Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.
Showing the newest forum posts in all categories as well as posts from your groups.
Slug... Hoy hice 4 publicaciones y solo me dieron 5 puntos. Espere la actualizacion y nada... Me deben 15 puntos. Sin puntos... NO HAY JUEGO...
AlmiTa Peru Sep 23 Sep 23 11
I'm not getting notifications for people I'm following.
altschmerz Sep 10 Sep 10 00
Where’s My Article Post?
SocialDarwin NC Sep 9 Sep 9 00
I have noticed that entire words are often dropped from my comments on posts. I am an avid spell checker, re-reader before posting anything, and at least 3 times over the last few days I have gone back to find entire words fall from my sentences. I ...
Amzungu IL Sep 9 Sep 9 11
Very strange what happened: we can't comment, see any comments. Is this a hacker trying to xhut off IDW? Or a normal glitch?
2FollowHim Canada Sep 7 Sep 7 00
Does anyone know how to post a large photo? - The way videos show up on the post so that people don't have to move their cursor over it to really see it full sized...? Not like this photo, but larger or full sized.
Tycho AZ Aug 21 Aug 21 11
What is "Socket Status"?
ZuzecaSape CA Aug 13 Aug 13 00
Adjusting ones own post.
WisdomWarrior9 Australia Aug 1 Aug 1 22
My plea to anyone interested in starting a social media site (yes you too @slug): If the search bar is not clearly visible and working flawlessly, your site will never get off the ground
tomashea WI July 3 Jul 3 00
POLL Slug, we need a “back button” on iOS
RubyFord TX July 2 Jul 2 11
How did my referrals count drop from 51 to 26??? Is that some sort of glitch, or did that many members really delete/put their accounts on pause?
SpikeTalon PA July 1 Jul 1 00
So My company name keeps disappearing from my profile. Other people have them, so I'm not sure what is going on. I own the domain "" it is just a launch page from my social media--it's not even completed yet. Anyway, I've tried using ...
curvycom AZ June 28 Jun 28 11
Here's an idea, how about a feature allowing you to create a post that you can send only two followers or only two fans? What do you think? Basically the category or group being just your fans.
Darkhorse48 ID June 25 Jun 25 22
Can i upload videos straight to slug?
NukaZeus GA June 20 Jun 20 33
I am beginning to feel like I made a grave error in creating this group. it appears that the creator of a group on this site cannot moderate the group. Some of the replies to the posts have been totally anti-Christ in nature and I have told the party...
lawrenceblair OR June 15 Jun 15 44
I would love to see a feature on here where you can start an ongoing Journal.
Darkhorse48 ID June 13 Jun 13 11
Why does my company name...
curvycom AZ June 12 Jun 12 00
How do you post videos on slug?
Darkhorse48 ID May 29 May 29 11
For the newer members on here and anyone who wasn't aware of this yet, you can now see how someone voted on a post once a post receives at least one vote. At the bottom of the emoji list click on the four bars icon and the votes will show up. Thank ...
SpikeTalon PA May 27 May 27 11
What Happens to Postings
Dale Canada Feb 23 Feb 23 22
Who thinks this modified format is a pain in the arse, why has the next post tab gone,
BikerPetehall70 UK Feb 18 Feb 18 44
Just want to let you know that we're tweaking the design of several pages but may be returning things pending your feedback. I know that any change has a stress component and few like to relearn where things are. Hang in there... hopefully, we'll all...
Admin Online Feb 17 Feb 17 2020
New UI a bit glitchy, cannot see how others had voted on posts but seeing such on comments is okay. Messaged you Admin.
SpikeTalon PA Feb 17 Feb 17 00
FYSA: The messenger function is currently not working (intermittently?). It has worked in the past, but doesn't seem to be working now
Daveclark5 FL Feb 12 Feb 12 00
How do you support this website?
Chip_Cook KS Feb 8 Feb 8 00
This website is buggy. Under the profile questions tab, there are no questions to be answered. So...????
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 6 Feb 6 11
My friend and user-interface designer who helped with this site has emerged from his hibernation and has some time to "modernize" some pages/features. Where should we work first? That is, is there a specific page or feature that you think is too ...
Admin Online Feb 5 Feb 5 1212
The 'upload video' feature on this site does not work. I really hate it when stuff does not work.
RAZE AZ Feb 2 Feb 2 11
Facebook bans our entire ad account! After spending about $200k in ads to promote this site, Facebook abruptly terminated our entire ad account without recourse. While we could try to setup a new account, it is likely that they will ban it ...
Admin Online Jan 29 Jan 29 3636
I don’t spend much time on this page and I’ve been trying to figure out why it doesn’t appeal to me, I am extremely politically engaged, love intellectual debate, and feel a strong need to push back against the SJW culture, by all rights this ...
JesseBraaten Canada Dec 21 Dec 21 2828
Pasting in my photo
Terence57 WV Dec 8 Dec 8 22
Who started and maintains this website?
Duder Canada Nov 6 Nov 6 00
In "Community Standards" the first item: "Remember that people come to their own truth differently." This should be changed to: Remember that people have different opinions. There is only one truth, not 7.6B. EDIT: That was pretty ...
Systemlord MI Nov 3 Nov 3 00
How do I link up with others to establish a network? Is this in any way similar to Facebook, where you have friends as a network?
DinsdaleWalden Canada Nov 1 Nov 1 11
Anyone else having problems with sending private messages to friends and members? I've sent multiple private messages to friends here on IDW lately and when I backtrack and try to reread and confirm that it's solidified and on record, my messages are...
Biosphere NC Oct 24 Oct 24 22
Are messages limited in size. if I want to post more than one page, can I do that?
warminster100 Canada Oct 19 Oct 19 11
Per many member requests, we're returning the "General Forum" where you can make a post that's visible to the entire community (for those who have not unchecked categories under the "gear" icon on the main page). For the new members, we had the ...
Admin Online Aug 28 Aug 28 99
Hard to log in?
GrandmaSandy ID May 15 May 15 22
Acceptable posts and comments on this site. Let’s talk through an issue that needs a clear policy decision - how we should handle "over-the-line" posts/comments/groups. As you may know, we just launched in mid-February and have been busy ...
Admin Online Apr 22 Apr 22 5454
Are "we" on facebook?
MWhite Apr 20 Apr 20 11
Where is the Douglas Murray Fan Group?
UtterTwaddle UK Apr 18 Apr 18 11
I think we could use a Category for Hypocrisy. Just a thought.
REParker SC Apr 17 Apr 17 00
Is there the equivalent of a “Back Button” feature here? I find I have to work my way all the way back to the Home page to start again to search for things. I saw where I can “Scroll Right” on my iPhone — but I don’t use an iPhone. ...
REParker SC Apr 16 Apr 16 33
Watching the Fox News Townhall featuring Bernie Sanders. IMO Martha and Brett are doing a terrible job challenging Bernie’s assertions. Is their questioning lacking?
Hcfrn CA Apr 15 Apr 15 55
Where are my notifications?
Wordmage FL Apr 15 Apr 15 44
POLL One downside of social media is it's propensity to create echo chambers - that is, grouping people with similar views together so they re-enforce each other and create a "group think" dogma. This has the unwanted effect of rewarding those with the ...
Admin Online Apr 15 Apr 15 2525
My confirmation email went to my Outlook junk box. Is Microsoft trying to tell me something?
Crikey Australia Apr 14 Apr 14 22
The "level" system on IDW is broken - change my mind: What is the intended purpose of having "levels" on a free speech forum? Do we need "levels" in order to participate in free speech? Does the current system achieve...
jneedler CA Apr 13 Apr 13 1414
New feature for level 4+ members We heard from several members that they wanted some more control as to when and where their posts appear. If you're a level 4+ member, you'll see a "3 horizontal line" button where you make posts which open ...
Admin Online Apr 13 Apr 13 22
How/when will we know which charity the IDW coins will go to?
jneedler CA Apr 12 Apr 12 00
POLL Want to get your feedback on two simple designs for our swag (T-shirts, mugs, etc). We're almost ready to go live with coins for swag. Which of these two do you prefer.
Admin Online Apr 10 Apr 10 1010
Main page layout evolution You'll now see a gold button if you have new group posts since the last time you went to the "my group posts" page. This is preparation of us toggling off the "my group posts" feed on the main page sometime in the ...
Admin Online Apr 10 Apr 10 22
I am really enjoying this site. Finally I can ask the questions Ive been wanting to ask without fear of hatred and accusations. Conversations here are real and amazing with some interesting thoughts and ideas coming out of the woodwork like it ...
rodneyblue Canada Apr 10 Apr 10 33
Anyone else having issues with this site?? Here is what I get, cannot even sign out.
AZWoman AZ Apr 8 Apr 8 33
POLL This site desperately needs a retweet feature.
AJElicits Canada Apr 8 Apr 8 22
Level 4 member unable to create a new group.
paparotzzi SC Apr 6 Apr 6 11
What are coins?
FBIRN CA Apr 5 Apr 5 11
I don’t avree with this man. I have seen others drop him like a hot potato. I know other social networks and hosting services have blocked him. Does he have a place here at IDW. ?? Richard Spencer
Truckln WI Apr 5 Apr 5 33
Alerts in IDW
Justpeachy MA Apr 5 Apr 5 11
Blackviking OR Apr 5 Apr 5 11
My referral link doesn't work. Anyone else having this issue? @admin
OneGodlessWoman Canada Apr 4 Apr 4 11
Just wanted to let you know that I deleted a member with the username 'richardspencer' today as it appeared to be setup as a fake account (email flagged). I don't know yet know what our policy should be regarding statements and opinions of Richard...
Admin Online Apr 4 Apr 4 2626
Is there a way to add a reference to a You Tube video without it showing itself in full. Just have it so people can click the link if they wish to see the clip rather than the actual pictured file with the arrow in the middle. (I don't want the ...
middleCme Apr 3 Apr 3 00
Platform navigation
DMcCreery1956 ID Apr 2 Apr 2 00
What are the IDW coins and how do I use them ... or not?
GiGi-Suzie CA Apr 2 Apr 2 22
On posts to a group , the reaction ("like") button is not working for me. The number momentarily increments, then immediately reverts back.
pbuck0145 Canada Apr 2 Apr 2 33
The "Like" button and indications do not appear to be functioning.
pbuck0145 Canada Mar 31 Mar 31 11
Like button
Makaleka CA Mar 31 Mar 31 11
Anyone else having trouble "liking" posts... my browser seems to be rejecting my clicks...
Toto MI Mar 31 Mar 31 77
So I still can't seem to like any comments as the like button isn't working and I now can't send any pictures in DMS as well as emojis appear as question marks. Lol
OneGodlessWoman Canada Mar 31 Mar 31 77
Is anyone else having a problem with the "like" button? When I attempt to "like" a post, it is not registering. This just began yesterday and I am curious if anyone else has this issue or has a solution. Thanks for any help that you have.
PatriciaBurger MN Mar 31 Mar 31 22
How to put pdfs in posts.
Kitty Canada Mar 30 Mar 30 22
I don't like blocking is there a way to add a mute function?
OneGodlessWoman Canada Mar 30 Mar 30 22
POLL Are Left-Wingers Welcome Here?
InternetDorkWeb Czech Republic Mar 29 Mar 29 6161
Hey, want to get your thoughts on civility "censorship". When we first launched this site, we were most concerned about mean-spirited personal attacks that are common in other communities and results in escalation/etc. So, we came up some ...
Admin Online Mar 29 Mar 29 2121
I am seeing a movement on this board that is disturbing. I have been a way for a bit due to work. I am seeing comments and postings moving further and further right. It is becoming antagonistic. How is that any better than Twitter and Facebook being ...
JMiller TN Mar 29 Mar 29 1515
Not receiving activation link at icloud email. Why?
Oldsoldier1963 TX Mar 28 Mar 28 11
I'm working on our first newsletter and would love to get your ideas on what to put in it. A promo for our new apps is in it already. What would you like to know?
Admin Online Mar 28 Mar 28 1111
Advise users that searching to find IDW site is made very hard by Googles placement in the search results. I am not surprised.
EdNason CT Mar 27 Mar 27 22
I think there should be a “category” aside from politics for perhaps “The Constitution, Bill of Rights & the Law” None of the other categories are really suitable for such an important set of topics. Of course, that’s just my opinion ...
Bay0Wulf ME Mar 27 Mar 27 44
OneGodlessWoman Canada Mar 27 Mar 27 22
What happened to the group 'vax debate'? I thought posts were not deletable after four days or something, and now I have lost a whole group of posts!
VonO TX Mar 27 Mar 27 22
Categories & Sections. The Board needs defined Categories, sections, and Sub Sections. Once set up, links or tabs for them, could replace member mini control tabs under the Header.. THOSE functions are AMPLY represented.
Guido_Provolone WI Mar 27 Mar 27 00
Why is Avi not on here?
Elizabethrose Canada Mar 25 Mar 25 33
The "Search Posts" functionality is somewhat hidden on the site. I don't see it at all on the main page, and it's a small button when I go to browse. I actually thought there was no way to search posts at first. Not sure if that's intentional.
CautiousDreamer AK Mar 24 Mar 24 11
Does anyone know how to share this page with others? I understand there any guidelines or suggestions for sharing this page? I have some friends on FB who I think would find this a welcome relief from the Snark and Foolishness of FB, but some ...
Grandmahufford PA Mar 24 Mar 24 33
Emojis...where are they?
Bumpkin111 AZ Mar 24 Mar 24 11
Sign in/sign out
Bumpkin111 AZ Mar 23 Mar 23 11
Shared posts... aren't very shared. I really like the idea of 'shared posts', but the implementation is really bad. Currently when you share a post to a group all that happens is that the number of 'shared posts' at the top of the group increments ...
VonO TX Mar 22 Mar 22 22
Hitting the thumbs up button
Kay_Shoemaker GA Mar 22 Mar 22 11
It is really annoying that the 'link' format for making posts does not seem to be available to post natively to groups.
VonO TX Mar 21 Mar 21 11
IDW Coins and what to do with them
AndyGheimer Australia Mar 21 Mar 21 44
Hey, just wanted to pass on an experience I had with my Oreo Android phone. I loaded the app up on google, and it didn't work corrrectly. It didn't want to work with my physical keyboard (yay! BlackBerry KeyOne) and wasn't responsive ...
Paisley_Pirate KS Mar 20 Mar 20 22
Has anyone else read the comments on the IDW Facebook posts? So much hate and vitriol against the community. It's startling and a bit unsettling.
LeftySinister NM Mar 20 Mar 20 1414
The logout button in the upper right was removed: Please bring it back! I know I can still log out through my profile. But I would prefer a button on the menu bar at top.
CautiousDreamer AK Mar 20 Mar 20 11
How are new groups created?
ilija Australia Mar 19 Mar 19 11
An interesting bug: instead of showing me the home page, the home page link leads me to the front of 'Jordan Peterson Fans'.
VonO TX Mar 19 Mar 19 22
I can no longer create a post dirctly on the main page. I need to pop-up a "Make a Post" window by clicking the "+ Post" button at the top of the screen. Is this an intended "feature"?
pbuck0145 Canada Mar 19 Mar 19 44
@admin I need a way to go directly back to what I was viewing before I commented without having to back to the comment screen and back a second time. Can this be implemented?
StrykerWolfe NY Mar 19 Mar 19 00
How do I get the app for IDW ?
Minuteman5874 NC Mar 18 Mar 18 11