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Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.

WearAMask Whether you believe it's manufactured, marxist, or any other such theory, the virus is real. Slow the spread. It's for everyone's benefit.
pegidacanada Canada Oct 26 Oct 26 00
Some ( with two large flu epidemics.
ZuzecaSape CA Oct 23 Oct 23 11
LINK Twitter’s New Retweet Function Is Meant to Add Friction aka Interfere in the 2020 Election – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 22 Oct 22 00
Intro to Justin Smith COVID Despotism & Questionable Gates-Involved Vaccine Justin Smith submitted two persuasive articles on Dem-Marxist COVID despotism and Bill Gates’ involvement with faulty Globalist scientists/doctors forcing their ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 19 Oct 19 00
LINK Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Pledges Company Will Remain Apolitical, 60 Employees Walk – Tony Odarg – The White Gentleman
TonyOdarg IN Oct 14 Oct 14 11
Covid-19 vaccine discussion
Skkaarj FL Oct 13 Oct 13 00
This looks like a seriously impressive technology which obviously CAN save your fingers from a circular saw: How Safe is a Sawstop Saw? - Never Before Seen 19,000 FPS HD Slow-Mo Video You might also want to check out my so called ...
medicineman9 Germany Oct 7 Oct 7 00
One of the greatest physicists of the 20th century.
maxmaccc Monaco Oct 6 Oct 6 11
Futuristic Mercedes Drives Sideways | AVTR
1patriot Canada Oct 4 Oct 4 44
Should you know the difference between exosomes and viruses?
2FollowHim Canada Sep 27 Sep 27 00
> The estimated infection fatality rate (IFR) is close to zero for children and younger adults but rises exponentially with age, reaching 0.4% at age 55, 1.3% at age 65, 4.5% at age 75, and 15% at age 85. We find that differences in the age structure...
ZuzecaSape CA Sep 25 Sep 25 22
The propaganda plan that is being spread.
Skkaarj FL Sep 24 Sep 24 11
Do we really need technology like this? Local company making device that can detect if you're wearing a mask- While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and how it spreads, businesses are looking for new ways to keep people ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 21 Sep 21 66
New fuel "Blue Gas". Interesting! We need to get off of polluting fossil fuels.
rcoones WA Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Keynote: How CRISPR Is Changing The Biotech Industry CRISPR Therapeutics Founder and Chairman Rodger Novak kicked off Labiotech Insider Day with his keynote speech on CRISPR’s impact on the biotech industry how they will change your...
1patriot Canada Sep 20 Sep 20 33
Graham Hancock 2 hrs · In the photograph I'm standing on the 'unfinished obelisk' at Aswan in Upper Egypt, a project of Queen Hatshepsut (around 00 BC). It's just shy of 0 feet long and it weighs 00 tons. It was never lifted from the quarry ...
rcoones WA Sep 18 Sep 18 11
starts at 7:27 Life On Venus Brooks Agnew
rcoones WA Sep 16 Sep 16 00
QUESTION OF THE DAY How does a wave function collapse in quantum mechanics/physics? The waveform is the information. Once the brain receives the information, it converts it into the physical [sight object, sound ...
Zteph Canada Sep 16 Sep 16 00
Taiwan can help...
Skkaarj FL Sep 15 Sep 15 00
Signs of life on Venus.
maxmaccc Monaco Sep 14 Sep 14 33
A battery that recharges in just 15 seconds has been developed using graphene by Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany. Named the SuperBattery, the groundbreaking power source will ...
kresica Croatia Sep 13 Sep 13 33
Wireless brain implant could help restore vision- Researchers from Monash University in Melbourne are preparing for human clinical trials of a cortical vision device that could one day help restore vision.
SpikeTalon PA Sep 12 Sep 12 33
Lockheed Skunk Works A-12
kresica Croatia Sep 10 Sep 10 00
Vitamine D, Sunshine & COVID: great facts! copied from Fact 1: A study from Indonesia, which looked at data from 780 COVID-19 patients, found those with a vitamin D level between 20 ng/mL (50 nmol/L) and 30 ng/mL (75 nmol/L) had a ...
medicineman9 Germany Sep 10 Sep 10 44
QUESTION OF THE DAY Why is light not matter? Matter is made of particles with values for mass, spin and charge. Light isn’t a particle . IF there is only matter and energy AND IF light ...
Zteph Canada Sep 9 Sep 9 11
LINK A robot wrote this entire article. Does that scare you, human? | GPT-3 | Opinion | The Guardian
Amzungu IL Sep 8 Sep 8 44
LINK Sturgis Motorcycle Rally May Have Caused 250,000 Coronavirus Cases, Economists Say
TheMiddleWay OH Sep 8 Sep 8 44
SCIENCE Q&A What are the odds against my body being made up of this specific set of quarks? Your body is made up of particles and particles are conversions the brain made from wave-state information. You don’t see through your eyes. ...
Zteph Canada Sep 5 Sep 5 00
Look for these signs when searching for NPC AI shill bots.
Mikewee777 CA Sep 4 Sep 4 00
What is your normal body temp? > The body temperature of a healthy person varies during the day by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) with lower temperatures in the morning and higher temperatures in the late afternoon and evening, as the body's needs and ...
tracycoyle CA Sep 3 Sep 3 11
LINK Wildlife Photographer of the Year: How many crocodiles can you see? - BBC News
ZantiMisfit FL Sep 2 Sep 2 11
LIVE: SpaceX Hops Starship SN6 to 0 Meters | NASASpaceFlight
kresica Croatia Aug 30 Aug 30 00
LINK Robert F. Kennedy Jr. arrives in Berlin for Conference on Children's Health - YouTube
LCloster Canada Aug 29 Aug 29 00
Science deniers....
tracycoyle CA Aug 28 Aug 28 11
SpaceX Starship SN6 to fly in less than a week!?, Starlink Speed Results, Saocom 1B, Ariane 5/MEV-2
kresica Croatia Aug 26 Aug 26 00
Covid oppression on its way.
Skkaarj FL Aug 25 Aug 25 00
The video above features a recent vaccine debate between Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman of the World Mercury Project and founder/chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, and Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer and legal ...
ajhilder WA Aug 23 Aug 23 00
A.I. Algorithim called Smile to Vote which can detect your political views based on your physiognomy (how you look) and it's suprisingly accurate & creepy.
Javik2188 TX Aug 16 Aug 16 33
I am the walrus
1patriot Canada Aug 16 Aug 16 11
LINK Twitter Blocks Bitchute Links, Then Backpeddles – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Q & A Subject: 'light' We say we can’t travel at the speed of light, yet the speed of light has already been created by physics, why can’t we solve this? The Constant is the Uncreated. It's the relative that is the created. ...
Zteph Canada Aug 9 Aug 9 11
This may seem like an odd question but what do you think a "Genuis" would look like?
anonymous Online Aug 5 Aug 5 77
A new video about Covid:
AlpacaLunch Aug 4 Aug 4 00
LINK The Biggest Little Farm (2019) - Official Trailer - YouTube
Leader1776 IL Aug 3 Aug 3 00
Linfidc Canada Aug 3 Aug 3 00
LINK Get More Oxygen to Lung Tissue and Your Body Will Thank You - Dr Mandell - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Aug 2 Aug 2 00
SPACETIME QUESTIONS Is space-time real or abstract? Space and time are perceptually-dependent which make them non-absolute phenomena. Is space-time a misleading concept? Yes. Space and time should be defined separately because they ...
Zteph Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Why don’t blacks help blacks
FrozenSoul NC July 29 Jul 29 77
QUESTION OF THE DAY Can decisions made in the future affect the past? Retrocausal Quantum Theory This theory isn’t saying signals can be communicated from the future to the past. Retrocausality means that when an experimenter ...
Zteph Canada July 29 Jul 29 11
SLA plate print
Mackelaus VA July 28 Jul 28 00
How old is the Universe? Well........probably older than we've been told...
tracycoyle CA July 28 Jul 28 44
LINK Ludovici: Superiority of Art over Science - YouTube
Leader1776 IL July 24 Jul 24 11
As I have it, this year we had eight comets in fly-by as well as quite a few meteor-showers; and there's still 5 months to go - we could be witnessing a record year in that manner. Throughout July, Comet NEOWISE has been visible to those in the ...
kresica Croatia July 23 Jul 23 11
THE SCIENTISTS a short story It took Dr. Romero 40 years to get to the top of his game as a nuclear scientist who studied all weapons of the nuclear arsenal. He gave lectures far and wide and was invited to be the keynote speaker in numerous ...
drshallal July 18 Jul 18 00
Anyone up for talking about computer code without all of the need for political correctness since it is talk about computers and not races?
quiet_One PA July 13 Jul 13 44
Anyone else hear about COVI-PASS? This "digital health passport" is potentially ripe for abuse- A British cybersecurity company, in partnership with several tech firms, is rolling out the COVI-PASS in 15 ...
SpikeTalon PA July 9 Jul 9 77
Great series on Elon Musk. elon musk exploits and abuses workers
kapualj Hungary July 5 Jul 5 44
LINK Singapore Data-Broker MobileWalla Tracked Phone Locations of BLM Protesters & Evangelicals – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN June 28 Jun 28 00
In the U.S., Space-X's achievement of returning to space using a privately funded rocket (with all the cool bells and whistles) seemed overshadowed by recent social activity. What an entrepreneurial private business, Space-X, could mean for the ...
Starlight TX June 23 Jun 23 77
It’s appalling how there are SO MANY TV and radio spots pushing face masks. Not just why they’re recommended, but how we can avail ourselves of “lovely new designs” that others will find attractive, and that have not one, but two or three ...
Radar Canada June 23 Jun 23 44
Decentralized tech can protect activists from social media crackdowns-
SpikeTalon PA June 17 Jun 17 00
Scientists around the globe have been keenly trying to find the origin of the universe, how it was formed, the birth of new stars, and more. In this quest to unfold the mysteries of the universe, a team of scientists led by the ...
1patriot Canada June 16 Jun 16 00
Time to throw in another non-political post. Real life Star Wars Mandalorian armor, for all the Star Wars fans out there-
SpikeTalon PA June 12 Jun 12 22
True? Wikileaks releases cut / unused moon landing footage filmed in Nevada...
punkpicker FL June 11 Jun 11 22
usenet NY June 11 Jun 11 00
LINK Zoom won't add end-to-end encryption to free calls so it can keep aiding police - CNET
TheKellyJaye MO June 5 Jun 5 22
Mobile phishing attacks increase sharply-
SpikeTalon PA June 3 Jun 3 00
some engine fun
kungpowkitty FL June 2 Jun 2 00
A new fabric, developed by a team at the University of Maryland, is the first to automatically warm wearers up or cool them down as needed. It was created using specially-engineered yarn created with fibers made of two different synthetic ...
kresica Croatia June 2 Jun 2 11
Covid-19 contact tracing apps spotlight privacy, security rights- Personally, I want nothing to do with any contact tracing apps. There are quite a few of them out there already, but here are some of the more well known ...
SpikeTalon PA May 31 May 31 33
LINK Dissident Thoughts: The Contrast Couldn't Be More Stark
ArthurSido IN May 30 May 30 44
The following was a post I had done on another site awhile back. IDENTIFYING AND PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM SCAREWARE AND MALVERTISING TACTICS: Malvertising is no new internet scam tactic, but since an increasing number of people are using ...
SpikeTalon PA May 28 May 28 22
Scammers use contact tracing as bait to target users-
SpikeTalon PA May 26 May 26 00
Smartphones, laptops, IoT devices vulnerable to new BIAS Bluetooth attack-
SpikeTalon PA May 22 May 22 00
What bothers me to no end about global warming that the extreme majority of least the extreme majority of them who talk about their views...are both extremely confident in those views and totally lack the most basic types of ...
MrShittles MO May 21 May 21 1515
Covid-19 contact tracing text message scams-
SpikeTalon PA May 20 May 20 00
An unhackable, quantum resistant email technology is on its way- I'll believe that when I see it...
SpikeTalon PA May 19 May 19 00
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid -
JoogleVAX4U TN May 17 May 17 22
The tidal forces of the planets could have other effects on the Sun in addition to their role as pace-setter for the 11-year cycle. For example, it would be conceivable that they could change the stratification of the plasma in the boundary area ...
kresica Croatia May 11 May 11 22
SpaceX: Camel's Nose Under The Tent Of Rapid Space Militarization
kresica Croatia May 10 May 10 22
UPDATED WITH NEW INFORMATION. With the big scare and mass panic revolving around the Novel Coronovirus known as COVID-19. I thought it time to do a practical information guide. 1) COVID-19 for all practical purposes is a flu. Just like: The...
RayThompson WA May 9 May 9 33
Will artificial intelligence bring a final end to free speech?
pbuck0145 Canada May 7 May 7 55
Astronomers have discovered a black hole just 1000 light-years from Earth - closer to our Solar System than any found to date. It forms part of a triple system located in the constellation of Telescopium and can be viewed without binoculars or a ...
kresica Croatia May 7 May 7 11
A prototype design of a plasma jet thruster can generate thrusting pressures on the same magnitude a commercial jet engine can, using only air and electricity Humans depend on fossil fuels as their primary energy source, especially in ...
kresica Croatia May 7 May 7 55
PLANDEMIC Vignette Part 1 Featuring Renowned Scientist Judy Mikovits PHD -
JoogleVAX4U TN May 6 May 6 00
Back to the Dark Matter Crud. Not to sure I buy into it. One of the deepest mysteries in physics, known as the Hubble tension, could be explained by a long-since vanished form of dark matter. The Hubble tension refers to a growing contradiction...
kresica Croatia May 3 May 3 22
Why Does the Father of Mass V@ccinations Jonas Salk Want to Kill Everyone? - Jonas Salk, Survival of the Wisest, suggested culling the population with vaccines
JoogleVAX4U TN May 2 May 2 11
SpaceX’s next Falcon Heavy launch to feature first dual rocket landing on a drone-ships
kresica Croatia May 1 May 1 00
JoogleVAX4U TN Apr 30 Apr 30 00
Numerous sites leak user emails to advertising, analytics services-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 30 Apr 30 00
Why increased web browser security is the need of the hour-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 27 Apr 27 00
How lockdown has made a way for VPN hackers-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 20 Apr 20 00
On Wednesday, Russia conducted a test of its direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) missile system, which is designed to destroy satellites in low Earth orbit. This test followed the country's on-orbit test maneuvers of two satellites that ...
kresica Croatia Apr 18 Apr 18 11
The Fijian bees are locked into very specific habitats, and when these have contracted and split due to past climate change, the bee populations also became fragmented, with some isolated populations eventually turning into new species. "The ...
kresica Croatia Apr 17 Apr 17 22
LINK Private In Home COVID-19 Testing IN YOUR STATE - YouTube
jameslyonsweiler PA Apr 15 Apr 15 11
Nature Recording Itself
LEI96137 HI Apr 15 Apr 15 00
A mammoth star explosion known as SN2016aps, which occurred in a galaxy about 3.6 billion light-years from Earth, is the brightest supernova ever seen, a new study reports. We measure supernovae using two scales: the total energy of the explosion,...
kresica Croatia Apr 14 Apr 14 00
Check out the dates on this graph... Am I the only person who finds this CDC graph of weekly US influenza and pneumonia deaths by year rather odd?
henrydz FL Apr 13 Apr 13 88
Talking digital future: Blockchain technology-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 11 Apr 11 11
Demo of revolutionary engine using asymmetric magnet technology.
hmmokcool CA Apr 10 Apr 10 22