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Robert Hansen: The Serial Killer Who Hunted His Victims Like Animals By Katie Serena Published March 9, 2018 Updated May 17, 2020 In the 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game,” author Richard Connell recounts the tale of a wealthy ...
Andyman MD July 2 Jul 2 00
Ramzpaul and many other people have been vocally expressing the idea of local community networking. There have been past and current organizations who’s sole purpose was to connect like minded right-wing people. They have all failed or have ...
Vincent099 NJ July 2 Jul 2 33
LINK ‪I do not support the Black Lives Matter organisation. Neither should you.‬
Naomi July 1 Jul 1 33
Obama Urges Young People To Keep Up Their Protests To Bring Change Venturing further into the public discourse he had largely held back from since relinquishing the Oval Office to President Trump, former President Barack Obama joined a virtual ...
ieuan UK July 1 Jul 1 00
UK authorities ignore Muslim’s video threat to murder Tommy Robinson and rape his wife In this 2019 video, a Jihadi threatens Tommy Robinson if he enters Walsall. A year later, nothing has been done. Many members of the Islamic community have...
ieuan UK July 1 Jul 1 11
I'm seeing massive similarities between BLM and Trans activism. Ex : If you're not completely compliant with what we are saying, you're excommunicated from the black / LGBT community. What have you noticed that's similar between both movements?
ariellescarcella NY July 1 Jul 1 55
George Soros' request to use US Federal tax payer money to fund abortions overseas was blocked by the US Supreme Court. Not because 'Open Society' wanted US funds, but because he didnt include a clause to prohibit money to be used for prostitutes ...
DeplorableToo FL June 30 Jun 30 00
Pride Month is over, but the work isn't. 5 ways you can be an ally to the Black LGBTQ+ community JUST WHAT WE NEED
M1959 NY June 30 Jun 30 55
LINK Welfare Checks Turn Deadly – The Future of Freedom Foundation
Naomi June 30 Jun 30 55
Hey guys! I'm going to be using Slug a lot more from here. Keeping up with a bunch of platforms can be really hard, but I know that nobody is going to be deleted or censored here, and that's really important to me. I'm keen to have this community ...
SydneyWatson DC June 30 Jun 30 99
POLL Cancel Culture: Shane Dawson just got canceled. Shane Dawson is one of the more famous YouTubers. He began when he was a teen and at the time did many inappropriate skits. Many of these were skits were gallows humor, many were satire, and some ...
ThomasinaPaine VA June 30 Jun 30 66
Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class. Al Capone On the subject of CrimeInfested. A thread. Trump Towers Dark Towers review: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and a must-read ...
Gorrilla MT June 30 Jun 30 22
Those people are clueless... Seattle City Council member blames 'capitalism's brutality' for CHOP murders-
SpikeTalon PA June 30 Jun 30 11
Ransomware is now your biggest online security nightmare, and it's about to get worse...
SpikeTalon PA June 29 Jun 29 00
LINK Facebook Plans to Crack Down on Hate Speech in Ads by conservatives —
dd54 HI June 29 Jun 29 33
WOW! This young lady has some incredibly valid points. The one I most like I think is pointing how so many blacks in this country thoroughly hate this country (and all the white people in this country wanting to kill them all as is so frequently ...
KCSantiago TX June 29 Jun 29 22
In the middle of watching 1984 for the first time right about now. What an incredibly horrible experience. So if you haven't, I suggest you do so as soon as possible. The experience isn't getting better anytime soon.
A1fredo Mexico June 29 Jun 29 11
LINK The School That Tried to End Racism: White Children Were Terrified! – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN June 28 Jun 28 33
History buffs, help me out. I'm working on a video about the Culture War and I need to know some general facts as judged by more knowledgeable people than I am. • Wars are usually over needs, politics or ideology, right? Or really needy people ...
A1fredo Mexico June 28 Jun 28 55
I’m a proud Englishman and what I see happening in my country is a fucking joke. Us English get accused of being racist if we fly our flag. The left is taking over my country and now we have all the BLM as well. It’s getting to the point where...
Thehappyoyster UK June 28 Jun 28 44
LINK Turnabout Too
etinvisibilium NC June 28 Jun 28 00
Broong NC June 28 Jun 28 11
Black community elders shutdown and shame anti-statue protest...
SpikeTalon PA June 27 Jun 27 44
The Superintendent of a nearby school district in New Jersey sent the following email. It went out to all parents with students in the school district. Even though this is a public email, I have redacted the township name and the name ...
Choppy NJ June 26 Jun 26 66
Building things to encourage our community to do things and develop bonds. Vball court is almost done. If only I could invite like minds in this group to play... I hope in future that'll be possible without getting threats or harrassment from those ...
RobertTheBeard NC June 26 Jun 26 22
Lee Edwards on how today's far left is radically different from the 1960's...
SpikeTalon PA June 25 Jun 25 33
Project Veritas has a new undercover video out this morning that exposes the anti-white, anti-Trump, and anti-conservative bias on Facebook’s moderation teams. This isn’t just one person caught on camera. It’s entire teams of people who are ...
ieuan UK June 25 Jun 25 00
Did you know President Obama has been running a shadow government trying to subvert a sitting President and destroy America. Charles Krauthammer knew. By Charles Krauthammer I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy ...
FEWI LA June 25 Jun 25 00
LINK Remembering the UpStairs Lounge: The U.S.A.’s Largest LGBT Massacre Happened 40 Years Ago Today | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos
Naomi June 25 Jun 25 22
LINK Projecrt Veritas Be brave. Do something. Insider tags facebook for xensiring Republicas and Conservatives
dd54 HI June 25 Jun 25 22
Things brought up more now the farther away it appears. 1. Slavery- Ended in 1865. Now it is 2020. Ended 155 years ago. Jim Crow laws which were basically the South and not all of America ended in 1964, 56 years ago. Now after bringing it up ...
Robert100 MD June 25 Jun 25 33
Ok. I will start this off by defining 'straddles': people that transition to the other gender but who retain some/one/part of the secondary sex characteristics of their biological sex. I don't consider them outside the transsexual community (vs ...
tracycoyle CA June 25 Jun 25 11
BLM ... “Black Lives Matter” ... that NON Black Activist Organization PRETENDING to be about “BLACKS” ... are Coming for ... JESUS!?!? (Of COURSE this isn’t a MARXIST / Communist Move AGAINST Religion ...) “Black Lives Matter ...
Bay0Wulf ME June 24 Jun 24 00
A Church model for community wellness and the ultimate goal of the Garden!
Gardener CA June 24 Jun 24 00
I'd like to take this time to welcome anyone who might join. With everything going on the world, it's completely understandable to be stressed out. Adding personal problems to an increasing anxiety about the world can lead to a decreased mental ...
TylerZIM MI June 24 Jun 24 00
Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan Election Ideas - ANALYSIS
AndrewInVail AZ June 24 Jun 24 00
This cultural war has been created by PR and that is the way you can fight back in a non-violent way. Perception is reality for people who don't question their initial ideas, that's why the left has power right now. No matter where you look, you will...
A1fredo Mexico June 24 Jun 24 33
Bubba Wallace 'pissed' about attacks on character following investigation into noose in his garage stall
M1959 NY June 24 Jun 24 44
Naomi June 24 Jun 24 77
How conspiracy theories about the NYPD Shake Shack "poisoning" blew up- Just in case you are tempted to jump to conclusions, keep in mind this was from The New York Post which is a known right-leaning source who tend to back the ...
SpikeTalon PA June 24 Jun 24 55
Melkor Many people have heard of Sauron. Tolkien fans know Melkor. Here is a Part One on who he is in the legendarium.
ThomasinaPaine VA June 24 Jun 24 00
A brief list of failed biblical prophecies- Matthew 24:34 in particular was a good one.
SpikeTalon PA June 24 Jun 24 00
“We believe in personal liberty. We believe in freedom of speech. We believe in freedom to choose. We believe in freedom to pursue happiness. We believe that all humans shall be free because freedom is our first birth right until we...
ForeverFree76 CA June 23 Jun 23 11
Has a Leftist ever explained to you what issues face Blacks now that are specifically Race related and not Class related??? I often read in their BS articles from VOX, VICE, HUFFPOST, DAILYBEAST, SALON, OR SLATE oh they have less access to ...
Robert100 MD June 23 Jun 23 22
Watch 16 Shots for free. "16 Shots is a documentary examining the 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke and the cover-up that ensued. After the police initially declared the shooting as...
WilyRickWiles IL June 23 Jun 23 22
On this Tuesday, I am thinking about 3 year old Mekay James who was shot dead Saturday night in the Austin section of Chicago, on the city’s west side. Little Mekay was driving with his father when a blue Honda pulled alongside. Several shots were...
dd54 HI June 23 Jun 23 22
In the U.S., Space-X's achievement of returning to space using a privately funded rocket (with all the cool bells and whistles) seemed overshadowed by recent social activity. What an entrepreneurial private business, Space-X, could mean for the ...
Starlight TX June 23 Jun 23 66 FAILURE(S) TO COMMUNICATE & FEMINIST THEORY – TRUE OR FALSE?: What do these protesters actually want? For starters, they don’t even realize they’ve been indoctrinated with Marxism all through their lives by the ...
1914wizard FL June 23 Jun 23 11
The LGBT across social media is the devil. There, I said it. I got doxxed on Facebook for saying "bisexual lesbian" isn't an actual or valid label - it was the STUPIDEST argument I've ever been a part of, but my location and place of work got ...
alex_star_shine WA June 23 Jun 23 77
It must be!
BikerPetehall70 UK June 22 Jun 22 11
I think you're safe 😨
BikerPetehall70 UK June 22 Jun 22 44 RIDING THE BIG BLUE ROCK & IT’S A CONVERTIBLE TOO! At 67,000 (miles per hour) thru space & the only real question is: Not if anyone is insane; but how could anyone be sane? (and yes I plagiarized that from somewhere) ...
1914wizard FL June 22 Jun 22 00
Have Canadians thought about who ISN'T losing money during this closure, lockdown?
2FollowHim Canada June 21 Jun 21 11
LINK Bzzzy Bill is bio-adverse to humanity / the face of Technocracy -- YouTube
dd54 HI June 21 Jun 21 22
The more we get to know about Bill Gates, the more he should be reviled! reallygraceful: Did Bill Gates Disappear? Did Bill Gates Disappear? What's he been up to these last few months? We discuss all of this and more in this video. ...
warminster100 Canada June 21 Jun 21 11
Well... this was disturbing. (Why I Left The Furry Community)
Anders Sweden June 21 Jun 21 22
LINK Dissident Thoughts: Mass Shooting Alert! Morning In Mogadishu
ArthurSido IN June 21 Jun 21 00
HoBo in Toronto
RemiDallaire Canada June 21 Jun 21 00
I have covered this before but with many people wondering why civilization seems to be unraveling It may be worth considering. There are many criticisms that can be thrown at Richard Dawkins but his popularity as a science writer is useful. ...
wolfhnd MO June 20 Jun 20 88
LINK ‘Defund the UN’? World body blasted after tweeting defense of Antifa — RT USA News
VoicesCarry AR June 20 Jun 20 22
LINK Baltimore Co. Police Prohibited From Interfering With Defacement Of Public School Property - The Police Tribune
Xtra WA June 20 Jun 20 11
POLL For my conspiracy friends: Who do you think wields the most power in the world currently? This is a list of commonly known/believed in power brokers in the world. If I am missing anyone of note let me know in the comments below.
WolvesAndSheeple CA June 19 Jun 19 44
LINK FSU Student Leaders Stick By Anti-Semitic Senate President - Washington Free Beacon
Xtra WA June 19 Jun 19 11 Review. After using for about a week, I will now review it. is like Facebook. I am not very familiar Facebook because it is such a horrible site. chose the wrong template. They would have had a better user...
fschmidt TX June 18 Jun 18 22
Under Trudeau’s watch, Canada is irrelevant After years of lobbying and sucking up to the UN community, including to despots, dictators and countries with questionable human rights records, Justin Trudeau lost Canada’s bid for a ...
1patriot Canada June 18 Jun 18 00
Does anyone live in a rural area. If so, would you say the health of rural America is in decline? I live in a semi-rural area in the South. While I enjoy the lack of enrichment, the peace and quiet, and the low cost of living, I see a lot of signs of...
BoomerDad1968 TN June 18 Jun 18 33
LINK Atlanta Police Officers Not Responding To Calls In Multiple Zones, Comes After D.A. Charged Officer With Murder In Rayshard Brooks Case | The Daily Wire
dd54 HI June 18 Jun 18 11
During the era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Europeans did not have the power to invade African states or kidnap African slaves at will. (Note Slavery was also a traditional part of African society -- various states and kingdoms in Africa ...
dd54 HI June 17 Jun 17 22
POLL What is your mental image when you hear the term "Transwoman"? Transgenderism is a controversial topic both outside and inside the trans community. Within the community, there is a split between those who just want to be treated like "normal" ...
Admin Online June 17 Jun 17 5353
I generally avoid twitter, its not a good place to go, if you value your mental health - but this story needs to be shared. How many more of these fake covid hospital facilities are there around the world or were portrayed as having quarantined ...
purdyday CA June 17 Jun 17 11
The "Floyd" sticker turning "George Todd Park" into "George Floyd Park" was taken down. But the president of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board "commend whoever it was for their creativity and detailed work"¹ and is "very open" to changing...
AMRX HI June 16 Jun 16 22
Coming out of the Dark,.?
Yoshi Canada June 16 Jun 16 00
VDH: the miltary/intelligence complex. In the 'night of the generals', four top retired generals disparaged Trump and called for his removal. This followed top echelons of the intelligence community trying to have Trump impeached. ...
timon_phocas CO June 16 Jun 16 22
LINK Supreme Court Rules Gay Workers Protected From Job Discrimination
JacksonNought PA June 15 Jun 15 66
54 Scientists with Ties to China ... The punishments need to be tougher. These people should have their “Certificates” and “Certifications” Stripped away ... including Diplomas ... need to be made Null and Void. They should be looking ...
Bay0Wulf ME June 15 Jun 15 11
I gave you shout out on my wall Arielle. I figure since get so many notifications on new and old content alike I share it here. I made a post and deleted it because the site doesn't recognize community wall post links. Lol One question I do have ...
Und3rwear0nhed TX June 15 Jun 15 11
SOCIALIST EQUATE COMES AT THE EXPENSE OF FREEDOM & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: “Socialism is a great idea; that doesn’t mean it’s a great reality.” Thomas Sowell be very afraid of anyone that demeans the intellect of Thomas Sowell – nuff ...
1914wizard FL June 15 Jun 15 11
LINK America’s Color Revolution has begun. Get prepared...
dd54 HI June 14 Jun 14 22
No worries say the Chinese. This recent COVID infestation in Beijing will not infest the world like the Wuhan CCP Virus is doing. Hands-up, who believes them?
WayneHawthorne Canada June 14 Jun 14 00
The government has asserted its authority in deciding what businesses are not essential and may be shut down at any time (as in the pandemic response) or may be denied police protection (in the case of the rioting and looting). They consider local ...
KENeumeister VA June 14 Jun 14 33
Out of curiosity, have any of you ever seen that idiot @AOC debate anyone, ever? She chirps like a wild turkey on LSD, and screams at everyone in Congress at the top of her lungs, but I have never heard her debate nor make a valid point. Are ...
ExMuslimMary NY June 14 Jun 14 11
The best example of a “community security system” Is the old Wild West. America appears to be returning to lawlessness and justice by opinion as opposed to facts. Witch hunts next I believe. If history actually fallows a pattern, anyone one odd, ...
ChrisODonnell UK June 14 Jun 14 22
The best example of a “community security system” Is the old Wild West. America appears to be returning to lawlessness and justice by opinion as opposed to facts. Witch hunts next I believe. If history actually fallows a pattern, anyone one odd, ...
ChrisODonnell UK June 14 Jun 14 00
The left doesn't like this man or what he says
OtisTBaggins NC June 14 Jun 14 11
Local Bikers Protect Western ND Community
CodeBuster Canada June 13 Jun 13 22
All Mobsters the lot of them and that includes Pelosi that Mafia Queen
1patriot Canada June 13 Jun 13 11
How Ezra created Judaism. What I will try to show here is that the Old Testament was anti-racist before Ezra and that Ezra twisted the Old Testament to create a new racist religion which is what we call Judaism. I will begin with the first part, ...
fschmidt TX June 13 Jun 13 00
Academic rewrites history to portray the 2A as "tool of the oppressors"-
SpikeTalon PA June 12 Jun 12 22
In light of recent events I was thinking this morning about the core beliefs of BLM. The media focuses only on the emotional pleas for freedom and justice, or protests and riots over whatever the latest trigger happens to be. But If you visit the BLM...
coalburned AL June 12 Jun 12 11
Remembering our brave
Xtra WA June 11 Jun 11 11
Not sure how to articulate what I want to communicate, but seeing trans related posts from JK Rowling has got me thinking about how the trans world is heading down the wrong path. When I started to transition in the 90's trans conversations were ...
Chanel June 11 Jun 11 66
Bartholomew Chiaroscuro speaks: Dear Customers, Here at Bartholomew Industries we have noted with sadness and regret the recent tragic events surrounding the death of George Floyd. Following the wise example of many other respected business ...
henrydz FL June 10 Jun 10 11
LINK Technofascist Takeover - 6 videos to watch and share - YouTube
dd54 HI June 9 Jun 9 00
C'mon, be a man. Pretend you've never seen it before, and laugh with her. 😂
Naomi June 8 Jun 8 11
I find it hard to believe that these men are sick, they are organized and as they realize the recent confusion in the LGBT community, they want to look for a way to operate freely and proudly.
Romana June 7 Jun 7 22
Billy Joyce: LIES , LIES & More LIES! This is about Trump & Globalism ! GeorgeFloyd CANADA’S RED PILL – June 7th 2020 : So…another week of rioting and protests across North America and still no sign of what exactly BLM wants. It ...
warminster100 Canada June 7 Jun 7 00
Avi Yemini: This is the only BLM protest video you need to see! Forty thousand people descended on Melbourne's CBD for George Floyd who died at the hands of Police in Minnesota. Yesterday I joined the Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne ...
warminster100 Canada June 7 Jun 7 33
An old article, but worth revisiting at this particular time in light of recent events. Obama told of family's slave-owning history in deep South > Obama's ancestors on his white mother's side appear to have been slave owners. William ...
CodeBuster Canada June 7 Jun 7 11
COMMUNITY PROPERTY JOINS (supposedly) PROPERTY; WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE DIVIDES PROPERTY: Or isn’t a voting right PROPERTY. Last I looked shareholders Voted the number of Shares (property) they own. The crude term ...
1914wizard FL June 7 Jun 7 22
Reddit just made an announcement that they're going to start cracking down on "hate speech" and one of the founders is quitting the board to make room for a black board member. Quote Reddit: > Here are three problems we are most ...
Admin Online June 5 Jun 5 99