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Do protesters help or hurt BLM initiatives?

Do protesters like this one in Seattle late tonight have a net gain for "Black Lives Matter" and "Defund the police by 50% and have it go exclusively to the black community" initiatives to be voted on this week. The message at 6:22 is you first must try to educate others about BLM before you give them an ultimatum to agree with BLM or they deserve to have "some shit done to them". Then again, he could have just been grandstanding.

Do protesters help or hurt BLM initiatives?

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Admin 8 July 30
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Black lives scammers initiatives aren't to help the black community. They're just trying to use white guilt to fundraise. Seattle is just the next Ferguson. They're going to stir up hated and fear, burn down black communities and leave them scared and with no assistance when white people stop feeling guilty and giving them money.

As sad as that scenario sounds, I can't help but believe you have hit the nail in the head.



In the half dozen or so years since it’s founding blm has not sent one kid to,college, cleaned up on neighbourhood, or opened one daycare so momma could go to work, not one social program...Nothing!

The organization has received about $1 billion in funding in that time, and has done nothing - NOTHING to indicate black lives matter. Except their own maybe.

Do protesters help or hurt blm initiatives? It begs the question, what initiatives? I haven’t seen one example of what their “initiatives” might be.

parsifal Level 6 July 30, 2020

BLM was born of a lie in Ferguson (Hands up; don’t shoot), lead by a white man pretending to be black, and is, at its core, a revolutionary Marxist organization (by their own admission.) Like all Marxist movements, black lives, and the so-called systemic racism that oppresses them, have nothing to do with it, other than being the cause du jour that can get bodies into the streets.

The protests attracted the usual gang of useful idiots who told themselves it was all about “justice,” but they only served as a launching pad for what is always the true purpose: destruction, chaos, mayhem and upending the normal fabric of our entire culture and civilization. They’ve explicitly used the phrase, “Burn it down.” Why do we have such resistance to simply taking them at their word?


When will we raise OUR voices and demand an end to this ridiculous behavior? These protests accomplish nothing lasting or meaningful. Only an idiot believes black lives don't matter, and only a fool believes BLM is legitimately trying to help the black community.

This has to end. Soon.


The media is helping to destroy our fellow black American's joy. If I was told and shown every other day that the police hated me because of my skin color, I'd be inclined to hate this country back. There needs to be a reckoning against this unethical behavior that shows no inclination to provide balance. This reckoning must come from the viewers.

Turn the outrage News off!
Shut them down!
Don't be lied to anymore!

It is stirring up outrage and hatred. And, it is getting black people (and others) killed.

Couldn't agree more.


It is obvious that these people are preaching to the choir; if they really wanted to "protest" and "demonstrate" something besides debased and criminal behavior they would be out there in the light of day when the people they supposedly are wanting to get their message across to are awake and going about their business. It has been said that nothing good happens late at night and I think these folks are the living proof of it. BLM and Antifa are both parts of the same larger lie of Marxist revolution.


BLM is a sham organization. They and Antifa are the Democratic party's Sturmabteilung. In addition BLM is a massive Jesse Jackson type shakedown organization. The 3 hos who started BLM are avowed Marxists.

DAN_STL Level 7 July 30, 2020

Good when they hurt BLM. BLM is a terrible thing.
Plain and simple.

BigK91 Level 4 July 30, 2020

So far the protesters have been doing far more harm than helping the situation. BLM would be wise to distance themselves from the likes of ANTIFA, but as the saying goes... birds of a feather flop together (or something like that anyway)...

Except that BLM (Global Network) is run by self-confessed Marxists. They are basically an ideological subsidiary of Antifa.


They hurt any efforts that might have been made for specific areas of change. But I'm not sure that was ever even the goal. I think it wasn't focused like say groups for marriage equality. This is just classic Marxism.

Project Veritas went in undercover and video'd the meetings. They don't want peace. They don't want to improve black lives under our current system. They want an end to this system.

So choose now if you want to live under state run capitalism like China because that's the best you can hope for with marxism or if you want to push back and try to limit government again.


These have not been protests from the start. They have clearly been violent riots and should be dealt with accordingly. Since the Ferguson dog-and-pony-show, the actions of these lefties and b.l.m. lunatics have forced many of my classical liberal friends and me to reassess our long-held liberal notions and support of the black community and other fringe groups here in America. Ferguson was the turning point for me and I will never look back. All of this behavior merely substantiates and affirms my reasons for despising all of these people and causes me to be thankful every morning that I was born straight, white and male. If any one of these groups threaten me, my community, my family or my farm, I will do my very best to kill them all - as would my neighbors.

I think there is no need to reassess your liberal notions if they are indeed Classical Liberal. What masquerades today as Liberalism is but a sneeze and a sleight of hand away from Marxist Communism. It is just another Orwellian co-opting of language: Liberal is now Socialist and Capitalist is now nothing but Fascist. Gay is now homosexual and rainbows, too. Language surely changes but such co-opting is little better than lying and thievery. Such dishonest measures to achieve validation of spurious notions just breeds resentment and resistance among the TRULY classical liberal.

@Geofrank I completely agree with you . I have, indeed, become thoroughly resentful and angry. So much so that any assertion from the s.j.w. left is automatically suspect and if I disagree with these assertions, I can fully expect to be labeled a racist, a homophobe, transphobe and any other of the myriad monikers they've inserted into their perverse lexicon.


What initiatives? To aid the Communist project for America, and burn down Black neighborhoods?


Ask yourself this:
Since Obama’s first election campaign;
Has the Democratic Party, helped or hurt, the lives of people of color ?

David42 Level 7 July 30, 2020

its never been about Black Lives. It's about PC culture and directing us what to think. There are videos up of Black people saying they don't stand for us. I know people on both sides who think its a sham.


Its (BLM) not an issue its a weapon.

Are Protests to raise awareness or attempts at coercion and extortion should be the more general question imo.


When BLM start addressing the black on black violence and when I see them helping black businesses instead of burning them down I might be willing to listen to their concerns. Rioters, protesters, it all becomes violence and criminal activity. In a free society people do not have to agree with BLM Marxist demands but for some reason these kids think they have the only answers. They are driving racism forward in this country instead of helping to eliminate it.

DotBunn Level 5 July 30, 2020

BLM and Antifa are both funded by Soros and all contributions go to the democrats.
One of these days ( after it’s too late), people of color are going to wake up to the fact, that the Democratic Party has been using them for generations.
The biggest single thing that has hurt the lives of black people, is teenage mothers and absentee fathers.
Human beings, NEED both parents; it’s just nature.
Young, fatherless males, commit 95% of crime, kill the majority of black people, use all the court and police resources etc.
Democrats created the welfare state, that pays more to single mothers than married couples. This is just one of the ways the left uses people.
Truth is, the democratic leadership won’t let the people they exploit, past their armed guards.
It’s all politics, and we need to get rid of republicans AND democrats.

David42 Level 7 July 30, 2020

"Protestors"? I believe the proper term is violent, postmodern, racist, RIOTERS!


Well, that depends on how you define "protesters" and what you consider to be the goals of their "initiatives."


The real BLM agenda is to end the Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Marxist Dictatorship, presumably with BLM's founder(s) in charge. The "initiatives" are just an attempt to publicly fund a deep dive into chaos they hope will open their window of opportunity to take over. If you support them, you are just one of their useful idiots. It will end just as badly for you as for the rest of us if they take control.


Protestors? PROTESTORS!?!?
Call them what They Are; RIOTING HOOLIGANS.

Here’s 51 minutes of these “Protestors”
I think We would Best Be Served if They Were Greeted with LOTS of Live Ammunition.

51 minutes of “Peaceful Protests” ... a Montage by Vidmax
The WORST You’ve Probably Seen Is NOTHING Like This ...



Why not just import Africa to America? Anarchy is the rule of law there, why not here? Or so sez da antifa.....


Little racism in America today. Hell, get a clue. 25 years of the trend of Black Rap and Hip Hop and these black guys have it made. A lot of white chicks will worship them just because it it trendy and faddish. Look at the Kardashians for just 1 example. Lets stop this fake charade OK. Blacks have it better here than any place on earth, especially carnage anarchic Africa. I could go on for hours but the ignorant among you just won't get real no matter what I spit.


Going around killing white people is not going to help your cause it will only make you look worse for being black and blaming white people. Maybe you need to see the white peoples side of it and the cops. Wear their shoes for a week and see how you look to other people. It’s not about killing to get back at someone it’s about stopping all the racism however your becoming racists Because of it.


And White People get the same treatment some people just know not to mouth off to the cop

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