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Nietzsche tells it as it is.. he broke down the genealogy of Master and Slave mentality.. and the intent behind “guilt tripping” the “oppressors” to kneel before the oppressed, in a form of resentment...this is so relevant to our times.. ...
MerCi NY June 30 Jun 30 11
Whose fault is it that Jews died in Nazi concentration camps? I say it's 50% Germany's fault for putting them in the camps and 50% America and Britain's fault for bombing German supply lines that would've fed the Jewish prisoners and supplied them...
tenslein China June 28 Jun 28 99
When your man is happy...
DRrightRD Canada June 28 Jun 28 00
America, Amerika, Ameriqa, Americha, Amayorica. What a joke anymore.
TheHoodwinked NY June 28 Jun 28 11
Ever wonder what that “U” stands for that is on nearly every food product including bottled water and even soda? It stands for Union of Orthodox Rabbis and it means that the company that makes the product has paid a tax to this secretive ...
Andyman MD June 27 Jun 27 66
This is behaviour that is taught right out of the Quran. If you were to visit a mosque, you wouldn’t see this. They don’t teach this when there’s visitors in the mosque.
pegidacanada Canada June 27 Jun 27 44
I been thinking this days maybe I'm wrong, just meditating and looking at the sky kind of picture myself, and I have no conclusion yet but to watch everything unfold all powerless and hopeless, maybe we are heading for a revolution and we are in the ...
RiiskMaveric CO June 25 Jun 25 22
The Jolly Heretic Purchases Some "Modern Art" for the Lounge Bar - Entropy stream
torzu UK June 25 Jun 25 00
The Jolly Heretic Purchases Some "Modern Art" for the Lounge Bar
torzu UK June 25 Jun 25 00
2020 and beyond?
PowerPeepz1 FL June 24 Jun 24 11
So why is it that when we as humans determine the validity of something, we tend to work with a solid premise and then work from there, but when people of religion believe in their god or stories in their books, they work their way backwards? Like ...
CandidAvocado CA June 22 Jun 22 55
What does the word ,traditional mean in philosophy?
Leader1776 IL June 18 Jun 18 33
Can equality of outcome be achieved.?
Yoshi Canada June 16 Jun 16 77
10 great quotes from Carl Jung
johnny_G CA June 14 Jun 14 33
The government has asserted its authority in deciding what businesses are not essential and may be shut down at any time (as in the pandemic response) or may be denied police protection (in the case of the rioting and looting). They consider local ...
KENeumeister VA June 14 Jun 14 33
Paradigm shifts occur when a new way of looking at the world occurs at the same time when the old way is increasingly unable to account for observations. The shift is a replacement, of one system of knowledge with a new one. There is another ...
KENeumeister VA June 14 Jun 14 22
I vote for a people’s congress. An all online voting body composed of 10,000 members......per state. Thoughts??
SidHartha VA June 13 Jun 13 88
Cancel culture is coming for everyone. Recently had my company bend the knee and fire me for posting an edgy meme in a private group. I fear it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. As companies continue to bend the knee to the outrage mob, ...
RubyFord TX June 13 Jun 13 22
Tariffs may benefit a certain constituency, but overall, hurt the vast majority of other producers and consumers.
CdnLbtn Canada June 12 Jun 12 55
I have attached the link to an article that was posted on, a couple of years ago, to "commemorate" the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. This article is a clear example of why the Austro-Libertarians have been rightly considered to be the most ...
CdnLbtn Canada June 12 Jun 12 33
LINK A Reason To Stop Worrying - Watch This Whenever You're Stressed Or Anxious - YouTube
GarnetStar June 12 Jun 12 11
LINK YouTube--Jordan Peterson's Darwinian Truth
Joel_Fry AL June 11 Jun 11 11
“A good meany of the strikers are poor, unfortunate, ignorant foreigners who imagine that their is a war on and that they are fighting for liberty. They are men with the fighting habit, prayed upon by social agitators.” (Elbert Hubbard, 3rd May ...
ChrisODonnell UK June 11 Jun 11 00
Oh, I'm a good old rebel Now thats just what I am And for this yankee nation I do no give a damn I'm glad I fought against her I only wish we'd won I ain't asked any pardon For anything I've done I hates the Yankee nation And eveything they ...
ramzpaul OK June 10 Jun 10 33
LINK Don't ALL Lives Matter? Why Saying "Black Lives Matter" Is Wrong
cpurcellartwork PA June 10 Jun 10 1010
Just a bit of humour.
JonCroki June 8 Jun 8 11
Some old comments - enjoy. "Postmodernism is the answer above all to the totalitarianism of modernity (e.g. wars)." suggested yesterday! So what is modernity? Modernity is the state of being modern, each generation was the pinnacle ...
ChrisODonnell UK June 8 Jun 8 22
Taking a knee is and always has been a submissive move?
Indefenceostupid IN June 6 Jun 6 33
If Facebook is being Threaten with not continuing to be the huge gigant it is right now and hold so much power, it is only natural that Facebook fights back and even betray the country that made it what it is, it is moral irresponsibility from this ...
RiiskMaveric CO June 1 Jun 1 33
A few days ago I got out of the shower and thought, "Covid, riots, white hot politics, war... it feels like I'm a kid in the '60's, again----except the TV reception's a whole lot better, even if the music isn't as good..." Then, yesterday, ...
Terence57 WV May 31 May 31 55
PUTTING A HALO ON FASCISM by demonizing anti-fascism “The best way to control the opposition is to lead them.” — Vladimir Lenin In George Orwell's book, 1984, the heroic “Goldstein” is nothing more than fiction, a ...
Zteph Canada May 31 May 31 33
LINK In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine that Would 'Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People’s Souls'
o0michael0o Australia May 31 May 31 22
LINK What is MGTOW all about?
RoscoNovaro Canada May 23 May 23 1111
What Happens When We Die?
WRHoffmann MO May 21 May 21 1515
Clay Stablein asks: "In your eyes, from physical theory alone, what is the new epistemology?" I reply: "Help me work through your question. "Physical theory alone" what do you mean? Clay: "Is there a theory from the study of matter that came ...
ChrisODonnell UK May 20 May 20 00
Another disappointed university student.
pbuck0145 Canada May 19 May 19 33
I'm not sure how this will post, but it's a series of philosophy lectures from the 90s Great Courses series. I haven't been trough it all but thought I'd share. Or, maybe this will work... ...
govols TN May 18 May 18 11
I'm very concerned about free speech and political correctness and just about anything Orwellian in nature. To that end, I'm happy that IDW allows there to be an Alex Jones group here. At the same time it doesn't stop me from expressing my opinion ...
r0bb1e Canada May 16 May 16 22
'Future Shock' is a documentary film based on the book written in 1970 by sociologist and futurist Alvin Toffler. Released in 1972, with a cigar-chomping Orson Welles as on-screen narrator, this piece of futurism is darkly dystopian and oozing ...
kresica Croatia May 14 May 14 33
To the statement that claims: “I believe all -let’s see: all women, all...” them being ethnic groups, sexually-defined communities and so on, my response is: I believe in individuality; the responsibility each and every one of us takes for ...
TomCheytan Canada May 12 May 12 22
Oral Roberts said, "You doubt, you go without, you believe, you receive." Brilliant.
Familyman777 UK May 7 May 7 00
We humans are not the be all and end all of the universe. We are a factor in a system that has been evolving for 13.5 billion years (not sure of that time reference anymore) and will continue to evolve far (relatively) into the future. None the ...
Pand0ro WI May 6 May 6 33
THE BIBLE TEACHES THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS AT ENMITY WITH GOD Desiring God @desiringGod “When they bring you before the synagogues and the rulers and the authorities, do not be anxious about how you should defend yourself or what you should ...
Zteph Canada May 6 May 6 22
It's better to raise confident boys Than to fix broken Men
BikerPetehall70 UK May 6 May 6 11
Is Facebook gay? The answer is yes
RodJohnson Canada May 6 May 6 22
It all started with a dream, then it became a reality...
jra_the_wise Canada May 6 May 6 11
Why I call myself a gnostic atheist.
MrShittles MO May 5 May 5 33
The wise man changes himself to better fit the world The foolish man strive to change the world to better suit himself. therefore, all progress is made by foolish men. ...
MrShittles MO May 3 May 3 11
The Coronavirus outbreak is highlighting one of life’s principles ie the inevitable process of thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Everything has pros and cons, support and opposition. Whatever is implemented or developed can only go so far but is ...
Kravman2 UK Apr 30 Apr 30 00
Anthropology of Money - Questioning societal dogma with regards to personal inheritance and corporate structure and validity.
OneEyedHillbilly AK Apr 28 Apr 28 00
As it is we are all seeds of our forefathers, seeds of a lineage of generations that spread across the planet. There is another crop growing in this Universal garden, The seeds of Knowledge. We reap what we sow but beware of the influences that lurk ...
jra_the_wise Canada Apr 28 Apr 28 11
Eating while Stress
Loony Apr 27 Apr 27 22
People need to understand that all UN OWG politicians (Liberal, NDP, Greens, Democrats) and their MSM are the enemy in this war on Communism. If you know who the enemy is, it all makes perfect sense.
jakuboj Apr 26 Apr 26 66
I believe, and i will paraphrase as well as i can, that no media can be truly objective. This was Hunter's thinking behind "gonzo" journalism. Why pretend to be objective when it's just not possible. Everyone has a bias and even when just reporting ...
char1emagne Canada Apr 26 Apr 26 33
Education and Rant One thing that really annoys me is how the "52 GeNdErS" thing is covered. What people say when they go over this is that Facebook/New-York/Canada officially or legally recognises 52 or whatever number of genders. Now what this ...
Creamegg China Apr 25 Apr 25 33
Not sure if it's the greatest gift you could bestow on someone, but a gift all the same.
SpikeTalon PA Apr 24 Apr 24 33
Most people who believe that "souls" are a thing, assume two things about them: that only humans have one, and that all humans have one. I'm not so sure either of those assumptions is correct. What do you think? And... why?
rway WA Apr 20 Apr 20 1717
Check out Lucien!
PhoenixPerson WA Apr 16 Apr 16 44
I've been having these visions for a long time now but I think it's time to share them. Might be a eye opener for some ... read the three pages and see what I see.
jra_the_wise Canada Apr 16 Apr 16 44
john4truth Canada Apr 5 Apr 5 77
turnerjolene48 NC Apr 4 Apr 4 22
Is C-PTSD your own personal emotional Pandemic?
Loony Apr 1 Apr 1 55
Some observations on how many of us are handing over our agency to AI, to the detriment of human instinct.
Nervoustestpilot UK Apr 1 Apr 1 00
Andyman MD Apr 1 Apr 1 33
Omnipotence Paradox
TheodoreBear MN Mar 25 Mar 25 55
Now we're finally all here to chew gum and kick some arse Ramzpaul - and I'm fresh outta gum !
Privateer70 GA Mar 24 Mar 24 00
A few random thoughts, for what they’re worth. We’re going to get through this mess, most of us. And we’re going to be stronger on the other side. We’re learning, and growing. And that is good. And if we don’t make it at least we ...
GaryWitt CO Mar 22 Mar 22 66
Our species has a duty to save the a manner almost no one considers: ending natural, biological evolution and replacing it with a system in which life is genetically engineered. We must survive long enough to develop the ...
MrShittles MO Mar 13 Mar 13 66
"Joe, what makes you so certain so many have already got the coronavirus?" How much cash do you have or did you handle since Thanksgiving? Did you sterilize it? Been anywhere with people coughing or sneezing in that same time frame? Never ...
Jbisnoop KS Mar 12 Mar 12 11
Can someone please explain what is Islamaphobia ? i ass-u-me it is a fear of Islam, which would mean, i think, a fear of the Islamic faith. so how is someone who maybe critical of the faith be considered a racist.....i fear all doctrines of ...
jpnese Canada Mar 10 Mar 10 1010
LINK Michael Egnor Demolishes the Myth of Materialism (Science Uprising EP1) - YouTube
Xtra WA Mar 7 Mar 7 00
In case a reminder is needed...
Ericrmusing Mar 4 Mar 4 22
There is no reason that people of different religions or none could not live together without conflict. Is there?
N0DD Mar 2 Mar 2 1010
Anarchy Short: Anarchy came about in 1600's in contrast to organisation and lent itself to working class as as a way protecting workers - a group of people appealing to utopian ideals of human organisation. At this time it simply means an absence ...
ChrisODonnell UK Mar 2 Mar 2 22
We are all basically the same, except for the usage of our brain. Some of us have super minds big enough to think above those who don't. But if you want to remain closed minded it is your choice and also your loss!
jra_the_wise Canada Feb 28 Feb 28 33
I have an announcement to make, an important one! Did anyone pay attention, that by the current moral set and by the current law, the Gospel story begins with rape? Mary, mother of Jesus is raped by the so called Holy Spirit, who did not ask for ...
IgorRogov Australia Feb 26 Feb 26 66
Whence morality?
pbuck0145 Canada Feb 22 Feb 22 00
The Catholic Church Is A Big Hoax
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 22 Feb 22 00
Whoever pretends to be religious and sits on a golden throne, exhibits false humility.
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 22 Feb 22 00
School Bathrooms, Locker Rooms, and Showers that Match their Gender Identity Published by Newtrals on February 20, 2020
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
Politics March 28, 2018 Global Warming Concern Steady Despite Some Partisan Shifts by Megan Brenan and Lydia Saad
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
Bell Curves and the Other Side of the Argument
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
The Middle East, Einstein, and the Definition of Insanity
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
Become an FT subscriber to read: Why Nafta’s losers will always drown out the winners
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
Does Anyone Believe in Free Trade?
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 11
33.1 Absolute and Comparative Advantage Learning Objectives By the end of this section, you will be able to: Define absolute advantage, comparative advantage, and opportunity costs Explain the gains of trade created ...
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
“No Nation Was Ever Ruined by Trade”—Benjamin Franklin
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 21 Feb 21 00
The Lies of The New Age Movement
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 18 Feb 18 44
Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 18 Feb 18 00
Fallen angels - The most retarded, of all the angels. Gave it all up for what. They already had everything, but trashed their future just to descend down to some crappy mountain. Dumb.
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 18 Feb 18 11
Very informative video about the fallen angels. I also believe in the Book of Enoch, as part of true history.
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 18 Feb 18 55
Spinning Circular Coin of Consciousness and Existentiality Existence may be conceptualized as that which unfolds to the experience, interpretation, or appreciation of Consciousness. To be conscious is to exist. To exist is to facilitate ...
Dlanor TX Feb 17 Feb 17 22
Join the Los Angeles Intellectual Dark Web Meetup Group! Our discussion group aims to cultivate good faith discourse with intellectual humility and charitable attitude to others’ views. We're a heterogeneous group ...
LosAngelesIDW CA Feb 17 Feb 17 44
Do You really know who you are? Where you come from is further than you think... Follow me through a scientific journey that might open your eyes to learn more about yourself. I have been tripping back in time for a while now.
jra_the_wise Canada Feb 12 Feb 12 22
Some of this little vignet of video clips, I believe aren't that unusual. But the other ones in this series... ...if you feel they are faked, I feel sorry for you. The world is changing, and some secret projects have leaked out to...
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 11 Feb 11 66
Anyone else ever hear of the Georgia Guidestones, and if so what's your take on it? For the most part, I think the controversy over it is nonsense.
SpikeTalon PA Feb 7 Feb 7 44
God is such a talented, brilliant artist.
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 6 Feb 6 11
“Why Irrational Persons Never Lose An Argument,” discusses why logic is not effective against legalists. If you have attempted to use logic in an argument yet found it has no impact on those with whom you debate it is either your argument is not ...
Edify Canada Feb 5 Feb 5 33
Capitalism is only sustainable within respective ethnostates. Capitalism for and in white countries, capitalism for and in black countries etc.
rudeawakening CA Jan 29 Jan 29 55
Keep an open mind on this please before jumping to any conclusions. Should christians pray for our soldiers? The part in the article about praying doesn't concern me, Mr Combs other points did.
SpikeTalon PA Jan 27 Jan 27 99