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POLL For the generation of Progressives/liberals who came to maturity during and after the ideological conflicts of the 1960s, there is nothing controversial in the Harper's letter stating that... “the way to defeat bad ideas is by exposure, argument ...
Lightman Australia July 13 Jul 13 22
Can someone explain to me what is in an extreme (because I've seen it not just pertaining to politics and on all sides of a situation) person's brain that makes them have to insist they are right, no matter how many facts are placed in front of them?...
ktpinto NY July 12 Jul 12 1111
My rant for the day. When I debate people regarding their political opinions it is not their opinions that frustrate me. It is the lack of research that they put in to the process of arriving at their opinion. I have yet to encounter a left wing ...
jakuboj July 12 Jul 12 55
The new totalitarians demand that no one criticize their view of the world.
TimTuolomne CO July 12 Jul 12 22
Stonewall Riots History Rewritten as False Trans Narrative.
TimTuolomne CO July 12 Jul 12 00
BLM Supporter Shoots Woman For Saying 'All Lives Matter' And News Tries To Cover It Up
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 11
Excerpts from... It’s time to stop kowtowing, start defending We are in the grip of a cultural revolution and Western civilisation itself is in danger of being destroyed. We have been in this situation for many ...
Lightman Australia July 12 Jul 12 33
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 11
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 44
Trump Admin Tells Minnesota Governor To Get Bent Over $16 Million Aid Request Following Riots
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 33
Google Will Swing 10% Of The Vote AWAY From Trump, Big Tech Cheating is REAL see this video " Google Will Swing 10% Of The Vote AWAY From Trump, Big Tech Cheating is REAL ..."
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 00
Google Will Swing 10% Of The Vote AWAY From Trump, Big Tech Cheating is REAL "Tim Pool Group Group"
Thasaidon Philippines July 12 Jul 12 11
Thasaidon Philippines July 11 Jul 11 22
I'm sorry, are those crickets I hear coming from BLM? Sounds like the same ones coming from the Pussyhat Project and all of those extremely verbal people of TV, movies, politics and sports. You want to take a knee for someone? ...
ktpinto NY July 11 Jul 11 11
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh July 10 Jul 10 11
interview....Coffee with Mark Dice
RemiDallaire Canada July 10 Jul 10 00
A Lifetime Ago I came home from prison January 23rd, 97. I was 23 years old. I had spent the past 4 years months and 8 days in various state prisons for maximum and medium security inmates. Much of that time I was confined to solitary isolation as ...
Boardwine MD July 10 Jul 10 00
Former Home Office insider reveals all about the Illegal Immigration Scandal! Well worth listening to
ieuan UK July 10 Jul 10 11
How do you save people from marxism, postmodernism and other ideologies
Thasaidon Philippines July 10 Jul 10 99
One of darkest and most prevalent problems plaguing society. All the fervor over slavery hundreds of years ago, no outrage over the human trafficking so rampant today.
SpootLepedus TN July 9 Jul 9 99
And here’s the follow up to the last video I posted (Where's (Waldo) VP Mike Pence?) Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??
1patriot Canada July 9 Jul 9 11
Nothing Good and True is Possible in Western Discourse UNLESS People Name and Blame Jewish Power as the Driver of the Worst Trends around the World — Failure to Honestly Diagnose the Root Cause is Fatal
andreaostrov IL July 9 Jul 9 1313
ANNOUNCING! We are in the process of Launching the Next Stage of the Fight for our Country. Take the Oath and record it and place it on a Video Sharing Platform. Please post that recorded Oath in the various Social ...
1patriot Canada July 9 Jul 9 11
Employee was alleged to have called the black man beating him the n word, but cameras show the beating started without a prior incident between these people. The man was beaten in this video due to his race, but the only reason this went viral was ...
Slugo Zimbabwe July 9 Jul 9 11
Make Him Famous ...
NuuzJunky GA July 9 Jul 9 22
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh July 9 Jul 9 11
Kanye West's Presidential "YouTube"
Thasaidon Philippines July 9 Jul 9 00
Why Trump will win in 2020 - Jordan Peterson
Thasaidon Philippines July 9 Jul 9 22
Ramzy, have you ever thought about entering politics? I don't think you realize how good you are at debating , and actually getting your views across.
steve1066 UK July 8 Jul 8 33
Ramzy, have you ever thought about entering politics? I don't think you realize how good you are at debating , and actually getting your views across.
steve1066 UK July 8 Jul 8 33
Destiny will be live on stage at the BetterDiscourse Conference in Milwaukee. Join us 8/16/20. Steven "Destiny" Bonnell is a popular Twitch Streamer & YouTuber who has been involved in online politics for half a decade and gaming for twice as long....
Mythinformed WI July 8 Jul 8 22
It Really Is That Simple
2peros CA July 8 Jul 8 55
The media's obvious double standard on armed protesters-
SpikeTalon PA July 7 Jul 7 11
The New York Times has this question and a declaration one of their Millions they make over and over that are Anti White. I do not know how to answer this question.
Robert100 MD July 6 Jul 6 33
"That's been said." "Yep, we can even get affadavits on that!" Back when late night shows used to be fun and entertaining. Now it's all wingnut politics, and virtue signaling.
KCSantiago TX July 6 Jul 6 00
ins EU rulers have made clear many times, their intent to bring an end to our nation state. So to recap, this is for anyone deluded enough to think that WSC would have approved that. In his Collected Essays, Volume II Churchill and Politics, he...
ieuan UK July 6 Jul 6 00
WHAT DO WE DO? WHAT DO WE DO? LAWD HAVE MERCY, WHAT DO WE DO? Everyone’s asking, now that we’re finally waking up from our sixty-year coma, and discovering (GASP!!) the barbarians at the gates. Clearly, we have to learn to fight. But face ...
Edgework TX July 6 Jul 6 33
POLL Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the ... - Sarah Schulman - Google Books
jasonvalastro July 6 Jul 6 33
This is why i I hadn't been on Slug much in the last couple weeks. I was binge working on this. Sometimes I have to take a break from politics. It has been depressing all year. First Covid then race riots. I guess we are back to Covid.
Sacha799 AR July 6 Jul 6 22
Here we go..... Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for COVID-19 in New Hampshire jail, DOJ reports – Brown Valley Observer ...
NuuzJunky GA July 5 Jul 5 99
The Battle of Mount Rushmore "The Culture War Group"
Thasaidon Philippines July 5 Jul 5 00
Hey... I'd like to see Daisy getting into politics!...
Silvestro Australia July 5 Jul 5 33
California’s Governor Forbids Christians From Singing in Church Houses
Thasaidon Philippines July 5 Jul 5 11
1789—The French Revolution The French Revolution began in 1789 with high hopes for restructuring the state but descended into a Reign of Terror. When the violence finally burned itself out, a dictator such as the world had never seen before took...
KrunoS Croatia July 4 Jul 4 00
Ideals are peaceful. History is violent. The second law of history is that power—the desire to dominate others—is a universal value. We see this throughout history, from the very beginning of civilization, in individuals seeking to become ...
KrunoS Croatia July 4 Jul 4 00
Black National Anthem what next
M1959 NY July 4 Jul 4 66
Are you factually correct, or politically correct? “The cultural situation in America today (and indeed in all Western societies) is determined by the cultural earthquake of the nineteen-sixties, the consequences of which are very much in ...
KrunoS Croatia July 4 Jul 4 11
I had CoVid, got it on a plane flight in early Feb. I am 65 and diabetic with asthma. It sucked for 2-3 weeks but I stayed home and quarrantined myself. Zero Spread. While it is not desirable to catch, it is not a death sentence. And we have ...
BobM86 NC July 4 Jul 4 22
Share this video if you like, but definitely keep an eye on the list of Republicans in your states and districts that you may consider voting for. Be sure to vote even if you don't want to. Vote in person if at all possible. Do not vote by mail- ...
JessT MI July 3 Jul 3 33
How best to organize? Copy the most successful group at organizing. And that is Jews. Can anyone deny this? Does any other group exert more influence in politics and economics? If not, why not copy what works? The source of Jewish success is ...
fschmidt TX July 3 Jul 3 55
It's the pedal on the right!!! ...
NuuzJunky GA July 3 Jul 3 11
Thanks Daisy for the invite. You now have another follower... albeit a 60yr old fart who is stunned by your honesty a wishes we had TV journalists with your intelligence, wit and all out mongrel when it comes to stating the facts on Politics and ...
peteb2 New Zealand July 3 Jul 3 11
(liberals, democrats, leftists ) will NEVER read or watch anything that doesn’t perpetuate the propaganda, that media has brainwashed them with. They are useful idiots, whose children’s lives will be irrevocably ruined, long before they ...
David42 NC July 3 Jul 3 77
Every Formula One driver 'to take a knee' in support of Black Lives Matter before season-opening Austrian Grand Prix this weekend after Lewis Hamilton called out fellow stars for not backing campaign Formula One drivers will take the knee ...
ieuan UK July 3 Jul 3 00
Is the Tide Turning Against Black Lives Matter? A recent Post by Sargon of Akkad
Thasaidon Philippines July 3 Jul 3 00
1patriot Canada July 3 Jul 3 11 FORBIDDEN FRUIT ROTS WHEN NOT CONSUMED: Original Sin Feminism and other Marxists would have you believe was & is heterosexual copulation – A LIE! How many times & ways have & are Men accused of trying to control women’s ...
1914wizard FL July 2 Jul 2 33
“Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Can Words Actually Hurt Me?” A conversation about contemporary politics including: The efficacy and ethics of deplatforming. Are words violence? Does redemption exist? @TheLaurenChen Destiny aka Steven...
Mythinformed WI July 2 Jul 2 00
Here is the article that Forbes removed that contradicts the climate change alarmists Here is a link to order the book
TheHerrDark PA July 2 Jul 2 00
LINK FBI Hires Top-Rated Italian Bodyguard Hiluigi Clintonelli To Protect Ghislaine Maxwell | The Babylon Bee
Les_Izmoor LA July 2 Jul 2 55
"Save the republic" The "Articles of Unity":
pbuck0145 Canada July 2 Jul 2 00
Celebrating the July 1,1867 founding of Canada — one of the freest, healthiest, safest and most affluent countries on the planet — is now considered an act of supremacy and racism. While traditional birthday celebrations were halted this year by ...
GeeMac Canada July 1 Jul 1 00
How did my referrals count drop from 51 to 26??? Is that some sort of glitch, or did that many members really delete/put their accounts on pause?
SpikeTalon PA July 1 Jul 1 00
LINK ‪I do not support the Black Lives Matter organisation. Neither should you.‬
Naomi July 1 Jul 1 33
Obama Urges Young People To Keep Up Their Protests To Bring Change Venturing further into the public discourse he had largely held back from since relinquishing the Oval Office to President Trump, former President Barack Obama joined a virtual ...
ieuan UK July 1 Jul 1 00
I'm a conservative. And I've had ENOUGH. - A Post by Sydney
Thasaidon Philippines July 1 Jul 1 33
So in the past we assumed that with youthful optimism and liberal idealism would give way to wisdom and conservatism with age, many years ago when I went to university we laughed off the socialist/ marxists who populated the liberal arts as misguided...
dirtbill Canada July 1 Jul 1 33
This would be a good start.......
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
I'm going to put it here as other outlets don't lend themselves to a discussion. Carl Reiner died. As a rule, when someone I don't like dies, I say nothing. If it is an acquaintance, I offer condolences to the family AND SHUT THE FK UP ...
tracycoyle CA June 30 Jun 30 00
The next ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 00
Your Questions Answered - Bret and Heather 27th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream
MosheBenIssac CA June 30 Jun 30 11
This is what they want us to believe ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 22
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Why is there an unwashed low-life Mexican-residing Mexican trying to motivate you to use your big educated brains and your first-world resources to save your own culture? I realize I am here because we are mindless useless sheep in Mexico who will ...
A1fredo Mexico June 30 Jun 30 44
Sad but true. . . . . . . . ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
NRO: Strategies of Dementia Politics.
timon_phocas CO June 30 Jun 30 11
VDH: Strategies of Dementia politics.
timon_phocas CO June 30 Jun 30 00
Yep new term to undermine politics!
Header June 30 Jun 30 11
Asking for a ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 33
Its worth looking at the link because you can see what an utter Richard Head and liar Obham is and I would not be surprised he is under a form of arrest and being replaced by a clon Anyone want to join this group to discuss UK ...
ieuan UK June 30 Jun 30 00
pretty good commentary
johnny_G CA June 29 Jun 29 22
Many great Content Creators have been banned off of YouTube recently, Stefan Molyneux today. The censorship, the riots, this COVID19, and the years of constant screaming, whining, and crying by the "people-kind" children on the left has been amusing ...
JessT MI June 29 Jun 29 44
"Goldwater Challenges the ‘4‐Party System’" The seed of a realignment, in 1964, which was also sought by the New Left. Today the Republicans are truly the party of Goldwater. > BEHIND the drive for Barry Goldwater is a plan to ...
WilyRickWiles IL June 29 Jun 29 22
Standing Their Ground in Well-Manicured Yards
WilyRickWiles IL June 29 Jun 29 55
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh June 29 Jun 29 11
LINK Libertarian Party UK
GuyIncognito Malaysia June 29 Jun 29 00
A couple updates to the group - Restricted to people over 18 Obviously, I have no way to determine the age of people in my group. But, philosophically, I don’t think it is a good idea to have people under the legal age to engage in ...
ramzpaul OK June 28 Jun 28 66
History buffs, help me out. I'm working on a video about the Culture War and I need to know some general facts as judged by more knowledgeable people than I am. • Wars are usually over needs, politics or ideology, right? Or really needy people ...
A1fredo Mexico June 28 Jun 28 55
The politics of "progress" and the level playing field-
SpikeTalon PA June 28 Jun 28 00
Islam Party wants to transform Belgium into an Islamic state under Sharia law "Legal Steroid" Turning Men Into Beasts With No Exercise Forget The Blue Pill, Try This & She Will Be Intrigued Moisturizer That Removes the Signs of Ageing ...
ieuan UK June 28 Jun 28 00
Extremism, identity politics, hypocrisy. This really is a demon haunted world. It's heartbreaking to me how many people have been seduced by ignorance and all of it's side effects.
WhiskeyM CT June 28 Jun 28 22
This pisses me off. Good people such as Jared Taylor and Lauren Southern are banned from Britain due to their peaceful views. They never tried to interfere in British politics. And now we have this subversive British rat acting as an agent ...
ramzpaul OK June 27 Jun 27 66
The Right tends to focus on political and moral issues. But the problem with mainstream liberal culture runs deeper than that. Everything produced by this culture is bad. Art, music, architecture, urban design, software, everything, all bad. This...
fschmidt TX June 27 Jun 27 33
I don't wear a mask (unless required to do grocery shopping) because the risk to me is negligible. I point out that we have had 340 deaths in San Diego County, population 3.3m - meaning about a .01% mortality rate. Roughly, 1 in 10,000 chance. I ...
tracycoyle CA June 27 Jun 27 22
Racism? A new word, and not a good one. The word "racism" is from 1903. Your Ngram viewer will show nobody used it much until it was weaponized by Trotsky in 1933, for use against West in general. That figures. It's Communist and anti-Hitler. ...
Babou CA June 27 Jun 27 11
While politics interests me less than religion, I think some understanding of the current political situation is needed. Those blaming the elites are missing the point. America's founding fathers understood from history that democracy inevitably ...
fschmidt TX June 26 Jun 26 11
( circa 2004. Shapiro articulated what was going on in politically correct universities at a time when few had done so. Ben was fighting PC culture in the early 2000's. Peter...
MosheBenIssac CA June 26 Jun 26 00 RICO (Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organization Act): It’s hard to see how BLM (Black Lives Matter) isn’t every bit a Corrupt Organization Influenced by Racketeering. Money laundering is Racketeering isn’t it?...
1914wizard FL June 26 Jun 26 22
Cambridge University defends and promotes embattled professor who said 'white lives don't matter'-
SpikeTalon PA June 26 Jun 26 44
Posted a comment from an editorial earlier today - here is more: Dr. Deborah Birx, the respected physician who heads the Trump administration’s coronavirus team, reportedly argued back in May at a closed Centers for Disease Control meeting that ...
tracycoyle CA June 25 Jun 25 11

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