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Ooh, this is hard. Which one? 😆
Mechanic comments on Sep 25, 2021:
I think the audience may have won.
Mechanic comments on Sep 25, 2021:
The grievances in the Declaration of Independence mirror what this current tyrant is doing.
Breitbart: Only 49% Think Joe Biden Is Mentally Stable Enough to Be President. []
Mechanic comments on Sep 20, 2021:
How is it higher than 10%?
Guide to overpriced coffee…
Mechanic comments on Sep 20, 2021:
I’ll opt for the bottom 2. Coffee is for grownups.
So what does the mechanic say after he's fixed your car's horn? Beep repaired.
Mechanic comments on Sep 15, 2021:
Can confirm.
A teacher walks up to the blackboard and writes DEFINITELY.
Mechanic comments on Sep 15, 2021:
Are you sure it was little Johnny? That seems more like something Joe would do.
at least I am not blind lol
Mechanic comments on Sep 15, 2021:
US commitment to allies will be closely watched JOHN LEE SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 Foreign Minister ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 14, 2021:
At the rate we are going, we will be sharing technology with our enemies while attacking our allies.
As a primary fan of the Yankees and a more or less secondary fan of the Mets, thought this was ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 13, 2021:
It’s good knowing there is some unity.
This is a long read, but for those who really give a damn about the future of America, it is well ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 13, 2021:
That is a good read, I suspect that he is correct on much of his assessment.
Why Biden's vaccine mandates have 2A groups concerned- []
Mechanic comments on Sep 12, 2021:
This is very concerning to me, he blatantly violates the limits of his constitutional powers.
It's a weird world.
Mechanic comments on Sep 12, 2021:
Shows whom he considers to be the enemy.
NYPost: SalenaZito: Why Trump Signs Are Seen Across America After the 2020 Election.
Mechanic comments on Sep 12, 2021:
On my travels I have seen very few Biden signs, most of those have expletives attached. Trump flags and signs are everywhere. Sure raises questions about the counting of the jellybeans.
TheHill: Elon Musk drives through a New Mexican loophole by launching Tesla on tribal land.
Mechanic comments on Sep 12, 2021:
Good for him!
Mechanic comments on Sep 11, 2021:
If you filter out posts from the certain member, it drastically changes the feel of the group. I see some value in drawing attention to the less covered crimes, but for me it took away from the group content.
Tru dat. 😆
Mechanic comments on Sep 11, 2021:
This is painfully true.
Biden Marks 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Criticizing Anti-Islam Anger
Mechanic comments on Sep 11, 2021:
If it helps I’m angry at Biden more.
Mechanic comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Of course fauci lied, liers lie ( it’s kind of a defining trait).
Has anyone considered that we are less than 48 hours from the 09-11-2001 Anniversary?
Mechanic comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Various government figures seen and unseen are currently destroying the US more effectively then the taliban could.
Mechanic comments on Sep 9, 2021:
That looks very similar to the B-21.
Telling the naive that a defeat is actually a victory.
Mechanic comments on Sep 9, 2021:
It’s a victory because he has family members that are getting paid lots of money from China over this.
Skill fade due to COVID Easyjet A320 tells United Boeing 787 to GO AROUND! | Serious Aircraft ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 5, 2021:
That’s a pretty major mistake by the tower, good job on the crews to avoid any serious problems.
Syria's longest river, Euphrates dries | Latest English News  This is a prophetically ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Fingers crossed that He is coming soon, I Don’t see any definitive evidence of the preceding 5bowls happening yet.
Simp Harry Blames Mainstream Media For Vax Hesitancy & Calls For Censorship Of Any Opposing View : ...
Mechanic comments on Sep 4, 2021:
It’s the government flip flopping and the extreme censorship of dissenting opinions that makes me hesitant about the jabs.
Is it something I said?
Mechanic comments on Sep 4, 2021:
I’m pretty sure the rooster probably came first, then the chicken and finally the egg.
During the 2020 Campaign he never worried in the slightest about hiding in his basement.
Mechanic comments on Sep 2, 2021:
I lean towards NWO, but I’m pretty sure that his crime family is raking in some money from the CCP
they sure are good at predicting the future.....
Mechanic comments on Sep 2, 2021:
I can confirm that it’s real.
Archeologist: someone whose carreer lies in ruins.
Mechanic comments on Sep 1, 2021:
Funny since my ex is working to be an archeologist.
Let's take it from the top--- "One day, a teacher — who had not been vaccinated against the ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Quality fear porn, yet zero hospitalizations and no reason for me to believe that it would not have had identical results with zero mask removal.
"The 800 lb.
Mechanic comments on Aug 31, 2021:
1,2,and 4 I bet are factors. I also noticed that it says she died of complications, curious if COVID was the primary cause of those complications.
Here are more teachers who said they would violate the law to teach CRT. Is your town on the list?
Mechanic comments on Aug 31, 2021:
I did notice one seemingly troll name on the list. Karl Marx is listed under the USAF academy in Colorado. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his ideals are taught there, but I’m betting that it is under a different name.
Mechanic comments on Aug 30, 2021:
I would be surprised if he is actually capable of reading a watch.
Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society - YouTube
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Safety third!
Meanwhile, in Russia: Putin believes in Nuremberg Code. Trudeau does NOT!!!
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
It’s a strange world I live in. I never thought I would see Russia more firm on individual rights then the United States or Canada.
Prove I’m a communist, Liars. Go on prove it! LMAO. 😂
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
I won’t call you a communist, but you clearly have an unhealthy obsession with Daisy.
Ya... this is where we are going
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
This is very bad news for everyone.
> Security guard who shot man 3 times acted in self defense because the victim wasn’t wearing a ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
And yet some of these same people want to prosecute homeowners who sho someone in the act of breaking into their private home.
Reports: US Military strike in Afghanistan's Kabul, targeted the suicide bomber Vid 4:51 mins.
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
Not in a location where I can watch the video, but how do you strike a suicide bomber. They are generally pretty dead right after their own actions.
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
No one could have ever predicted this, it’s only been true for every other virus to my knowledge.
Some thoughts on the Vaccine Passports you may not have considered: Vaccine passports are no big ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 29, 2021:
This seems like an extremely likely scenario.
Michael Byrd shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, he and the media are declaring him a hero.
Mechanic comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I’m not sure I would call it murder, but certainly not a hero. I lean to it being closer to the former.
All universities have a student government.
Mechanic comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I love the idea of being able to vote to abolish the office. I propose the ATF and IRS to start.
Harvard appoints athiest as president of university chaplains - not everyone is happy ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 27, 2021:
We call evil good, and good evil. The decay of morality is effecting every aspect of society.
On this day, August 26, Joan of Arc's arrival in the outskirts of Paris: In preparation for an ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 26, 2021:
She was a better leader then some current world leaders.
Nobel Peace Prize odds: World Health Organization 2.
Mechanic comments on Aug 26, 2021:
I question your odds on 2024 president, there is no way that Pence is between DeSantis and Noem.
Jobs for FREE Americans.
Mechanic comments on Aug 26, 2021:
Good to know, these could come in handy.
Is The Gift Of TONGUES Necessary As A SIGN Of The Holy Spirit?
Mechanic comments on Aug 26, 2021:
The church denomination that I am part of has the stance that speaking in tongues is the only outward sign of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but that it is not a requirement of salvation. I certainly believe that salvation is not dependent on speaking in tongues. I’m not sure that baptism in the Holy Spirit is always accompanied with the gift of tongues.
Mechanic comments on Aug 25, 2021:
It needs more job listings, but I love the idea.
TownHall: SalenaZito: In South Dakota all road signs lead to the Wall.
Mechanic comments on Aug 24, 2021:
It’s a cool store to walk through. Tons of things nobody would ever need, but worth the detour.
Daryl keeps his cool.
Mechanic comments on Aug 24, 2021:
That’s hurts at 75mph, it hurts really bad at 110mph.
What just happened?
Mechanic comments on Aug 24, 2021:
I don’t think this is climate change, I don’t think it’s random chance either. We have interesting times ahead. I suspect future pandemics are coming, and a 33% mortality rate would be in line with what I’ve read.
Hey everyone! I'm the guy who posts his cartoons on Sundays sometimes and I'd like a quick moment of...
Mechanic comments on Aug 24, 2021:
I have enjoyed some of you cartoons, others I’m more indifferent to. My only critique I would offer is other groups my be more applicable locations to post them in. Please post away I will read them, and over half the time I will continue to chuckle quietly to myself.
Obeying God Even If You Don't Feel Like It | With Joe Horn | Chalk Talk 012 Vid 17:55 mins.
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Thanks for sharing, comes at a applicable time for me.
“He shouldn’t be impeached…he should be court-martialed” Retired British Colonel Richard...
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Court martial I could support impeachment not at all. Apparently if we can believe the election Americans wanted an incompetent buffoon for president.
Katie Hopkins- Being Fired for Refusing the State Injectible []
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Turns out, I’m in a club with Katie Hopkins! Anyone else ready to join our exclusive club?
Pfizer vaccine receives full FDA approval []
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
My termination ticks closer.
US Vice Prez Kamala Harris visits Singapore to strengthen ties, counter China's influence Is she...
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
How would an asset of the CCP counter the CCP?
FDA Set To Approve Pfizer Covid Vaxx on Monday 8/23/21 - Biden's Surgeon General Says Covid Vaccine ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
Well this speeds up my expected termination by my employers.
Texas Parents Seeking to Homeschool Increases Five-Fold From 2020 Record USThe Center Square Aug ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 23, 2021:
The public school system needs to be defunded.
Biden Administration knew its racial preferences for Covid relief were unconstitutional, went ahead ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 22, 2021:
The current administration does not care about the constitution. They will ignore and trample on it as they see fit.
What did Joe Biden just do with Russian gun and ammo imports? []
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Russian ammo bad Russian oil good so declares dictator Biden.
many moons ago....
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Pre vaccine throwback?
China Sends NUCLEAR BOMBERS to Taiwan [youtu.
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Sadly Biden would likely back China against Taiwan. After all he owes them a huge favor for the election results.
There are plans, then there are Joe's plans
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Biden has a genius national defense plan, no sane country would attack the US right now; they know they could not possibly destroy the US as quickly as currently being done from within.
I am a retired criminal investigator with 30 years of training and experience.
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
I try to know some about lots of different topics. When listening to others I consider their input and compare their knowledge of things that I am aware about. If they are correct on subjects that I have some knowledge on I assume that they have increased credibility. If I know that they are lying about even something as small and unrelated as Betta Fish I assume that they are full of shit and lying about everything. Unfortunately for the media and the CDC FBI TSA White House and the list goes on inside the government they have been lying on too much for me to trust them on anything.
Biden imposes new ban on Ammo importation U.
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Let me get this straight; Russian ammunition is worse than US ammunition, but Russian oil is better than US oil? Or perhaps it’s all an international effort to drive up inflation and plunge the nation into communism.
FBI Report DEBUNKS Democrat Lies About Jan 6th, Says it Was NOT Coordinated By Trump or Anyone Else...
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Strategically released when few people would see it I’m sure.
After President Joe Biden claimed in a press conference Friday the United States has no knowledge of...
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Perhaps China told him they need access to the precious metal in the Afghan mountains.
i don't need a TV that bad!
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Is the TV the product?
CNN reporter notes ‘big holes’ in Twitter policy for banning Trump but not the Taliban- ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 21, 2021:
Accidental, random, possibly confused act of journalism?
Only Fans Bans Thots []
Mechanic comments on Aug 20, 2021:
Do they have a customer base for any other product?
Controversial chart! How would you all analyze this chart? Show off your knowledge of history.
Mechanic comments on Aug 20, 2021:
Agricultural advancements is probably the number one reason for increasing population density, the 2nd is medical advances. Metal working has been a contributing factor in the agricultural development. Metal hand tools allowed people to cultivate crops easier then when depending on rock tools. Durable Iron plows allowed for larger farms. As tractors were developed farm production rapidly increased. Weapons allow regions to protect their crops from foreign invaders.
WashExaminer: US State Department says US citizens have to pay $2,000 or more to be evacuated from ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 20, 2021:
I bet we are not charging those being brought across the southern border by the cartels for their flights.
China Sends Military Aircraft and Warships to Taiwan After Seeing US's Handling of Afghanistan ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 20, 2021:
After seeing our handling of Afghanistan, I fully expect China to overrun Taiwan with the same intensity as the adds over ran the story.
Just got my first Covid vax.
Mechanic comments on Aug 19, 2021:
You looked better pre vaccine.
Calls for President Biden's impeachment over Afghanistan withdrawal handling Vid 1:42 mins.
Mechanic comments on Aug 18, 2021:
I don’t support it, if Americans actually voted Biden into office then Americans must have wanted an incompetent Buffon in charge for some reason. Don’t over ride the will of the people. Now if they say the election was rigged and remove him based on that then great.
CNBC: Lawrence-Livermore Lab announces a 'Wright Brothers Moment' in fusion. []
Mechanic comments on Aug 18, 2021:
That is intriguing, fusion has a lot of potential. Then again I think fission is a good power source as well.
AirForceMag: Lockheed has built a new Skunk Works plant for even more advanced projects.
Mechanic comments on Aug 13, 2021:
I’m excited about future skunkworks projects, but I’m apprehensive about who is going to get their hands on them.
Why straw buys are so hard to stop- []
Mechanic comments on Aug 12, 2021:
It’s really hard to stop something when the federal agency in charge of enforcing a rule is breaking their own rule and doing the vary thing that they are supposed to prevent.
Fuck The Pope []
Mechanic comments on Aug 12, 2021:
No thanks, he is not my type.
On May 2, 2011, the United States military killed and buried Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 12, 2021:
I suspect that he is dead, but I question if he was actually in charge of anything at the time of his death. I’ve seen theories that it was likely a prisoner exchange deal.
Could happen right?
Mechanic comments on Aug 11, 2021:
Run run as fast as you can? But the gingerbread man can’t outrun the Cookie Monster.
GatewayPundit: Sen.
Mechanic comments on Aug 11, 2021:
Republicans are great in opposition, McConnell is just more opposed to Trump then radical leftists.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Resigns in Disgrace AndrewCuomoResigns CuomoResigned []
Mechanic comments on Aug 10, 2021:
I did not see that coming. I figured he would be forced out.
we starting thinking like the left....
Mechanic comments on Aug 9, 2021:
I could care less if you wear a mask, but don’t you dare touch my nuggets.
Mechanic comments on Aug 8, 2021:
Would not be surprised at all of this was true.
Texas Dems who fled state sue Gov.
Mechanic comments on Aug 7, 2021:
The 22 plaintiffs have been "deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over separation from their families, and much discomfort and embarrassment," You mean like the government Has done to citizens the last 18 months.
August 07 1959 : The first U.
Mechanic comments on Aug 7, 2021:
The early reconnaissance satellites were retrieved via airplanes after Re-entry in mid flight. The film was flown back to be developed.
Military waiver for required WuFlu jabs 

 The Puppet-in-Chief (Joke Obiden) is said to be ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 6, 2021:
Thanks for posting.
If you could turn back time knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
Mechanic comments on Aug 6, 2021:
They say hind sight is 20/20, but it isn’t! For future reflection I would say know what your willing to compromise on, and don’t compromise on your values and your character.
It's not the wealthy hurt by gun control- []
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
Gun restrictions hurt everyone besides criminals and tyrants.
I went on a date with AOC last night. "Do you have any kids?
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
Thank you for your sacrifice, I couldn’t go on a date with that horrible broad. I appreciate you taking one for the team.
Today in History: August 5 1974, the White House released transcripts of subpoenaed tape recordings ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
I suspect that is child’s play compared to what the federal government is doing currently.
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
Good for her! Tulsi seems to be one of the few democrats with any common sense.
Navy could return to using photos for promotions, personnel chief says The Navy could include ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
It seems the brass is willing to sacrifice quality in exchange for disingenuous virtue signing.
Democrats look to tax cars by-the-mile to pay for massive spending So if you live far from where...
Mechanic comments on Aug 5, 2021:
The further from your work you live you already pay more in taxes. It taxes more gasoline to complete the drive, and thus more gasoline taxes payed. Stop taxing us over and over on the same things. Stop taxing me when I make the money, and when I spend it (And when I save it with government caused inflation). Government, if you want more money earn it, produce something of value for a change. Stop being parasites.
Injustice and outrage is the perfect place for this video on US education system []
Mechanic comments on Aug 4, 2021:
The public school system is broken, vouchers would be a great option to replace it.
one lucky little goose
Mechanic comments on Aug 4, 2021:
Lucky goose indeed.
HotAir: Politico reports the Dems' campaign chief feels they would lose badly if the election was ...
Mechanic comments on Aug 4, 2021:
I’m sure they are working to fortify the election as we speak.
No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service. []
Mechanic comments on Aug 4, 2021:
The lunatic that wrote that article is a despicable tyrant at heart.

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