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I'm often oblivious to whether I'm thinking in the left mode or in the right mode (or centre, up or down or oblique, whatever). Whether it is political or not, I'm interested in views different from mine, where what I haven't thought about often lies. I avoid fixed views and preconceived ideas, i.e., I don't like judgmental, opinionated people. I like thinkers who have the discipline, calmness and intellectual curiosity to seek to understand and engage opinions that are different from their own. I believe in integration. I am interested in cultures outside the Western world.


Right, Karl Marx haters (and supporters)! LOL I was intrigued by Marx's quote "Religion is the opium...
Naomi comments on Mar 28, 2019:
I found that Austin Cline, the writer of the article I posted, lectures and writes extensively about religion, atheism and agnosticism. I also found this YouTube video, in which an attempt is made to understand what Marx meant by "religion is the opium of the people"; which is one of the most misinterpreted quotes. It explains well, I think. Any thoughts?
The role that identity politics should play I know what you think, but bear with me... I would ...
Naomi comments on Mar 27, 2019:
I like posts like this because they really make me think, but then, I don't like posts like this because they distract me from my work for hours. lol In my simple mind, I see like this: I don't believe that one can be completely self-reliant, i.e., completely individual. Basically because we're social animals, we cannot not belong to a unit/group. Family is a very basic unit, for example. We also get together when we find common ground; it can be a religious belief, a political view, even as simple as a hobby, etc. So, I think it's only natural that we identify ourselves with the group(s) we belong to. I think that identity politics is important; if a certain group of people, like the Yazidis, are deprived of human rights, for example, identity politics has an important role to play for such a group of people. In the modern world, however, where we all take for granted human rights and the entitlement to the equal protection of the law, identity politics is used for political agendas, and therefore becomes toxic, as we know. We often see politicians and activists play racist and victim cards; that's a good example. In that case, I hate identity politics. I think that "identity" is just a posh word for "label" and labeling anyone is bad. You label someone and put them in a certain category, and when you cannot transcend that label/category and therefore cannot see them as individuals, you simply fail to integrate with them. That's all I have to say for now. I'd better get back to my work... lol!
Anybodys thoughts on Tommy Robinson
Naomi comments on Mar 26, 2019:
It's good that we can talk about Tommy here without the worry of censorship. I wonder if he would be interested in joining IDW Community...
YOUTUBE keeps trying to take this video down... But somebody needs to help this boy []
Naomi comments on Mar 26, 2019:
I don't know what to say - this is sickening. In the UK, a social worker would probably get involved, concerning the physical and mental wellbeing of this boy.
This has just come in: "YouTube deleted a channel hosting a Joe Rogan podcast within 3 hours of ...
Naomi comments on Mar 26, 2019:
Reparations for slavery
Naomi comments on Mar 26, 2019:
Why is it that no one talks about white slaves...? If reparations for slavery is just, that should include white slaves as well as black slaves. But it doesn't fit the left-wing narrative, I guess. lol
This is the point at which I feel I'm absolutely stuck and powerless. I firmly believe in ...
Naomi comments on Mar 25, 2019:
You may also be interested to watch this. Identity politics is truly toxic....
An old meme that's been floating around...
Naomi comments on Mar 25, 2019:
The number of useful idiots is certainly on the increase in Europe - scary! lol
My friend works in a joke shop. The shop has a number of custumes on display. One of them is a black...
Naomi comments on Mar 25, 2019:
Whoever ruined the costume, the shop owner could take the individual to court, no? To me, it isn't a political issue, it's simply a crime, i.e. he suffered damage to his property.
Reparations for slavery
Naomi comments on Mar 24, 2019:
Ask Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson; he will say there has never been such thing as slavery. lol On a serious note, victimhood sells and I can't stand it!
Why is it. That those of us who prefer and enjoy dialogue. Are so hated for it?
Naomi comments on Mar 24, 2019:
Is it a kind of Hedonism we're having in the Western countries and other developed countries? Pleasure is the only good and pain (that includes harsh reality and truth, I guess) is the only evil. If so, I don't know why that is.
I'm opening a can of worms here! I'm posting this article because this is too big for my brain to ...
Naomi comments on Mar 23, 2019:
I found some information (mostly from Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal) about the Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Act which the Japanese government passed in 2003. It is interesting that the Act basically recognises gender transition as a mental disorder and does not seem to recognise the social construction of gender. The Act provides five legal conditions that need to be satisfied in order for an individual to legally change their gender. An applicant must be (1) over twenty years old, (2) unmarried at the time he or she wishes to legally change his or her gender, (3) have no minors, (4) be deprived of their reproductive organs or reproductive ability, and (5) have external genital organs similar to other members of the sex to which the applicant wishes to be assigned. Condition (4) is the most concerning one, as the Act essentially requires that an individual must have sex reassignment surgery. Having said that, the reality is that should an individual choose to undergo sex reassignment surgery or reform their genital organs, it is very difficult to actually do so. There are only a few medical institutions that provide sex reassignment surgery in Japan and, treatment of GID, including sex reassignment surgery, is not covered by public health insurance, i.e., very costly. With regard to condition (2), the no marriage requirement is consistent with the Japanese family law that limits marriage to heterosexual couples. In the event that an individual is married when he or she legally changes his or her sex to that of his or her spouse, the marriage that would emerge would be a same-sex marriage, which would be in violation of Japanese family law. By keeping such high thresholds and making it very difficult to comply with, although the GID Act appears to be progressive, it is perhaps a tactic that ultimately preserves societal gender norms. A different country, a different social context. Interesting. Many questions still remain in my head, though.
I'm opening a can of worms here! I'm posting this article because this is too big for my brain to ...
Naomi comments on Mar 23, 2019:
I think there are many angles to this matter. I ask myself questions like: - Does the human right to live extend to include the right to change the gender? - If some trans people do not wish to undergo irreversible treatment, does that mean they are reserving the option of returning to their original gender just in case they might change their mind? - Sterilisation like vasectomy and tubal occlusion are generally accepted as birth control, why not for trans people? - In Japan's case, if one is not bothered by whether or not one's gender is legally recognised, could it be just left to one's personal choice? - In the UK, the Gender Recognition Act doesn't seem to specify regarding undergoing surgical operations and other types of irreversible treatment to be recognised as transgender. Is it justifiable that for example, a woman who considers herself as a man can still have a baby if she wishes to? It's super confusing! My tiny brain can't handle this! LOL
Has anyone heard of Jesse Lee Peterson? Christian Conservative Movement Online becomes more ...
Naomi comments on Mar 22, 2019:
Yeeeees! Love the way he says "lesbian". lol There's no "isms" - I totally agree! I don't know about you, but when I listen to JLP carefully, I think what he says often resonates with what Jordan Peterson says (in very different styles obviously).
I think it's important to consider that the progressive endgame didn't happen overnight. When you ...
Naomi comments on Mar 22, 2019:
Talking of children's education, it is a very confusing world for children and worrying for parents. In Birmingham in England, an LGBT education program was introduced at one primary school (ages 4 to 10!) only to spark outrage among parents and guardians. Because the city has a rather large population of Muslims and therefore most parents protesting against the program are Muslims, it's all become a political struggle between Muslims and non-Muslims, spreading further to divide the whole nation. Amidst all this, I observe that no one seems to be talking about the children who are very much caught up in all this. I would argue whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, they are still children. Parents and teachers should be discussing together if it is appropriate to give LGBT lessons to children as young as 4. They should be questioning the education system which promotes such a program at such an early stage of child development. They should be seeking advice of child psychologists, etc., and not getting sucked into identity politics. I find it very worrying.
Just a that ISIS is dead, isn't is safe for most refugees to go home? Wouldn't they ...
Naomi comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I don't believe that ISIS is dead. Their strength is that they don't have any permanent base; they can easily disperse and reform themselves any time and anywhere they like. Sorry to point out...
As a trans person, I don’t fit the leftist narrative of oppression because I think critically and ...
Naomi comments on Mar 22, 2019:
Have you ever visited I think there are many lefties on that platform. They are a very emotional bunch, full of anger most of the time, and their language...! Jonathan Haidt says lefties are more emotionally engaged than conservatives while conservatives are not any less emotional but are more pragmatic (which may make them appear unemotional) - something like that. I think he's right. If anyone enjoys critical thinking and logical thinking, this is the right platform for them.
As a trans person, I don’t fit the leftist narrative of oppression because I think critically and ...
Naomi comments on Mar 22, 2019:
I am an immigrant living in the UK. I am in the ethnic minority (apparently), but I don't think about myself being in that category or group. They don't represent me and I don't represent them. When I focus on people as individuals and not on the groups they belong to, I can get most things sorted out clearly in my head. So, groupthink - no.
[] Another good video by Matt Christiansen on the recent censorship talks.
Naomi comments on Mar 20, 2019:
He has a good point; trying to silence someone only increases the public profile of that person. Tommy Robinson is a good example in the UK. A working class lad from a tiny town now has more than a million followers.
I've seen a lot of people on social media trying to describe fascism. The interesting bit is that ...
Naomi comments on Mar 19, 2019:
Hello everyone. English is not my mother tongue, so I can't use big words like you all guys do. XD Anyway, I've ditched the general notion that fascism is a far-right ideology ages ago. But, I was wondering if fascism could develop from neoliberalism, i.e., an extreme form of free-market capitalism. Maggie Thatcher very much endorsed this idea. While fascism is very much talked about with a strong emphasis on "state dominance", would it be possible that in a neoliberal country, private corporations like giant tech companies can have so much power over what people can do or can't do and have so much say in decision-making by the government of that country that they could grow authoritarian and ultimately totalitarian to control the entire nation? In that case, it's not so much state dominance but free market dominance.
What's people's thoughts on Tommy Robinson being banned from all social media????
Naomi comments on Mar 18, 2019:
The verdict on TR's case against Cambridgeshire Police for harassing him and his children. The judge dismissed his case, as he predicted, only to prove the corruption of the system. For that reason, it was worth taking them to court.
So, I posted my view on Facebook against climate change protest marches by school children, and ...
Naomi comments on Mar 17, 2019:
I only argued that: "You made thousands of placards probably using loads and loads of paper and plastic. Haven't you just destroyed a forest or two and contaminated an ocean or two? What are you going to do with all the placards afterwards? Some of them may be recyclable but most of them will probably end up in incinerators to be burnt. It will then produce CO2, lots and lots of it! Don't you realise that you're doing exactly the opposite to what we've been trying to do to protect the environment and address the climate change?" What did I get? First, name-calling - well I forgive them; they're just kids. And then, a few adults posted "But, they're fighting for their future. You've got to support them!" When I asked "fight how?", there was no response. Instead, "They're fighting for their future!" a couple of more times. Then, some college lecturer posted "I think there is a troll among us - be careful, everyone..." Typical. These adults don't even think for a second that these children may be exploited by ideologues. I wasn't getting anywhere, so I gave up.
I just watched a great movie. Green Book. [] After the NZ shooter I have been feeling as ...
Naomi comments on Mar 17, 2019:
I like your honesty. Warmest wishes.
Tommy Robinson's Verdict - A COMPLETELY CORRUPT SYSTEM! - YouTube
Naomi comments on Mar 16, 2019:
I fear for his life. He is going to be retried for contempt of court on Mar. 22. The UK government might try to get him killed again. The last time he was put in prison (for a fabricated charge!), if it wasn't for a couple of prison officers who warned him, he would have been beaten to death or had his face unrecognisable by boiling water with sugar in it.
Does anyone else think that politicians, phony scientists, and climate activists telling children ...
Naomi comments on Mar 15, 2019:
Yes, and I also think giving LGBTQ lessons to elementary-age children is child abuse.
What's people's thoughts on Tommy Robinson being banned from all social media????
Naomi comments on Mar 14, 2019:
Tommy Robinson suing Cambridgeshire Police for harassing his children (no mainstream media are covering this - funny that.) Court case Day 1 (12 Mar.): The police even offered TR money to keep quiet, which he refused. He's not even asking for a compensation; he simply wants a sincere apology. Day 2 (13 Mar.): Day 3 (14 Mar.): (ITV, mainstream media, turned up) The verdict tomorrow.
A British ISIS bride has recently had her British citizenship stripped by the UK government so that ...
Naomi comments on Mar 14, 2019:
For those who can't access to the original article, I have copied and pasted it here (sorry, it's a bit long): ‘ISIS brides like Shamima are guilty of genocide’ Yazidi campaigner Pari Ibrahim on the fight to bring ISIS to justice. SPIKED 1st March 2019 Since Shamima Begum was discovered by The Times in a Syrian refugee camp, debate has raged about how to deal with returning ISIS militants and their wives. Few have suffered more at the hands of ISIS than the Yazidis. Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis were displaced, thousands were kidnapped, sold into sex slavery and massacred. Pari Ibrahim of the Free Yezidi Foundation is fighting to bring those responsible to justice. She told spiked about the plight of her people and why the ISIS brides were no innocent bystanders. spiked: What do you make of the Western response to ISIS brides like Shamima Begum? Pari Ibrahim: I lost 19 girls from my family – two of them came back but 17 are still missing. Of the men, 21 members of my family have been murdered by ISIS. Or, we assume they have been murdered because they are still missing. So from a Yazidi perspective, the sympathy that we have seen for these ISIS brides is terrible. The world needs to know about the Yazidi women who have suffered at the hands of these women. Instead of that, the ISIS wives are invited on TV. They say that they are innocent or that they were young and didn’t understand what they were doing. But this is ridiculous. We know from the Yazidi women who have escaped ISIS that these brides have committed serious crimes. They are participants in genocide. ISIS’s genocidal campaign against the Yazidi community started in Sinjar in August 2014. They killed men and older women. They kidnapped women and children. Young children were brainwashed to become child soldiers and suicide bombers for ISIS. Women and girls were sold as sex slaves in markets in Iraq and Syria. Yazidi girls that escaped have told me that the ISIS brides would lock them up and beat them. They would shower the girls, put them in nice clothes and put makeup on their faces to get them ready to be raped. spiked: How should the ISIS brides be brought to justice? Ibrahim: Personally, as a Yazidi (and all the Yazidis I speak to think this), I think they should all get the death penalty. But we have to stick within the law. There are international laws for crimes against humanity and genocide. Let’s use the systems already in place. What we Yazidis want is for a court somewhere to recognise that these people are guilty of more than just terrorism, that they have committed genocide or crimes against humanity. That hasn’t happened and that is a problem. The way the West has responded has been totally inadequate. Taking these ISIS ...
Hello from Britain! Do you see any connection between "diversity" and "freedom of speech"? If you ...
Naomi comments on Mar 13, 2019:
In the UK, the word "diversity" is used like a religious chant nowadays. More and more people are realising that diverse society doesn't function well, yet the government is still promoting it. For example, one police recruitment poster has photos of a black face, an Asian face and a white woman's face, but not a white man's face. There is a helpline for rape victims from the black and ethnic minority communities, but not for white rape victims. Anyone who challenges transgenderism, Islamism, etc., may get banned from social media, expelled from university, sacked at work, etc. Recently, a Christian preacher was preaching on a street "peacefully" but was arrested, even handcuffed, by the police and he was taken in a police car and dumped miles away from home, while when Islamist preachers, who often spread hate speech on streets, are normally overlooked or even protected by the police. And the list goes on. Because I hear this kind of incidents day in day out, I see that when society becomes more diverse, freedom of speech becomes more suppressed.
Where is freedom of speech not allowed?
Naomi comments on Mar 11, 2019:
Freedom of speech is pretty much dead in the UK; we have "hate speech laws". A big mistake.
What's people's thoughts on Tommy Robinson being banned from all social media????
Naomi comments on Mar 11, 2019:
Tommy Robinson is one of the most misrepresented individuals in the world. Tommy Robinson is a rough diamond.
Tommy Robinson facing prison again after attorney general decides to recharge him for original ...
Naomi comments on Mar 11, 2019:
I think there is a lot more behind the headlines; everyone who has been following Tommy Robinson must be wondering if the British establishment is trying to get him killed while in prison again - yes, AGAIN. For those who are not familiar with Tommy Robinson, I recommend that you read the following article: I also agree with Douglas Murray in the following YouTube video.
So I was just banned from FB, citing hate-speech. This was due to a discussion with a woman who was ...
Naomi comments on Mar 11, 2019:
Jeez, that's not even hate speech. Even if it is regarded as hate speech, free speech should include hate speech anyway. I also understand that gender dysphoria is a mental condition. I remember someone said, quite rightly, that from a medical point of view, there is a huge difference between a woman having an abdominal pain and a man having an abdominal pain, and things can get very complicated with anyone who went through transgender operations. Censorship is real and very bad in the UK. People only have to mention the name Tommy Robinson to be banned from Facebook - that's how bad it is at the moment.

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