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These are topics that are trending this week!
POLL Are camgirls a net benefit or harm to society? Pay-per-minute or tip-based erotic cam shows have become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last 20 years with over 60,000 independent or studio models (note: about 30% are men/trans) currently ...
Admin Online July 7 Jul 7 2323
What makes America Great? Recent years have felt like an escalating war between the beliefs that America is fundamentally flawed and that America is exceptional. Unless we can harmonize these two opinions, the preamble to the Declaration of ...
Admin Online July 4 Jul 4 3939
White Guilt altar call?
Xtra WA July 7 Jul 7 1111
So, allegedly PayPal will ban your account now if you have anything to do with "white advocacy" (will be discussing it in tomorrow's video!) Apologies for the photo quality. It's apparently an internal document, and I confess that I haven't been ...
SydneyWatson DC July 6 Jul 6 1010
What would you personally be willing to do to prevent the Cultural War from escalating?
A1fredo Mexico July 6 Jul 6 1010
POLL Is "Race Realism" a message of love or hate? YouTube just banned Jared Taylor of ( and Stephen Molyneux (along with less nuanced channels of Richard Spencer and David Duke) for violating their rules on "hate" ...
Admin Online June 30 Jun 30 5353
Let's give it a go.
Naomi July 6 Jul 6 1010
Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little bit absent on YouTube, I’ve been sick for the past few days, ugh. I’m feeling better though, and I’m working on my next video, which will be up in a couple of days! Much love to you all! Xxx
DaisyCousens Australia July 6 Jul 6 88
How do you know if someone is projecting "hate" or "just venting"? Anger and outrage seems to be at a post-millennial high... is it a sign of "hate" or "venting"? Does it matter if the statements are based on truth? Is one more dangerous than ...
Admin Online July 2 Jul 2 3434
98% of White women who have children with black men are not financially supported by the father. Source:
ramzpaul OK July 6 Jul 6 77
During a fairly heated exchange with a white hard left liberal women in her 50s, she informed me that white supremacists are much more dangerous than American blacks. Our exchange occurred directly after 85 shootings with 24 deaths occurred in one ...
Triumph KY July 6 Jul 6 77
The death of colorblindness In the 1990s I worked in the corporate environment in the tech field. My job was to sit in a cube all day and code. My co-workers were typically nerdy White and Asian men, however, we did have the occasional ...
ramzpaul OK July 7 Jul 7 66
POLL Assuming BLM and Antifa terrorists escalate their arson and murder, what would be your reaction to a strong leader dissolving Congress and the Courts to restore order?
ramzpaul OK July 6 Jul 6 99
We all agree the problem with society can be solved with more education. And we all agree who is in need of said education: everybody else but me. But y'all just HAVE to be unreasonable. Geez.
A1fredo Mexico July 6 Jul 6 55
POLL What is the general thought regarding the Convention of States - supported by Mark Levin?
Peelsr UT July 6 Jul 6 66
As I watch my western culture and White history being attacked and destroyed by screaming liberals and hate I have one question; where in the hell is the republican leadership? Not one peep from my representatives in Washington. I'm pissed and feel ...
daroldbanniste Honduras July 6 Jul 6 55
Are more babies the answer? I review the debate between Tiina Wiik (nationalist) and Styx (libertarian). A Bitchute exclusive video!
ramzpaul OK July 6 Jul 6 77
Jimi Hendrix
Obiwannosi CO July 6 Jul 6 55
The first slave ship came to Jamestown in 1619. The NYT emphasizes this as the real founding of America. What they don't mention is what happened to the second slave ship. It went to Plymouth and there colonists looked at Exodus 21:16 (declares ...
timon_phocas CO July 6 Jul 6 55
Here we go..... Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for COVID-19 in New Hampshire jail, DOJ reports – Brown Valley Observer ...
NuuzJunky GA July 5 Jul 5 99
I Like this
Thasaidon Philippines July 7 Jul 7 44
I'm done with your bull shit!!!
Obiwannosi CO July 5 Jul 5 66
It's OK to be pro-white.
Afterthought TX July 6 Jul 6 55
I’ve been getting some weird emoji gender swaps when using them on here. Let’s see how it looks in this post. They’re all intended to be male 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👨🏼👴🏻🙅🏻🙋 ‍♂️💁🏿‍♂️
RubyFord TX July 6 Jul 6 55
Well, regarding those assholes that got smashed on the highway, prepare for it to be memory holed
MikeHunt NY July 5 Jul 5 1010
Hey guys! I'm going to be using Slug a lot more from here. Keeping up with a bunch of platforms can be really hard, but I know that nobody is going to be deleted or censored here, and that's really important to me. I'm keen to have this community ...
SydneyWatson DC June 30 Jun 30 1515
The first walkaway demexit!
WilyRickWiles IL July 6 Jul 6 55
Deer are getting bold!
ramzpaul OK July 6 Jul 6 44
Lessons of CHAZ/CHAP The glorious People’s Republic of CHAZ ended with a whimper. Under the mayor’s orders, the police moved in with force and did not meet much resistance. Most of the citizens of CHAZ were already gone. All that were ...
ramzpaul OK July 2 Jul 2 1010
British historian David Starkey blacklisted for challenging the idea that slavery was not “genocide”. Starkey instantly loses teaching prestigious teaching jobs, book deals and directorships by asking, if this was genocide “what are there so ...
GeeMac Canada July 6 Jul 6 33
Requesting input! And discussion! I have a blog on the Times of Israel, looking at Jordan Peterson's ideas and considering them relative to Jewish thought. Of late, people are sending me an article that just appeared in an Israeli newspaper, ...
APoizner July 5 Jul 5 66
"We have had two pandemics this year: Covid-19 and Woke-2020." This is what Dave Rubin, author of 'Don't Burn This Book' said that his 8 year old son told him. Which makes me wonder, "Are children smarter than most adults these days?"
DeplorableToo FL July 6 Jul 6 33
If you are proud to be white (no hate here) then follow the True Nordic Religion. If you follow the Abrahamic Desert God you are a traitor
SocialDarwin CA July 6 Jul 6 66
Black Lives Matter vs Blexit Both CAN and I'm sure DO help black America, but have VERY different ways of going about it. Which do you prefer? What do you think about each organization? Watch the video here :
ariellescarcella NY July 5 Jul 5 77
What with most women with tattoos now ?
M1959 NY July 5 Jul 5 77
White woman charged after racist Central Park confrontation
1patriot Canada July 7 Jul 7 33
Has any First Lady been more mistreated than Melania? In my opinion she is way hotter than Mrs Kennedy the hottest first lady up to her time. Yet Michael Obongo got all the magazine covers, fluff interviews, best press ever. I kinda feel bad for her ...
MikeHunt NY July 5 Jul 5 77
Covid is now becoming harmless... or at least just as harmful as any other flu or cold. why do we not see this in the news and why is no one discussing this. Why are some cities going back into lockdown and why do we keep on destroying our ...
Hanno New Zealand July 7 Jul 7 33
WHAT DO WE DO? WHAT DO WE DO? LAWD HAVE MERCY, WHAT DO WE DO? Everyone’s asking, now that we’re finally waking up from our sixty-year coma, and discovering (GASP!!) the barbarians at the gates. Clearly, we have to learn to fight. But face ...
Edgework TX July 6 Jul 6 33
Reversed Black Lives Matters logic. What do you think?
MarcW Netherlands July 5 Jul 5 77
My Thoughts on These Places Experiencing Riots and Violent or Illegal Protests and Unrest. The Federal Government, the Current Administration, should be assembling a Force ... comprised mostly of the US Military and National Guard and Federal Law ...
Bay0Wulf ME July 6 Jul 6 33
Boeing executive fired for a 1987 essay he wrote opposing women in combat.
ramzpaul OK July 7 Jul 7 44
"Monday marks the 12th day since the horrifying and widely publicized news that a roving gang of Hawaiian-shirted white racist frat boys had set on fire a biracial young woman in Madison, Wisconsin. The Duchess of Sussex [Princess of Woke Meghan ...
VDARE CT July 7 Jul 7 33
The elimination of people of European descent from North America is obviously part of the enemy's OWG Communist agenda. We will be like the Jews in Nazi Germany, or the people of European descent currently in Africa. If you support NWO OWG ...
jakuboj July 5 Jul 5 66
A.O.C. Back in the news
Obiwannosi CO July 5 Jul 5 55
This is well worth the time to watch and I would appreciate hearing the thoughts and concerns on this story.
FissionMeister ID July 6 Jul 6 33
Geller Report: WATCH: Father Shot Dead While Walking with Daughter in de Blasio’s NYC! More horror from New York City. This black life (and the life of the 6 year old girl) clearly do not matter to New York City’s pro-criminal mayor. ...
warminster100 Canada July 7 Jul 7 33
Arielle’s latest video with Gina Bontempo discussing ways BLM might not be helping the movement. Check it out! I wonder why there’s an agenda toward everything (thinking about the left media) and how this can be overcome.
Ladybird96 IL July 6 Jul 6 33
Do you think the gentleman n the left will get the same sentence as the gentleman on the right? 419 years. Me? I think not
MikeHunt NY July 5 Jul 5 44
CEO pay versus worker pay and where I most disagree with Styx who would probably never address this issue. The discussion made me even more convinced that the time is now for public policy to rein in these persistently extreme CEO-worker ...
Robert100 MD July 6 Jul 6 44
black nationalist Let's Talk About What Happed in Georgia
M1959 NY July 6 Jul 6 44
If anybody in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah or Wyoming start with the whole stolen land BS, tell them to fuck off because the US bought it off from us, México. And we are not white colonizers, are we? Better yet, send them my ...
A1fredo Mexico July 6 Jul 6 33
POLL These words: adoration, fondness, liking, attraction, caring, tenderness, compassion, sentimentality, lust, sexual desire, desire, passion, infatuation, longing. Are they synonyms, completely different things, or something in between? Please share ...
A1fredo Mexico July 6 Jul 6 44
The New York Times has this question and a declaration one of their Millions they make over and over that are Anti White. I do not know how to answer this question.
Robert100 MD July 6 Jul 6 33
Crazy, eh?
Naomi July 7 Jul 7 22
Don't forget an apostrophe.
Naomi July 6 Jul 6 33
Poor pony!
ramzpaul OK July 6 Jul 6 66
I met this sweet girl yesterday. My dads best buddies donkey. Her name is Esther. I fed her some lettuce.
Sacha799 AR July 6 Jul 6 44
E) All Of The Above
2peros CA July 7 Jul 7 22
This is why i I hadn't been on Slug much in the last couple weeks. I was binge working on this. Sometimes I have to take a break from politics. It has been depressing all year. First Covid then race riots. I guess we are back to Covid.
Sacha799 AR July 6 Jul 6 22 The Moon has more metals than we expected. Another, more technical, article on the subject
timon_phocas CO July 6 Jul 6 22
Type 123 new cases in Google. Amazing!
ramzpaul OK July 1 Jul 1 77
Fox news apologizes for "mistakenly" cropping trump out of photo cough cough Click on post for link to story
TitaniumCowboy IN July 6 Jul 6 11
New video! An SJW's Take On The Evils Of White People. I hope you guys like my attempt at satire!
DaisyCousens Australia June 29 Jun 29 66
Happy 4th of July everyone so glad i found a site that supports free speech.
Pillnazi1983 CA July 4 Jul 4 77
David Schwimmer says lack of diversity on Friends, however he never admits his own ethnic background represents the group that is overrepresented.
Robert100 MD July 7 Jul 7 11
This is a good video about the banning on Youtube. If you haven't watched AIU. I would recommend him. He does great videos. He's been kicked off youtube in the past but comes back with new channels.
Sacha799 AR July 1 Jul 1 66
IS IT NOT IRRITATING TO CONSTANTLY HEAR “AFRICAN AMERICAN” OR “ASIAN AMERICAN” OR “INDIAN AMERICAN” OR “MARTIAN AMERICAN?” etc. & etc.: There’s nothing wrong with it I suppose – No actually there is something wrong with it....
1914wizard FL July 5 Jul 5 22
"Will it be the great and glorious republic of the past or the social and cultural Marxist hellhole that is the promise of the mobs? Trump just played the patriotism card, the correct card to play, and it may just work for his reelection." - Pat ...
VDARE CT July 6 Jul 6 11
The bully China, it is not a minor story and is sliding under the radar, China has been pushing India for some time and India said enough. India said next time we are bring guns, that is howitzers, and lots of them. The paper ...
MosheBenIssac CA July 7 Jul 7 11
There’s a Rule in Economics; There’s No Such Thing As ONE THING, Every Thing is At Least TWO Things (often more). George Floyd was originally caught trying to pass off a Counterfeit $20 Bill (THAT’S One Thing) CHINA’S WAR on the USA ...
Bay0Wulf ME July 6 Jul 6 11
A prominent gun lobby and longtime firearm importer challenging the Liberal ban on 1,500 models of semi-automatic rifles have already raised nearly $300,000 for legal costs. Firearm owners, businesses and lobbyists who dispute the cabinet order ...
1patriot Canada July 6 Jul 6 11
AntiFa Girl Gets Challenged For Trolling A Freedom Rally, Calls The Police, And Loses Her Mind
M1959 NY July 6 Jul 6 22
🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Are all of you Canucks excited and ready to celebrate Canada Day, ...
WorldSigh June 30 Jun 30 66
NYC Is Dying, Crime Skyrockets, People Fleeing, Far left Takes Over Streets "Tim Pool Group Group"
Thasaidon Philippines July 5 Jul 5 22
LINK “We Do Not Tolerate Racism” Says University That Just Promoted “Kneecap White Men” Professor – Summit News
WorldSigh July 5 Jul 5 33
LONDON CALLING - Where the truth hurts DEMOSOCIALIST SCARED AFTER TRUMPS MT.RUSHMORE SPEECH Democrats are shaking in their collective (literally)red boots tonight citizen. President Trump gave a tear making epic speech of the century at ...
johnlondon AK July 6 Jul 6 11
Define Irony... 8-Year-Old Black Girl Killed in Atlanta By Black Lives Matter Gunmen iSteve commenter J. Ross explains what happened in Atlanta over the weekend: But speaking of racial atrocities, BLM have killed an eight year old black ...
VDARE CT July 6 Jul 6 11
People see this and understand there's a concerted, coordinated effort at "reporting" news. Then the next day, they forget all about it and swallow whatever the headlines tell them. This is not a free and independent media, this is a mouthpiece of...
Obiwannosi CO July 5 Jul 5 22
Sacha Cohen, a British citizen, was caught staging a hoax in an attempt to defame an American conservative group.
ramzpaul OK June 29 Jun 29 88
LINK Seattle councilwoman makes demands to Jeff Bezos
Xtra WA July 7 Jul 7 11
Leftist Hit By Car DIES, Black Man Charged For It And BLM Leaders QUITTING Due To Far Left And Antifa
Thasaidon Philippines July 6 Jul 6 22
Islam is greatly appreciative of Turdeau.
pbuck0145 Canada July 6 Jul 6 22
Dare to suggest that the so-called religion of peace might not be all that peaceful? Yeah? You wanna go there? Well, then, die, infidel.
Edgework TX July 2 Jul 2 55
LINK BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower describes Facebook interference in Canada’s 2019 election - Rebel News
WorldSigh July 5 Jul 5 22
The whole thing is very eerie to watch in 2020. The whole conflating of Columbus with slavery in the US is weird. (Outside just being anti-white and seeing Columbus as the start of ‘white America’.) Just that line ‘I realised that ...
VDARE CT July 5 Jul 5 33
Just watched Jared Taylor on Red Ice awhile ago. I'm glad he will have his videos on other platforms. I've been listening to his podcasts for about 4 years now. I hope eventually there is a viable alternative to Youtube. There is Bitchute but it ...
Sacha799 AR June 30 Jun 30 66
Ok, so you’ll look at this video and dutifully intone, “Oh my! That was really uncalled for. If we become like them, then the mob wins.” But there’s this other voice in your head yelling, “YEAH! Mow ‘em down. Scatter ‘em like bowling...
Edgework TX July 4 Jul 4 33
Does wearing a mask interfere with lawfully carrying a gun?
SpikeTalon PA July 7 Jul 7 11
"This presents Donald Trump with a great opportunity: he can lock in the recovery’s benefits for the American worker—and stem recent immigration’s damage to the GOP—if he acts on his instincts and imposes a permanent immigration moratorium."...
VDARE CT July 6 Jul 6 11
"After Robert The Bruce's Statue Was Vandalized By BLM, The National Trust For Scotland Apologized To Blacks For The Medieval King's Racism?" - @Steve_Sailer
VDARE CT July 1 Jul 1 55
Help. I saw a post of all the headlines describing Trump's speech as dark. The image was of all the headlines together saying the same thing like a collage. I can't find it on this site or on the interwebs. I would like to share that image with my ...
FOTD13 VA July 5 Jul 5 33
Russia just called us a bunch of fags, While I have no problem with the sodomites apparently the Russkies do lol
MikeHunt NY July 6 Jul 6 22
Not sure if you guys knew certain words are illegal now
MikeHunt NY July 6 Jul 6 22
Not surprised that a lot of Quebec flags were there.. See what I am talking about when I say CBC needs to be defund ?? That lying gay with a pink suit reporter need to lose his job.
RemiDallaire Canada July 6 Jul 6 11
White woman who pointed gun at a Black mom and her teen daughter charged with assault
M1959 NY July 3 Jul 3 44
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and the BBC issue rare joint apology to the world. “To any of you who lost loved ones to COVID-19 due to the obstacles we so tirelessly worked to place in the path of effective treatment, please understand that we ...
Edgework TX July 4 Jul 4 33
Every...Single...Time... | KMN LIVE
M1959 NY July 6 Jul 6 11
Front page on a mexican news paper
1patriot Canada July 7 Jul 7 22
The Nightmare Scenario Trump loses in a landslide and the GOP loses the Senate. Starting in January the Democrats will control all branches of government. They will also have de facto control of Hollywood, the media, Big Tech and all major ...
ramzpaul OK June 29 Jun 29 1515