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Black conservative talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson laments that American politicians have the will to send troops overseas to defeat Al-Qaeda and ISIS, but do not seem to have the will to stop violent predators who prey on the innocent in our own ...
PostUmbraLux NY July 6 Jul 6 22
Here we go..... Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for COVID-19 in New Hampshire jail, DOJ reports – Brown Valley Observer ...
NuuzJunky GA July 5 Jul 5 99
Drugs can correct a chemical imbalance, but psychiatric drugs dealing with mental issues only treat patients but do not cure. Only God can heal mental issues and the spiritual issues that accompany them. Rebel Wisdom: On Jordan Peterson & ...
warminster100 Canada July 5 Jul 5 11
Drugs can correct a chemical imbalance, but psychiatric drugs dealing with mental issues only treat patients but do not cure. Only God can heal mental issues and the spiritual issues that accompany them. Rebel Wisdom: On Jordan Peterson & ...
warminster100 Canada July 5 Jul 5 11
WELCOME to the MOST POSTED most beloved most kick ass group on 14 000 posts.....14 000 And we are not counting the commentaries. That's a lot of typing. A lot of typos (from me s'cuse my french) and a lot of memes and videos about what ...
RemiDallaire Canada July 5 Jul 5 11
Requesting input! And discussion! I have a blog on the Times of Israel, looking at Jordan Peterson's ideas and considering them relative to Jewish thought. Of late, people are sending me an article that just appeared in an Israeli newspaper, ...
APoizner July 5 Jul 5 66
Human nature in a superior graphical model. Jordan Peterson should have this as a visual aid.
SupraLibrix ME July 4 Jul 4 00
Does it seem odd that the most incisive woke critics who have NO FEAR about what they are sayinhg and always thoroughly research their work tend to be from ouotside the USA? Daisey and Sydney come to mind. Katie Hopkins, and even Milo as well. And ...
BobM86 NC July 4 Jul 4 88
Right thinks we are going to the top right, Left thinks we are sinking to the bottom left. Left is right.
SupraLibrix ME July 3 Jul 3 11
The Fundamental Racist idea - Jordan I like this.
Thasaidon Philippines July 3 Jul 3 11
It's the pedal on the right!!! ...
NuuzJunky GA July 3 Jul 3 11
My plea to anyone interested in starting a social media site (yes you too @slug): If the search bar is not clearly visible and working flawlessly, your site will never get off the ground
tomashea WI July 3 Jul 3 00
Jordan B. Peterson UPDATE!
John_Slusarenko Canada July 3 Jul 3 22
HYPOCRISY IN “HIGHER EDUCATION” IS NOTHING NEW. Most people realize that College Slants Left and the Left is Completely Okay with being Hypocrites. So why is this a Surprise? ................. “Stanford accepts $58 million in Chinese cash...
Bay0Wulf ME July 3 Jul 3 00
WashExaminer: Australia moves to counter China's aggressive moves in the South Pacific. Commits to buying more advanced weapons systems. Washington Examiner OPINION Eyeing China's threat, Australia boosts defense budget and US arms purchases...
timon_phocas CO July 2 Jul 2 11
Peterson family update
pbuck0145 Canada July 2 Jul 2 33
Dare to suggest that the so-called religion of peace might not be all that peaceful? Yeah? You wanna go there? Well, then, die, infidel.
Edgework TX July 2 Jul 2 55
Everyone knows that our national parks were built by enslaved black bodies. So why don’t those black bodies have franchise and equity in the parks that literally sprang from the blood that wept into the soil from their stripes!? It’s time we ...
jdawgsupreme CA July 2 Jul 2 77
Kayleigh McEnany triggers 'reporters' with solid answer on why Trump called BLM group a 'symbol of hate'-
SpikeTalon PA July 2 Jul 2 11
The SJW Commies are attacking Dr Peterson again. "Jordan Peterson, YouTube psychology guru and right-wing cult figure, talks a lot about Hitler, WWII and Nazism – in lectures riddled with alarming errors, spurious analogies and a strange ...
bastion UK July 1 Jul 1 99
This would be a good start.......
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
The next ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 00
This is what they want us to believe ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 22
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link for a free download. I find the ideas of Dr. Peterson coincide and overlap with my studies/interests in Jordan Peterson's work. Last time, KDP had a problem and dozens of people who tried were not able to ...
APoizner June 30 Jun 30 22
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Sad but true. . . . . . . . ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Sad but true. . . . . . . . ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Rule 3: Make Friends With People Who Want The Best For You I am very lucky and grateful in this respect. I don't have a lot of friends, but the friends I do have really do want the best for me. My sister, my parents, my boss. And a new ...
SophiaPistis UT June 30 Jun 30 00
Asking for a ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 33
The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast 9 - Jordan B. Peterson - Family Update June 2020
Thasaidon Philippines June 30 Jun 30 44
Two more shot in Seattle's CHOP zone. The reports I've read said that one is dead, the other seriously wounded - both black. I wonder if the perspective of those white people in the CHOP zone is being altered by living in that area with blacks and ...
Triumph KY June 29 Jun 29 22
Here is a real critique of Jordan Peterson. This has to do with his philosophy of Darwinian Truth--is it valid?
Joel_Fry AL June 29 Jun 29 33
96 ---------------- June 28, 20 Location: Eagan,MN Victim(s): Roger L. Peterson 74,Diane M. Peterson 58 Attacker(s): Jonna Kojo Armartey Description: Roger and Diane were on their nightly walk together, when Armartey...
TheFireRises WA June 28 Jun 28 00
POLL The On ramps of hobbies to share with like minded people. Which activity do you like most or feel matches you best?
Robert100 MD June 27 Jun 27 66
2A sanctuary adopts First Amendment resolution over virus restrictions- The little town of Burrillville, Rhode Island declared itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary more than a year ago, and now city leaders have adopted a First ...
SpikeTalon PA June 27 Jun 27 11
The Proofs of Salvation: Parable of the Ten Virgins with John Gerstner
lawrenceblair OR June 27 Jun 27 00
Just spotted this very recent Jordan Peterson vidoe on YouTube. I was most pleased to see he is well enough.
Thasaidon Philippines June 27 Jun 27 77
( circa 2004. Shapiro articulated what was going on in politically correct universities at a time when few had done so. Ben was fighting PC culture in the early 2000's. Peter...
MosheBenIssac CA June 26 Jun 26 00
The pandemic's economic carnage looks worse than expected-
SpikeTalon PA June 26 Jun 26 11
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-06-26 GREATNESS IN THE KINGDOM “For the LORD takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with victory.” (Psalm 149:4) Greatness in ...
warminster100 Canada June 26 Jun 26 00
he's back and on point, nothing is safe from the mob:
dirtbill Canada June 24 Jun 24 22
Rule 1: Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back So I've been wanting to go through Peterson's 12 Rules, one by one in a public forum, for a while now. I think this is the sort of place which would be amenable to exploring the Rules and ...
SophiaPistis UT June 23 Jun 23 22
Aren't you loving the CRINGE ?
RemiDallaire Canada June 22 Jun 22 11
Latest writing from Dr Peterson. He will not be shamed by the mob. He warns us all by saying “ make no mistake about it, scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians: your famous immunity to political concerns ...
Jurecki FL June 22 Jun 22 44
We have to tell our stories, sharing amazing outcomes of people who have used Peterson's ideas to create change against all odds. Here is one story. What is yours?
APoizner June 21 Jun 21 11
Dr. Peterson was talking recently about starting an on-line University. Does anyone know how far along this project is?
BubbaLouie Canada June 20 Jun 20 22
The Supreme Court will not defend the Second Amendment...
SpikeTalon PA June 20 Jun 20 11
Herschel Walker you are the man sir. This an idea I fully support.
Lexpd1145 SC June 19 Jun 19 11
Did Jordan Peterson say that Derrida considered postmodernism a continuation of Marxism? Thanks in advance.
Xtra WA June 16 Jun 16 44
The Redemption of Andrew Anglin In an essay today that is 99% pure Afterthought, Andrew Anglin writes "We need to stick to what we know is good and true and righteous." "At this point, this agenda likely involves some kind of breakup of ...
Afterthought TX June 16 Jun 16 22
Toronto Sun: LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau selling Canada's soul for UN seat!
warminster100 Canada June 16 Jun 16 44 VALUE SYSTEMATIZATION IS MANDATORY & NOT OPTIONAL FOR LIFE TO EXIST! : And any & all Value Systems ARE in themselves Hierarchies. And in turn any & all Hierarchies ARE Value Systems – it’s not optional, it’s mandatory!...
1914wizard FL June 16 Jun 16 00
Here are tips on how not to get harrassed or shot by a policeman:. 1) Don't point a weapon at the police. 2) Stop comitting crimes in the 1st place 3) Stop comitting crimes in the 1st place I said that 2nd one twice, because some people need to ...
DeplorableToo FL June 14 Jun 14 1010
When Jordan Peterson turned 58 this weekend, he celebrated with a big steak 🥩 rather then the traditional cake 🎂. Peterson’s birthday was announced on Twitter by his daughter Mikhaila.
GeeMac Canada June 14 Jun 14 55
explains the current demographic dystopia better than any other known factor
johnny_G CA June 14 Jun 14 22
The importance of knowing your rights and having a camera
WilyRickWiles IL June 14 Jun 14 11
POLL What Comic was better, Dilbert or Garfield?
Sacha799 AR June 14 Jun 14 55
Is the law of human nature now considered ‘normative’ morality by secularism?
JoeySparks IN June 11 Jun 11 33
wdhmbt? any ideas? link:
FrogulusPepe June 11 Jun 11 33
LINK How about the Big Bounce instead of the Big Bang?
Naomi June 11 Jun 11 44
Free e-book! I've been an avid Peterson fan for a couple of years now and for me, part of the lure, is that I find Peterson teaching ideas and worldviews that match that of ancient traditions which I like to study, specifically, Jewish mysticism and ...
APoizner June 11 Jun 11 11
LINK YouTube--Jordan Peterson's Darwinian Truth
Joel_Fry AL June 11 Jun 11 11 MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) IS TO NOT IMPOSE UPON ANYONE ELSE: It’s to accept that Man has overstayed his welcome at the Grand Cotillon and is simply leaving to pursue individual interests elsewhere – each to his own. ...
1914wizard FL June 9 Jun 9 00
The Quiggin Report Podcast 11- Dawah At City Council: The Islamist At The Gate
1patriot Canada June 8 Jun 8 11
This is Disturbing ... Here ... If You’re White, Let US Feed You Some SHAME. UNREAL.
Bay0Wulf ME June 8 Jun 8 22
Apparently Discord doesn't like being asked to comply with law. They have spended my account for reasons that they say violate their T&C's yet have so far refused to supply the offending material Which under UK and US law a crime on their part. I ...
M_MarinoDC UK June 7 Jun 7 00
Since I think Ramz is tired of some of the same old guest ideas figured id name a few in here who have public email addresses and just list the guest idea with the public email address. 1. Larry Elder- Kind of like a Jesse Lee peterson a Black ...
Robert100 MD June 5 Jun 5 22
How Lockdown has affected Farmers in South Africa.
JennaGardner South Africa June 5 Jun 5 00
Hello I have been a MGTOW 15 years now . And i think it's a long road before women vote for any thing that is important to Men !
Docfun OR June 3 Jun 3 22
NRO: NYPD Counterterrorism head says organized groups planned looting in wealthy neighborhoods.
timon_phocas CO June 1 Jun 1 11
JP has called out the academics and the school teachers. What about the postmodern psychotherapists, some of his most scathing critics? How do we bring attention to the fact that post-modern therapists (not every therapist) are doing a number on ...
APoizner June 1 Jun 1 11
Lockdowns and gun control fail Chicago again-
SpikeTalon PA May 31 May 31 00
Stossel: Jordan Peterson vs. “Social Justice Warriors”
1patriot Canada May 31 May 31 22
It was a good idea to garner support before engaging. NOW KICK THEIR FUCKING ARSES! Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said at least 1000 more National Guard troops are needed to quell violence following the death of George Floyd in police custody ...
AdrianRainbow UK May 30 May 30 22
LINK Asia Bibi’s Brother-in-Law Murdered in Pakistan - YouTube
WorldSigh May 30 May 30 22
LINK RCMP grabbed Rebel reporter just before Trudeau's presser — Dragged out by cops FULL VIDEO - YouTube
WorldSigh May 28 May 28 11
Love your YouTube channel.
Neno1313 GA May 24 May 24 11
Peterson's eight rule, tell the truth, sounds like a 'motherhood statement'. The question becomes how we can animate this lesson so it comes to life and becomes a little more exciting and compelling? How? Using stories. So here is a story, also an ...
APoizner May 22 May 22 11
OK Sydney, I'm here in now. Thank you.
Sullycanuck Canada May 22 May 22 11
Is MFA as secure as we think it is?
SpikeTalon PA May 21 May 21 00
These are the videos that launched Peterson into chaos, and which pretty much gave us the conversations that became the IDW. The first one was the BIG one, and it has, according to youtube, 486,931 views. The follow-up vids have 143,582 and 123,516 ...
govols TN May 21 May 21 00
I thought we got rid of him during the SNC-Lavalin scandal! Butts is another paid $oro$ puppet Spencer Fernando: Butts Pushing New Movement! A new group is pushing for an environmental focus when Canada rebuilds after CCP Virus economic...
warminster100 Canada May 19 May 19 11
National Citizens Alliance: Nokia 5G Tower--Dangerous EMF Radiation Detected at Night The purpose of the video is to show that whether it is day or night, we are getting consistent extreme EMF microwatt frequency readings from the 5G tower, ...
warminster100 Canada May 19 May 19 11
No, surely not. What decent, self respecting muslim murderer, would do such a thing?
AdrianRainbow UK May 19 May 19 11
Fake website to Troll fake news
RemiDallaire Canada May 18 May 18 00
Jordan Peterson is a beautiful symphony. Physix is an MP3.
SupraLibrix ME May 16 May 16 11
And that, is where the trouble lies.
AdrianRainbow UK May 15 May 15 22
Still haven't signed the "Fire Tam" petition? It needs to be done!
warminster100 Canada May 15 May 15 00
“Remember the time when physicians didn’t believe in washing their hands before childbirth and infected & killed their patients? The time they thought it was a good idea to treat hemorrhoids with hot irons or treat mental illness by removing a ...
KeVince WA May 15 May 15 44
it's logical
1patriot Canada May 14 May 14 11
LINK MORE Public Health Mafia Connections - YouTube
WorldSigh May 13 May 13 00
CNN's Brian Stelter melts down over conservative media exposing Russiagate conspiracies...
SpikeTalon PA May 11 May 11 22
Looks like Jordan Peterson has become a grandfather — for the second time — with the birth of a baby boy to his daughter-in-law and son Julian late Friday.
GeeMac Canada May 10 May 10 77
Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World -
JoogleVAX4U TN May 8 May 8 11
America was founded by people who did not accept the existing corrupt Authority. In a physical world, Authority is established by physical strength: Violence. In an ideological world, Authority is established by ideological strength: Rhetoric....
SupraLibrix ME May 8 May 8 44
“Do not go gentle into that good night; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” —-thanks to Dylan Thomas
Edgework TX May 8 May 8 11
Brits here, please share.
Naomi May 8 May 8 44
CrustyCanuck6772 Canada May 7 May 7 22
Happy Homelands is excited to have Scott Greer as a guest this week. Scott is the host of a highly respected podcast. His work has appeared on the Drudge Report, RealClearPolitics, Fox Nation, Breitbart and numerous other media outlets. ...
ramzpaul OK May 7 May 7 00
LINK What Hating Jordan Peterson Tells You (about yourself) | Annette Poizner | The Blogs
APoizner May 5 May 5 66