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POLL If an AI system, trained by feeding it all the text on the Internet, ends up concluding racist things, would that more suggest that racism is real or that the racist things are true?
Article Sep 25 Sep 25 1919
"My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me Ever since day one Pop a 911 Then pop another one" Whats everyone's thoughts on the meaning of the lyrics to this?
DesireNoDesires Sep 25 Sep 25 55
Has Canada’s last mainstream conservative news paper finally fallen to the woke-progressives? Today writer Sadaf Ahsan — a weeping postmodern oppression hunter — went after Joe Rogan, calling him transphobic, a fan of conspiracy theories ...
GeeMac Sep 25 Sep 25 44
"Snowflake" is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person who is overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions. And "snowflake" describes most liberals/leftists, especially in America, I think. Then, I thought "Hang on,...
Naomi Sep 25 Sep 25 44
Civilization is really extremely psychotically sick and evil. Perhaps burning it down may be better after all. Nature can't possibly be quite as cruel.
A1fredo Sep 25 Sep 25 33
Nazis on the march
WilyRickWiles Sep 25 Sep 25 55
Good point.
RemiDallaire Sep 25 Sep 25 55
LINK What It’s Like Living in California Now - YouTube
WorldSigh Sep 25 Sep 25 33
LINK Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies | The far right | The Guardian
TheMiddleWay Sep 25 Sep 25 44
I just had the same two police officers come to my house to steal from me again out of nowhere. I managed not to let them in this time, but again I'm shaking and feeling very insecure. I don't know what to do or if they will come back. Mexico is a ...
A1fredo Sep 25 Sep 25 33
"The world is passing through troublesome times. The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint; they talk as if they alone know everything...." Matthew ...
Krunoslav Sep 25 Sep 25 33
How the "Greater Good" is Used as a Tool of Social Control
DesireNoDesires Sep 25 Sep 25 22
The beautiful ugly
RemiDallaire Sep 25 Sep 25 22
POLL Do your neighbors scare you? One measurement of "social capital" is whether or not one has good neighbors who can lend a helping hand or watch one's place when one's away. Robert Putnam, in his 20-year-old book "Bowling Alone: The Collapse and...
Admin Sep 22 Sep 22 2626
Prayers for Ron Paul now he seems to have had a stroke on Air.
Robert100 Sep 25 Sep 25 11
Should people call themselves "trans women" while presenting completely male / as a man?
ariellescarcella 2525
LINK Trump Declines To Promise Peaceful Transfer Of Power : NPR
TheMiddleWay Sep 24 Sep 24 55
A1fredo Sep 25 Sep 25 44
LINK Woman tased & arrested for not wearing a mask. - YouTube
dd54 Sep 25 Sep 25 88
No Bidenism today. His trainers put him back to bed at 9:00 this morning. But he’ll be ready for the debate on Tuesday.
Edgework Sep 25 Sep 25 55
What really killed Breonna Taylor? Racism? Police brutality? A boyfriend who opened fire on police? A drug dealing ex?
GeeMac Sep 25 Sep 25 66
Kimmel's Cringy BLM Emmys Pander
DesireNoDesires Sep 25 Sep 25 11
LINK 2nd Charlie hebdo stabbing guess who - YouTube
WorldSigh Sep 25 Sep 25 11
Time for a coffee....And Mark Dice
RemiDallaire Sep 25 Sep 25 11
We to steel guns ??? ... Don't do it
RemiDallaire Sep 25 Sep 25 11
A big Vancouver social media company had to turn down a lucrative contract with ICE, after employees revolted, another sign of how corporations are buying into the concept of open borders.
GeeMac Sep 25 Sep 25 11
20.09.1400F MASCULINITY IS CREATIVITY: This is possibly one of the most majestic masculine performances you’ll ever see in your life – take a chance on it. The collectivist mind is a toxic mind for sure. And the contrivance ...
1914wizard Sep 25 Sep 25 11
So, I've read and seen articles referring to American culture as a melting pot or salad bowl. I saw a video in particular that got me thinking more on this food type analogy of culture. "As children in elementary school, we were told that America...
saramarylop3z Sep 25 Sep 25 11
"The HBO series Silicon Valley centres around a compression company called Pied Piper. The denouement of the series depicts the company as benevolent and self-sacrificing as opposed to the extortionist depiction in the fable. One of the characters ...
DesireNoDesires Sep 25 Sep 25 11
POLL So... what do you think about Kamala Harris? Does she have what it takes to be the next US President? That is, if Biden is pushed to retire after the election. Aside from satisfying Biden's strict race and gender requirements (irony), what do ...
Admin Aug 23 Aug 23 6464
POLL When does the freedom of speech go too far? We've all heard the "you can't yell FIRE in a crowded movie theater" limit to free speech. But what about when the speech incites violence or is wrong? How about what is taught to our kids? The ...
Admin Sep 21 Sep 21 4646
POLL Are people more racist now than they were 20 years ago? I recently watched the Netflix documentary "The Last Dance" about the 1998 Chicago Bulls basketball team. One thing that stood out to me, besides Michael Jordan poise both on and off the ...
Admin Sep 16 Sep 16 5353
POLL Are you concerned that there will be a coup if Trump wins? Hillary Clinton recently made a statement that she suggests that Biden should not concede defeat in a close election. Biden himself said that he military will “escort from the...
Admin Sep 20 Sep 20 5252
POLL How are you doing under Covid lockdown? After five months of Covid-19 lockdowns, most people have greatly been affected both economically and mentally. How are you handling it? Have things changed where you live? What are your plans as it ...
Admin Sep 20 Sep 20 4646
POLL What arguments may help progressives moderate or change their views? While it is difficult to dislodge a faulty opinion once held, it is not impossible - especially if presented with an incongruent fact that produces cognitive dissonance. One ...
Admin Sep 20 Sep 20 4141
Ben Shapiro mocks Jesus. Why is it okay only to mock Christianity?
ramzpaul Sep 25 Sep 25 1313
One of my favorite quotes from Harris.
SpikeTalon May 25 May 25 44
POLL Should Sam Harris have Stefan Molyneux or Jared Taylor on his Making Sense pod cast to talk about Race?
Chadwick Dec 29, 2019 Dec 29, 2019 1111
Good questions...
SpikeTalon Mar 7, 2019 Mar 7, 2019 55
Why do regressive leftists like Gleen Greenwalled attack Sam Harris so much? THey really need a hobby. It's okay to disagree it doesn't make them a racist like Glenn says. Thoughts?
okay July 14, 2019 Jul 14, 2019 33

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