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Admin Online Feb 14 Feb 14 10221022
Hi guys I’m new here. I used to be a devout liberal. That all changed in the last year. As many of you, I’m tired of the identity politics and liberal agenda of populism, intersectionality, and pathological political correctness. I work as a ...
mh123 NY Mar 23 Mar 23 2828
New video, fam. Not sure if this is something you all think is funny (remarkably hard to do honestly, I totally underestimated how hard it is to edit something like this) - but happy to make more if these kind of videos are of interest :P 2020 has...
SydneyWatson DC July 31 Jul 31 33
Hey guys! I'm going to be using Slug a lot more from here. Keeping up with a bunch of platforms can be really hard, but I know that nobody is going to be deleted or censored here, and that's really important to me. I'm keen to have this community ...
SydneyWatson DC June 30 Jun 30 1515
LINK is a proud "executive producer" of Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager's free speech film "No Safe Spaces". We sponsored the film over a year ago when we heard it will focus on how colleges are indoctrinating young people to be ...
Admin Online Nov 2 Nov 2 1919
Hey all, thanks for hangin with me on here!!
JaclynGlenn CA Mar 22 Mar 22 1313
So cool to see a bunch of you coming to hang out here! The lads who created Slug are really nice. I'm hoping it becomes a free-speech friendly version of Reddit or Facebook :-)
SydneyWatson DC May 25 May 25 1010
Given the recent proposal to offer stipends to those “unwilling to work” and the rise in support for late term abortions, should the new democratic party slogan be “anything to avoid labor”?
WeAreTheShow PA Feb 15 Feb 15 2727
Facebook bans our entire ad account! After spending about $200k in ads to promote this site, Facebook abruptly terminated our entire ad account without recourse. While we could try to setup a new account, it is likely that they will ban it ...
Admin Online Jan 29 Jan 29 3636
Is the IDW at risk of being infiltrated by alt-right provocateurs?
jnaatjes WI Feb 27 Feb 27 6969
I would like to bring attention to not only the border patrol but the PATRIOTS who have taken upon themselves to keep this Great nation safe and a Free Nation from what I truly believe to be A push for Globalization of a one world Government. If you ...
Gerri4321 MI Apr 20 Apr 20 44
Marxism is on the rise. People are drawn to Marxism due to anger and jealousy. Peterson talks about how the super productive in any society are always a minority. Think Pol Pot shooting anyone who wore glasses. Free health care, free college,...
Tarpon FL Aug 9 Aug 9 88
Imagine that you were a Soviet dissent living in Stalin’s Russia in 1937. Times are tough and the Communist regime is brutal. People suspected of being dissidents routinely disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Many are ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 22 Aug 22 1818
How many people joined because of Sydney's new video?
sk122 KY May 21 May 21 2424
The NEW YORK TIMES front page story claims that unnamed sources with unknown relationships to unnamed investigators on the Mueller team made unsubstantiated claims that the unnamed investigators made unspecified complaints about the Attorney ...
butwhy MA Apr 4 Apr 4 1515
History: Between 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly 1 million and quite possibly as many as 1.25 million white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast of North Africa. On the coast of the Indian Ocean too, ...
CRBG Canada Apr 20 Apr 20 1616
Does anyone on here want to discuss the elephant in the room that this election is virtually ignoring? The UN Global Migration Pact and Agenda 30. Liberals, NDP and Greens all voted to sign Canada over to this ideolgy of One World Government, which ...
jakuboj Oct 16 Oct 16 3636
Here's a tip for safety-minded men (overheard on the Internet): "If a woman ever pulls a knife on you, just pull out two slices of bread. Her womanly instincts will kick in, and she will make you a sandwich!"
Wordmage FL Apr 20 Apr 20 55
I was a radical feminist until I faced the truth that modern feminist motivations were not based on justice & equal rights for women, but on unresolved personal issues. Once I began to look deeper into my own sinful nature & accepted personal ...
X-lib WA Apr 11 Apr 11 88
I feel lonely as a "black" non-victim in American society. I put quotes around black because I have always asked the question, what exactly is black? What does it mean? Logically, someone with darker skin tones around the world aren't the same. I...
BlackoutNJ NJ May 28 May 28 1818
Just sick to death with leftist agendas crammed down our throats, political correctness, and the Thought Police.
Tjohnst1 NY Apr 16 Apr 16 1616
The 2nd amendment doesn’t exist to protect me from burglars, bandits or even Bambi. It’s to protect me from Bloomberg, Beto and Bernie.
Boardwine MD Jan 24 Jan 24 22
LINK Trump Says He Didn’t Notify Congress Of Baghdadi Raid Out Of Fear Of Leaks | The Daily Caller
Brainiac WI Oct 27 Oct 27 1010
FUCK BLM Why would anyone decent support the Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter? Do you already forget how one of their supporters murdered five Dallas police officers in an ambush in 2016? Or do you support it just because you...
ramzpaul OK Aug 3 Aug 3 1212
Why is it that every time you address economic inequality you get accused of being a socialist? I have been saying for many years that senior executive salary packages are excessive in comparison to the value they bring to companies. I do not ...
waynus Australia Apr 19 Apr 19 3939
If you want them to fail, tell them they’re a victim. The best prison is our own mind. If you love them, tell them they’re responsible for themselves.
RobBlair PA Apr 4 Apr 4 55
Only kneel before God.
ramzpaul OK June 15 Jun 15 44
Admin - I do take seriously your post and your concerns about maintaining a standard of decorum here on IDW. However, this thread brought forth a memory about the following SNL bit. I hope you and everyone else sees the humor here. I found it on you ...
iThink KS Apr 23 Apr 23 1212
We no longer live in a free country.
ramzpaul OK June 25 Jun 25 66
When your city elects the crazy lunatics, and then acts upset when they get what they asked for...
DeplorableToo FL July 6 Jul 6 66
Acceptable posts and comments on this site. Let’s talk through an issue that needs a clear policy decision - how we should handle "over-the-line" posts/comments/groups. As you may know, we just launched in mid-February and have been busy ...
Admin Online Apr 22 Apr 22 5454
I don’t spend much time on this page and I’ve been trying to figure out why it doesn’t appeal to me, I am extremely politically engaged, love intellectual debate, and feel a strong need to push back against the SJW culture, by all rights this ...
JesseBraaten Canada Dec 21 Dec 21 2828
BLM terrorists murder young mother for saying “all lives matter.”
ramzpaul OK July 12 Jul 12 1414
Great video. Gives me hope for the future.
ramzpaul OK June 23 Jun 23 33
In response to the ChristChurch shooting I was discussing the 4,136 christians killed by Muslims last year. I was then informed that Moderate Muslims do not support the Jihadi or their murders of innocent people. This person pointed to a march ...
MADcHATTER TN Mar 20 Mar 20 1515
Have you come to expect rudeness and knee-jerk cynicism online? This is my first actual post here, and I normally refrain from doing so because I tend to be wordy. Sorry about that. I didn't realize just how much I'd become accustomed to ...
JillianClayton WA Mar 28 Mar 28 2121
The voice of reason
BikerPetehall70 UK June 15 Jun 15 55
I am so tired of the marketing companies now making sure all ads have 1 of all the new faces. 1 white, 1 black, 1 Asian, 1 with a shmata on her head, 1 with blue hair, 1 indian... etc. Dont they realize we KNOW they are pandering!
Golda MT Mar 17 Mar 17 2121
So great to see so many lovely people signing up/joining me already! Thanks! We shall have fun on this platform! Xx
DaisyCousens Australia June 25 Jun 25 44
Harvard grad who threatened to stab anyone saying "all lives matter" fired, blames Trump supporters- Janover only has her dumb arse to thank for her getting fired.
SpikeTalon PA July 3 Jul 3 1010
When the State tells you it's safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it's not about your health. When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, ...
2peros CA Apr 18 Apr 18 22
Hi, first time posting, just a quick one, am I the only one who really likes the long pauses Jordan Peterson makes? Seriously, I wish I had the confidence to gather my thoughts mid conversation and it's so rewarding when he does it because you know ...
twelfty UK Mar 22 Mar 22 99
As a law abiding New Zealand citizen, also a firearms owner, I’m disappointed that my government is about confiscate my legally held and purchased property. I, of course will comply with my country’s laws, but because of the actions of a ...
Bruck New Zealand Mar 23 Mar 23 2020
I feel like we are living in a dystopian novel.
ramzpaul OK June 16 Jun 16 88
I think it just needs to be said that just because something is posted here does not necessarily guarantee that it is true. Each of us is responsible for what we believe, ESPECIALLY if it is something we really WANT to be true. Let's always keep ...
DanTheMan NH Feb 26 Feb 26 1212
Just want to let you know that we're tweaking the design of several pages but may be returning things pending your feedback. I know that any change has a stress component and few like to relearn where things are. Hang in there... hopefully, we'll all...
Admin Online Feb 17 Feb 17 2020
JaclynGlenn CA May 28 May 28 55
Not sure if any of you saw - but Tomi Lahren uploaded to Facebook a 15 minute discussion/rant about men and male behaviour. She made some fairly negative comments about men as a whole, and I'm interested to hear what everyone thought of it? Here's...
SydneyWatson DC Aug 6 Aug 6 2828
Lessons of CHAZ/CHAP The glorious People’s Republic of CHAZ ended with a whimper. Under the mayor’s orders, the police moved in with force and did not meet much resistance. Most of the citizens of CHAZ were already gone. All that were ...
ramzpaul OK July 2 Jul 2 99
Should LGBT people and women carry guns for their safety? Is the second amendment outdated? Is it still important? Why or why not? What side of the political spectrum do you see yourself on, and what do you think? Thanks for being excited about ...
ariellescarcella NY Mar 28 Mar 28 4646
I celebrated women's day today by making my 2 sons sandwiches.....bahaaaaa!
militantMom Canada Mar 8 Mar 8 88
The "other side" is not democrat, liberal, libertarian, independent, conservative, or republican. They are not brown, beige, pink, mahogany, amber, chocolate, olive, nubian, ivory or coffee. Their orientation matters not. Their economic status isn't ...
ktpinto NY Aug 2 Aug 2 1010
Father whose teenaged son was killed in Seattle autonomous zone didn't get call from Mayor, but did get call from Trump-
SpikeTalon PA July 4 Jul 4 22
I am sitting here trying to get my mind off of the pain. Nothing will screw up your back faster than trying to catch chickens and ducks so you can put them into a new larger chicken pen. So I've been reading posts, commenting and thinking. And I just...
MADcHATTER TN Apr 15 Apr 15 99
New Video is up! Shooting Guns With Conservatives (As An Ex-Liberal) What do you think about the second amendment? Is it important? Why or why not?
ariellescarcella NY Aug 22 Aug 22 1010
Raise your hand if you can already hear the tantrum of the ideological puritans when they discover this platform.
EmbarrassingMom OR Apr 17 Apr 17 66
Truth here.
Jenna South Africa Aug 29 Aug 29 77
My latest video! Many of us wondered why Tina Fey, of all people, would cave in to the cancel culture censors, when she requested four episodes of her iconic TV series 30 Rock be removed from circulation. But when you consider what she has to gain, ...
DaisyCousens Australia July 4 Jul 4 33
The more the Democrats appear in public the more they seem to fall apart. Last month supposedly Nancy Pelosi was removed from the Whitehouse for being too drunk. Then during a CNN filming of procedures going on in the House she had a meltdown. Nancy ...
MADcHATTER TN Apr 1 Apr 1 99
I said all lives matter. So Black Lives Matter protesters shot and killed me.
ALIPAC NC July 14 Jul 14 99
Slavery payments extracted by force from people who never owned a slave given to people who never were slaves. Good God the stupid is strong with this one. Beto can talk about this after he has written 90% of his wealth away to rando non slaves.
RafaelMspt TX Apr 4 Apr 4 88
If you're looking for a moderate left-of-center opinion, I recommend Tim Pool. He's not afraid of facts and does not bend everything to a narrative.
Lickspittle PA Apr 16 Apr 16 1111
This is why it is fruitless to debate with a Leftist; • If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him. • Some how It’s un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America. • Russians influencing...
2peros CA Mar 14 Mar 14 44
I have to admit something...and I'm betting many of you do too. I am loving this site. For several reasons. I love having a place where I can let my mind run free. Where I can actually engage with people about topics that, on Fakebook, would get ...
MADcHATTER TN Mar 20 Mar 20 77
Mazie Hirono, a female senator from Hawaii, made the astonishing claim that the looting, burning, blocking traffic and attacks on the police and random Whites that we have seen on television and social media are not really caused by Antifa/BLM. No, ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 5 Aug 5 55
Joe Biden rejects Richard Spencer’s endorsement.
ramzpaul OK Aug 25 Aug 25 1111
In case anyone needed perspective of things.
JobyOneKenobi CA May 23 May 23 55
The death of colorblindness In the 1990s I worked in the corporate environment in the tech field. My job was to sit in a cube all day and code. My co-workers were typically nerdy White and Asian men, however, we did have the occasional ...
ramzpaul OK July 7 Jul 7 99
I keep hearing commentators ask why the decision by Mueller doesn’t put an end to the constant drumbeat on collusion and obstruction. Be sure of this- ALL of what’s going on - Collusion, obstruction, tax returns, immigration, etc, etc.....are...
stevenbruce WI Apr 18 Apr 18 77
It's sad. I came here for community, for like minded people who were ideally rational and mature and wanted to discuss things in a rational, mature manner. But instead, as usual, the angry tribal monkey behavior that inevitably ensues is arising when...
MaskedRiderChris TX Oct 16 Oct 16 2828
JK Rowling is valiantly defending the hill of free speech and she needs reinforcements-
SpikeTalon PA July 9 Jul 9 55
Starting on Friday, July 17 I will be on a one week social media fast. This means no videos, live streams, twitter, slug or checking the news until Saturday, July 25th. Happy Homelands for July 18th has been cancelled. But we will be back on July ...
ramzpaul OK July 17 Jul 17 1313
On the subject of words. It has recently been brought up that certain words here, in this case "Retarded" should be considered as offensive. Within the context it was used I see no problem. Were it to have been used as a personal attack against ...
MADcHATTER TN Mar 29 Mar 29 1616
The hoax of the 21st Century.
ramzpaul OK Sep 1 Sep 1 33
Let me set the tone here: I voted Libertarian, for Gary Johnson, in 2016 because I wasn't too fond of either Trump or Hillary Over the last couple years, however, I've warmed up to Trump rather a lot as President and appreciate where he's trying to ...
MaskedRiderChris TX Apr 18 Apr 18 1414
This was simply priceless...I am making this my new screen saver!
MADcHATTER TN Apr 12 Apr 12 33
Paranoia runs deep in some folks...
SpikeTalon PA July 12 Jul 12 55
The Nightmare Scenario Trump loses in a landslide and the GOP loses the Senate. Starting in January the Democrats will control all branches of government. They will also have de facto control of Hollywood, the media, Big Tech and all major ...
ramzpaul OK June 29 Jun 29 1414
Signed up after learning about Slug from Sydney's most recent video - curious to see how things go on this site
AlbertJames FL May 21 May 21 22
Despite the non-stop burning, looting and murder from Left wing groups, Homeland security labels so-called ‘White supremacists’ as the greatest threat. Don’t fall into a honey trap.
ramzpaul OK Sep 9 Sep 9 1212
LINK WALSH: Yes, 'Easter Worshipper' Was Intentional. Yes, It Matters. Here's Why. | Daily Wire
VonO TX Apr 22 Apr 22 1717
I was a cultural centrist for my entire adult life. From 2001 to now. My views aren't really that different now from then. As a combat veteran I have a pretty good reason to be distrustful of Islam but, hey who isn't? Now thanks to the Identity Wars,...
NineBucks FL Apr 18 Apr 18 44
What's new at We’ve come a long way! From the site’s inception just a few weeks ago, we have amassed a population of over 20K users, many of whom return on a regular basis to take advantage of our platform to enable civil ...
Admin Online Apr 11 Apr 11 2727
Really great video by Paul Joseph Watson on the psychopathic tendencies of SJWs, based on a new study from the AMA. I might do a take on the study as well!
DaisyCousens Australia Aug 26 Aug 26 22
New video! White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is well-known for her iconic take-downs of Trump-hating journalists. So how does she fare against the biggest Trump-hater of them all; CNN's Jim Acosta?
DaisyCousens Australia July 8 Jul 8 66
ok, so youtube took this video down since it "violates community guidelines"... so here it is!! So happy to have slug <3
JaclynGlenn CA May 28 May 28 1313
Wing wipers' boast
timon_phocas CO Apr 30 Apr 30 22
Democrats are okay with illegal immigrants flooding the Border. But they don't want them flooding their Sanctuary Cities. That too is a Wall. Their Wall will be made of Lawyers, Federal Injunctions, and Political Leverage... but it is still a Wall....
An_Ominous AL Apr 14 Apr 14 33
I've deactivated my Facebook account and replaced it with you fine people in the IDW Community. Am I the only one?
Danny705 Canada Mar 23 Mar 23 3030
New video! An SJW's Take On The Evils Of White People. I hope you guys like my attempt at satire!
DaisyCousens Australia June 29 Jun 29 66
I’m so impressed with Candice Owens. So I google Blexit...because it seems to me that this girl is going to do some serious long term damage to the Democrats. Well, top hits... Candice turns a serious inquiry into a farce. WP Ted Lieu ...
Patrick Apr 11 Apr 11 1111
Happy Friday, everyone! (or, Saturday, if you're in Australia :P)
SydneyWatson DC July 17 Jul 17 33
Move along folks, nothing to see here.
SpikeTalon PA May 5 May 5 11
Odd that a Jewish female communist is running BLM.
ramzpaul OK July 9 Jul 9 99
Hypocrisy writ large...
SpikeTalon PA May 5 May 5 44
"Kayleigh McEneny vs Jim Acosta is not a fair fight" - 6 minute video and great fun to watch. Enjoy!
iThink KS June 22 Jun 22 22
If it was not for family or friends, I would be back in Hungary. America seems like a madhouse in comparison.
ramzpaul OK June 20 Jun 20 55