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What do Liberal activists believe Conservatives believe?

In this video, the JP Sears satires that Conservatives believe:

  • violence is something fun
  • dangerous people should get guns
  • all news is corrupt
  • everything is a conspiracy
  • all the votes for Biden were fake
  • Trump is above God
  • we need free speech so can hurt people's feelings
  • lockdowns should be stopped to get more deaths
  • Qanon is believable
  • global warming should be encouraged
  • no one should ever be allowed to immigrate anywhere

While this is, of course, tongue and cheek, what dangerous, wrong, or untrue things do Liberal activists think Conservatives believe?

Do you think Liberals understand how Conservatives think?

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Admin 8 Feb 9
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I had this discussion with a socialist I know. Rather than a pointless debate, I said conservatives want what’s best for people, we just have a different way forward. She rejected that outright and said that conservatives don’t care about the welfare of people at all.

I’ve seen that attitude a lot. Many leftists really believe anyone on the right is cold-blooded and incapable of feeling empathy.

GeeMac Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

Yep, I've had that conversation.


I think the real problem is conservatives don’t know how the left thinks. We dismiss them as hopelessly illogical, confused, naive, and the victims of a lack of knowledge. That’s why we keep trying to debate with them. Surely, if we can just assert the logic of our thinking, they’ll have an epiphany, throw down Marx and pick up Milton Friedman.

We just can’t imagine that they look at the mountain of 100,000,000 corpses spawned by communism, and think, “That’s the wave of the future.” But they do. They look at an unblemished century and a half track record of poverty, desolation, oppression and genocide, and they think, “Oh shucks. Let’s give it another chance.”

It never occurs to us that somebody can examine the history of Stalin’s horrors and have the arrogance and out of control ego to think, “That wouldn’t have happened if I’d been in charge.” As Jordan Peterson said, “Yes it would. That’s the nature of the system. And if by some miracle you were smart enough and organized enough, someone would be right behind you shooting a bullet into your head.”

That’s the game they play: Power, and its unfettered accumulation. That’s why we don’t understand them. We want to debate. They want to kill us. And they’re already initiating the process.

Buy Ammo.

As Jordan Peterson said, “Yes it would. That’s the nature of the system. And if by some miracle you were smart enough and organized enough, someone would be right behind you shooting a bullet into your head.

That’s the game they play: Power, and its unfettered accumulation. That’s why we don’t understand them. We want to debate. They want to kill us. And they’re already initiating the process.

Hear! hear!

I was a liberal, and an activist of sorts. Let me assure you, conservatives do understand how liberals think. It's not complicated. It's thinking is derived from the right place (concerns for the downtrodden, environmental degradation, social assistance programs) but the solutions, at least in the social sphere, creates dependency and weakens the individual. A person who is grossly dependent on others is essentially enabled to be less than thier full potential and trained into community first mindsets that starts to look a lot like enmeshment. And because no one taught them how to walk, so to speak, some are not prepared to be proactive in their own lives and life may seem cruel to them. The nanny state creates victims. It doesn't rescue anyone.

For the educated liberal, I don't think my conclusion would be as obvious because they aren't down in the gutter watching the end results of the game. However, in my field, trying to fit policy into real life is 99% of my job and I can say they haven't got a clue.

Bit of a ramble. I apologize.


I have found those on the Left not only can't understand me, they don't want to!!

And I can predict their opinions with stunning accuracy...suggesting I understand them very well.

What is the old saying: The conservative thinks the liberal is stupid while the liberal thinks the conservative is evil.

If you can't understand a thing, how can you hate it?

@tracycoyle I've found a lot of people hate things they can't understand. If they could understand it, they wouldn't hate it.


If liberals understood conservatives, they wouldn’t be liberals, and besides, they only believe what their media overlords tell them to believe...

2peros Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

You took the words out of my mouth.

@Hanno That’s the opposite of progressives who are always trying to put words in my mouth 😂👍


Especially the free speech and gun rights points. A good portion of those on the left do believe that the right enjoys free speech strictly to offend or harass others verbally without facing any consequences, and that's not why those on the right think free speech is important in civilized society. The left also believes anyone who owns a gun is automatically prone to violence, nevermind the fact most gun owners keep and bear arms to protect their families from criminals (and Government thugs). So those two points in particular, nothing but baseless stereotypes.

Certainly voted no by the way.

Its Right vs Left and Progressive vs Conservative they are all slightly different things...
CONSERVATISM is: a political philosophy advocating the preservation of the best of the established order in society and opposing radical change, or simply change for its own sake.
I hope you see the difference.

@Lightman I hope you realize your command of the obvious is less than stunning, yes I know the difference.

@SpikeTalon You'd be surprised then how many here don't... they think that RW is Conservative whereas a Conservative can be either wing, just as a Progressive can.


Jonathan Haidt has studied this. The left has a caricature view of the right, while the right can far more often predict how a leftist will answer a survey.

govols Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

I've always looked at the difference between Conservatism and Liberalism as the difference between Objectivity and Subjectivity, based on interpretation of the Constitution. The less you read into a statement, the more conservative you are. Among other things, the 1st Amendment provides for Free Speech...period. A more liberally minded person might want an exception for "Hate Speech". Still somewhat innocuous. These Liberals may understand Conservatives, it's the next evolution to the left who don't...they're the ones who then equate political alliance with hate speech. the ones calling for "re-education" for Trump supporters. But I wouldn't call these people Liberals...Dave Rubin is a Liberal...Neo-Bolsheviks would be closer to the truth.

Dave Rubin isn't a liberal lol


Obviously, you did not digest everything in my comment. He calls himself a Classic Liberal, what I would call a Kennedy Liberal. Today's Left does not represent true liberalism, likely why they call themselves "Progressives". Much like Brandon Straka, Dave has rejected this new ideology, doing so does not make them de facto Conservatives.

@dentrawler Brandon Straka lol.

Honestly staggers me how people fall for this "i left the left" stuff.

Rubin now works for "the blaze" - Glenn Beck's media company
Straka is in jail for attempting to break into the capitol with the MAGA guys.

It's just a very easy way to make money, that's why they do it.

@bastion Actually Dave is, you just don't recognize a true old fashioned liberal.

@toronto_Georgia Dave is a dead-eyed grifter who works for Glenn Beck - a guy who's so crazy fox news had to kick him off.


The blaze is a conservative media company. it's useful for Rubin to pretend to be a liberal, that's his job.

@bastion You confuse liberal with leftist. Completely different creatures. Yes, Glenn is conservative. Even though he platforms (not employs) Rubin, Rubin is closer to what I was long ago.. a reasoning liberal. All camps have changed dramatically over time. I would not support a RINO, but do hold conservative views for the most part. So I still stand with my statement that Rubin is an old fashioned liberal.

@toronto_Georgia, @bastion

Now who's a conspiracy theorist ? There's something like 16,000 WalkAway videos posted, and it's "staggering" that people believe it. Do you think Brandon Straka paid all of those people to post videos, or is Russia behind it ? Have you ever watched any ? I think you're LOL-ing all by yourself. You're a Head Lines reader, doubt you delve past a web article's title once it confirms your narrative. Classic Troll

@dentrawler Thank you, saves me trying to make the same point 🙂

@dentrawler Straka made a nice career out of it. In the same way Rubin did.

Rubin works for the blaze now. Straka is in jail for breaking into the capitol.

Neither are "liberals". Liberals don't work for Glenn Beck, Liberals don't break into the capitol building with a MAGA mob lol

You should be less gullible.

@dentrawler, @toronto_Georgia Rubin is a trump supporter that works for Glenn Beck.


You know, I tried to give you a chance to pull on your Big Boy pants and have a real discussion but you are too far gone to reach. "Liberals don't break into the Capitol" that's when I realized you're too stupid to bother with anymore. Do Liberal's hit people in the head with bike locks and burn down churches ? You probably wouldn't know, again, no point in wasting more time with you except to warn anybody who does reply to you that you're a Troll.

I've heard you blame people for using the Strawman argument before. It's exactly what you do, like my original post, you distract from the real discussion because you don't like where it's going and sidetrack to an insignificant detail. That is what makes you a Troll. Common trait with Lefties too, blaming other people for their own character flaws.



Not only do I think that Liberals don't understand how I think as a Conservative, it has been years since I have met one who seems to care what I think or has any desire whatsoever to understand anything at all from my perspective.

I still know one who is inquisitive. She asked me what Q is/was recently...and listened as I tried to unpack it beyond "right-wing conspiracy theory." I started by telling her I'm working from outside, but then gave her my understanding as she nodded along, asking a few questions.

@govols Sounds like you have found a unicorn. 😉

@KeithThroop or a lib on the fence. The more the libs move left, the more they leave behind. All ex libs talk to conservatives.


Here's what people on this forum believe:

Trump won the election.
Trump is honest.
Biden is evil.
The democrats are evil.
Jewish people run the world.
Nearly all news is "fake news" aside from Newsmax and OAN
QAnon is real and not just lies on 4chan.
America is now a communist country.
Big companies are actually communist.
it's hard being white.


bastion Level 7 Feb 10, 2021

As Middleway says, cartoon character description. His full comment is below.

@toronto_Georgia No, that's literally what people on this forum believe, generally.

Do you think Trump won the election?

@bastion No. Read Time magazine article. Rigged? Yes. Won. No.

@toronto_Georgia oh you think he lost unfairly as the election was rigged.

that's what most people on here think : it was all unfair, dead people voted, the dominion voting machines were rigged etc etc etc.

@bastion makes assumptions based on their narrow, mindless view of the world. Lumping everyone who you don’t agree with is not only myopic, it’s just plain ignorant...

Wow, did you run out of paint whitewashing everyone here?

I can't speak for "all", but my views are this:

  1. Trump won the election.
    Honestly, I'm still unsure. There were a lot of law changes made to accommodate mail in voting, I was skeptical of mail in voting in general, the count took longer than I've ever seen in my life due to the sheer volume of voters among other reasons, and there were many huge claims of fraud that made me question the elections validity.

  2. Trump is honest.
    I find Trump to be honest, but factually accurate is hit or miss. He has a tendency to speak in extreme absolutes, and never apologizes for it. I think Trump honestly loves America, and is honestly patriotic, and I think he has done more good than bad for our Country.

  3. Biden is evil.
    I don't think Biden is evil. I think Biden is a career politician who says all the right things to whichever group he's pandering to, and doesn't have a very strong platform to stand on other than "Not Trump".

  4. The democrats are evil.
    I don't believe the Democrats are evil. I do believe, however, are two main political parties have two vastly different ideological views, and that there's little to no common middle ground among our political representatives.

  5. Jewish people run the world.
    This is a sentiment that I've seen frequently on both sides. I'm personally unsure if this is the case, or even why it should matter.

  6. Nearly all news is "fake news" aside from Newsmax and OAN
    I believe nearly all news is highly partisan opinionated pieces, with very little nuanced conversations, as well as very demonizing of the other party. Newsmax and OAN are also guilty of this. It makes me question their credibility when I have to bounce around between right v left media in order to get some semblance of a complete picture. So, yes. I believe most news is "fake", so to speak, on both sides.

  7. QAnon is real and not just lies on 4chan.
    By "real" do you mean accurate? In that case, I believe Q is one of the more interesting rabbit holes I've traveled down. Like most conspiracy theories, there are elements of facts connected to one another in some pretty convincing ways.

  8. America is now a communist country.
    This ties into the promotion of equity I've seen a lot on the left, for me. Whether all of this is indicative of our Country going full communist, is yet to be seen, but it's something I'm concerned about.

  9. Big companies are actually communist.
    This is the first time I'm seeing this. I don't think big companies are communist. I'm unsure why someone would. Can you provide reasons why?

  10. it's hard being white.
    I'm growing pretty irratated with the "50 shades of whiteness" on left MSM and Democratic politicians, as well as the comparison game between how "white problems" are not as bad as "black problems". Of course it's hard. It's hard for everyone at times. Grievances shouldn't be addressed according to skin pigmentation or genitals.

@saramarylop3z Big companies are actually communist.
This is the first time I'm seeing this. I don't think big companies are communist. I'm unsure why someone would. Can you provide reasons why?

I thought I could provide a little enlightenment on this.
It means that "big companies" or large corporations are not "democracies", per se. Communism, like that of the USSR, run by Stalin, or Cuba, run by Castro, is not dissimilar to how corporations are run. They are generally run by a Founder, CEO or Board of Directors. This is especially true if they are not publicly owned. Most publicly owned corporations have shareholders that can participate in decision making when it comes to major decisions but generally the CEO or Board of Directors engineer the direction of the company. The fact of the matter is that all choices the shareholders have are presented only as options by the CEO. Essentially, they are run similarly to dictatorships.

This might be considered more like a right wing dictatorship as the workers do not own the company and thus the means of production. But really all forms of socialism are... well....socialist, as defined by being run by a central authority.
Socialism, as a form of government, it must not be forgotten, is also a process and not just its final state that people generally think of it as. A real Socialist politician would have an authoritarian central authority as his prime objective. Some politicians just want a little bit of socialism like public education or a system of universal health insurance. This only provides justification for further socialist policies and so it "progresses" making it a process to the same end - that being the totally centralized authoritarian State.


If there was understanding - or even the desire to understand - why would there be the constant double-standards? Ponder on that a moment. If they saw their ideological counterparts as equals, does it not hold that the same standards would apply to both?

I strongly believe that the significant shift in the political Left from liberalism to authoritarianism is the result of fear of anyone who is not aligned with their worldview.

  • Antifa/BLM sets fire to buildings, assaults police, and harasses people; but this creates no fear.
  • A single protest about the election - which I do not condone, so don't even go there with me - has created such fear that we have over ten thousand troops still in Washington DC and are ordering the entire military to stand down so that they can root out the "disloyal."

This fear, this vilification of people on the political Right, speaks volumes about the lack of understanding.

BTW, I'm libertarian - you know, the folks MSNBC have lumped in with domestic terrorism? - so no, I'm not speaking as a conservative on this matter.


If you are a conservative you don't need to do a lot of thinking. What is traditional is what has proven to work. The left needs much better arguments because they reject traditions and are always on shaky ground. It is literally insane to think you can just try things until you find something that works. That may work in science but societies are a bit more complicated.

Liberal has a couple of meanings but one of them is excess. A lack of moderation. Despite a lot of pseudo sophistication liberalism has become base or naturalistic in the worst sense of that word. An example is it is hard to honestly compare one riot in D.C. with thousands of riots across the country. With no law enforcement with 20 thousand national guard and fences. With solving climate change and no natural gas or nuclear power plants. Equity with equality and identity politics with diversity. Freedom with responsible self determination.

It's easy to be conservative and be right but very hard to be liberal and right. It's just a matter of the nature of mutations.


Do you think Liberals understand how Conservatives think?
They can’t because they don’t understand much at all. Even Joe hasn’t a clue where he is or how to say anything coherent, but his troop seems to understand him.
I sure as hell don’t.

Rick-A Level 8 Feb 9, 2021

Along socio-political lines nearly everything the "left" (see socialists) think is dangerous to the stability, cohesiveness and prosperity of a well ordered society.
It is the socialists who seek to divide the population along demographic lines. Conservatives do NOT do that.

iThink Level 9 Feb 10, 2021

Strangely, this is a very lopsided vote......our Liberal friends not voting because....? I doubt they agree with the premise of the question....or maybe they do?

“Liberal friends...” Hmm. You still have any?

All my former “friends” on the left cancelled me when I asked them to lay out the actual plan for implementing the Green New Deal without wrecking our economy. It’s always fun to watch a leftist squirm and wiggle when you try to pin them down to specifics. The water they swim in is slander, smear and insults. Actually defending their lunatic positions is just too much of a bother, especially when you consider that they are indefensible.

@Edgework I have found over the last year that any time I have wasted energy engaging a libtard on environmental/green new deal issues the biggest problem is their total lack of knowledge on the relativity of our current economic system.. the ripple effect throughout business of any "green" stance. They just don't understand cause and effect.

@Edgework Couldn't agree more. Why is it that all they have to offer in a discussion is slander and insults?

I think it could have something to do with their fundamental way of approaching other people: I they don't like someone, they think it's okay to treat them badly.

All in the name of tolerance 🙂


I would love it if there were any Liberal Activists. I think what is being referred to, here, are
LEFTIST activists.

I can tell you what Leftists believe, that I also believe---we have nothing to discuss.

I used to be a liberal who aimed at educating people on various things. Does that count?

Btw, I'm confused what you meant by this: "I can tell you what Leftists believe, that I also believe---we have nothing to discuss."

It means that Leftists don't want to discuss. It means that Leftists are the ones who use phrases like " any means necessary." I have nothing to discuss w/ them, nor they with me.
I know that on that singular point, we agree.

@Terence57 oh, I see

The new Left is very illiberal.


Conservatives don't understand how conservatives think, so why should liberals?

ktpinto Level 7 Feb 10, 2021

I completely agree with this. The problem with conservatism, is that over time, it has moved towards leftist positions, no belief is sacred, all is negotiable. The left, on the other side, does not need to consider how others think. The aim of the left is to seize power by whatever means necessary.


It's funny (and sad) that most of the Conservative replies on this post are committing the same exact sin - completely mis-characterizing Liberals.

"The left also believes anyone who owns a gun is automatically prone to violence"

"the right can far more often predict how a leftist will answer a survey"

"I can predict their opinions with stunning accuracy...suggesting I understand them very well"

"they only believe what their media overlords tell them to believe"

"It's easy to be conservative and be right but very hard to be liberal and right."

"Outside juveniles its those over 30 who are insulated from the vagaries of life, or mentally ill or have an extreme vested interest who remain on the left."

"the difference between Conservatism and Liberalism as the difference between Objectivity and Subjectivity"

And some recent new ones:

"The left is actually trying to live this" in reference to oligarchy / plutocracy / corporatocracy.

"All Progressive Activists LOOK The Same"

  • "I can predict their opinions with stunning accuracy...suggesting I understand them very well"

This is something that both left and right MSM does that bugs the hell out of me. The only thing I can predict is how CNN will cover a story in contrast to FOX.

However, I think a lot of people confuse our current left and right journalists as being accurate mouthpieces for the right v left. I could be wrong, but I don't think Don Lemon is representative of all liberals. I also don't think Glenn Beck is representative of all conservatives. Both make a lot of "us v them" arguments, and speak of the other side as if they know them perfectly. It seems to be a common belief that both sides know what the other side thinks, but that the other side is misrepresenting them.

EDIT: thing, not think


That we don't care one iota for anyone by ourselves or our own.

Few seem to realize that we're, to use old fashioned vernacular, "stand up" men (and women). Responsible, caring, good stewards, hard working, good Samaritans, generous when able, loyal, live and let live ... yada yada yada.


I don't think many liberals understand how conservatives think, but to be fair, many conservatives don't understand how liberals think. (Myself included)

My personal perception of politics, on both sides, is that it's become very stigmatic. Unfortunately, the loudest extremists on both sides have become what represents each side to the other side. This is a huge problem. Policy, reform, change, and other aspects of positive societal growth can't have substantial long term effect under such divides.

Personally, it's hard for myself to get past seeing all liberals as being in the more progressive left zone. I would imagine most liberals would think of conservatives as all being in the extremist right zone. I'm inclined to believe neither are true, but the fact that I'm unsure, is concerning.😅

Some would say they don't think... they feel....


Pointless question. You haven't defined Liberal.


This is conservatives trying to subtly move themselves away from Trumpism isn't it?

You've howled FAKE NEWS for four years and now you are subtly trying to pretend you haven't.

Fun to watch trump being memory-holed in realtime.

bastion Level 7 Feb 10, 2021

Trump colluded with Russia...
Biden won fair and square...
All Trump supporters are racists...

Fuck your news

@Edgework "my" news? I don't watch much american news - CNN etc.

you are proving my point though.

"all the votes for Biden were fake" - that's what this guy thinks democrats think republicans think.

"Biden won fair and square..." - this is you leaning into the conspiracy theory - and a couple of likes already, as i said:

"all the votes for Biden were fake" - this site is RAMMED with people that believe all sorts of wetbrained conspiracies.

You believe all the conspiracies don't you?

Dominion voting machines?
Dead voters?
Massive surge in voting artificially?
fake mail in ballots?

Bet you believe all of these things lol.

You’re a bright lad. I’ll bet you went to college. Clearly capable of reasoning and critical thinking. So I can’t imagine you would ridicule a position without actually looking at the evidence in support of it. So, if you say all election claims are baseless, and all lawsuits are frivolous, please: enlighten me. Don’t just say they’ve been debunked. Debunked by who? Which claims have been debunked. What is the argument for the debunking. How do you explain data that standard methods of statistical analysis determine makes no sense in the context of a fair election?

Don’t bring up the courts; no cases were evaluated on the merits. All were dismissed on procedural grounds. So why don’t you fill in the blanks? What claims are baseless? And why?

I’m not trying to bait you. I’d love to hear someone from your side of the aisle argue your point instead of throwing smears and insults. I’ve never yet found anyone on this site willing to do so.


It’s funny how the opposite is true!


Lets not mix radical left and ''regular'' leftists these are too separate kind of point of view.


LOL not a true Conservative thought in sight.


Progressives/Liberals (US) do not seek to understand another point of view... they simply do not tolerate dissent.

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