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November is coming up sooner than you think! Who are you voting for atm?


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I usually vote for the libertarian candidate because you can't vote yourself or community into prosperity. That's not how it works. And trying has created a landry list of problems. Change comes from the bottom up not the top down. The government doesn't solve problems because it can't. It wasn't designed to. Solving problems is done by people and local communities not a bureaucrat that doesn't know the people with the problem and won't know the effects of their decisions on these people until they've caused serious damage. Who knows the problem better some guy in D.C. reading about it or the people actually going through it? And who can change course easier when things start going off course? The libertarian party was about shrinking government. Getting government out of the business of others affairs leaving them free to solve their own problems and assisting them not solving it for them whether they like it or not.

Although this year I'm voting for Trump just as a fuck you to the Democrats. I knew that they were liars, racists and crooks with no platforms or ideas back when I was 18 and did my research on who I was going to vote for. But now it's being exposed and they're getting into bed with communists to keep themselves relevant which is fucking scary. So fuck those guys. MAGA!

"I'm voting for Trump just as a fuck you to the Democrats", this excuse doesn't work. Trump was already voted in as a "fuck you to the Democrats". Just accept you are voting Republican because you have conservative ideas.

@Rad_Millennial 100% I have conservative views. But those views used to be liberal ideas. I never voted Republican in my life. I also voted independent or libertarian party because their policies align with those of classical liberals what does the ideas I hold. If I wanted to vote conservative I would have voted for Trump in 2016 which I didn't. I voted for Gary Johnson. I vote my ideals.


I thought trump was as dumb as everyone says he is, until I learned about his support of HBUs, fighting to decriminalize homosexuality on a worldwide level, acknowledging the pedophile problem in the US. Now I think he is making big moves and we just arenโ€™t privy to every detail.

Although during this pandemic, he has shown great incompetency and immaturity that a lot of people never even thought he could get any worse.


I'm not American, so I didn't vote in the poll (wouldn't want to be accused of foreign interference ... although, Democrats seem to be okay with open borders and open elections, so maybe I should ๐Ÿ˜›).

If I was an American voter - Trump hands down!

Well pat yourself on the head and say, "whew, I am not from the USA, so I don't have to worry about what is voted in November." Go back and help your OWN country with what ever problems they have. ๐Ÿ™‚

@ConfuseVincent Well, countries are connected in such a way that they effect each other quite significantly, whether they are allies, enemies, or something else.

What happens in USA especially, effects the rest of the world, so I think it's reasonable for me to take an interest... not to vote in your elections, but I see no issue with participating in conversations.

But yes, I agree with you - there is plenty going on in my own country that needs attention, too. I would welcome your perspective on Australia's problems.


To be honest with you I don't want to vote at all. I have become a voluntarist and believe that regardless of it being a popular vote or electoral it is still a majority using that slender lead to force ideas and laws on people who disagree.

Whether you are ruled by one or ruled by a democratically elected mob makes no difference to the person who does not agree with the philosophy and actions of those in charge.

The US government regardless of who is in charge runs roughshod over civil liberties to advance the agenda of their corporate sponsors. It's all a sham. Politicians are a sham. Nonprofits are now mostly shams. BLM has over a billion in donations and hasn't rebuilt one black neighborhood yet. Where is the money going? Democrats have been in charge for years in major cities and minorities are still forced to live in crime ridden shitholes. The Republicans keep saying they are pro 2A and despite the Bill of Rights its harder than ever to purchase one because they all cave to the pressures of their corporate masters. They are "family values" until they meet a better family and then it becomes like the 2nd Breafasts for Hobbits. "Yes, I have one wife but what about a second one?" Left/Right--since when have any of them voted to give us MORE freedom? Not once. They do vote however to give us less freedom on a daily basis.

I'm just over and done.

I thought you were going to move back to Russia. So you're planning to remain in USA for a while? What for. Things here aren't going to get any better any time soon.

@iThink IF I remain here it's for a stupid emotional non-rational garbage romantic bullshit reason that I'm ashamed to admit to myself sometimes.


men!!! can't live with them can't shoot them...go back to Russia?


Sincerely hope you find peace and contentment.

@ThomasinaPaine There is an entire country of opportunities where politics is a dustbunny under the bed at most. Enjoy and spread your wings!


I voted Trump in your poll, as a Canadian I suspect the Dems will accuse me of foreign interference.

Dems have lost their minds.

Chanel Level 5 July 30, 2020

The Democrats couldn't care less about Ukrainian or Chinese influence in American politics, and Biden definitely doesn't bat an eye at strong arming Ukraine to fire one of their prosecutors.


President Trump has done more things for the economy especially black and brown community lowest unemployment. And he's the first Republican to be pro LGBTQ plus


I'm not a U.S. citizen, but I would urge everyone to vote for Biden. I think Trump is a disaster for the country, and I think he is far, far closer to fascism than Biden is to communism. There's no contest there.

To explain what I mean by fascism, since it's a term thrown around very casually on the Internet: A movement characterized by three pillars, (1) authoritarianism, (2) hyper-nationalism, and (3), populism.

Anders Level 5 Aug 1, 2020

If you separate the narrative from the facts, Trump is head and shoulders above Biden. Itโ€™s not even close. I wasnโ€™t a Trump fan in 2015-2016. I wanted Cruz, strong constitutionalist. He didnโ€™t win. Letโ€™s be honest, no way Iโ€™d ever vote for Hillary. I remember the 90โ€™s and all their sleazy political games. Nobody in their right mind wants to go back to that. Do I like trump? No. Absolutely not. I find his lack of morals and narcissism repugnant. but the fact remains he did a damn good job with the economy, his trade deals were solid, and his foreign policy has been better than average.

JediTRC Level 1 July 30, 2020

I especially love how he's dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. Clearly he's prioritizing the people, health and trades. People in USA will definitely be traveling abroad very soon.


Unpopular opinion: To the bowels of my being, I hate that it's come down to Trump and Biden. I don't feel like it's just about choosing between "the lesser of two evils" - I feel like I'm being asked to choose between ingesting live scorpions and bat feces. Both choices are terrible, and I'm going to hate myself a little no matter which one I choose.

I encourage you to look into third party options! We have to break this two party deadlock in the U.S. We shouldn't have to choose between the "lesser of two evils" every four years!

Did you know unaffiliated voters are actually the majority of America. It just requires a shift in thinking that you have to choose between the Republican or Democrat nominee to get a president. I would urge looking at Jo Jorgensen before deciding to choose the lesser of two evils. A friend of mine told me to do it and I would say she has my vote at this time.


The left has shown their true colors. I can't imagine a time when I would vote for anyone on the left again. They destroyed their own party. Before I was middle of the road but once you start trying to burn the republic to the ground you can kiss my darier.

Tarpon Level 6 July 30, 2020

I think ideally I would vote for Jo Jorgensen. I really like her, but she doesnโ€™t stand a chance of winning so it would really be like throwing my vote away. And Biden is a trash fire so it has to be trump 2020 for me.

I might have gone Jo, until she made that statement caving to the outrage mob. That just put me off of her.

@KariPanda I agree. What is even more disappointing to me is how "woke" her running mate Spike is. Ugh, I'll stand by my Libertarian Party's platform, but I won't stand by Jo and Spike.

Article on Spike Cohen's views: []


Honestly I don't want to vote. I don't care for either side and at the moment it's either not vote or vote for Trump.
I am very torn between the two.

Maybe consider what will happen if Biden wins... I'm thinking the plan is for his VP and cabinet to promptly invoke the 25th amendment and get him out of their way. Either that or he will be a puppet for other influential Democrats - not the Joe Biden he used to be.

I suggest you watch out for him to announce his running mate and see what you think of them. If you're not that enthusiastic about Trump, you could at least vote for him to avoid getting Biden and his running mate, if you are so inclined.


I just can't see how Democrats are doing anything for the American people which they are sworn to represent!!!!!

Trump has many rape allegations against him but you're so silent about that. Funny how things work. Also, that picture with the captions "democrats then, democrats now" is ridiculous.

@Rad_Millennial The thing about allegations is that ANYONE can make them - proving them is much, much harder. And we have PICTURES of Biden's many creepy touches upon children and women.

And no, the caption isn't. Democrats were/are the party of slavery, Jim Crow and 'keeping them down', then, and now. The "progressive left" of which the dementia suffering Biden appears to be the front runner, is dangerous to society.

And the picture you DIDN'T reference, with the Democrat Leadership having been in Congress for DECADES and Obama/Biden holding the WH for 8 years has only made things worse, not better.


First I want to say that I don't know how I didn't get introduced to your channel until now, Thank you for being you.
Second I have no clue who to vote for I am completly lost.


Jo Jorgensen

Don't vote for the lesser of two evils. Don't vote for evil.
Vote for freedom and prosperity.

Is it better to not vote or to vote for a protest candidate?

Yeah that would be great if Trump wasn't directly on its way to be re-elected because his supporters are at least good at one thing : being consistent when voting for their terrible candidate.

@Rad_Millennial I would not want Trump or republicans or democrats to be elected. But they will be.

It isn't a democracy.

@BrianFey It's not a democracy indeed, still, one candidate is worst than the other. It's like having to choose between a fire burning your house and a fire burning your house, the houses of your neighbours, the entire forest near the neighbourhood and even putting some more fuel on said fire so that it doesn't stop burning.


I will be voting for Jo Jorgensen for sure!

liss Level 5 July 31, 2020

Voting for America and Capitalism--both will be destroyed if the Left gets their way

MzMo Level 1 July 30, 2020

I want to vote third party, but with as far out as the democratic party seems to be leaning I don't know as I can afford to give them a chance. Sadly I'm not sure voting for Trump will fix anything but I think the other option is going to tear us down. We need so many actual reforms on politics and money. All sight has been lost of the people and it is all just a big power game that only helps those in office.

Trump is already tearing down USA right now. I feel like you all are blind to everything terrible he is doing, maybe because of a bad media coverage within USA ? I don't know but from an outsider point of view I see that this country is going right into the wall, again.

@Rad_Millennial Honestly I'm not sure, a lot of the media represents everything he does as evil. Even when he does something good they make it out to be the worst thing ever. I don't know where we stand, but I think he is being made to look worse than he actually is.

I know Biden is a much worse option, and I do not like how he has refused to announce a VP. It makes me very nervous.


One thing that worries me is that whichever way the vote goes, there will be riots.

Anders Level 5 Aug 11, 2020

What about this? [] if I wasn't Canadian I would jump on this


Probably Trump the libertarian just went full potato with cancle culture

Yjmud Level 1 Aug 9, 2020

Totally on the fence... A few months back I would have said Biden but everything has become so politicized lately that Iโ€™m wondering what the real agenda is. I also did not like that whole Youโ€™re not Black unless you vote for me comment he made. But as gay and a woman and of color I donโ€™t agree with most of Trumps views although before the pandemic his policies were really working out for me business wise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bri225 Level 3 Aug 6, 2020

I'm not from USA nor living there and therefore cannot vote but it would have been Biden. He's terrible, but seeing how Trump is still a viable option for so many freaks who apparently likes it when a president does nothing for their health, the environment, poor people or just sounds so embarrassing that all you can think of is "how the hell was this clown even elected in the first place ?" when he is seen on your tv screen then I think it's best to vote for the lesser evil. That's the state of politics right now in USA, ideal isn't it ? What a beautiful democracy. Every time I see him I wonder how so many U.S citizens mock the rest of the world when this is your president. I don't think you guys realize how much other countries are mocking him and his mediocre political decisions. The worst of it is that there are so many stupid people in USA (where else do people think wearing or not a mask is a political stance ?) it will come as no surprise if he's elected again.


No way do I want a pedo for a president

Mmmcdon Level 1 July 30, 2020
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