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Admin Online Feb 14 Feb 14 10021002
Does anyone on here want to discuss the elephant in the room that this election is virtually ignoring? The UN Global Migration Pact and Agenda 30. Liberals, NDP and Greens all voted to sign Canada over to this ideolgy of One World Government, which ...
jakuboj Oct 16 Oct 16 3636
Steve Turley. "Christianity is Surging Around the World."
mccarthy ID Dec 2 Dec 2 22
I’ve been studying postmodernism more in-depth since hearing more about it from many of Peterson’s discussions and it’s a truly fascinating study indeed. I’ve been able to apply it to so many different things and better understanding of ...
Pate49 CO May 6 May 6 66
Jordan Peterson at Liberty University - Mar 29, 2019 - the discussion starts at 7:20
JillianClayton WA Mar 30 Mar 30 66
Dr. Jordan Peterson Explains the Meaning of Life for Men – Animation
Admin Online May 13 May 13 1010
LINK is a proud "executive producer" of Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager's free speech film "No Safe Spaces". We sponsored the film over a year ago when we heard it will focus on how colleges are indoctrinating young people to be ...
Admin Online Nov 2 Nov 2 2020
Jordan Peterson and Helen Lewis, Who is Writing a Book on Feminism and About to Teach at Oxford, Interviews JP on Male Patriarchy, the Alt-Right, Gay Parenting and Much More. They have a contentious dialogue, which is good, for she s quite ...
mccarthy ID Nov 17 Nov 17 1111
Hi guys I’m new here. I used to be a devout liberal. That all changed in the last year. As many of you, I’m tired of the identity politics and liberal agenda of populism, intersectionality, and pathological political correctness. I work as a ...
mh123 NY Mar 23 Mar 23 2828
LINK How To End White Privilege - YouTube
LukeGP UK Jan 20 Jan 20 77
Coincidences, after a while, there are none comes to mind.
purdyday CA Mar 9 Mar 9 00
Strange thought; I have hurt some feelings on social media I am sure. If you are afraid of hurting feelings, then you never say anything and things get progressively worse. As we are now witnessing. We are in a war so I don't pull punches or try to ...
jakuboj Mar 16 Mar 16 44
Uploaded on YouTube today, Fri 12 Apr 2019
Janeybird OK Apr 12 Apr 12 00
HYPOTHESIS: THE ORIGINS OF THE SJW MOVEMENT AND HOW IT GOT SO OUT OF CONTROL Just some observations on how I think the SJW movement came about and what is still driving it. This is mostly speculation so if you have anything to add or if I've ...
graesvol VA Mar 3 Mar 3 22
Share our "walkaway" story: if you were once a democrat, what was your red pill moment? What's your walkway story? Here are a few stories on YouTube I find interesting:
Naomimi NY Mar 16 Mar 16 99
Jared Marcel Pollen reviewed Ben Shapiro's book "The Right Side of History" on Quillette. As I looked over it, it's well written, but I thought it missed the mark on several points. Therefore, I wrote a response. Original - My ...
MidwestProf IN Mar 30 Mar 30 22
Jordan Peterson often says that the proper role of the right-wing is to maintain, and point out the benefits of, existing hierarchies. And the left's proper role is to advocate for the dispossessed, and point out when the hierarchy is tilting toward ...
jnaatjes WI Feb 22 Feb 22 55
Genocide denial Where does free speech have it's limitations? One thing where the U.S. in my opinion got it right, and Europe / Canada got it wrong is probably free speech. I personally don't think that hate speech laws make too much sense. ...
modestMillennial Apr 10 Apr 10 1414
Jordan Peterson to launch new social media platform 'Thinkspot' in August that will only ban users if ordered to by a U.S. court. "We’re in desperate need for a platform that doesn’t arbitrarily decide to throw people off because of random ...
Garsco NC June 13 Jun 13 2626
I have a question for supporters of left wing politicians. They all support the United Nations One World Government agenda. So assuming you were intelligent enough to research what a UN OWG agenda calls for; what is the difference between a One World...
jakuboj Apr 28 Apr 28 1212
LINK "If you want vision of the future..." | Escalation of Elite Consensus Rhetoric & Unilateralism - YouTube
WorldSigh May 5 May 5 22
Why is Justin Trudeau obsessed with the United Nations?
DerekRants Mar 26 Mar 26 1414
The "level" system on IDW is broken - change my mind: What is the intended purpose of having "levels" on a free speech forum? Do we need "levels" in order to participate in free speech? Does the current system achieve...
jneedler CA Apr 13 Apr 13 1414
"Jordan Peterson Explains Psychoanalytic Theory."
mccarthy ID Jan 1 Jan 1 00
What we call free markets, philanthropy, and volunteerism is nothing more than people cooperating to accomplish a mutually beneificial goal by voluntarily combining their resources. What we call government is nothing more than one group of people ...
jnaatjes WI June 6 Jun 6 99
LINK Genocide Documents Murder "IS" Legal How This Came to Be PART 01 - YouTube
Hollywoodtac Canada June 13 Jun 13 00
I just the watched the Rogan and Robert Schoch interview - intriguing to say the least: Schoch hypothesizes that the, 9700 BC, end of the last ice age was due to a catastrophic solar impact event which caused massive lightening ...
Sheryl_Jean Canada Sep 10 Sep 10 11
RESUSCITATED PIG HEADS API (New Haven, CT)—Dr. Zvonimir Vrselja sits uncomfortably in his office chair in his Yale University office, talking about his recently published paper on the resuscitation of pig brains after four hours of decapitation....
Babou CA Apr 19 Apr 19 55
Have you come to expect rudeness and knee-jerk cynicism online? This is my first actual post here, and I normally refrain from doing so because I tend to be wordy. Sorry about that. I didn't realize just how much I'd become accustomed to ...
JillianClayton WA Mar 28 Mar 28 2121
This was simply priceless...I am making this my new screen saver!
MADcHATTER TN Apr 12 Apr 12 33
It appears New Yorkers did not appreciate the latest Democrat's effort to downplay the tragedy of 9/11. Freshman Muslim Democrat, Congresswoman Omar, who previously garnered attention for her anti-semitic remarks, recently said that 9/11 was just ...
MADcHATTER TN Apr 12 Apr 12 88
@admin I joined a group recently that is not showing up on “my groups” and i can’t find it when doing a search. The group, under the name of Free Speech Zone v2, apparently hasn’t been fully activated after about a week now, yet has several ...
Garsco NC May 28 May 28 66
LINK Is the 'Intellectual Dark Web' Politically Diverse ?
Admin Online Apr 17 Apr 17 3232
Could it be just this simple? Yes it is just this simple.
MADcHATTER TN Mar 30 Mar 30 44
Is all fair in love and war? I got an email today requesting that I join 1000 others in (falsely / indiscriminately) accusing PragerU of racist “hate“ speech. Could this ironically be considered an act to incite violence on a speaker? Are ...
Admin Online Nov 7 Nov 7 3636
The Conservative Party of Canada and Islamic entryism
OneGodlessWoman Canada Apr 12 Apr 12 55
Thoughts?..............Black Pigeon Speaks.
Rosary_Trace GA Oct 25 Oct 25 66
I recently watched this video of Jordan Peterson with Camille Paglia. WOW! I just love the passion from Camille in railing against the twisted notion of the 60's movement. This long form discussion exemplifies intellectual banter. I am pretty sure ...
DLearn CO Mar 20 Mar 20 88
Dr. Warner talks about Sharia
Chicago July 2 Jul 2 22
Given the recent proposal to offer stipends to those “unwilling to work” and the rise in support for late term abortions, should the new democratic party slogan be “anything to avoid labor”?
WeAreTheShow PA Feb 15 Feb 15 2727
Today's theme: Does workplace diversity improve company performance? (inspired by member @iThink) According a Forbes article "Diverse leadership teams drive competitive results and success.". They claim that companies with high ...
Admin Online May 9 May 9 2222
Comey, Clapper, Brennan
EdNason CT May 16 May 16 22
You may have noticed that there looks to be a copy of at (or a copy of at - it's simply that we are transitioning away from the IDW brand and to the more, ehem, punchy one. We started this site to be an ...
Admin Online May 24 May 24 2020
How to Find a Purpose and the Psychology of the Daemon
PhilipDaniel PA Aug 8 Aug 8 11
I have to admit something...and I'm betting many of you do too. I am loving this site. For several reasons. I love having a place where I can let my mind run free. Where I can actually engage with people about topics that, on Fakebook, would get ...
MADcHATTER TN Mar 20 Mar 20 77
My husband, who has quite the way with words, is not one to join online communities. So he probably won't be joining me here, but he doesn't mind if I share something that he dashed off about an hour ago . I wish I had his flare . Anywho, below ...
Mrs_SO AL Mar 25 Mar 25 1414
How long before the Legacy and Narratvie Press conclude that the Synagogue shooter is an avid Trump Supporter
EdNason CT Apr 29 Apr 29 55
LINK Three Women Discuss the Rise of Islam in Canada - YouTube
rodneyblue Canada Apr 4 Apr 4 88
As a law abiding New Zealand citizen, also a firearms owner, I’m disappointed that my government is about confiscate my legally held and purchased property. I, of course will comply with my country’s laws, but because of the actions of a ...
Bruck New Zealand Mar 23 Mar 23 2020
Vague Climate Change Statistics My problem whenever I hear someone arguing that climate change is real and a major threat to the planet is something i hear a lot but it has very little solid data. And what little data there is is very vague. A ...
JoshuaWhite OH June 14 Jun 14 99
Without the Electoral College, the US is no longer a republic...
SpikeTalon PA Mar 23 Mar 23 33
Bilderberg Group Agenda 2019, Montreux (Thursday to Sunday this week) Key topics 1. A Stable Strategic Order 2. What’s Next for Europe? 3. Climate Change and Sustainability 4. China 5. Russia 6. The Future of Capitalism 7. Brexit ...
FaithJones UK May 29 May 29 77
The Unlikelihood of Climate Refugees Driven By Future Sea Level Rise (Thanks @CodeBuster for the link) Observational trends of sea level rise over the past decade remain far below those predicted by models. What is more, the ...
Garsco NC Apr 30 Apr 30 22
I know we all love watching Ben Shapiro wreck his debate opponents and we sometimes try to mic drop on Facebook or in conversations when the moment arises...but... If someone proved you wrong on some topic, would you be willing to question you're...
Gilmore22 CT May 13 May 13 1111
How Marxists took over the Netherlands. Interesting.
Jenna South Africa Mar 19 Mar 19 33
Reparations for slavery
SJJensen MN Mar 24 Mar 24 5858
Climate Minister on how she pushes her agenda:
Canadapoli Canada May 27 May 27 44
Just in case anyone wanted to read the actual 448 page Mueller report...
SpaceWillie2000 AK Apr 20 Apr 20 11
Concerning the Electoral College. For all the people who fell asleep in civics class... 1: There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 2,626 of them. Clinton won 487. 2: There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. ...
Oldbull11 VA Mar 24 Mar 24 55
Jordan Peterson emotionally discusses life, religion, and human nature during the keynote address at the 2019 PragerU Summit in Santa Barbara, CA.
Admin Online May 25 May 25 88
This is as of yesterday. Can be 100% applied to Canada. If you watch or read anything I have posted today, watch this and share the hell out of it.
GrizzlyPatriot Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 44
Are Climate Change Deniers really control freaks? In numerous articles I have noticed an interesting correlation to Climate Change skepticism (I find denial too emotionally charged, which is probably it's goal) and free speech advocacy and ...
The_Q New Zealand Jan 19 Jan 19 1414
I “speculated” about the nature of this virus back on 23JAN using the scant information available ... Though this is from “InfoWars” who credits “ZeroHedge” and “NaturalNews” (so... questionable sources but not bad ones) ... They ...
Bay0Wulf ME Feb 3 Feb 3 88
If any of you would hypothetically run for office would you ever run as a Democrat just to get inside their circle and then vote the entire time as a conservative. I was thinking about that and it would kind of be a hilarious Troll to go on all the ...
RafaelMspt TX June 5 Jun 5 88
Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom. Independent Institute Published on Aug 16, 2019 Is global warming real? Have any such predictions been established scientifically? Would massive “carbon” ...
CodeBuster Canada Aug 20 Aug 20 33
Looking to see if anyone would be interested in an online book club format. Pick a book and break it down by chapters for discussion. New chapter each week or 2 weeks. I know everyone is busy so it may be easier to get a chapter done per week and ...
Pate49 CO May 8 May 8 1111
Prof. DiLorenzo: How Cultural Marxism Destroyed Education Thomas James DiLorenzo (born August 8, 1954) is an American economics professor at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business. In this clip, he talks about how leftists ...
warminster100 Canada Dec 1 Dec 1 33
Is virtue signaling a perversion of morality?
Rosary_Trace GA Nov 30 Nov 30 55
Do women realize abortion makes men hate them even more??
Conservative-Mex CA Mar 6 Mar 6 3636
What's wrong with this picture?
VonO TX Apr 9 Apr 9 22
POLL Should we allow states to let non citizens the right to vote in our elections.
LetaEaglefeather NC Apr 24 Apr 24 1111
Hunter “Crackhead” Biden keeps turning up in the most unexpected places. The only common thread: he’s unqualified for whatever position he finds himself in, and his name is Biden. This article is fascinating to me because I’ve never heard ...
Edgework TX Feb 13 Feb 13 55
Acceptable posts and comments on this site. Let’s talk through an issue that needs a clear policy decision - how we should handle "over-the-line" posts/comments/groups. As you may know, we just launched in mid-February and have been busy ...
Admin Online Apr 22 Apr 22 5454
Is the IDW at risk of being infiltrated by alt-right provocateurs?
jnaatjes WI Feb 27 Feb 27 6969
I don’t spend much time on this page and I’ve been trying to figure out why it doesn’t appeal to me, I am extremely politically engaged, love intellectual debate, and feel a strong need to push back against the SJW culture, by all rights this ...
JesseBraaten Canada Dec 21 Dec 21 2828
In a room full of people, who all spout the exact same thoughts, it’s a sure bet an extremely small minority of those present are doing any actual thinking. What has been so revealing in the ongoing effort to nullify the 2016 election has been its ...
Edgework TX Oct 30 Oct 30 55
Jordan Peterson. "How To Sell Anything To Anyone."
mccarthy ID Mar 12 Mar 12 22
POLL I'm not a particular fan of Donald Trump, but this is one of the best thing he has ever done or said IMO as President. Donald Trump: (02:20) Well, thank you very much. Governor Noem, Secretary Bernhardt, we very much appreciate it. Members of ...
Lightman Australia July 4 Jul 4 88
What happened to the Intellectual Dark Web's influence? The IDW became popular as it was perceived that the core members were standing up against false narratives - primarily related to identity politics. Bret Weinstein says the core ...
Admin Online June 24 Jun 24 3030
Some "conservatives" are now attacking Jordan Peterson for not being "manly" enough, for wearing his heart on his sleeve. That's in response to the latest viral clip of the disturbed young man, David, rushing the stage at Liberty University during ...
CRBG Canada Apr 12 Apr 12 2626
Daily Wire Backstage - Live "It is true, neither Ben nor I voted for the President in the last election... People will ask "What's changed since then?" Well a lots changed. Things that were unknown are now known. Things that were feared either ...
RobBlair PA Aug 23 Aug 23 33
Jordan Peterson. "Transform Yourself Into a Monster. Face the Tragedy of Life."
mccarthy ID Nov 15 Nov 15 44
I have seen a prevalent theme on IDW. We all here are smart enough, we know all of the arguments. But what to do next? What direction do we go? I have some ideas on that subject, or at least a political theory that gives us on the non-far left a ...
The_Farseer GA Mar 13 Mar 13 88
"You think strong men are dangerous? Wait till you see what weak men can do." -Jordan Peterson
jnaatjes WI May 3 May 3 77
Anyone been following the debates over Uri Harris's trilogy in Quillette? The 3rd one is Uri's response to Eric's response, I wrote a response to Uri's first article. ...
Dero NY May 12 May 12 22
John Ward makes great videos - this one is no exception. As libertarian thinkers I believe you will appreciate the content of this video - it is about 18 minutes (with a few ads tossed in) but worth watching to the end.
iThink KS May 26 May 26 11
To the bereft users of this forum HighQ aka lowIQ that would love to resist your new conservative government in the UK and instead protest in the streets of London like spoilt schoolgirls. It is with great joy that the voice of the many has proved ...
TerminatorX Australia Dec 20 Dec 20 55
The Old Prospector: There's a bit of truth in this funny little story... An old prospector shuffled into the town of El Indio, Texas , leading an old tired mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon in town, to clear his parched ...
TheFly Apr 12 Apr 12 22
Repost: More CNN incredulity. CNN is moving to the water’s edge of Manhattan, which will be underwater as soon as 2015. Oops, sorry, that was an old scientific prediction. Obviously, 2015 has passed without Manhattan flooding. But Manhattan ...
MADcHATTER TN May 7 May 7 44
I have an experiment I am going to attempt. Dr. Peterson has stated before that there seems to be something the ancients knew about sacrifice that we dont understand. So I am going to live in a tent for a week in the back yard and forsake almost ...
The_Farseer GA May 1 May 1 1313
LINK Britney Spears, MK- Ultra Mind Control, & Disinformation - YouTube
Hollywoodtac Canada June 2 Jun 2 22
Curious about operation Paperclip - here's a video published by author of the book of the same name, Annie Jacobsen. Don't we all have the question of how could this have happened? This might explain some of it.
purdyday CA Jan 28 Jan 28 44
LINK Religious CONFLICT Is Coming, Massive MOB In Sri Lanka, Muslim Indoctrination In Philadelphia - YouTube
WorldSigh May 6 May 6 11
Zimbabwe and Venezuela's disasters also began with land. (There's a translation icon from Afrikaans to English.)
Jenna South Africa Mar 28 Mar 28 22
The more the Democrats appear in public the more they seem to fall apart. Last month supposedly Nancy Pelosi was removed from the Whitehouse for being too drunk. Then during a CNN filming of procedures going on in the House she had a meltdown. Nancy ...
MADcHATTER TN Apr 1 Apr 1 99
Welcome new members!! I hope Y'all feel comfortable enough to tell each other about your training, prepping and strategy.
AZWoman AZ Apr 3 Apr 3 33
I've also said this before which is that we should all have a way to block or hide feeds from people we have a problem with. That way instead of Admin having to hear about a complaint and try to be a referee we can be our refs. So if someone has an...
Chicago May 21 May 21 44
So Bloomberg is going to make Hilary his running mate? You need to drop the hubris that this is any way a good thing. Someone with that much money like Trump is a free agent, Theycan and do what ever they please within the rules. That could be ...
CookieMonster UK Feb 15 Feb 15 55
JVIP-WTPNN UT May 6 May 6 00