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Retired paralegal. Lifelong learner and horrified by the general direction the US and Canada have moved.


The Spirit of Quitting. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 29, 2021:
One of the reasons I don't follow ramzpaul is because of his lack of knowledge. > Simone Arianne Biles (born March 14, 1997) is an American artistic gymnast. With a combined total of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals, Biles is the most decorated American gymnast and is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most dominant female gymnasts of all time. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Biles won individual gold medals in all-around, vault and floor; bronze in balance beam; and gold as part of the United States team, dubbed the "Final Five". Biles is also a five-time World all-around champion (2013–2015, 2018–19), five-time World floor exercise champion (2013–2015, 2018–19), three-time World balance beam champion (2014–15, 2019), two-time World vault champion (2018–19), a seven-time United States national all-around champion (2013–2016, 2018–19, 2021), and a member of the gold medal-winning American teams at the 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Additionally, she is a three-time World silver medalist (2013 and 2014 on vault, 2018 on uneven bars) and a three-time World bronze medalist (2015 on vault, 2013 and 2018 on balance beam). Biles is the gymnast with the most World medals (25) and most World gold medals (19), having surpassed Scherbo's record 23 World medals by winning her 24th and 25th, both gold, at the 2019 competition in Stuttgart. And he doesn't know who she is. REALLY? I don't mean to disrespect his followers, but this is one of the reasons I am not a fan. And just to clarify, I do not normally follow the Olympics closely.
Vaccinated have a number.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 28, 2021:
The fact that there is a unique number assigned tells you there is a database in the US, or the NWO keeping track of every single person receiving (or not receiving) these killer vaccines.
South Africa port operations halted after major Cyberattack. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
What perfect timing. SA currently is suffering massive loss of everyday goods threatening starvation of thousands. Locking up the main port of entry seriously exacerbates the shortages creating during the Zuma riots. Ultimately who might profit from this cyber attack and the chockhold on supplies? Is an inside job or some other nefarious plan afoot? The timing is just way too convenient.
Stew Peters Show: Dr.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I don't know that "treaon" is the correct word. Will the referral to the DOJ result in any charges? Highly unlikely as the DOJ and all our institutions are fully corrupted at this point in time.
AmericanMind: It'll never happen; and when it does, boy will you ever deserve it.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Poignant: > But understand this: they hate you and want you cancelled and ostracized, or at least utterly subservient and obedient. You owe them no consideration. Their every argument, every sentence, every word are proffered in bad faith. Bout sums it up. Frankly I am tired of having to twist my mind to understand and deal with them and their ploys. That final statement is all I need. Fuck'em.
As the Taliban Take Ground the Beheadings Begin As the US-NATO withdrawal in Afghanistan enters ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
The slaughter will continue for quite some time. Would not surprise me if women and girls are included in the "cleansing" as well.
What remains a huge mystery is President Trump's playing along with the COVID fraud and promoting ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
I've been wondering about Trump and the whole vaccine con myself. Although a long Q and A broadcast, retired commissioned officer Roy Potter stated that Trump was not who we think he is and is also a globalist playing a role in the political salad of this country. There appears to be strong plausability to what he said. His remarks were startling to say the least, but generally he is highly regarded by many ex-military including Pinball Prepper (a frequently repected YouTube broadcaster on here). I'm sorry I am unable to pinpoint his comments on Trump to a specific portion in this recording. here is the link:
[] DOJ Now Has Official Request to Begin Criminal Investigation of Dr. Fauci
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
What a joke. DOJ and all the alphabet agencies are utterly corrupt. NOTHING will happen.
‘Don’t march, don’t protest’: Alan Jones calls for Australians in lockdown to obey the law |...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
Makes me wonder just how evil and lethal the threats to commentators has become. I do suspect however he is just trying to stop people from being hurt, fined or gaining criminal records. His comments to me suggest an entire overthrow of the inept government ... yet how does one do that without an uprising. There is no question NSW and the entire country are being run by a criminal cabal.
Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 27, 2021:
From Wikipedia: > Hurricane Rita was the most intense tropical cyclone on record in the Gulf of Mexico and the fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. Part of the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, which included three of the top ten most intense Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded Total actual deaths recorded .... 120 I think we all remember that one. That was 15 years ago and I personally have noticed a distinct crescendo in FB messaging of "be safe" since that event. Each successive year that mantra has grown noticeably in use. MSM daily incorporates that dogma to the extent that even the stock market looks like is suffers from palsy. Fait a compli ... even the slightest mention of something negative and the mice across the country go scurrying to their tunnels. The C-19 flu, its variants and the insane vaccine push also profits greatly on an easily triggered hysterical populace.
PODCAST: But, But, January 6th Was the Most Dangerous Day Ever, Wally! As sentences start ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 26, 2021:
The overhyped response was an excuse to censor and hunt conservatives.
Introspection - examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings, privileged access to our ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Certainly a broad range of perspectives Krunoslav. Based on the meme alone, I figured out long ago, on the subject of unhealthy relationships, the person who stays in an abusive relationship needs to figure out what they ARE getting out of the relationship. What's the hook that makes them stay. For a great many it is fear of being alone. Fear that no one will ever want them. Better to have an abuser than be lonely. People who do leave an abuser simply replaces them later with another abuser ... perhaps of a different type, but an abuser nonetheless. Only by facing and recognizing that demon (of non-existent self worth) can the healing begin and the cycle be broken. Sadly, many never get there. To quote you: "A childhood trauma, burred under a mountain of deep seeded coping mechanisms makes is just a bit more hazy. "
This video brings a valid point to light, BUT Camel Toed Heels Up Harris would then be ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Last thing we need is Kackel Queen and Pelosi running the show.
The great Hunter Biden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Classic behavior for every looser I've ever known.
New covid study released... []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Delightful (NOT) to see our neutered politicans pretend to be clueless warriors.
WHATEVER SHE BE SMOKIN, I WANT ME ME SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 25, 2021:
Just entertaining the sheeple. Olympic level this time LMAO
On this day: On July 25, 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first baby to be conceived via in ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 25, 2021:
Doesn't seem that long ago that in vitro was first successful. Now a common practice, I do remember the huge scuffles then. We've come a long way baby!
This explains why we are living through insanity. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 25, 2021:
Dream on.
Macron's vaccine passport mandate to visit hospitals a 'violation of Hippocratic Oath | Sky News ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 25, 2021:
Is the Hippocratic oath still functioning in Western society? I think not. Evidence was the literal outlawing of the use of medications like Ivermectin and HCQ. Thousands died needlessly. The entire medical system has been hijacked by the globalists. It is premeditated murder for Macron to make such rulings.
Episode 1,120 – Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Dangerous People in America Pt.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 24, 2021:
Funniest thing to me is , although I have not seen the full dirty dozen list, the ones at the top that I am aware of are people I have followed for years and years and years. The Bollingers I started watching about 5 years ago. They stated that no one has been able to point to a single actual bit of misinformation of their materials. Not one. And the vast majority of their information is taken directly from government websites who have listed these studies and information. The public will fall for any of the government's shenanigans and never ever look under the skirt to track down real facts.
Mandatory vaccination's path to dystopian prosperity
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 24, 2021:
The meme should show decrepit Joe as The Vaccinator. Oddly I have never heard Trump say anything against the vaccines, but he believes they were developed on his watch. According to a Dr. Martin, whom Fuellmich interviewed, they were actually patented prior to the plandemic, it is already sad enough Trump occasionally gets credit for them. As none were announced until after Nov 3, 2020, let Biden take the fall.
Next stop—cognitive dissonance We are about to see two versions of cognitive dissonance ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 24, 2021:
I have a question about all of this. If audits prove, without a doubt, that Biden is illegally occupying the Whitehouse, will he and his Administration be evicted? How can they possibly remain in power for the next 3 or possibly 2 years assuming these additional audits will take the same amount of time to complete?
During a 1665 plague outbreak in London, schoolchildren were told to smoke cigarettes, which at the ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 23, 2021:
Well, now we know where that expression came from. Too funny.
America Uncovered: Can Biden FORCE Big Tech to Censor Americans?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 23, 2021:
Big Tech doesn't need to be "forced". They salivate at the opportunity!
McCarthy Gives Pelosi Ultimatum on January 6th 'Committee' Opening the door for extrication from...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 23, 2021:
With what we have learned in recent months about FBI participation in the Jan 6th event, it is quite clear the event, the open door welcome party the trespassers received, and the subsequent extreme dramatization of the significance and violence of the event all have been orchestrated by the DNC with viscous Pelosi at the helm. There is simply nothing in any of the details of Jan. 6th that justify this Committee. Is McCarthy simply falling into the spider's trap? Me thinks so. I am truly surprised he is still that naive.
Could the dismissive snark be any worse?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 23, 2021:
I think Mike Lindell is a man unleashed, driven by passion and virtue. What he lacks in advanced education he more than makes up for in sheer drive and determination. No luke warm for Mike. Many could take a page from his book.
the great reset. 10s of thousands of websites are going down and then coming back up.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 23, 2021:
I suspect there are numerous players in this little game. The usual suspects Russia and China, and probably North Korea and Iran. Turning into a free-for-all designed to keep the boat as rocky as possible and nerves a jittering. Will it all go down? Will all the banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions go down? Highly likely in the near future. Several of the big credit card companies were off-line yesterday. Testing. Testing. Testing. When they all go down, and they will, welcome the Great Reset. Just testing the waters right now.
Biden Used Private Gmail Account to Send Government Information to Hunter []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Great to now have the evidence. Too bad no one will take him down, after all he is a DEM. Just as incidental as Hilary's records but Biden is too dumb to hide them.
I got my second "vaccine" shot earlier this week.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Why why why did you do this to yourself. You have access to tons of info right on this site.
Chinese residents struggle in rising flood water; Soldiers blast dam in China breached by rain | ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Horrific. I grieve for the people. For Xi, "every little bit helps" in the depopulation goal of Agenda 2030. He is fully on board with that Agenda. The evils of China, just like the evils of Russia are all staged for gullible dumbed down population theater.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Frankly, the petition will do little to help terrorism towards Christianity. The recent Alberta cases and treatment of the pastors at the hands of law enforcement speaks loud and clear. Trudeau, his government, and the Provincial governments clearly see Christianity akin to voodoo. Have any Mosques been damaged throughout this period? Not likely, nor will they be. Communists see religion only as something to reduce abeyance to the manifesto. The government and the tribes have known about the deaths of Native children stolen for assimilation for well over 50 years. Although some died at the hands of assault and abuse, the majority died of childhood diseases and general diseases introduced by the Western civilization's "invasion". The current rage has been intentionally created on purpose to blacken Christian faith in general and Catholic faith specifically. The reason most of the graves are "unmarked" is that the wooden crosses placed at the time of death have not survived time and the elements. The government's response is mild and for the most part fake as communism decries any Christian faith. The whole rage element is fake designed to raise the ire of the gullible. For Trudeau its just another photo op. Sadly, for many of faith are increasingly abandoning those roots and are gullible to foolishness of current memes "follow the Light", "feed the light in you", "feed the good wolf", etc. Platitudes for an increasingly ignorant and easily swayed populace.
I have a confession to make.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 21, 2021:
EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 21, 2021:
I don't know that he will end all this insanity, but his evidence is going to be used by Reiner Fullmich in his current case in the German Courts, and from there... the world.
Bill Gates and George Soros buy out UK Covid test company Mologic.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 21, 2021:
> Here's the Epoch Times Article I just found: Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company[EMAIL_SECURE_LINK] > “Mologic’s transition into a social enterprise is a deliberate, logical, and natural step for a company focused on delivering affordable diagnostics and biotechnology to places that have been left underserved by the relentless pursuit of profiteering,” said Mark Davis in a statement. “With the support of our shareholders, donors, and partners, we have come a long way. We believe we have the people and the skills required for the challenges and opportunities ahead. And we hope this unique transaction will be an example for others to follow.” Such kind souls!
Tucker: Why Does The Media Slobber Over Jeff Bezos? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Its fun watching Tucker get such a laugh out of Bezos antics. Why not enjoy the hilarity of it all!!
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Those French don't F around do they LMAO
Watch How The 'Ladies' on The View Treated Trump Before He Ran For President! [welovetrump.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 20, 2021:
Frankly, like all media, they are following instructions and want to keep their jobs. Anyone who watches them is brain dead and easily programed to begin with. Empty vessels downloading media's content.
Democrat Accused of EXPOSING Himself To Women And Children, Dems AND GOP Demand Resignation ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 20, 2021:
What if the Dems are misdirecting focus on this Thomson's past to distract people from screaming that he should not be in the Minnesota legislature in ANY capacity?
Any one know if Pinball has been shut down on Youtube?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 19, 2021:
LMAO. I just searched and he's there and current.
Opinions on Michael Malice?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 19, 2021:
Actually he's an anarchist, but not the rioting kind. He really has little use for governments. Was USSR born, so was Lex Fridman and their podcasts are interesting. Michael Malice is a political thinker, podcaster, and author. I've seen Dave Rubin interview him. Fridman is really interesting. Both are really smart and a good break from regular politics and discuss a myriad of topics including politics and the current state of the Republic.
Time to Repeal the First Amendment? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 19, 2021:
Ignorance is bliss.
Mirage Men []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 19, 2021:
Still confusing as heck, reality vs. fiction. I firmly believe we can't be the only quasi intelligent species in the Universe. Time will tell. I have something for you, from a highly respected theologin that also references alien species. It is a chapter from a book he worked on in collaboration with others that specifically speaks to the near future and the NWO's use of extra-terrestrials when they move to a one world government.
Humans consume 600 more calories a day now than they did in the '70s.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 18, 2021:
Nutrition has dropped, even our soil no longer produces high quality caloric value. Most of the "tastes great" chemicals wreak havoc on our digestive systems and health. All those wonderful preservatives work not just on creating longer shelf life but also permeates our bodies with preservatives reducing the ability of the body to actually burn those calories. Combine that with far more sedentary lifestyles and "bingo" a predominantly obese and unhealthy population. How many fat Amish do you see?
Highlights from AZ Audit Senate Hearing 7/15 Hand Count Ballot duplication nightmare.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 18, 2021:
Biden only won the state by 11,000 votes. To see these numbers of questionable ballots alone suggests serious issues with crediting the state to Biden. With other swing states now demanding audits, could we not be well into this time in 2022? What exactly happens if, in fact, Trump won by a landslide??
Found these on John McAfee, which I thought you'd all enjoy the heck out of.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
Ever wonder about Belize?? Ha ha here's McAfee's take on Belize: John McAfee Wild Interview
VIDEO: Communist Chinese Officials Talk of Nuking Japan in Taking Taiwan Existing in ground ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
Frankly, I'd take this talk very seriously, meanwhile Biden hides along with the trembling Blinken. Question is, which will launch the first of many. One serious move by China on Taiwan and I suspect Japan WILL nuke them. As to the rest of the alliance, that's pretty much a wait and see if they follow suit. One single nuke on Japan and all the alliance will jump in. I can't see them being hesitant at all as the Sleeping Giant finally roars.
QUESTION: Does anyone know more about the background issues in the assassination of the Haitian ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
If you have trouble viewing videos, just go to the site and use the search function. Paste the "title" of my posting into that search engine.
QUESTION: Does anyone know more about the background issues in the assassination of the Haitian ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
QUESTION: Does anyone know more about the background issues in the assassination of the Haitian ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
What’s the difference between a Cuban trying to escape economic and political oppression, and a ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
LMAO. Escaping Cubans would NEVER vote Dem. Guatemalans would vote for whoever let them in.
Matthew 13:40-42 "As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 17, 2021:
Meet Josh Geltzer. Never heard of him?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
> He (Joshua A. Geltzer) is an ideologue and a political hatchet man, and his singular focus since 2016 has been on destroying Donald Trump, the MAGA movement, and anyone who opposes the Democratic Party’s increasingly radical agenda. **More than a bit CHILLING to say the least.** > In April 2020 Geltzer characterized Trump as sounding like the “leader of some tinpot dictatorship” and accused him of seeking absolute power in violation of the Constitution. > In March 2020, Geltzer warned – that in his view – President Trump was going to use the excuse of the pandemic to make himself some sort of dictator. **Sounds more like Biden to me.** > This individual, now armed with unprecedented power, has also made clear his belief that the United States government should act to control what people can say and know and establish the “facts” that are permitted to be discussed and debated. **He, himself, is both a terrorist and Chief at Arms of Biden's Thought Police!** **REMEMBER** THIS FACE, AND THE ASSHOLE WHO OWNS IT
Democrats Usurp State's Constitutional Rights with Probe into Election Audit House Democrats on ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
I never really knew just how vicious Dems were or just how dirty and low they'd stoop. Note how pleasant their faces are. Kind of matches their personalities.
Naming the Capitol Cop Who Killed Unarmed Jan.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
> Following the shooting, Byrd’s Internet footprint was scrubbed, including his social media and personal photos. A tell tale sign they are protecting him.
Makes sense now why his name was supressed!! ChuckSchumer MichaelByrd AshliBabbit Just In: ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
The video doesn't say that. Wouldn't surprise me if this is why no information has been available. Hopefully time will tell. We know that's important even though Pelosi and her gang figure a tresspasser on the grounds does not warrant an answer. If it is Schumer's private security I'm sure all kinds of poop will fly.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
Never a dull moment these days.
GatewayPundit: Maricopa County, AZ election audit results announced.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
1. AZ AUDIT HEARING: Doug Logan Lays Out Duplicate Ballot Discrepancies 2. Potential Mail-In Ballot BOMBSHELL Drops at AZ Audit Hearing 3. Audit Team CAUGHT THEM! Ballots were on WRONG PAPER STOCK 4. AZ Audit Team: "There Was a Breach During 2020 Election - High Vulnerability for Internet Hack I numbered them so you could keep track of what you'd watched and what you hadn't.
At least 103 dead in western Germany, Belgium, more than 1,300 missing | Europe floods Have YOU ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
We do not know if there is any history of these types of floods in the past. That would hold a lot of bearing on how one is to view these occurrences. I have, for some time now, suspected weather modification is being employed by the members of the NWO to push the "climate change" narrative.
The Hague: Thierry Baudet exposes globalist conspiracy to use the pandemic for ‘obedience ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
The brainwashed will never listen to this and gladly go into total submission!
Give me one, ONE reason to believe that if you were to watch your toddlers getting brutally raped ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 16, 2021:
Alfredo, I suspect the biggest reason for lack of response is the issue of jurisdiction. Scream all we want, because these things are happening in other countries or in States where we don't have a voice, most are relegated to observer class. I agree there should be massive uproar but that does not appear to be happening. That parents did not immediately remove their children from the Monkey Pedo event is mindblowing to me, and further that heads did not roll should be shocking to anyone. The Wisconsin School Board should be tarred and feathered for exposing grade 3 students to these instructional courses in aberrant sexuality including provision of links to deviant websites is an abomination. Crickets from the community. It has been quite clear for several years now that they (leftists) will be demanding that pedophilia be included in the LBGTQ category and legitimized. Conservatives across the world should be in uproar -- again, Crickets. Are conservatives so overwhelmed by non-stop assault on sanity that they are now catatonic and incapable of taking action to protect their and other peoples' children?? Are Christians too busy looking skyward for His return to say and do anything?
"South Africa burns - the ring leaders behind the anarchy make themselves known" []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 15, 2021:
This may sound crazy, but are you sure Soros isn't funding these guys and helping stir up this action. He's done it all over the world to topple governments and economies.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
White House will continue pursuing Iran deal despite Iranian plot to kidnap US journalist in NYC
This need to happen to CNN. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
I am disappointed he didn't provide the supporting documents and Exhibits. I love Monty Python type humor. Poor Tim. Guess he found out the hard way that picking your directors and partners can be dicey at best. I am laughing that Rocco and Molly had the balls to elect to remove the 85% shareholder as a primary officer of the corp. Now that IS balls.
IMF Plan Dumps USD as World Reserve Currency, Ushers in 'Great Reset' An International Monetary ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Were this to happen we could see banking institutions shut down for days as they either convert all our current personal funds over to the SDR or simply confiscate all funds and put everyone on UBI through newly minted government accounts tied to your IRS account rendering your current banking facilities dead. The fact that both Biden and Xi are on board with this move should scare the living daylights out of everyone.
George Floyd Memorial DESTROYED By Lightning Strike On A Sunny Day, People Say God Is MAD At BLM ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Too funny all the theories this will generate.
RedState: Is it a new Cuban Revolution?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
RedState: Is it a new Cuban Revolution?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Having spent some time in Cuba, I am surprised and encouraged by these uprisings. This was not even possible under the Castro regimes. Castro was notorious for disappearing dissidents to brutal prisons which are, of course, still fully operational. Cubans themselves are a wonderful people filled with a surprising level of optimism and ingenuity borne in response to the oppressive Castro regime.
Macron's call for 'compulsory vaccinations' the first step in 'global authoritarian wave' | Sky ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
The path to global totalitarian control is murky, confusing and conflicting, but mostly just f'n terrifying. Extremely difficult to fight a moving target, and I suspect that is exactly the point. Amazing how quickly these "elected" leaders are rapidly becoming dictators. Does Macron's move effectively fuel Marine Le Pen's campaign? Or would she too be bamboozled into supporting the globalists' agenda.
Caspian Report: Central Asia on the verge of a water war [youtu.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Very very interesting. For Westerners so little is known about these regions and nothing is known of its history. I appreciate the opportunity to hear more about the Stans and the tensions between them. Prior to this, my only understanding was from the 90's when oil and gas resources were being promoted as investments. Interesting that Russia divided them knowing it was creating conflict. Is China at all involved these days? Thanks Krunoslav for posting this vid.
Larry Elder is running for CA governor! Larry Elder makes 'surprising' announcement on ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
I wish him all the best. Californians have had it with the arrogant elitist Newsome. CA is bleeding fleeing residents. Elder has a massive following on his radio podcasts. Should be a very interesting race.
I personally may not agree with Ben Carson on things, but fatherless criss is important topic, that ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 14, 2021:
The prevelant issue of "male toxicity" and the extreme Feminist movement have done massive damage to the family unit. Masculinity is not toxic in its natural form but has been so denigrated by all the forms of media with the intention of destroying the family. In a healthy family mom is the nurturer as well as dad but dad also represents the harsh reality of real life. Life will not coddle you and children with a real dad learn this to their betterment. Both balance each other to better prepare kids for a full and successful life. The entertainment industry has made sexuality and promiscuity the desired norm and women and girl power in order to undermine family values. I don't think I have been as clear as I would like to have been but I hope my observations hold some merit.
Just a thought.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
A well-rounded broad based education was the norm for every generation and entirely doable until recent times. Get rid of sex education, CRT, feminism and political indoctrination and that would leave tons of room for a broad base of subjects including physical education, shop and home ec. Simply remove the brainwashing and we return to a full curriculum. Heck I even had a full year that apart from reading, writing, history, maths, geography, etc. that included Latin and French. That was my 8th grade in a nutshell. I'm old, but I'm not that old. Oddly though, memorization and regurgitation was not part of the curriculum. And critical thinking meant that you questioned things and you explored and researched matters of interest outside of the classroom.
Want some Carrot and orange marmalade?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Grew up with grandparents and parents who'd do creamed vegetables. Never my favorite for sure. My parents were children during the Depression but luckily their families faired reasonably well through this trying time in history.
Can LARRY ELDER Turn California RED?
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
This certainly could be interesting. The lawlessness and homeless destruction of CA cities along with Elders' practical approach contrasted against Newsome's elitest airs may finally wake Californians up.
Bible Bites | Jesus is Coming Back as a Political Leader Truth be told, this is something most ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
Interesting interpretation. Political Leader? Revelations is clear his return will not be meek and mild, but rather as a warrior “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice, He judges and ***wages war***.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
It is quite clear Xi is not taking Blinkin's comments and upbraiding seriously. As long as the US is all talk and no action Xi is free to do as he pleases. Same goes for Putin and all the cyberattacks.
Capitol Police to use Army surveillance gear to monitor Americans and ‘identify emerging ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 13, 2021:
What is unique about the use of USCP for civilian surveillance is this: > “Congress is not subject to the law, and the Capitol Police, as a component of the legislative branch, is also exempt from any FOIA request,” the report stated. That, in and of itself, should be cause for alarm. THAT explains why they are opening up regional offices and will be using this equipment. ANY other law enforcement agency IS subject to FOIA requests. UNACCOUNTABILITY and a total lack of transparency MUST be cause for ALARM.
India-Japan make China sweat on 2 different fronts | TFI Global Vid 5:57 mins. []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
The US currently refuses to back Taiwan. Xi has Biden in his back pocket. If Xi goes after Taiwan, his next assault will be on Japan, then India. I doubt Xi would hesitate with the US sitting idly by. Trump firmly supported all three nations and although not a war monger, Xi knew not to piss him off. Should be interesting going into the Fall. Xi is getting seriously antsy.
Scenes of war in South Africa right now. Civil war... []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Sorry Jenna, I just read your earlier post. Are you safe?
So the Zulus in SA are having a big violent tantrum because a South African President has been sent ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
I do.
Scenes of war in South Africa right now. Civil war... []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
I was thinking about you, Jenna, when I'd heard this was happening. Is this Africaner Farmers protecting themselves and also rising up? Please give us a bit more narrative so we understand better. Almost no news coverage.
Miami Mayor Calls For US Intervention In Cuba As THOUSANDS Protest Against Communist Dictatorship ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
We have no business interfering with Cuba. If we did have the right to do so, it should have been done decades ago. To do so now would also rile Russia and China. Frankly there's enough Tom Fuckery going on in the international sphere right now and you know damn well Biden and Blinken would only screw things up worse.
The Military is Going WOKE, Are We DOOMED? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Xi is heavily building up his military while Biden is actively destroying ours. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
She absurdly said it was 'almost impossible' for rural Americans to photocopy their ID while ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 11, 2021:
That's the problem, flyover elites making assumptions about the heartland and rural residents. Painfully obvious with these two.
Nothing to investigate
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 10, 2021:
They'll just attribute the net worth to her husband. Slithery Dems.. as usual.
I have just had my book "The Pastor and the Matriarch of the German Underground and Their Times – ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 9, 2021:
“I remembered Papa talking about Stalin confiscating peasants' land, tools, and animals.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 9, 2021:
So basically, Lenin unwhittingly unleashed Stalin when the fickle finger of fate played its hand. Thanks Kruno, most interesting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to hear Part II.
Tucker: Not Only Are These People Crazed Ideologues, They’re Stupid []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Just stop this insanity. Cameras in the classroom, we are now finding out, should have been there a decade or two ago.
When The Biden Administration Knocks On Your Door… []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Accurate, glad she was locked and loaded.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
Not before they have us all pay for their goodies. Green energy doesn't work but it will on a small scale. Lets make the dumb population pay for the coast to coast set up of our future systems, then milk them for everything they've got through illness and medical expenses.
Global warming guru Thunberg abuses woke leaders because no one else will listen | Sky News ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
LOL. The only response she elicits from me. That world leaders give her the time of day just shows how complicit they are in the whole sky is falling narrative.
Survey: almost half of young Australians would opt for a lockdown over a flu outbreak | Sky News ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 8, 2021:
This is clear evidence just how much propaganda was fed to Millenials and all others of following demographics, who appear to be far more susceptible to fear mongering narratives. The school systems have completely brainwashed our children and so the plandemic narrative has particularly affected them. I will post something I read on here yesterday which clearly outlines the methods used during the pandemic by all governments across the globe. But can you imagine how emotionally and mentally damaged children currently in school are going to be. The level of obedience based on fear just ratcheted up exponentially and I doubt there's anything we will ever be able to do to bring back sane thinking. Please read this article, don't waste time on the video enclosed, it is the methods being employed that matter, and "they" will not stop there. This is only the beginning of the NWO
Bitcoin prices have crashed. WTF happened???
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Actually, what really happened was China outlawed them and mining them. So, briefly they appeared with blank values on the stock exchange this morning, but later in the day the figures were again added and each had gained in value. Just China f'n with us.
How To Fight The Woke | JP Sears - MP Podcast 90 [youtube.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Really good interview. His take on empathy is at first jaring but well worth some introspection and temporing. Sure does make you look at it differently and the people you know who do not recognize the many aspects of it including the negative draw on one's own actions. Nice to hear more of his background and thoughts in general.
No Good Reason the Cryptocurrency Sphere Shouldn't Box Out China Completely China appears at the...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
This is all crazy. Bitcoin and Etherium are not even listed on the financial sites right now. In what realm did China gain power over cryptocurrencies to the extent they could deep six these two giants??
[] Churches burned on Canada Day long weekend, and the media is partially to blame
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Very balanced report by Candace Malcolm. Kuddos. Horrendous. The government has had all this information for decades and decades. Now the refuge and hard won churches (member's funds invested in) are being destroyed. All part of a war on religions. Did you know the newest quirk is believing the "the light", or honoring your own light is the way kids want to go. After all it has no "rules" that are confining. Worship the creation, not the Creator.
[] Reiner Fullmich and Brian Gerrish Interview.
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Finely tuned applied behavioural psychology and propaganda. How the public can be so easily misled still stuns me. But I'm also one of those people who never got hooked on TV at any point in my life it was take it or leave it, mostly leave it. I can got hooked on cigies but it seems not on media or cell phones.
Supermarkets Are Stockpiling FOOD In Preparation For Some Kind Of Crash, They Can See It Coming ...
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Documenting Morons... Coffee with Mark Dice []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
The zombies walk, breath and talk pure BS. Sadly they vote too.
Did Sleepy Joe wake up? []
toronto_Georgia comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Power is his elixer. Although I suspect there is a neurolink on his scalp.

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