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You may have noticed that there looks to be a copy of at (or a copy of at - it's simply that we are transitioning away from the IDW brand and to the more, ehem, punchy one. We started this site to be an adjunct community to the IDW but as each of the original IDW members have moved on, it's time to broaden the appeal of this community to those to value civil, factual discussion of controversial topics.

To that end, we have ceased advertising the domain IDW.Community and put efforts to promote Both apps and websites will work as they point to the same database. The only difference is that the domain will feature IDW people on the cover, whereas will feature trending groups. Since we have been banned from advertising on Facebook, we are now funding prominent free-speech or demonetized YouTube creators directly in exchange for a plug or two for ... hopefully, they will also create and nourish a fan group here. If you have contacts with creators you feel are fighting the free-speech fight, please let me know by direct message.

The new name is just the beginning. Keep your eyes open for a new fact-based magazine featuring well sourced short articles - "slugs" - designed to arm you with facts so you can fight political dogma with confidence. We are investing in professional writers and advertising to bring Slug to the next level over the coming months, extending a broad community and a valuable resource for the reality-centric.

Admin 8 May 24
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I see me gravitating away from this site now with the advent of SLUG. I hope not as I have found some good conversation here. It's the loss of communication with the good people I've encountered that I will miss.

Phil777 Level 6 June 1, 2020

I don't know anything about SLUG. I know that I don't care for the name or image.

Phil777 Level 6 June 1, 2020

Sounds like "Slug" is developing a "position". Not cool dude.


Having read the preamble about the introduction of Slug and the subsequent comments I’m still not sure precisely what’s happening. It just seems to me that for whatever reasons, IDW is not developing in the way it was hoped so it is going to be left to die a gradual death and that Slug is to be a reinvention of IDW. However it seems likely that Slug will probably just become IDW in all but name. Facebook scores in being an all encompassing bitching site which mixes opinions by idiots with the occasional comments by someone who has a brain cell but it is also used to spread actual information ( much of it false). It’s a bit like a downmarket soap opera that doesn’t pretend it’s something it’s not.You wouldn’t however go to Facebook for an intelligent discussion.
I think if IDW/Slug is to avoid being Facebook 2 it needs to be more focused on what precisely it wants to be. Less groups/ headings less bitching, dare I say more intellectual. At the moment IDW seems to be dominated by US politics just as Brexit dominated Facebook in the UK and anyone not involved opts out. This is to some extent inevitably but needs to be controlled.
So if Slug is not going to be a bitching site with one liners and cliched comments, what is its aim and how will it get there?

Hello. Don't know if you agree, but I'm under the impression that YouTube vlogger fan clubs are being promoted on this site. Maybe it is to do with financing this site/slug by tying up with vloggers, I don't know, hence, we are not being charged for membership...
I've come to the conclusion some time ago, regrettably, that this site, slug, whatever, is like any other social media sites. We have many rude members here, probably because they were banned from FB, etc., in the first place and they found a haven here... so it seems.
I was also made aware some time ago that this site,, (and possibly more) have all been created by the same person/team. They all use the same format (I've checked.) It's their world. It is delusional to think it is ours. They can do whatever they like.

@Naomi I don’t think you are far wrong with most if not all of that. The nature of the site does seem to have changed in relatively recent times and the preponderance of YouTube posts of late has made me wonder. I have also noticed that new groups are being created not to start a discussion but to make a point and that the style of some posts leads me to suspect that apparently different persona are actually one individual.

You're right, Kravman2. Full of rants, contemptuous remarks (not necessarily by using offensive words per se but to the same effect), conspiracy theories which are no better than just speculations and rumours, that sort of things. Disappointing...


this site is not accepting my user name and password on my phone
got it fixed auto complete is now off on my phone

KeVince Level 8 May 25, 2020

This concerns me

Slug - Wikipedia
Search domain[]
Slug, or land slug, is a common name for any apparently shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusc.The word slug is also often used as part of the common name of any gastropod mollusc that has no shell, a very reduced shell, or only a small internal shell, particularly sea slugs and semislugs (this is in contrast to the common name snail, which applies to gastropods that have a coiled shell


IDW, my view, excellent but insipid and stagnant. Strange conundrum. Intelligent people, good So what?
Unless this moves into ACTION, eg. several backing a letter to someone in power, you have a playpen of words going nowhere.
I think you need a savvy planning department for action. Many excellent folks here.

You're on it though, tuned in.
We're WATCHING everything fall apart. Communism is winning.
This is beyond Trump. Maybe beyond anyone.
But need a team now. Trump's not a team player.
Can he become one? Maybe.


@Admin You are making a Mistake, your approach is normal. Therefore has little persuasive impact. This market is saturated.

I have some of the brightest minds on the planet looking at how to implement my suggestion.

There's another way that will be successful.

I have money, I have talent, it requires only a 10 minute phone call to explain.

You have my phone number, please use it.


Yeah...just read this and I thought as Josf-Kelley did. keeping with this rebellious endeavor (not that I understand why IDW and SLUG are going to be 2 versions of the same site---whatever) the word "SLUG" does have a kind of anti-establishment flavor to it. I'm thinkin' in a "Dead Kennedys" sort of way.

"Anti-Face" would have been too infantile; the site(s) need to move away from putting FB referencs at the center of the conversation.

"AssBook" might have worked...

As the Administrator pointed out, domain names are hard to come by. Just as there are more mutual funds than actual stocks, there are probably more domain names than actual words.

I guess "SLUG" it is, for now.


BIG QUESTION, WHICH IVE ASKED BEFORE, AND YOU HAVENT ANSWERED, WHY IS IT ONLY ME THAT, WHAT I WRITE HAS WORDS AND LETTERS SPLIT UP ALL OVER THE PLACE, NO ONE ELSE HAS!!! Is there a specific way to write on your site or what??? Still no answer from you, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me, why just me???

Is it just at apostrophes?

Spot on!

It really looks like you have a “special characters” feature turned on that is giving you a Hard “Return” instead of an apostrophe ... like I have this weird thing where Quotes followed by a Parenthesis results in ... (“smile&rdquo😉 this weird little gizmo ... so I have to put a space between them ... (“smile” ) for it to come out right.
Try checking if you have “Fancy Text” checked in your Account Tab under Settings ... or it might just be something with your System

@Bay0Wulf Thank you so much for your infomative information. These Chinese external keyboards can be weird, I finally found the right tools on it to use, thanks to you. And no I'm not in China, I'm in Australia, but we only seem to be able to buy from China, for now, that may change I hope, because of Covid and our economy, which I believe Covid was orchestrated in a Lab to bring down the World's economy, so China can take over the World, let's hope I'm wrong. I wish you well.


My God, couldnt you have thought of a better name than, SLUG, all I can think of are all those slugs I have thousands of, and thats no joke! A lot of us are turning away from Facebook, which Ive commented on in their comment section, and Ive mentioned Ive gone with another, and Ive had people ask me who, so I give your name to them, IDW. Community. People are sick of as I am to be reading something on Facebook, and the next thing its wiped, and you dont get to finish reading it. And other times, youre scrolling down through the sites and Facebook just sends you back to the top, and you could be just about to click on something to read! As far as Im concerned, Facebook has got too big for its boots, and now think it can control us! Like fun it can! What IDW should do, is get some coloured photo sites up just like Facebook, that way IDW will take their followers, colour makes a big difference, it gets people in. It`s great to see IDW doing something for people who are sick of Facebook! I wish you well.


Ermine is Winter weasel, yes???


A slug is also slang for a lazy, non-motivated couch potato type


Glad to see the Victor Davis Hanson Group available on Slug. He is becoming more outspoken and relevant as the election year goes by. Thank you!

Jurecki Level 7 May 24, 2020

I’m not sure I “get it” yet.
It seems that there is a lot of cross-posting which is popping up in IDW referencing all sorts of things that aren’t related to IDW content.
I went to SLUG to see if I could get the “rest” or the “beginning” of the content being referenced but, no ... its fragments of something else that ended up there from somewhere else (?)
Maybe SLUG will find its way (mature into) to being something interesting but currently it seems like bits and pieces of “leftovers”.
Further, what little there is there seems to have ratcheted the intellect level downwards quite a few points ...

Yep. As soon as you try to “broaden the appeal” the inevitable result is a dip in quality. That said, let’s hope the new management results in some improvement.


yes I did look at Slug yesterday - appeared to be a mirror of IDS community. All identical content. If you prefer / if it helps you somehow I will begin going to Slug rather than here but I don't see any difference. Whatever I type or post or appears here is mirrored at Slug - right?

iThink Level 8 May 24, 2020



Very Interesting......


Sounds good.


A rose by any other name will smell as sweet.

wolfhnd Level 8 May 24, 2020

Yeah. And it still has thorns.


Is a slug a snail without the defensive shell?

Or a snail with nothing to hide? 🙂 Domain names are hard to find and this one was short and available.

Well ...
often its an item that is trying to pass itself off as something its not ... like a coin ... as in using a “slug” in a vending machine.
In construction its that pre-punched out piece often found in conjunction with electrical boxes once its the piece is fully punched out it becomes waste and is referred to as a “slug”.
In hunting, its a single large piece of “shot” that acts as a “bullet” in a shotgun. Mostly used in places where long guns (rifles) are not allowed for shooting of large game.
Basically ... a “slug” is usually considered to be a counterfeit of something else.

Which is not to say that’s what this site is but it usually does have relatively negative connotations.

@Bay0Wulf you forgot one, a good slug will make you see stars, your lip bleed and you'll realize how hard you got hit when getting off the floor. Something for politicians to think about. I like the name, gets to the point.

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