Longtime Christian, saved later in life.


SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh tests positive for COVID-19, but is fully vaccinated, has no symptoms ...
2FollowHim comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Super spreader
2FollowHim comments on Oct 1, 2021:
Not exactly, no, of course not. But we must know the score, atmosphere. As to HOW to speak, how to do it. I'd have to answer many questions in my own mind first, eg. Do I have ANY support from those who would stand up for me? Or, am I alone? Any senators etc, people in power to agree? I'd need to do groundwork first. We have a pastor in Canada that they're going after constantly, never quit. Know there's no, or little freedom, or speech flexibility. And it's extending. If we DIDN'T verbally agree, I think action will be taken. This group will never stop. I think he likely didn't see the cost, plan enough. And, be careful with friends. They gossip, can misstatements what you said. People just don't hear us but are sure they did.
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Oh, never thought of that angle, but yes, it's there. The abuses on children even in the last 20?, 30?, 50? years is sickening 😢. It's a #1 reason we wouldn't do it. A bad world and we didn't have resources to protect them. I used to read how things were years ago for some. I'm a firm believer that children deserve childhood, space. Now they're objects, we all are. I don't know how parents can change that.
‘It’s a completely homemade dilemma’ - Karin Kneissl [youtu.
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I heard Merkel is out, stepped down. She was no dummy. Apparently a professor of physics, a hard area for anyone. I'm against gas fueled vehicles anyway. Other ways. About Trump. He's bad stuff also, but in other ways. Why US only has geriatrics makes no sense. Tulsa Gabbard from Hawaii is the real deal, moderate democrat, served for years in the military, not into lining the pockets of friends and family.
Youtube requires that we indicate that some OPINIONS in this safety report contradict the "consensus...
2FollowHim comments on Oct 1, 2021:, I hope this plays OK..
“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most ...
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Jesus tells us how to deal with that. Find the scripture a out the neighbour who wouldn't help his friend at midnight. Jesus tells us how to do it. I call it the incessant, loving drip. Like Chinese water torture. Yes, they TRY to ignore you but you get to them, kindly, INCESSANTLY. And change our letters, format. AND, I include CARING about them. Did you see Bill Maher advertising his appearances where he said a weird thing? He said something like he was there to help the crowd, but he didn't need their help. I thought I noticed the crowd was a bit quieter. But what was that?
The FBI - a corrupt organization: From the Washington Times: > The FBI failed to support claims ...
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Do you know what the FBI was like originally? Who established it, why? That would make a difference. If 'good', whose watch did it go bad? A lot of big organizations can have moles enter it,or China makes a connection or they marry someone with connections to corrupt groups.
If you use social media sites and had to verify each person on your follows with an inperson ...
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Good point. To go over 60%, wouldn't we have to change or 'lower' our so called standards?
The more things change, the more they remain the same.
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Definitely you would love Max Igan on YouTube. Authentic, real. Jesus, wom I obey, or hear and do because I could find no fault, said 'Speak the truth in love'. The truth alone can be harsh, biting so tempered with God's 💘 love. It's always challenging and the Lord expects and requires I use my talents. Nothing lazy. That's a terrific video showing if we follow truth, be sure things happen. Max is not Christian. I surely love his messages. Enough people must speak, act truth for things to change.
Facing Covid-19 Without Fear this message was posted by Pastor John Macarthur on 9/21/21 in ...
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I think truth should prevail re injections. Accurate information should be given, perhaps speakers who researched those things on another night, maybe mid week. Just information, prayer and taking of responses and questions from the congregants. There are SITES detailing the stories of people who took the shot. I'd talk about FEAR: For God has NOT GIVEN us the spirit of fear...and it continues. Having FUN together to counteract depression etc., so children may play, run, laugh. When did we last experience that??
Facing Covid-19 Without Fear this message was posted by Pastor John Macarthur on 9/21/21 in ...
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Nothing inn that man-made world devoid of the Lord works, and we're not to depend on any of it. Amazing how, as per this article, it's actually PROVEN of all things NOT to work. WORSE!! It has killed a destroyed so many lives. It's a spike protein! Masks inhibit that precious OXYGEN we all need for health and life. Yet I also follow rules, as Paul said. It's better, in my view. There are so many ways to worship, fellowship and I believe we can find ways around these things. We, not so e building, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We need also to allow other views, free speech to develop.
Covid19 Vaccines are safe, effective and free. Prove me wrong.
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They aren't vaccines. Do you want your body making SPIKE proteins endlessly that you shed giving covid to others? You may know people can get COVID-19 after 2 doses of cocktail. They won't notice much, thus they become spreaders. VAERS reports deaths, side effects. They say most don't get reported. Have you seen what these drugs have done to debt? Or lockdowns, businesses. Tragic. 😥, sad.
I wrote this as a comment on someone else's post but it's the truth.
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Sick. Sickening. I feel like throwing up. Talk about crimes against humanity!! They need an autopsy done. What kind of craziness is it that you have NO RECOURSE if it fails, gives you ANY problems. Coronavirus in the 'unvaxed' is a bad flu; not many normally get it. Maybe in some groups. This woman said she lives near the homeless who absolutely follow no rules, guidelines. Police aren't there handing out tickets. Snd NOBODY is dying of the virus there. What gives? BLM do the same, March, no masks etc., nobody dying. What's that about? I'm devastated about that account, senseless, hurtful. Poor wife! Lost children. That's not what we signed on for on this earth.
"We are living in an era of woke capitalism in which companies pretend to care about social ...
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That's so true, what Clay said. Both sides are happy with their lie.
"We are living in an era of woke capitalism in which companies pretend to care about social ...
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I play a game that surveys assist. The game is quite beautiful, enhances my life. But see, I really only buy basic foods, some supplements. Otherwise, nada. I actually hate buying stuff, sometimes need it. Have to really need it. I actually do hate capitalism as practiced in the world and prefer controlled socialism plus a bit of capitalism. So these surveys give me minimum, znd do they ever 'spread the word around '. When I was on duckduckgo, they told me 3 were trying to follow me. But yes, Yuri was on, amazing, and nobody ever listened to him. Even though he'd been in the system. I think he ended up in Toronto. Mistake to think Canada's safer, it's worse. A man from Russia, years ago, told me, Canada was very controlled, spy system. Look up Artur Palowski, Alberta. I think you'll find his story interesting. Sorry for not being focused. Just too much happening lately. Basically, everything is fantasy or a lie. Have you looked at Max Igan? I think that's it. I really relate to his message.
True North: O’Toole’s Bait and Switch On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, ...
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That was my problem, too. I KNEW Trudeau, but not the extent of Erin. I was surprised, WAS in favor. Then, 180'. I actually didn't trust Bernier, either. To, there's more chance Justin may make some decent changes than the rest! That's saying something. It's like Trump. I learned he was bad stuff, another swamp creature. Let God be true, and every man a liar. Profound, wise words, from Paul.
Coming soon to Canada []
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We all have to see who's who, where those we know stand. Before this, the behaviors we were seeing aren't what we're seeing now. It took this to reveal where people stood. Much of Canada is agnostic, atheist, so that draconian way will come. Only God and God's people know how to deal with it. And we have to learn how, it's not magic. We can say how bad it is(it IS), or what an amazing opportunity we have. Not easy street. But I see it that we ALL pass away or out of here anyway. No exit. It's HOW I go out of here. Easy street, eating, traveling, skiing? Who doesn't like that? But for me, truth trumps the good time. A good time while living a lie is not a good time for me.
DailyWire: Democrat Gov.
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Store all those mRna killer injections in CHURCHES!! Put the Unholy in the Holy. Jesus was crucified so His followers would depend on man-made cocktails to save them. Those cocktails suppress or destroy what God gave us, our miraculous IMMUNE system. It's trusting God or man, GOD or those following MAMMON. Those hundreds of millions of awful SIDE EFFECTS, side effects that nobody will help you with are what God SPARES Christians. Let us thank God together ! But it's such a powerful killer, if Christians REFUSE, they may kill us. Fear not who can KILL the body, said Jesus.
China pushed poor countries to buy the CCP vax on debt.
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I don't get this: every country has smart scientists, testing etc. Why didn't they RACE to get cures along the lines of ivermectin? Countries working together could have done this. Tell the companies they were waiting.
Crossroads with Joshua Philipp: Live Q&A: China Exports Abuses Globally Through Media Control & ...
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This is not representative of China but a small, corrupt group that seized control. I was amazed at all the innovative technology that's for everybody in China to use. Cutting edge. No way any of this was stolen. So many groups in China 🇨🇳, but these most corrupt 'speak for the majority', is a lie. I'm not sure they represent or include ALL of the military, are you? Beside giving China a bad reputation, I doubt it helps them overall. Badly done short cuts don't work. Our countries are jbad also. Yet the decent citizens and groups can't cut them out. Speak up, and the person or group is killed. So, what to do? Viral advertising of their acts is a start.
The myth of the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated is being dismantled brick by lying brick.
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It seems quite OPPOSITE. I believe the unvaxed shouldn't go near hospitals anyway so signing they won't for infectious diseases should be fine. With subsequent reduction in taxes.
The government is not here to save you!
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Even if they just did their job, didn't cheat, it would be enough.
Two co-hosts on The View are pulled off set after testing positive for COVID-19 despite being fully ...
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Aren't they super spreaders now? for the hills, SPIKE PROTEINS coming!
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was too afraid to call out Beijing late last night, even as two ...
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This article lays blame at TRUMP'S direction and actually shows Canada got, maybe inadvertently bullied by US. This article shows the whole DEBACLE should have been avoided, Meng returned either to Vhina or US but NOT in Canada. Let us remember what Donald Trump was like, and how divergent the politics of Canada and US, how Trump blocked Canada from bidding. But if Canada had REFUSED to be the patsy, the go between, just tell US, 'Come and get her by _____, or she's sent back, NO STALLING, none of this would have happened. The bully would put up or....!! Apparently the whole situation was highly unclear. US was doing NOTHING for Canada and we should not have given them this out. This is a case where ALL FEDERAL parties should have been polled what to do, it affected everyone. On the plus side, Canada treated a high ranking official well. China isn't that unfair. And the two men returned. They said there are FOUR MORE in prison. We in Canada deserve and need details on this. AND it looks like Trump may be in again as more is discovered. Biden though is just as much an enemy to Canada , just friendlier as he stabs us. I hold differently: from Justin's background, maybe both genetic and caregiver, I think he will grow into a strong leader. Before you mock, remember that I am FE too, so conspiracy theorist is where I look. Time will show me. You'll forget if I'm right ✅.
1st amendment win []
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He should be independent in Montreal, I think would have WON. Far better than Bernier ( knowledgeable but not going to win). Great post. He reported well.
Like Father, like Son....
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Time will tell. I think things shifted. I'm not sure Singh is in his pocket as before. He's seen sides of China, hard to know where he's at there. Does he know? He's seen how US has become, cold to Canada, warm to Australia!!! A lot of impossible decisions where it's lose lose. He has leadership genetics. Would he be the same. I don't think so, but not up on Castro. Pierre was caregiver, if you'd call it that. One cruel person, devious. O'Toole flip flopped on everything, ready to cave. Bernier can't speak proper English, is self promoting and doesn't look or dress like a leader. Viva Frei should go independent: good chance Montreal would vote him in. Your views?
Unions have always been the offspring of Gangs and Communists.
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There are good and bad unions: I know because I belonged to a good one. They represented us well, got us good wages, benefits, had lawyers to help if anyone had big trouble Finland is doing very well, in part because unions hear snd support the workers. Workers in Finland are happy. Management is often out of touch with workers. Strange too. You could be a worker, become Management and soon be just like them. In fact, if you weren't, then you were an Outsider, contaminated, shunned, and bad things happened. You need leverage in any government run organization. This is why it's better to hone useful skills when young, have your own small business. But I grew up believing in a system that failed. I got out in time, but so many did not.
The Trustees Report for the Social Security Trust Funds was released on August 31, 2021, and within ...
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If I'd known and understood economics when much younger, I would have arranged my life differently. I didn't know the Bible in these areas for years, too late. God covered for us: we knew and followed some but not enough. I think? Do you agree that we SHOULD be able to set things up so we don't need the government or pensions. The answer may be small companies we run, then train our family to continue while we continue to benefit. So a little expansion. If family have their own plans, we also train and hire friends we feel close to, so like family. Same ideology, similar beliefs. Actually, I'm against billionaires but some other incentive could be given. I dislike being beholden.
Vaccine Mandaat Lawsuits UPDATES! Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT []
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It's not a vaccine. Doesn't stop anything. Might endanger the person to other problems. The list of possible side effects SHOULD send everyone running. Not sure off any injected person later got the virus and died? I think it does prevent death.
This is the marxist propaganda I was requested to watch as I refuse to take the injection.
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Are you restrained, confined? How is shopping done? What prayers can I make?
This is the marxist propaganda I was requested to watch as I refuse to take the injection.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 24, 2021:
Try to take ONE false statement at a time and resend then send the facts, the science to whoever is in charge. POLITELY. You are polite anyway. It's 'I KNOW you want SCIENCE, not misinformation (you say to them). ASSUME it's important to them. ONE emotional example is better than many facts. That example, you would say, is multiplied by 100's of times. BIG MONEY does this.
Is the woke use of the phrase _ bodies at all related to Paul's distinction in the bible between ...
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Seems 'woke', a kind of supremacist group who are more up on certain things, they think, than others, prefer 'bodies' to people, people I guess being passe. Paul uses 'body' in many ways, both evil and good depending on context. The 'flesh' in Paul might be closest to that woke body, earthy, sold under sin. So if we equate that woke body to the 'flesh' Paul speaks about, there might be a connect. Of course, those woke think 'black' bodies are good, but as one writer said, they just further dehumanizing the term for people. Woke is totally earthy, below.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 23, 2021:
We note an absence of autopsies. A thorough autopsy MUST be done on any leader going against the official narrative. I heard autopsies ARE NOT ALLOWED in US. How is this legal? Truth has become the KILLER. This is another reason I subscribe to the Bible. The apostle Paul said we're NOT up against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. Generally, I don't believe people are THIS crafty. They need power, dark powers. Also, when a few strong, good leaders go against big money, anyone believing in a higher power must appeal into that realm. I hope I stand also for what I've learned. All those people were watched; nobody knew, but they were. We're sure heading into bad times.
Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History – PJ Media
2FollowHim comments on Sep 23, 2021:
Did you see all the snowflakes falling? A cold winter is predicted, especially in Russia. How many times will people fall for such childish games? Russia far too busy, surrounded by its' enemies. Putin had some respect for Trump(rare for him).
It’s a rule in the national media that vaccine hesitancy is worthy of shame and scorn, right up ...
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Ooh!!! They need to be interviewed, say on FOX, or Dave Rubin, let THAT go viral. Oh, and SUPER EDUCATE them on fertility, see how HESITANCY escalates.
Tyrants gonna.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 23, 2021:
Ultimately, those things don't lead to wealth creation. There IS a swamp and even the 'worst' encounter worse and the noose gets tighter. Years ago now, I was a Ralph Nader fan, who wrote the book 'Unsafe at any speed'. I can add this chapter to that book. Btw, the points are still valid today. I hope they bring an end to that.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 23, 2021:
That's been the endgame, control in every way. And those not complying? Killed or something like that. MALE BIRTH CONTROL?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 20, 2021:
If males don't want family and not married, I'd say have that very easy, painless and quick, effective procedure. Tell any woman they meet, no kids. I may have actually seen this as you said, but not sure. Have you heard of any 'healthy' birth control for women? I never did. All had side effects. Then, try remembering EVERY day for YEARS. They need the 30 day pill etc. They COULD develop it. I've met some males who love their kids, think their wife's special.(and she is). Otherwise, it's a dirty trick!!
2FollowHim comments on Sep 19, 2021:
I am holistic and believe in natural health and healing. I believe DNA and RNA vaccines can easily be advanced or modified to change or track individuals znd regulate genetic sequencing. Loss of freedom and dependence upon man-made drugs rather than our own individual immune system. I understand there's some 2% risk and this is very small. We can even lower this risk. I've heard medical professionals mock health and sunlight etc. but the virus is shown to favor those with other medical conditions and leave the healthy alone. This doctor might be honorable but how unscrupulous others will use his work is something I don't trust. I think we avoid the artificial.
Police PEPPER-SPRAY & ARREST journalists in Melbourne []
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This is the real HATE CRIME. They need face coverings that aren't affected. Maybe then they KILL them? I think too many violent movies watched, men identifying with some HERO in their movie.
'I suspect we'll see children die, they'll label it as a new variant" - This Week's Right Now
2FollowHim comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Wealthier parents need to monitor their children's blood health monthly. There are blood analyzing machines that show you. We need evidence. And a good family doctor(they're out there) need to monitor their health. If you have children, shouldn't they be yours? Not to abuse, or hurt but protect? Why have children if the responsibility for them can be removed? I knew YEARS AGO, don't bring anyone onto this realm.
What are your thoughts on this approach to homelessness?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 18, 2021:
Oops, sorry, I'll try to get the right video, likely repost!
PJMedia: Why Are People Still Fooled By Bogus Predictions of Climate Doom?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 17, 2021:
The fires in California, the totally dry times where the land is breaking up from no moisture, the cattle dying in Northern Mexico, and the shipping increased prices will impact for sure. I wish we didn't import so much. I read Canada is trying to set things up. While I don't predict, I claim negative changes will happen. They say Gates owns much of the farmland in US and he wants great failure so population decreases.
The so-called theories are so prescient as to be considered Spoiler Alerts.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 14, 2021:
I didn't TRY or want to be a C.T. But,that's the only place I found truth or logic, that made sense. If Ewaranon at bitchute is still up, watch it. We'll documented, makes sense BUT exactly what happened remains unknown. I have to follow truth wherever it goes. Lies are like those masks, covering toxins.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 14, 2021:
One thing I suggest is for them to request the SCIENCE behind this. And for them to request a RESPONSE from the Ontario authorities to the items they present. Request that the group send 3 scientific findings at one time to be refuted with science, not labeled as misinformation. If thus labeled, that this is explained with evidence. The men's lives are at risk with absolutely no, repeat NO FALLBACK if they get sick or develop symptoms. Nobody takes those risks. These men are fit, very fit and healthy. Even IF they contacted it, they are ASSURED of overcoming it AND then having IMMUNITY for life. For life. Nobody should mind getting it unless very unwell.
How do you know you're saved? - Paul Washer - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Sep 13, 2021:
How do you know that you are saved? Actually,the answer is very simple! Simple,does not mean easy or straight forward. After much study and years of experience,I can put forth what I know. Have you repented at baptism? John the Baptist baptized the people so that they could repent and perceive the power and Godlliness of Jesus The Christ.The religious class did not receive this baptism and as a result they could not hear the Word Of Life from the Lord. Repentance is not taught in the churches or is not structurally accurate.Paul teaches the proper repentance.You are only saved when you are aware of your true spiritual condition and you no longer commit these habitual sins.
Australians are preparing for a worldwide freedom march on September 18, leaving messages for the ...
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Does ALL of Australia follow this? Surely they have a LOT of people there. New Zealand is very oppressed and not much heard there. Canada could go either way. Not sure how many oppose.
I remember when this was first broadcast years ago. []
2FollowHim comments on Sep 12, 2021:
Gates was working on it for over 20 years.
Fix the problem, not the blame.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 12, 2021:
And courses, counseling, thinking groups better, and cheaper too. People need to interact, and it's bleak without it. Family need things they can go do together, bring kids. Small events with kiosks serving food, games. When's the last time you remember fun?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 12, 2021:
Depends on the nature of who you're praying to. Zllah znd kill, jihad, Hindu's better out of here(could ve, but we're here), or Jesus and righteousness, as per how He lived His life. I'm all for appealing to a cleaner, more loving realm, realizing that evil actually is everywhere, in those realms, too. But like diseases, evil hates light. Surely nothing else is working.
Australia must follow the UK! Ban Vaccine Passports/certificates!! England vaccine passport ...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 12, 2021:
I'm SO GLAD for England. They love their pubs, fish and 🍟 chips, a bit of relief. When will we accept life has some risk? And some weak, older people will die? Sure funny how you must wear a mask EXCEPT to eat. Virus is quiet then?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 11, 2021:
Trump gave his people, the patriots no updates as the 2020 fix swept in, just walked away. Some say he's working to fix it. Evidence? I don't see it. What a let down!! My heart is with the patriots. They'd be lost.
One of the easiest ways to censor, is by inflicting onerous legal costs on those who don't have Deep...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 9, 2021:
Absolutely. The common person has so little chance. Good news, in Canada, Rebel News took the leader to court, seeing him, WON.
They Are Admitting it. You Will Need Booster shots FOREVER
2FollowHim comments on Sep 8, 2021:
The Bible says 2 ways: Mammon, or God. Didn't see a 3rd way. Mammon is a 'bottomless pit', a list that consumes. Serve God, it's somehow MEASURED out. Not too much, not too little: nobody knows the right amount, only infinite wisdom, infinite power. Brother Nathaniel, one of the savviest political priests ever said all the CEOs of the big vax companies are Jews, he posted the names, pictures. One gutsy priest, a Jew himself. So maybe THIS could be part of the, is it Zionist? base for Mammon? Of course they won't give up their money inflow, power. And. They'll train the vaxed to shun, ostracize the unvaxed,likely taking the property and holdings away. Too dangerous!! Do you think they could pull that off? Hypothetically, of course they can. But practically?
What a wonderful key thought but just how can we DO that?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 7, 2021:
I was referring to the title words for Beism.
“Two weeks to flatten the curve” was about addressing hospital capacity not eradication of a ...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 7, 2021:
How do you boil a frog? That is this, nudging us away from any freedom, not based on scientific studies. Those in control have their totally biased papers. Few read those to see they're empty. It's a lot of hard work, thankless.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 7, 2021:
What a lovely girl, cut down, literally. It reminds me of my uni days walking home, males would try to pick me up. My landlady took me to task, and under her wing. She said 'Don't be nice, polite.' 'Then they think you're easy, she said. 'Snap hard at them that you're calling the COPS and to get lost'. This looks like a nice, sweet girl. I'd suggest she needed a boy friend, not necessarily boyfriend, just a pal. I think we all need more support. That's just horrible.
[] Fight Vaccine Passports rebel news please sign the petition
2FollowHim comments on Sep 7, 2021:
Maxime Bernier is the only main contender not vaccinated, no intention to. Banned from debates. I see why.
Is there any way we can encourage new comers and timid ones to post their stuff and drop comments ...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 6, 2021:
Have you also noticed the general 'atmosphere' of postings here? It's NOT that there aren't lots of horrible things happening. It's not to hide or sweep those. But ideas and solutions are lacking. I am far more dragged down reading post after post of FAILURE. No, I can't immediately give improvement either, but I think the posts should be to look for how we as society can cope. How much positive do you see? It may be a DARK web, but surely not hopeless.
NSW Gladys Announces Nightmare Where Only Vaxxed Will Be Able To Interact. Dark Days Ahead
2FollowHim comments on Sep 6, 2021:
They didn't look at Israel. Unvaxed just sign that they take FULL RESPONSIBILITY and won't enter hospital for the virus. They likely can't enter it at all.I read the unvaxed shouldn't come in contact with vaxed because they apparently SHED Spike proteins. Those people aren't hearing about VAERS, the terrible lifelong conditions, the deaths and hos Hou spare your loved ones these horrors. It's twisted. I'm actually wondering about this techno bio weapon whether it might not alter epigenetics so they DO become ZOMBIES like the online games say. They've been experimenting in exactly this for years. Nanotechnology breakthroughs brought it forward. It kills or mails those who 'think, reason, have values '. These markers are known. The vax then will go after unvaxed, and unvaxed lise everything. Well, they have anyway, I'd say.
Is there any way we can encourage new comers and timid ones to post their stuff and drop comments ...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 5, 2021:
Could you sometimes try that survey format? Agree, don't agree etc? Some people won't enter if they can get aggressively shot down. I WAS that way, 'once upon a time', realized I could quit or deal with it. Actually, I did neither: I'd move on. Everyone has ways, issues. I'm not Sterling.
I recently remembered an old movie that I saw many moons ago entitled ' The Singer not the Song' .
2FollowHim comments on Sep 5, 2021:
I think I saw that wonderful movie. He cared. His love was palpable. He would protect his flock. How obvious the Bible description 'lovers of themselves'. That to a degree includes me. I can't point the finger but see how I'm doing. I think we were raised in an Era of entitlement. Sure, some are much worse, but I think I do poorly also. I thank God for His mercy. I need it. So then, God asks me to also be merciful. I know Joe lost his first wife and 2 small children, I think at Christmas!! Maybe it damaged him. Yes, I know he shouldn't be able to ruin millions for his problem. But it happens.
A "Healthy" 16-Year-Old Hospitalized for Covid? Fake News Friday. On a Saturday - Viva Frei Vlawg
2FollowHim comments on Sep 5, 2021:
People DON'T LOOK so they can spin a story that is absolute nonsense. Shouldn't they be sued? I guess 'Who would sue?'
Frank Vaughan Election 2021 - September 4th Black Pill Edition - Erin O'toole supports a passport.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 4, 2021:
Agree 100%. But glad we had no children to suffer in all this. Love them in a better world. Our view, seems simpler. I was surprised at Erin, thought he was for choice. There was a big, strong backlash in Ontario for forced...everything: I think he caved. I could be wrong. I'm a naturalist, no drugs of any kind. Improve wonderful immune system. Erin might not defraud so much, might revise his views slightly. Frank's right, as I see it too. For those into health, very tough. Thanks for video, didn't know. I had also hoped Frank would run. But it's toxic, as he said. You shouldn't send your children to school. Unbelievably dangerous. At least, the virus is not the problem. I'm glad I'm a senior. I found nobody wants to hear the actual science? It's out there. Israel's found 18! Drugs that may cure covid. We all have coronavirus antibodies for years.
Ready to take your life back? - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Anyone else think Canada will get WAY WORSE if the same leader gets even a minority? Less than 3 weeks to get Canada better!
Liberal Morneau's Liberal replacement is blasting Trudeau.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
How OLD is this 'rule'; any scientific proof showing they need to be banned? Why isn't the argument from science? If they can contact STDs which can transmit by blood, then, wouldn't that satisfy? How would you feel getting a blood transfusion from a sexually promiscuous homosexual? Comfortable? If you could choose, would you choose it? My concern is the two Michael's. I think one WAS selling drugs in China, a big no-no, bound to cause big trouble. They said the other was 'spying'. Is that strongly, easily reputable? I sure would have given 'Ming' grief as a bargaining chip. And those 2 pandas would NOT have been returned. That's what the CCP do, they needed similar treatment.
I've been thinking a lot about framing.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Did you ever read mystery books or watch years ago Perry Mason? People were FRAMED. Some sickening, tragic stories of black slaves framed for killing, and a white person got away. We can say ..set up. My experience has been that some African people are more racist than Caucasians. I don't know if it's cultural or individualistic, but others are excluded, done non verbally. It's ugly, unpleasant.
How do we follow our Shepherd in Christianity?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Didn't Jesus say 'if you love Me, keep my sayings'? I think I read that Jesus gave 66 sayings or 'commands'. These are more like instructions, I think. To follow anyone you have to WATCH them. We watch through prayer, connecting, and seeing how the Lord is leading in our situation, our life. I think of Pszlm 23, 'He MAKES US to lie down by the still waters'. Only the Good Shepherd knows what's ahead, if we need to be ready.
Bombshell testimony against employers mandating COVID-19 vaccines
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Did you get her name?
Bombshell testimony against employers mandating COVID-19 vaccines
2FollowHim comments on Sep 3, 2021:
Very clear. Who's listening? Who's ears are STOPPED? Does this aid or hinder the billion dollar vax companies? Don't they, so far, have the clout? I think few bother with this very educated, balanced woman. Are they educated as she is? No. So, will they support her? Are they balanced, reasoning thinkers? I haven't seen it, have you?
Turtles think frogs are homeless.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 2, 2021:
They can always access their own 'think tank' 🤔.
More Trudeau criminality in two and a half minutes. []
2FollowHim comments on Sep 2, 2021:
Reading about that is like voluntarily going down into a filthy, rat infested sewer. I'll stay in the sunshine and clean air but thanks for exposing it.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 2, 2021:
I read their materials: exosomes. That would mean, wouldn't it that we WOULDN'T need or get immunity, wouldn't it? Immunity from WHAT, if there are NO GERMS, VIRUSES. Then, what does our immune system do? Why do classrooms often all get measles, or did? Until the vax? Is that untrue? Yet, I'm pretty sure not ALL got measles. How did so many GET it if it's NOT transmissible? They have isolated FRAGMENTS of the, is it 'genome'. What then is isolated? I know I was said to have gotten pneumonia many times. I thought they identified the bacterium? So are bacteria real, but not viruses? I know antibiotics both seemed to get me over it AND weakened my immune system. I Ä·now that when I went cold turkey, double pneumonia, very tough, it left for good. How come? Is there such a thing as immunity? You saw the video. I've heard all 3 people, don't want to repeat. So, I haven't settled this yet.
Rebel News: DAILY | Rebel Banned From Leaders' Debates (We're Fighting Back); Ontario Vax Passport...
2FollowHim comments on Sep 1, 2021:
Isn't PPC also banned? Surely ILLEGAL? Rebel News is also. We need a leader that recognizes rule of law.
Have you ever said to yourself?
2FollowHim comments on Sep 1, 2021:
It often comes as a shock! A jolt. Big adjustment. We have to be ready, and we must be patient. Jesus said, 'I in you and you in me'. I trust Jesus. He's FOR US even when we aren't. One of my favorite things is tracking the Lord. I miss it otherwise.
2FollowHim comments on Sep 1, 2021:
That is criminal. In fact, it mostly seemed criminal to me.
Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished
2FollowHim comments on Sep 1, 2021:
What is the 'natural immunity' if you didn't get the virus at all? Any protection? Certainly the vax are spurious, untested, unproven, many getting very sick. WORSE than virus. So, that's out. But best protection?
It does not matter that Trump's operation warp speed got us working effective vaccines far faster ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Trump (reasonably) listened to 'false prophets', (true profits!). Trump panicked, didn't know the real science. BIG MONEY talked. So much swept, suppressed for VERY BIG MONEY. Billions. Meanwhile, intermectin was ignored( no money there). Sadly, they produce SPIKE PROTEINS that STAB the membranes. Many dead now. And in Israel, those with the 2 vax are sick. These kinds of beliefs are very hard to change.
It does not matter that Trump's operation warp speed got us working effective vaccines far faster ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 31, 2021:
Exhaling is just ANOTHER elimination of WASTES, gaseous, particulate waste. Why do people say 'Open your WINDOWS to get ??? what? FRESH air. Air you've breathed OUT is now toxic to you. Maybe not as toxic as the vax which kills. Why wear one? Are YOU ILL? Are others around coughing, wheezing, ILL? Think...98% recovery. Few get it. People GET FLU, many die of influenza, always have. Strengthen the immune system. Keep at it. Stay away from others you don't know. Use email, phone. Stay well, safe. BREATHE that FRESH air.
2FollowHim comments on Aug 30, 2021:
Tragic, abuse, uncaring abuse. Good for this man going with his gut feeling. A strong woman, full of life MURDERED. He has to sue, never-ending can't. Without backlash, it will be swept. I hope he finds more like himself.
Left behind []
2FollowHim comments on Aug 30, 2021:
We're the Americans all working for the military in Afghanistan? Surely they can SUE if that's the case. Otherwise, why be there?
Short but Sweet! Sky News Australia: Polls showing Trudeau 'could lose' election []
2FollowHim comments on Aug 29, 2021:
How much more damage do Canadians want? How many more TRILLIONS LOST? Pocketed by friends. But Justin will learn these are fairweather friends who don't want him around. Except for Sophie, who divorced him, who likes him? Really, who likes him? Tell me who likes him. He's made bad moves due to entitlement, privilege, and nobody likes it. Maybe a little like Macron? Do you find this? Even Macron seems to have friends.
DANGEROUS TO OUR FUTURE!!! There are a lot of Canadians who understand economics and the ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 29, 2021:
He knows GAY PARADES, Bestival sex rights, drug freedom, spending billions. ALL the others know more to varying degrees. Most know native Indians need clean water, railroads must run, we need commodities to sell. Justin would find all that SO BORING. Let Canadians starve, he's fine; let the two Michael's in China DIE, he's fine. Well, we need some who's NOT FINE, who can impose sanctions, get China out of Canada. It will cost us. China doesn't have human rights, underpays workers. Then delivers cheaper. In the long run, it's destructive. Justin can't go too much against them. He was for them. They use everything.
White Jesus and Plastic Jesus are the same demon viewed through different lenses.
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
The interesting thing is how people have nothing then, and then turn to drugs, another reality that doesn't work. And the Bible says this! Power of fantasy.
“What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Often the damage never lands at the initiator's feet, but of those who didn't do it. I think I remember Stalin living znd dying with no big problems: others had them. Lots of money, benefits in corruption. To people who don't care at all about others, they'll do it; just blame their way out. How a vice president, now president owned an island 7 miles from Epstein's doesn't sound right. He's not unique, though.
Because....the prophete []
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Jesus said your enemies are of your own household. This is WHY Jesus said to HATE the blood family. To follow Jesus, ties to blood must be ended, unless they want to know your faith. I'd say OTHERS could help them. When I join, I join. When I leave, I leave. IF they became Christian, I might see them. But probably not. Hostility for Jesus can be devious, deep. I know I'd be slandered. When you cut ties, cut them completely. There's no such thing as family love: love comes from God, Jesus not ever Muhammad. Remember we only hear what one unverified man says ABOUT Allah, never from Allah. Nothing like Christianity or Jesus.
Streets Of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave., What Happened Today, Aug, 2021 []
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Years ago, China sent frakka through the mail to young people. They then acted like this, and worse, but that was Florida. Sure looks hopeless, lost, no reason for anything. How are any of those helping us? At least, 'do no harm' or damage. Not that, either. Do these areas exist in China? I'd think they have their drug areas also. Now those belong in fema camps, to dry out. But no, they have ruin.
Jordan Peterson-Nietzsche's prediction of the modern society without God Based on this, the ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Further, my values not only are for me but can change, depending. I think that's what we're seeing today, do you?
Jordan Peterson-Nietzsche's prediction of the modern society without God Based on this, the ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Jordan put that well, AS USUAL!
Jordan Peterson-Nietzsche's prediction of the modern society without God Based on this, the ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Self centered values will clash. Aren't we, without God, primarily interested in ourselves, and perhaps our family or loved ones. Does the term 'loved ones' tell you that everyone else is not loved? God's values transcend us.
Spencer Fernando: The ‘Anyone But Trudeau’ Election Canadians have a chance to bring ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
While I'm not as confident about Max himself, I like his platform, also Derek Sloan who is growing, learning. Erin would be better also.
Joe Biden cannot leave Afghanistan now without a response' after Kabul airport explosions, France ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
Really excellent report. Excellent comparison of Taliban and US. So badly done from Obama's or was that still Bush? It made me more humble(still a long way to go).
Andrew Cuomo stripped of his Emmy Award When it was stripped off him, did it pull out his chest ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 28, 2021:
I have to wonder who he actually offended since women being harassed isn't usually listened to. Unless one woman's family had clout? Who did he actually offend is my question. Is Cuomo saying all those women lied about him?
Fitness Depot goes on an unvaccinated firing spree - YouTube
2FollowHim comments on Aug 27, 2021:
Since vaccinated pose a RISK to unvaccinated, due to their shedding spike proteins (I didn't find out how this happens), it is wise to AVOID this place for health reasons also.
Look who got "rich" off of arming the Taliban.
2FollowHim comments on Aug 27, 2021:
When people ONLY want money, or power, bad news awaits.
21st Century Genocide?
2FollowHim comments on Aug 26, 2021:
What I see is, maybe starting with England, then branching out, systematic rape of other cultures, whole scale stealing of their resources, using any means. False religion played their part. The branches of the tree are being expunged first. The WRATH at what was done to them took time to build. Often these countries WELCOMED the foreigners, to their misery and detrimental. It's payback time. I don't think they'll be exterminated, but vastly cut down, yes. The Bible contains many promises: one relevant here is 'Do GOOD in the land, so shalt thou dwell in the land. We notice this is individualistic, not collective. So, no matter what happens, this is a Christian's lifestyle.
Is the Afghanistan Crisis REALLY the Result of Gross Incompetence or Something Else? []
2FollowHim comments on Aug 26, 2021:
Seems tome,Joe is following a script. Seems maybe 'dismantle US'. 'Bite the hand that feeds you', that's an OLD cliché, so it's been around a long time, yes?
Afghanistan: Battle hardened soldiers share some lighter moments with children | Taliban take Kabul...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 26, 2021:
Yes, that's uplifting. Sometimes I think life takes place like this, in the moment. Isn't life just moments strung together?
Service with a smirk -
2FollowHim comments on Aug 26, 2021:
And if the numbers say it doesn't do that? Should everybody be denied it? Considering how horrible 'healthcare' (is this an oxymoron?), might they be better off? How effective is healthcare anyway? Their success rate?
Spencer Fernando: Why Maxime Bernier’s Exclusion From Debates Weakens Canada’s Democracy ...
2FollowHim comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Max can get the questions, answer anyway on another platform. I wouldn't go near that group.

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