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ArsTechnica: Falcon-9 recovery becomes more important to SpaceX builds fewer new launchers. Written before the latest GPS III launch, but it has important figures in its discussion.
timon_phocas CO July 1 Jul 1 11
This is a recent article and honestly need to be done, but other western countries need to step up
TheHerrDark PA July 1 Jul 1 00
Why is BlueLivesMatter such a big thing ? Blue lives matter and black lives matter are two weeds from the same root. Now that black lives matter is waning a bit, I start to see another resurgence of people virtue signaling for the thin blue line. I ...
Wafflestomper NY June 30 Jun 30 88
LINK Welfare Checks Turn Deadly – The Future of Freedom Foundation
Naomi June 30 Jun 30 55
NICS: delaying and denying your right to keep and bear arms-
SpikeTalon PA June 30 Jun 30 00
Blaze: Older woman gets in a leftist punk's face. "You got something to say little boy?!" A woman with real spine. God bless her.
timon_phocas CO June 30 Jun 30 22
Today at midnight they cannot change anything so No deal looks Fav and Getting our Bordaries back including fishing rights, and banning EU imports the EU have behaved like Bllies and you know what Dicks they are
ieuan UK June 30 Jun 30 11
If you have a symptom called 'pessimism', stay away. I don't want to catch it. 😝😂
Naomi June 30 Jun 30 11
Yep new term to undermine politics!
Header June 30 Jun 30 11
An article about "Critical race theory" and how the left trys to police the conversation.
CookieMonster UK June 30 Jun 30 00 ALL FLAVORS OF SOCIALISM ARE EVIL ATTACKS ON HUMAN RIGHTS!: Socialism is administered in the strength that the patient (humanity) can tolerate. BUT at any time the dosage CAN& HAS been increased. If the wealthy ...
1914wizard FL June 30 Jun 30 00
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh June 29 Jun 29 22
MD illustrates problem with requiring permission to exercise rights-
SpikeTalon PA June 29 Jun 29 22
Freedom of speech under attack, as YouTube continues to ban people using "hate speech" as a method of recourse, yet leaving far left progressive accounts with hate speech intact. While Stefan Molyneux may not be my cup of tea, he still has the ...
DeplorableToo FL June 29 Jun 29 33
"Goldwater Challenges the ‘4‐Party System’" The seed of a realignment, in 1964, which was also sought by the New Left. Today the Republicans are truly the party of Goldwater. > BEHIND the drive for Barry Goldwater is a plan to ...
WilyRickWiles IL June 29 Jun 29 22
LINK Facebook Plans to Crack Down on Hate Speech in Ads by conservatives —
dd54 HI June 29 Jun 29 33
LINK Supreme Court Upholds Abortions Rights
JacksonNought PA June 29 Jun 29 00
The Nightmare Scenario Trump loses in a landslide and the GOP loses the Senate. Starting in January the Democrats will control all branches of government. They will also have de facto control of Hollywood, the media, Big Tech and all major ...
ramzpaul OK June 29 Jun 29 1616
When “stupid” don’t get rights
Yandarn GA June 29 Jun 29 00
FAT LIVES MATTER IT's OK to commit self-inflicted crimes on your own body politic. It is OK to put yourself in an early grave. IT is OK to eat yourself out of house and home. You deserve rights too. To fat and lazy to work? Food will be ...
johnlondon AK June 29 Jun 29 33
LINK Libertarian Party UK
GuyIncognito Malaysia June 29 Jun 29 00
Welcome to my !
scotirishviet CA June 28 Jun 28 44
Internet Bill of Rights.
Robert100 MD June 28 Jun 28 00
Islam Party wants to transform Belgium into an Islamic state under Sharia law "Legal Steroid" Turning Men Into Beasts With No Exercise Forget The Blue Pill, Try This & She Will Be Intrigued Moisturizer That Removes the Signs of Ageing ...
ieuan UK June 28 Jun 28 00
- Peter Newell, the United Nations’ top children’s rights official, has been jailed after pleading guilty to five charges relating to the rape and indecent assault of a child.
DRrightRD Canada June 28 Jun 28 00
And the democrats and liberals say Antifa are peaceful protesters, well read this , they are a scam and even show their scam on their website
1patriot Canada June 28 Jun 28 11
Past conflicts relate to present and future conflicts in ways that are unknown to those who choose not to learn from the past, and to those who are victims of willful falsification of the past, or victims of censorship. Vital information is ...
Josf-Kelley CA June 27 Jun 27 00
Open and have a laugh we need to chill in these times
ieuan UK June 27 Jun 27 11 CHOOSE YOUR SIDE WISELY: If at all possible & if acceptable, I choose to play on the team that TL;DR (TealDear) is playing on. Like choosing a basketball team to play on (if they’ll have you of course) you should always ...
1914wizard FL June 27 Jun 27 00
Drug laws are the knee on the neck of black people in America. Without them, cops would be powerless, and so would most of what we're now calling "institutional racism." It's not as though racism has gotten worse and worse since 1970, and it's ...
Babou CA June 27 Jun 27 00
Apparently Twitter, Facebook and Several Others are DISTURBED That THEY’RE Losing Market Share because CONSERVATIVES Don’t Seem to LIKE Being CENSORED by Biased Providers ... HOW DARE THEY!?!? “...conservatives are angry at “what they see ...
Bay0Wulf ME June 26 Jun 26 11 RICO (Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organization Act): It’s hard to see how BLM (Black Lives Matter) isn’t every bit a Corrupt Organization Influenced by Racketeering. Money laundering is Racketeering isn’t it?...
1914wizard FL June 26 Jun 26 22
BLM leader Hawk Newsome said, "I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary." By any means? Let me, then, suggest one. Leave the United States. Go to Africa. Build Wakanda. Or build a huge ghetto in the middle of the ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 25 Jun 25 55
Darn penguins are thriving in warmer weather. Snowflakes will be aghast.
WayneHawthorne Canada June 25 Jun 25 22
Gun rights activists get key win in Pennsylvania-
SpikeTalon PA June 25 Jun 25 22
‪BreakingNews OntarioTeachers Pension Investing Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) natural gas pipeline. United Arab UAE has been responsible for various human rights abuses. And the fought Alberta Pipelines in Canada Moral Hypocrites...
YellowPill Canada June 25 Jun 25 11
How COVID-19 Spread
WilyRickWiles IL June 25 Jun 25 11
Jeremiah 5:22–31 (ESV) 22 Do you not fear me? declares the LORD. Do you not tremble before me? I placed the sand as the boundary for the sea, a perpetual barrier that it cannot pass;...
lawrenceblair OR June 25 Jun 25 00 SpaceX and Starlink could overturn the telecommunications industry.
timon_phocas CO June 25 Jun 25 00
ON MY HUMANIST MANIFESTO This late in my life I have now come to realize that I must be able to focus on how and where do I stand today, in what I have been calling this Age of Rage or Age of Confusion. I want to share this with you. The truth ...
drshallal June 25 Jun 25 66
Here's an idea, how about a feature allowing you to create a post that you can send only two followers or only two fans? What do you think? Basically the category or group being just your fans.
Darkhorse48 ID June 25 Jun 25 22
Things brought up more now the farther away it appears. 1. Slavery- Ended in 1865. Now it is 2020. Ended 155 years ago. Jim Crow laws which were basically the South and not all of America ended in 1964, 56 years ago. Now after bringing it up ...
Robert100 MD June 25 Jun 25 33 MARXIST CLASS GUILT & GENOCIDE ARE BOTH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: And ACTUAL PHYSICAL SURVIVORS may indeed be entitled to REPARATION(s) such as the ACTUAL PHYSICAL SURVIVORS of the Nazi (National Socialist) holocaust BUT NOT their ...
1914wizard FL June 25 Jun 25 00
It is a magical virus that only attacks conservatives.
ramzpaul OK June 25 Jun 25 22
My memes don't last long on most sites.
Truthist AZ June 24 Jun 24 00
Gun rights advocates push for removal of Idaho City councilman...
SpikeTalon PA June 24 Jun 24 00
Republicans push bill requiring tech companies to help access encrypted data-
SpikeTalon PA June 24 Jun 24 00
Fool Me ...
Zarloff NV June 24 Jun 24 00
Naomi June 24 Jun 24 77
It was absolutely depressing to discover the fallowing. Using that I discovered society feels it is entitled to your labour, the strength of classical conditioning regarding money means we probably won’t get rid of it to many people at any one ...
ChrisODonnell UK June 24 Jun 24 11
How to shut up a marxist A very nice video
Thasaidon Philippines June 24 Jun 24 44 MASCULINE CREATIVITY & WOMEN CAN MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER: If misandrous Lilith/Feminism isn’t interfering. Young Men, women may hold the keys to the bedrooms; but that’s all they hold. Consider MGTOW ...
1914wizard FL June 24 Jun 24 00
A brief list of failed biblical prophecies- Matthew 24:34 in particular was a good one.
SpikeTalon PA June 24 Jun 24 00
Network Solutions Attempt To Cancel Egged On By Black Lady "Civil Rights" Lawyer
VDARE CT June 23 Jun 23 11
ALERT! DEMOCRATS ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! Cops and Courts usurp our rights every day. What you need to know to keep yourself safe and secure!
1patriot Canada June 23 Jun 23 00
This will be America’s future if the BLM terrorists gain control of the government.
ramzpaul OK June 23 Jun 23 66
You can probably tell from my posts that I'm from Alberta. And that I'm pro Oil & Gas being as I'm 3rd generation, my children are 4th gen, and the grandkids 5th gen whose education and work depends on the local industry. That being noted, I also ...
PamelaSteele Canada June 23 Jun 23 11
Cut and Paste. This belongs here too: Rule of Law versus Rule by Criminal Means? Are innocent people injured by aggressive people intent on causing injury to innocent people? Once upon a time someone “at war with society” was ...
Josf-Kelley CA June 23 Jun 23 00
StrategyPage: Who's On First in Libya. Programs, programs, can't ID the mercenaries without a program! Long column, but it's the most comprehensive coverage of the Libyan civil war I've seen. Libya: The Hate/Hate Relationship June 22, ...
timon_phocas CO June 23 Jun 23 11 FAILURE(S) TO COMMUNICATE & FEMINIST THEORY – TRUE OR FALSE?: What do these protesters actually want? For starters, they don’t even realize they’ve been indoctrinated with Marxism all through their lives by the ...
1914wizard FL June 23 Jun 23 11
The LGBT across social media is the devil. There, I said it. I got doxxed on Facebook for saying "bisexual lesbian" isn't an actual or valid label - it was the STUPIDEST argument I've ever been a part of, but my location and place of work got ...
alex_star_shine WA June 23 Jun 23 77
Capitalist word of the day: Hypothecation What Is Hypothecation? Hypothecation occurs when an asset is pledged as collateral to secure a loan, without giving up title, possession, or ownership rights, such as income generated by the ...
GuyB WA June 23 Jun 23 00
I see currently there is quite a bit of destruction in the United States, particularly to historical statues of past leaders and people of historical significance. The claim is that these statues represent racist slave owners, and that they should ...
GuyB WA June 23 Jun 23 33
Dream guest on Happy Homelands
Sacha799 AR June 23 Jun 23 77
Not that I'm surprised... KY Dem Senate candidates claim to support 2A rights, but offer only gun control-
SpikeTalon PA June 22 Jun 22 00
0509 ---------------- June 22, 2015 Location: Dallas,TX Victim(s): Ricky Griffin 54 Attacker(s): Kieron Alexander Description: Alexander claims Ricky made sexual gestures towards him (there’s no indication that Ricky ...
TheFireRises WA June 22 Jun 22 00
This is how the government works - At the top the two merge into one...
RAZE AZ June 22 Jun 22 00
LINK Bzzzy Bill is bio-adverse to humanity / the face of Technocracy -- YouTube
dd54 HI June 21 Jun 21 22
Taliban Set Agenda For Intra-Afghan Talks: 'Women's Rights, Education System, And The Military Will Be Shaped As Per Islamic Shari'a' June 16, 2020
Chicago June 21 Jun 21 11
POLL Because I'm interested in if and how atheism is influencing moral values, I designed a poll on animal rights. I hope atheists will reveal how they think about animals so we can see if atheism leads to a specific opinion on animal rights.
Corjova June 21 Jun 21 77
LINK California Prop. 209 Repeal Would Harm Asian-American Students | National Review
WorldSigh June 21 Jun 21 44
Gabriel Wortman received a $475,000 payment less than a month before his massacre. “There’s no way a civilian can just make an arrangement like that,” said an RCMP source. -
DRrightRD Canada June 21 Jun 21 00
Right at the beginning this cop commits an assault against a citizen, and lies, making up fake laws to justify his actions. The Supreme Court has upheld the idea that citizens have every right to make videos of their interactions with law ...
KCSantiago TX June 21 Jun 21 11
Right at the beginning this cop commits an assault against a citizen, and lies, making up fake laws to justify his actions. The Supreme Court has upheld the idea that citizens have every right to make videos of their interactions with law ...
KCSantiago TX June 21 Jun 21 11
Milo has his issues, but he is right in this statement.
ramzpaul OK June 20 Jun 20 77
For Canadians, the answers to the following questions should be common knowledge as the content should have been mandatory learning in our education system. There is a reason why it isn’t and The Myth is Canada will expose all of this. So… ...
1patriot Canada June 20 Jun 20 00
I have covered this before but with many people wondering why civilization seems to be unraveling It may be worth considering. There are many criticisms that can be thrown at Richard Dawkins but his popularity as a science writer is useful. ...
wolfhnd MO June 20 Jun 20 88
Decent America is fading away..... hang on real tight to what is left
Wyozona AZ June 20 Jun 20 11
Here's a brilliant take by an Australian about what's happening there: "June 19, 2020 Black Lives Matter has little to nothing to do with black lives mattering. In the words of Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked: The West is in the ...
NonAgrssvMight Canada June 20 Jun 20 11
Be ready to be shocked !!! the abuse of Kids by Pervs who have holidays to rape kids The Clintons foundation is only used to the Clintons!
ieuan UK June 20 Jun 20 00
0836 ---------------- June 19, 1996 Location: Philadelphia,PA Victim(s): Aimee Willard 22 Attacker(s): Arthur Bomar Description: Aimee was driving along the highway, when Bomar, a felon on parole for 2nd° murder who...
TheFireRises WA June 20 Jun 20 11
Ironic a woman Robin Diangelo writes a book called White Fragility when Whites as a group take more criticism from Media of any current group. Jewish fragility would be more accurate as what group can you never criticize? When Rich Sanchez said more...
Robert100 MD June 20 Jun 20 22
Black gun owners march for their rights in Oklahoma City...
SpikeTalon PA June 19 Jun 19 11
Equal rights for all is the part everyone remembers but they forget, special rights for none. Everyone in the world is racist to varying degrees. To suggest otherwise is just a left wing divide and conquer tactic. Staged events and fake emergencies ...
jakuboj June 19 Jun 19 33
Past and Present Competitive Comparison of The Power Struggle between Criminals (in public office) and Victims (NGOs). From Conceived in Liberty, by Murray Rothbard: “The quitrent problem came to a head in 1695, Speaker Richard Hartshorne ...
Josf-Kelley CA June 19 Jun 19 00 MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) DISCOURSE PROLIFERATION: Donovan Sharpe with Coach Greg Adams Streamed Live June 6, 2020 {2 weeks ago}. Donovan Sharpe Jun 6, 2020 “The Black Pill, Dating Apps, and The State of the ...
1914wizard FL June 19 Jun 19 00
I have often wondered about why Whites are racists, and no other race is...... Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this? There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc. And then ...
1patriot Canada June 18 Jun 18 33
Under Trudeau’s watch, Canada is irrelevant After years of lobbying and sucking up to the UN community, including to despots, dictators and countries with questionable human rights records, Justin Trudeau lost Canada’s bid for a ...
1patriot Canada June 18 Jun 18 00
StrategyPage: China continually upgrades its ability to quickly reinforce the area where the clashes with India occurred. Infantry: Specialization June 18, 2020: Since 2008, China has increased the variety and frequency of troops being ...
timon_phocas CO June 18 Jun 18 00
LINK Atlanta Police Officers Not Responding To Calls In Multiple Zones, Comes After D.A. Charged Officer With Murder In Rayshard Brooks Case | The Daily Wire
dd54 HI June 18 Jun 18 11
What is really going on at the India-China border? "The only common border China and Pakistan have is within the Pakistan controlled Kashmir (POK). Should India eventual try to (re-)gain the area Pakistan and China would be separated. The China ...
lawrenceblair OR June 18 Jun 18 00
COME, MIGHTY SPIRIT COME, mighty Spirit, penetrate This heart and soul of mine; And my whole being with Thy grace Pervade, O Life divine! As this clear air surrounds the earth, Thy grace around ...
lawrenceblair OR June 18 Jun 18 00
We find ourselves confronted here, then, by what the New Testament teaches is the basic irreducible minimum of what constitutes a Christian. I am emphasizing this because it seems to me that it is the primary need of the Christian Church at the ...
lawrenceblair OR June 17 Jun 17 55
During the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Europeans did not have the power to invade African states or kidnap African slaves at will. (Note Slavery was also a traditional part of African society -- various states and kingdoms in Africa ...
dd54 HI June 17 Jun 17 22
Bolton alleges Trump encouraged Xi to continue with Uighur detainment camps "President Trump allegedly told Chinese President Xi Jinping in June 2019 to continue building camps used to detain roughly 1 million to 2 million Uighur ...
WilyRickWiles IL June 17 Jun 17 33
I’ve never understood why the left insists on telling everyone of their sexual nature, whether gay, transgender, bisexual or whatever. Perhaps I’m old enough to recall when things of a sexual nature were considered to belong in the realm of ...
Evidently VA June 17 Jun 17 11
Just a few bad cops my ass! Cops caught on camera breaking into businesses, slashing tires, smashing windows, and just watching as those evil demonstrators, and rioters deface private property. I have had my own experiences with corrupt cops, I have ...
KCSantiago TX June 17 Jun 17 00 HATE GROUP CRITERIA – WHAT ARE THEY? How does NOT doing anything become Hate? Does that mean that actively doing something, whatever it may be, is an obligation of some sort? And is there another group anywhere or ...
1914wizard FL June 17 Jun 17 00
European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rule in favor of the Boycott the Jews (BDS) Movement in shocking decision
Chicago June 16 Jun 16 33
Provinces served notice in constitutional challenge over rifle ban The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights’ Federal Court challenge against the Trudeau government’s prohibition of assault-styled semi-automatic rifles is gathering steam after ...
1patriot Canada June 16 Jun 16 00