'm thinking of replacing the "Are you a "Social Justice Warrior?" question with something less combative and more specific to this website. Here are a few ideas... please vote or suggest another. The goal is to set the tone of the website for the ...
Admin Online Mar 31 Mar 31 2828
Hi guys I’m new here. I used to be a devout liberal. That all changed in the last year. As many of you, I’m tired of the identity politics and liberal agenda of populism, intersectionality, and pathological political correctness. I work as a ...
mh123 NY Mar 23 Mar 23 2828
It's sad. I came here for community, for like minded people who were ideally rational and mature and wanted to discuss things in a rational, mature manner. But instead, as usual, the angry tribal monkey behavior that inevitably ensues is arising when...
MaskedRiderChris TX Oct 16 Oct 16 2828
POLL Covid-19 Vaccine announcement - timed for election? First, it's every encouraging news today that Pfizer appears to have an effective vaccine against the Covid-19 virus with potentially 90% effective rate. That's great news for the planet but ...
Admin Online Nov 9 Nov 9 2727
Given the recent proposal to offer stipends to those “unwilling to work” and the rise in support for late term abortions, should the new democratic party slogan be “anything to avoid labor”?
WeAreTheShow PA Feb 15 Feb 15 2727
Where is the line between acceptable and unacceptable speech on IDW? Saw a video on a post that seemed really far right to me. Remember, I'm an Independent who stands in opposition to the drifting left. But, I'm probably not going to fit very...
chuckpo TX Apr 14 Apr 14 2727
Should a fake hate crime be prosecuted to the same degree as a real one?
Naomimi NY Feb 21 Feb 21 2727
Should people call themselves "trans women" while presenting completely male / as a man?
ariellescarcella NY Sep 23 Sep 23 2727
How is everyone feeling about the election?
SydneyWatson DC Nov 5 Nov 5 2727
What's new at We’ve come a long way! From the site’s inception just a few weeks ago, we have amassed a population of over 20K users, many of whom return on a regular basis to take advantage of our platform to enable civil ...
Admin Online Apr 11 Apr 11 2727
I don’t spend much time on this page and I’ve been trying to figure out why it doesn’t appeal to me, I am extremely politically engaged, love intellectual debate, and feel a strong need to push back against the SJW culture, by all rights this ...
JesseBraaten Canada Dec 21 Dec 21 2727
POLL Why are you voting for your candidate? With just days away from the election, now is your last chance to make a case for why you support your candidate. Is your vote more about opposing the candidates and party of the other side? How do you ...
Admin Online Nov 1 Nov 1 2727
Just wanted to let you know that I deleted a member with the username 'richardspencer' today as it appeared to be setup as a fake account (email flagged). I don't know yet know what our policy should be regarding statements and opinions of Richard...
Admin Online Apr 4 Apr 4 2626
Question of the moment is; is it really worth dating anymore or seeking a wife on my part as a man (one of those obnoxious straight white men who is so buried in his own privilege he can't see a thing otherwise, he said sarcastically)? What with Me ...
MaskedRiderChris TX Apr 18 Apr 18 2626
What does the ideal society look like to you? Please list one feature of it per comment. If we know what we are aiming for we can come closer to hitting the target, and if we disagree this is the place we can freely discuss our conflict.
Ian_Newton Canada Mar 12 Mar 12 2626
I need some good alternatives to mainstream media...suggestions?
Carolee Apr 4 Apr 4 2626
A lot of the posts I read and the answers/discussions. Most people are using aliases-MySpace type name. Why? What are you fearful of?
Byoung1 Canada Mar 20 Mar 20 2626
POLL Be honest: What's the first thing you notice about a person? Please feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments below.
ckennettbaker OR Mar 29 Mar 29 2626
Who did you used to have tremendous respect for but now dont? I will start.......
JoelB Australia Apr 4 Apr 4 2525
POLL One downside of social media is it's propensity to create echo chambers - that is, grouping people with similar views together so they re-enforce each other and create a "group think" dogma. This has the unwanted effect of rewarding those with the ...
Admin Online Apr 15 Apr 15 2525
In your opinion what makes something a "right"
JanePrice FL Apr 16 Apr 16 2525
If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, and openly admits she lied, she she go to jail. What’re your opinions on this thought?
edgyberry NY Apr 15 Apr 15 2525
Bill Mahr said once that rural people want to be like the urban people. That rural people in the "flyover states" are envious of the leftist urbanites. I live where I live because I don't want to deal with those urbanites. I live in a state that is...
Buflineks KS Mar 19 Mar 19 2424
Should Abortion be Legal in all Circumstances?
UtterTwaddle UK Mar 28 Mar 28 2424
POLL Do facts matter in elections anymore? The US electorate is facing a crisis of credibility where the word "debunked" or "conspiracy" is all some people need to see to not believe a news story. Others will believe the exact opposite of a news ...
Admin Online Oct 23 Oct 23 2424
What do you think will be the most shocking thing we will see in Trump's tax returns?
lizard WI Apr 4 Apr 4 2424
I am concerned about a growing movement to do away with the electoral college and vote simply on the popular vote. I believe this would be a grave mistake. If this were to occur, only a small handful of states would elect a president. This would ...
Peelsr UT Mar 12 Mar 12 2424
How do we create a voice that isn't going to be drowned by hate?
wanttothink Canada Apr 12 Apr 12 2424
How many people joined because of Sydney's new video?
sk122 KY May 21 May 21 2424
Fair warning in advance... this post may trigger some due to the nature of the topic, but no insult of any kind is directed at anyone. Just a question I've been meaning to ask for about a week or so now. Recently, a friend of mine posted a similar...
SpikeTalon PA Nov 14 Nov 14 2424
According to my very limited poll, most of the people in this community are center right to right. I want to leave this open ended an not a poll because I am looking for personal answers. Why do you think you gravitated toward this community as ...
JMiller TN Mar 7 Mar 7 2323
POLL November is coming up sooner than you think! Who are you voting for atm?
ariellescarcella NY July 29 Jul 29 2323
POLL Vax vs. un Vax
CLSr MO Mar 10 Mar 10 2323
What message should we put on our website's cover page?
Admin Online Mar 17 Mar 17 2323
Should 16 year olds be allowed to vote?. You know, those adolescents of an age to seriously consider taking a YouTube Challenge... Somewhere, lurking behind all of these YouTube Challenges is an Advertising Genius. How else could you get even one...
An_Ominous AL Mar 27 Mar 27 2323
I believe humanity doesn't so much inhabit the earth as it infests it. I believe someday the earth will get sick of us and we'll succumb to another flood, volcano, polar shift, caldera, whatever and we'll be history, albeit unrecorded. We, of ...
REParker SC Apr 23 Apr 23 2222
LINK Will Fascism return in the 21st Century?
TamC Apr 2 Apr 2 2222
I'm curious as to how you fine folks feel about the differences between censoring ideas and censuring behaviour. I recently removed a pedant from a group I created. The individual in question was trolling the group with petulant cynicism which held ...
Pre-Modernist MI Feb 24 Feb 24 2222
Have you come to expect rudeness and knee-jerk cynicism online? This is my first actual post here, and I normally refrain from doing so because I tend to be wordy. Sorry about that. I didn't realize just how much I'd become accustomed to ...
JillianClayton WA Mar 28 Mar 28 2121
Bernie Sanders is running for President. I know that the Weinstein brothers were supporters in 2016 but I don't think the other IDW members support him. What does the IDW community think of Bernie?
okay NV Feb 19 Feb 19 2121
Want to get your thoughts on the coin Charity voting page. We were probably too ambitious with it and are considering turning it off and start writing checks. Since many of the dollar amounts are fairly small, I'd like to consider the amounts to be...
Admin Online Apr 30 Apr 30 2121
I am so tired of the marketing companies now making sure all ads have 1 of all the new faces. 1 white, 1 black, 1 Asian, 1 with a shmata on her head, 1 with blue hair, 1 indian... etc. Dont they realize we KNOW they are pandering!
Golda MT Mar 17 Mar 17 2121
Hey, want to get your thoughts on civility "censorship". When we first launched this site, we were most concerned about mean-spirited personal attacks that are common in other communities and results in escalation/etc. So, we came up some ...
Admin Online Mar 29 Mar 29 2121
Have you guys here dealt with a crisis as a result of changing your world view? I've been listening to the IDW for about two years now I think, and recently finished a book by Douglas Murray called "The Strange Death of Europe" which kind of brought...
BHB_UK UK Mar 22 Mar 22 2121
Give us your (short) opinions on God 1) Does God exist? If so, how do you define him? 2) If he exists what is he like? 3) Where does he exist? 4) have you experienced the presence of supernatural evil? My current opinions 1)God is not the ...
MarPep OK Mar 12 Mar 12 2020
As a law abiding New Zealand citizen, also a firearms owner, I’m disappointed that my government is about confiscate my legally held and purchased property. I, of course will comply with my country’s laws, but because of the actions of a ...
Bruck New Zealand Mar 23 Mar 23 2020
I'm very principled when it comes to supporting free speech absolutism, but I don't think people should be allowed to call me mean names on twitter. What is your opinion on that?
johnlocke NH Feb 20 Feb 20 2020
Just want to let you know that we're tweaking the design of several pages but may be returning things pending your feedback. I know that any change has a stress component and few like to relearn where things are. Hang in there... hopefully, we'll all...
Admin Online Feb 17 Feb 17 2020