“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand” ― Hayley Williams
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 25 Sep 25 00
Click on post for link to video. How dark convinces people to vote for monsters.
TitaniumCowboy IN Sep 25 Sep 25 00
Starts at 4:30 Massive Vote-Buying Scheme Uncovered in Florida: America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew 23 Sept, 2020 Now, we get to see if the law will work for all equally. You will recall that Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced to prison by ...
ajhilder WA Sep 24 Sep 24 00
Educational Anti-Whiteism Series No. 10: More documentation of racial shakedowns in Academia. The money is flowing into the diversity industry in hundreds of millions of dollars. The only good news about this story is that this diversity effort ...
Miner NC Sep 24 Sep 24 00
Many people erroneously believe that YHWH, the Sovereign Creator, ordained the federal Constitution of 1787. That is a huge deception. YHWH only ordains His own form of Law (Torah) and government (Kingdom). See Deuteronomy 17:14-20 These ...
Melancton IA Sep 23 Sep 23 44
LINK Texas Family Mourns Mom Shot and Killed by Cop Who Was Aiming for Her Dog
JacksonNought PA Sep 23 Sep 23 33
Who is financing the Marxist takeover of the U.S.?
pbuck0145 Canada Sep 21 Sep 21 22
“To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are” - Eric Hoffer (American Writer, 1902-1983)
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 21 Sep 21 00
Saudi Arabia is buying shares of Alberta's oil sands companies. The 'ethical oil' argument is dead. Max Fawcett: If Canadian oil and gas companies are going to accept Saudi Arabia’s , it’s probably time for their proxies to retire arguments ...
1patriot Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 11
If someone if someone makes fun of , hates,jokes on, or Is dismissive of your Race Sex Sexual orientation Place of birth Or disability They are doing this based on the least interesting things about you. So can we treat it as such?
Jonnkilgore777 AL Sep 18 Sep 18 33
INTERLUDE: The Marxist Foundations ‘Credo quia absurdum’ (‘I believe because it is absurd’) ―Tertullian (attrib.) In 1911 a famous poster appeared, entitled ‘Industrial Workers of the World’, depicting what it claimed to be the ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 17 Sep 17 00
Common sense responses to the BLM bullshit! All lives matter regardless.
angelo Australia Sep 16 Sep 16 22
New Jersey UFO - Footage from multiple angles
MysteryArchive KS Sep 15 Sep 15 00
As the great Covid 19 panic of 2020 continues. I have to remind people that the CDC just quietly released findings that 94% of people who have died have had underlining medical issues. That means only 6% of people died from the virus itself in ...
Shiosakai MI Sep 14 Sep 14 22
As the great Covid 19 panic of 2020 continues. I have to remind people that the CDC just quietly released findings that 94% of people who have died have had underlining medical issues. That means only 6% of people died from the virus itself in ...
Shiosakai MI Sep 14 Sep 14 00
Lecture 8, Illumination: This Lecture is from the Teaching Series Handout Theology. ?
lawrenceblair OR Sep 14 Sep 14 11
Starts at 4:18 News and Analysis on America Free Radio with Brooks Agnew 13 Sept, 2020 The Black Lives Matter riots and the burning down of the American West will continue as long as corporations keep pumping money into this destructive...
ajhilder WA Sep 14 Sep 14 00
Can Steampunk be considered literature? What makes a work a work "literary" anyway? The Desperado gives his own definition and identifies the most literary steampunk novels.
SteamDesperado AZ Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Good bits of evidence and there is more. No doubt to me there is coordination but by who is still feels unclear.
ThoughtCrimina NY Sep 13 Sep 13 33
Hmmmmmm, interesting
CourseofEmpire Canada Sep 13 Sep 13 00
I have always felt we should do more environmentally. Giving and power to grifters isn't on that list.
ThoughtCrimina NY Sep 12 Sep 12 00
Yep, I do wonder if they went back in time to tell those men what we have today whether they'd be so willing to die for it.
CourseofEmpire Canada Sep 11 Sep 11 22
Haha, Things you find in the classroom.
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 11 Sep 11 44
Corporate Anti-Whiteism Series No. 17: For those who have experience in the corporate world, we know how foolish all the efforts of six sigma were and the money wasted getting green. yellow, black belts. Well now we have yellow belts award for ...
Miner NC Sep 11 Sep 11 00
We will never forget...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 11 Sep 11 33
I get you CAN'T support Trump, but I can't imagine ANY reason you support Biden EXCEPT he is NOT Trump. Trump takes questions from reporters several times a week - ANY reporter that happens to be around him as he travels. Biden....nada. Nothing....
tracycoyle CA Sep 9 Sep 9 22
I've seen posts in various places about how people have tried to wake their friends and/or family up to events transpiring in our world, how sad or devastated they seem that what they share with their loved one's is gaining no traction, and they feel...
Ranticore GA Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Roger, roger.
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 7 Sep 7 33
What an embarrassment!
Haraldson Sep 6 Sep 6 00
LINK Unpacking Peggy McIntosh's Knapsack - Quillette
dotcomboy WA Sep 6 Sep 6 00
Time to check in on this....
AllenSmall Canada Sep 5 Sep 5 00
It Begins… Black Lives Matter Rioters Destroy Restaurants — Then Start Climbing on People’s Homes (VIDEO)
RAZE AZ Sep 5 Sep 5 00
Shocking Video Shows Venezuelan Town Flooded with Crude Oil
RAZE AZ Sep 5 Sep 5 22
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-09-05 THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE ON WEALTH “Keep your lives free from the love of and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; ...
warminster100 Canada Sep 5 Sep 5 11
POLL Is once every week or twice everyday the best way to have a happy marriage?
JohannaTheFox Spain Sep 5 Sep 5 55
Here's a few questions, Does the stimulus check really stimulate the economy or is it just saddling our grandkids with debit? What happens when everyone gets a set modest income (universal)? What good does it do to give me money to spend and close...
reseprosety ID Sep 3 Sep 3 11
I'm about to download all of our videos to make videos on every single one of them, was just adding them to a playlist and had to take a break, thinking about what I would say about you was making me wanna puke. But that did make me think about ...
caseyxsharp TX Sep 3 Sep 3 22
(From March 2020) "Joe, why do you think this Virus is not the huge problem it's being promoted as?" Because if anyone applied any thought and honesty to the equation, they'd know it's already very wide spread and most people have not needed ...
Jbisnoop KS Sep 3 Sep 3 22
Portrait study from live model
CuriousFury TX Sep 1 Sep 1 11
Some people are so poor that all they have is money. “Those who know the true use of money, and regulate the measure of wealth according to their needs, live contented with few things.” Baruch Spinoza “Get to know two things about a ...
Krunoslav Croatia Aug 31 Aug 31 11
The progressive movement never needed government to advance their agenda. They do need 3 things. 1. media to make their lies the truth thru constant repeating of those lies to drive their agenda. 2. Foundations to their agenda and launder their ill...
DenisHussin AR Aug 30 Aug 30 22
Hey. I just wanted to let you know some interesting thoughts that I've had about you. Not exactly thoughts that I've had about you, I profile people based on what I know, I'm going to tell you what that is and what I think it means. You might find ...
caseyxsharp TX Aug 29 Aug 29 11
0502 ---------------- August 28, 2016 Location: Chicago,IL Victim(s): William C Smith 45 Attacker(s): Robert Burgess Description: William was walking to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a cup of coffee when a Hyundai pulled ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 28 Aug 28 00
She Doesn't Understand the American Form of Government "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (P-CA) on Thursday said that Democrats are seeking a $2 trillion pandemic relief deal for the next package. "'We're not budging,' she told reporters in the...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 28 Aug 28 11
College student, 21, and her stepfather, 45, are shot dead in road rage attack over fender bender while he was arriving to drop off keys to the new home she'd just bought By Keith Griffith For 15:34 EDT 26 Aug 2020 , updated 09:20 ...
Andyman MD Aug 27 Aug 27 22
The case of Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse is progressing as you would expect: . Mainstream Media contaminated the jury pool by labeling Kyle a "White Supremacist Vigilante". . Kyle is sitting in jail at this moment with no chance for bail....
CharliePrime TX Aug 27 Aug 27 44
MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR3: Infiltration Not Invasion Alexandra Bruce "After weeks and weeks of so-called “George Floyd protests” across the country, with America’s largest corporations donating billions of dollars to Black Lives ...
ajhilder WA Aug 26 Aug 26 00
Here is the full list: JOBS Create 10 Million New Jobs in 10 Months Create 1 Million New Small Businesses Cut Taxes to Boost Take-Home Pay and Keep Jobs in America Enact Fair Trade Deals that Protect American Jobs “Made in ...
ajhilder WA Aug 25 Aug 25 11
Mikaela is a "gold Digger", whose main profession is beeing "daughther", of a multi millionaire... Did you never asked yourself, why the went he to Russia? Into a "hospital", similar to fucking purgatory ? And also the "artifiscial coma", i know...
GermanGrunt Aug 22 Aug 22 44
I have seen the future guys OUR future, and a future free of nearly ALL subhuman races. (Maybe a few ice- and cangaroo nigger will survive this purging) Tripple Tap... When covid19 emerged out of "nothing" i was surprised and started ...
GermanGrunt Aug 22 Aug 22 00
Tripple Tap... When covid19 emerged out of "nothing" i was surprised and started "digging". And it did NOT came out of nothing. China let french spezialised firms build them a lvl 4 research lab in Wuhan, a chinese general declared that china as...
GermanGrunt Aug 22 Aug 22 00
Tripple Tap... When covid19 emerged out of "nothing" i was surprised and started "digging". And it did NOT came out of nothing. China let french spezialised firms build them a lvl 4 research lab in Wuhan, a chinese general declared that china as...
GermanGrunt Aug 22 Aug 22 00
(admin) they intend to get rid of currency and go ALL Digital . You are tracked traced and controlled. The Better Than Cash Alliance was created in September 20. It was launched by the United Nations Capital Development , the ...
ajhilder WA Aug 22 Aug 22 00
Imagine that you were a Soviet dissent living in Stalin’s Russia in 1937. Times are tough and the Communist regime is brutal. People suspected of being dissidents routinely disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Many are ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 22 Aug 22 1717
IRS plans to ask every American worker if they used crypto in 2020-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 21 Aug 21 00
‪BreakingFacts ‘Money. Meh. No Problem ;)': Documents Show Trudeau Government Officials Admitting 'Loosey Goosey Logic' For Massive WEProgram The arrogance is matched only by the seeming disregard for our taxdollars. ...
YellowPill Canada Aug 19 Aug 19 11
Homelessness as Become a Key Talking Point on Both Sides of the Political Spectrum This Last Week. Why?:
H0bo ID Aug 19 Aug 19 22
Spencer Fernando: Poilievre Issues Hilarious Response To Morneau Resignation! Tweet focuses on how Trudeau did all the same things that damaged Morneau’s resignation. “We’re talking about a man who kept his money in a ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 18 Aug 18 00
Gowdy: More FBI members have been indicted than Trump family members
1patriot Canada Aug 17 Aug 17 11
1443 ---------------- August 16, 2015 Location: Marietta,GA Victim(s): Michael "Big Mike" Bemus 65 Attacker(s): Justin Marquis Graves Description: Michael picked up Graves, a felon on parole, in his taxi cab and was ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 16 Aug 16 00
The younger brother of President Trump, Robert Trump, dies at age 71-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 15 Aug 15 22
CDC's chief of staff, deputy chief of staff jointly depart
B1967 NY Aug 15 Aug 15 11
Every person has three needs, to be accepted, to feel secure and to be significant. All these needs are found in Christ. Who I Am In Christ - Secure (Victory Over darkness – Neil Anderson) I am ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 15 Aug 15 22
Some more topics related to off-grid living from the ( Which of these interest you? Energy solutions Energy for electrical power and heating can be generated on-site with renewable energy sources such as ...
BrianFey Aug 14 Aug 14 11
Seattle BLM scuffle injures cop, BLM harass residents in their homes: "Give us your money and your home"-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 14 Aug 14 33
DNC held fundraiser with corporate executives despite Biden's pledge to refuse money from lobbyists-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 13 Aug 13 22
Hi Sydney. Think your videos are fantastic - really enjoy your perspective. Thanks also for showing me this site as an alternative place to the mainstream censored social media. Keep up the great work and representing Australia!!!
ZedVee Australia Aug 13 Aug 13 00
1248 ---------------- August 12, 2003 Location: Webster,NY Victim(s): Raymond Batzel 51 Attacker(s): Richard Leon Wilbern Description: Wilbern walked into the Xerox Federal Credit Union and demanded money. Raymond ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 12 Aug 12 11
HOW CAN WE HELP BRIDGE THE RACIAL DIVIDE DO You want to help Blacks, really, do you want to help them, then Please please please do not advocate the 60's approach that destroyed the Black families by making them totally dependent on government for...
drshallal Aug 12 Aug 12 1010
LINK Clean Elections: Fully & Publicly Finance All Political Campaigns – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN Aug 12 Aug 12 00
I posted this on Reddit. r/Cringetopia it got a good pop. You should do a video on Slug cringe Arielle. I would but they won't offer me that slug money. Lol I mean I am still monetized but the bulk of my popular uploads are demonetized. I have 1.62K ...
BlakeTheRake TX Aug 12 Aug 12 22
0721 ---------------- August 11, 1974 Victim(s): Christopher Carr 14,Peggy Carr (survived) Attacker(s): William Mitchell Description: Mitchell, who shot and killed a 50 year old man the day before, entered the grocery ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 11 Aug 11 11
FPC brief: Background checks for ammunition violate Second Amendment-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 11 Aug 11 11
Chicagoans getting fed up over growing lawlessness- After more than two months of politically-motivated violence in addition to a sharp increase in street crime, Chicago residents seem to be increasingly fed up with the lackluster ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 11 Aug 11 11
Derek Sloan, candidate for leadership of CPC: Getting Out the Vote! We’re in the home stretch of the CPC leadership race, and it’s turned out differently than a lot of people thought it might. As Conservative MP Chris Warkentin recently ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 11 Aug 11 00
‪TruthBeTold If Trudeau Wants A 'Bold Change' To 'Remake' Canada, He Should Resign ‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 10 Aug 10 00
1417 ---------------- August 8, 2014 Location: North Ridgeville,OH Victim(s): Jon Vincenzo 16 (survived) Attacker(s): Derrick L Foster,Donte R Dower,Marcus Kimbrough,unnamed teen 17 Description: Jon was walking home ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 9 Aug 9 11
0267 ---------------- August 9, 2014 Location: Hanover County,VA Victim(s): James Michael “Jim” Wells 26 Attacker(s): Alisa N Dejesus, Dyshawn D Simpson Description: Dejesus and her boyfriend Simpson hired James,...
TheFireRises WA Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Litman: New York wants to dissolve the NRA; it will probably decapitate it instead
B1967 NY Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Scotland leads way to curbing UK free speech!
ieuan UK Aug 9 Aug 9 99
Here, I want to tell some things that might be helpful for you. You know how, you're usually normally a very stressed out girl, I mean it's been a problem for you before in the past and I can imagine I believe you. Well, you can take this from me, ...
caseyxsharp TX Aug 8 Aug 8 11
LINK Trump To Sign Executive Order on VIRUS RELIEF Due To Democrat Inaction! - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Aug 8 Aug 8 22
Interesting take on the explosion in Beirut. "rod of god"?? <iframe width="640" height="360" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: none;" src=""></iframe>
13kwoods OH Aug 8 Aug 8 11
LINK GoDaddy Security - Access Denied
pegidacanada Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 11
Does anyone post on this site ?
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 22
Philadelphia Muslim-Jewish Circle of Friends Statement on Rodney Muhammad
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 00
Trudeau is trying so hard to save 9,000 jobs he's been working on it for the last 4 years what a joke corruption at its worst just keeps on going and everything goes to Quebec
1patriot Canada Aug 5 Aug 5 44
I found a channel called Australian Survivalism. He talks about prepping, saving food, etc:
AlpacaLunch Aug 4 Aug 4 00
1601 ---------------- August 4, 2019 Location: Williamsport,PA Victim(s): Rhonda Sue McPeak 48 Attacker(s): Ikeem Damont Fogan,Noah Samuel Stroup Description: Rhonda had just finished purchasing a bag of potato chips ...
TheFireRises WA Aug 4 Aug 4 11
Some thoughts about USA - Mexico relations...
BrianFey Aug 4 Aug 4 11
LINK Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.31.2020 - YouTube
Aztex2020 NM Aug 2 Aug 2 11
The "other side" is not democrat, liberal, libertarian, independent, conservative, or republican. They are not brown, beige, pink, mahogany, amber, chocolate, olive, nubian, ivory or coffee. Their orientation matters not. Their economic status isn't ...
ktpinto NY Aug 2 Aug 2 99
Just a smile if you need one
MikeHunt NY Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Why So Much Rain Happening Globally
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 22
The Troubling Goals of the Black Lives Matter Movement
RAZE AZ Aug 1 Aug 1 11
4 sentenced for their role in voter fraud scheme that bribed people on Skid Row with money, cigarettes
RAZE AZ Aug 1 Aug 1 22
Do you want freedom to acquire as much money as you can? What about your employees who have to work two or three jobs and still live in poverty? Their tough luck or that's the way you would want to be treated in their position. I knew a guy back ...
Pand0ro WI Aug 1 Aug 1 66
Most corrupt country on planet is Britain, says Mafia expert Fearless journalist Roberto Saviano, who has dedicated his career to exposing the Italian mafia, has claimed that it is Britain that is the most corrupt country on Earth. Saviano, who...
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 11
Portland rioters get downright creepy with a disgusting political statement-
SpikeTalon PA July 31 Jul 31 00
0871 ---------------- July 31, 1993 Location: Fort Worth,TX Victim(s): Sandi Renee Marbut 18,Jennifer Dale Weston 19 Attacker(s): Bobby Ray Hopkins Description: Hopkins, a felon on parole, upset that he was asked to ...
TheFireRises WA July 31 Jul 31 11