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What would you suggest Donald Trump do to have a positive resolution to the BLM/Defund Police/ANTIFA protests? What would a positive resolution look like? What would be your demands?

Trump should...

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Admin 8 June 12
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We, above average people, need to put our heads together and find a way to get biased, corrupt media and corrupt, bribable politicians out of our government.

Tall order I know

I’ve always thought that there aren’t any problems that can’t be solved.
Pragmatic people, like engineers, seek first to fully understand (grock) the problem
Then they look at the givens.
Spiral around the issue.
Look at all aspects in and out. Establish criteria.
Where, what, how, why, and when, how much, how long ?
List all possible permutations.
Find the best, most workable solution.

What a stupid idea it was to put Professional liars in charge

Programmers put back doors in their code, so they can get past security later.
Lawyers do the same with laws

Whatever law they write, is full of exclusions, exceptions, limitations etc. they can use to their advantage later.
Politicians don’t solve problems.
They exploit them for their own advantage, which has the affect of perpetuating issues that could easily have been solved.

David42 Level 7 June 12, 2020

Couldn't agree more.


Whatever he does, or doesn't, will help him in the election.

If he does nothing, he can blame the Dems for the destruction of cities and the end of law and order in democratic districts.

If he intervenes, he will take credit for restoring law and order in cities abandoned by the Democrats.

If he waits it out, he will blame Democratic mayors and governors for doing nothing.

If he gets the all clear from Barr and the Supreme Court and comes in with the army shooting looters and rioters, causing death on American streets, his base will love him even more but will incur heavy criticism, especially from abroad.

Either way, whoever voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him again. And whoever did not vote for Trump will be forced to look at the situation and choose between law and order and a weak Democrat who favours rioters, anarchy and burned businesses.

Total Democrats annihilation is my forecast whatever Trump does or does not.

@clownworld Pres. Trump is the best at manipulating a hostile media. He seems to know what he is doing.


You are a black man born somewhere in Africa...
You can speak sufficient English and either French or Portuguese to fit in either any country where it is spoken.
You win a lottery where you can choose for you and your direct family to go and live.
Where would you go and why?

Statistically they all want to got to the US as it the country where black peoples are the safest, have the most opportunities, and are discriminated against the least.

The above thought experiment is needed to understand the BLM agenda.
And why there is very little Trump can do.
He needs a landslide victory and a clear message from the majority of Americans that racism in ALL its forms are not wanted and that the US will continue to lead the world to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Hanno Level 8 June 12, 2020

Yes. Everyone wants to be in America (or the west), the safest, freest and most affluent place in the world. Yet, we are relentlessly indoctrinated to believe the opposite. Hatred of the system results, and is everywhere.

A young Mexican girl I know was complaining this week about hateful, racist Canadians for asking if she likes soccer. So eager to come to Canada, but already indoctrinated to find racism here everywhere she looks. I’d suggest she might be happier back in Mexico, but of course, that would be racist.

Blacks from Africa are safer in Britain ! By far !

Yet we see the same protests in London.
You can swop US with UK, or NZ or AUS or any western country and you will be told how bad blacks are treated... yet they all want to go to these countries.

How many want to go Russia, China, and a lesser extent Japan, South Korea, the Middle East... etc etc.

It's happening all over Canada too. I've asked some of my friends who are visible minorities if they have ever experienced racism or discrimination. Each and every one of them thought about it then replied "no." They went on to tell me how great it is to live western Canada...redneck central...they've never been anywhere where they received a more open, honest welcome. Yet they're protesting in the bigger centers. Go figure.


I really think it would be a good thing for Trump and all his supporters and administration personnel would turn away from the silliness that is "CHAZ"
It really is Seattle's problem. Let the Seattle people and officials deal with the consequences of their PROGRESSIVE ideology.
Trump has nothing to gain by trying to Stomp out the Marxists in Seattle. He was NEVER going to carry the West coast States in the election in the first place.
Step away and allow them to selfdestruct. Failure is AN EXCELLENT teacher.
Trump can only lose by trying to force the issue.

iThink Level 9 June 12, 2020

I think this is the prudent way to go
For now
Within bounds


Set up drones with a Clear UV Spray Mechanism
Set up Black Light Posts around the perimeter
The MOMENT things change from Protest to Riot release dones
Spray EVERYONE in the zone with a fine mist
TAKE DNA, FINGERPRINTS and a FULL BIOMETRIC Scan and enter it into a Permanent Database
GO AFTER the “Support System” Charging “Aiding and Abetting” with Prison Sentences (IN “Population” )
IF it can be PROVEN that they are a Prime Perpetrator, to Court ... to Prison
KEEP THEM IN HOLDING PENS until the “Incident” Ends
SENTENCE THEM to Hard Labor of CLEANUP Until ALL Sign of the Incident is GONE
FINE THEM the Value of an Inexpensive Bed and Breakfast for EVERY DAY in Incarceration


Save some money and just use different colored indelible fluorescent colors

I really prefer to leave people unaware and unforewarned. The element of surprise might not last long but ...


I would have a long talk about who funds BLM, what their goals are, and discuss what kind of people these are--treat blacks with the respect for their intelligence that the Democrats do not give them.


There isn't one. This is why;


Emphasise the importance of Common Law ! Trial by jury. Freedom of speech.

Emphasise "All are equal in the eyes of the Law."

Emphasise "The failure of individuals to maintain the high standards required of our system does not in anyway invalidate the system ! This system has the flexibility to evolve, abolishing slavery and ending prohibition just two examples. Injustices have to be addressed but through the Common Law so all are listened to and justice done. Anarchy is not justice. It creates fear and freedom from fear is Freedom. "


We're witnessing the ungodly Rise of the Fascism. (Far left)

It's only gonna get Nastier, Darker, and more Brutal.

Lt-JW Level 7 June 12, 2020

@Leroy_Dumonde That's a fair point. Still I think people tend to see the hypocrisy as well as the similarity inerrant to both ideologies. Antifa beating up little old ladies and generally acting like fascists, to cite one example. People can't help but see the parallels.


Let our system of justice operate as it was designed to charge and prosecute law breakers. ALL lawbreakers. Not just the ones the Deep State choose. The President is not law enforcement. The States are.


A lot to unpack in that. To start with I don't know about the USA but in the UK we have laws about inciting racial hatred, if what the media is reporting continually doesn't match the numbers then damn well prosecute some of them. once again its down to electing politicians with a backbone.
A war of atrition would be good, this "Paris commune" should be an opportunity to run intel on the people there, see if its organised and where it stems from then go after those at the top. defund them, jail them etc.

Our laws on race are unnecessary and counterproductive ! Some idiots created an anti slavery Bill in a country that never had slavery. Morons. The laws on incitement to violence were good enough to prevent racial conflict. Race should not be part of any legal system ! An assault is an assault .... a rape is a rape ... arson is arson .... bringing race into the equation lead to over 1000 young female children being Raped. Bringing homophobia into law ment a working class father of two stabbed on his door step (murdered) , had his death treated as of lower priority then that of a Homosexual pub owner stabbed in similar circumstances on the same night. The killers in one incident getting longer gaol sentences because ..... sexuality. Both groups of killers were young black youths from South London.

There are actually laws on the books about rioting if they were enforced.
It is a federal crime to cross the borders from one state to another state and engage in a riot. But the rioters usually say they are from the state the riot is in. Every one of them should be finger printed and their photo taken then a full background check done to confirm they are who they say they are. Then prosecute everyone who is illegally rioting to the fullest extent of the law.


Agree so we are back to the problem of lack of spine.

@CookieMonster Right on the mark.


President Trump has few options right now. He needs to keep control and when law and order is restored he can make changes as a government not as a hostages to the corrupt tripartite that BLM, Antifa and leftist bring. Chaos isn’t an option

Rick-A Level 8 June 12, 2020

BLM doesn't give a shit about black people. It's mostly just a bunch of entitled white liberals with fukken trust funds.


As a further clarification, the story would be different if people filed a petition and voted to secede in some way. If California doesn't want to be part of the United States any longer, I'd be willing to let California go. I'd want counties that wanted to leave California and rejoin the United States to have that option. We'd need to renegotiate trade issues and military base issues. I don't want the country to split, but if the country needs to split, then splitting is better than endless violence. If New York City and the surrounding suburbs want to leave the nation, we should find a way to let that happen.

What I won't tolerate is these domestic enemies trying to take control of cities or neighborhoods. I won't tolerate them committing acts of war against our society or our history. If they want to do the hard work of building something, we need to find a way to give them space to do so. If they just want to take what the rest of us have built, then they are enemies who need to be destroyed.

considering that California produces very little and imports it energy and water from out of state it could secede and be one of the shortest countries to have existed. when you consume more than you produce you have set yourself up for failure


Leftist big state activists tend to create state funded organizations where they themselves get high paying jobs. It is a form of SJW-fraud. This Defund Police scheme is clearly meant to be followed by the establishment of such organizations. Donald Trump should point out this corruption, there is no legal basis to replace underpaid police with corrupt schemes from overpaid SJW

Corjova Level 6 June 12, 2020

Please realize that the right has its own system of rewards. What happened to Paul Ryan after he was pushed on his sword for the cause. He has transferred millions of dollars from his political accounts to his non-profit the American Idea Foundation. He also found a seat on the Fox board of directors. Former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker now has a full time job running a D.C. group aimed at promoting conservative ideas among young people. There is the common practice of former legislators (both left and right) becoming lobbyists for special interest groups.


Let's see. He already proposed flagging Antifa as a terrorist group, so we'll see where that goes. BLM is a false front, designed to distort and distract, and has no interest in actually helping the black community, so I would ignore them. That leaves defunding the police. Can't really do that...the government has a responsibility to protect its citizens. I guess I'll have to go with police department reform, starting with the unions and internal policies that protect incompetent officers (there aren't many bad apples, but man do they create issues). Every career field has people that don't belong. In the case of police, it's just like with doctors...the misfits need to be weeded out mercilessly. Oh, and for cryin' out loud, would y'all start leaving your body cams on?


The Anti-Socialist movement of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, who are followers of the anarchist propaganda started by terrorist groups like Weather Underground, the Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Black Libertarian Army; should be dismantled and dealt with by the FBI, National Guard, and United States Military. The same as we would deal with any other foreign or domestic terrorist group.


If President Trump had addressed the nation, early on, using the same calm but tough style used so effectively by Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher, things may have been different.

Reagan fired every air traffic controller in the country, and Thatcher busted the unions and went to war for the Falklands, but neither started the discussion by shouting and banging a fist in the table.

Most Americans still don’t know the scope of the problem: ten unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019 vs 20 unarmed whites. Good leadership clearly defines the problem and sweeps away ambiguity.

Trump has the platform to educate and provide that context, rather than let protesters set the terms with vague, indefinable concepts like white supremacy, privilege, systemic racism, and unconscious bias.

Show us the problem, and we will stand with you. But we can no longer entertain vague, meaningless work-speak.

GeeMac Level 8 June 12, 2020

I thoroughly agree that Trump and his media arm should have done a lot more to explain the underlying problem and the real issues.

However, I am not sure it would have made much of a difference...

I can only be critical to the extend to what I think I would have done in his place... and a couple of times he (or rather his press secretary) did better than I would have.

@Hanno I don’t know if it would have made a difference to the protesters either. When I quote the 10/20 numbers to the woke, they often say they don’t care about “statistics.” But beyond hardcore progressives, a number of reasonable people have no context for what’s happening.


The Bible is what makes White People Prejudice (Abrahamic Law). Trump made a huge mistake with the Bible Photo Oop!!
White and Black People were Earth Loving Pagans! The Semite Desert God was forced upon them (by fear of Death)!!! Trump reinforced what I’m saying with holding the Bible... slave owners, the KKK and The NAZIS all used Bible verses to support their Racism and Looting of Natives’ land.

>>>. Blacks, stand with the Non-Abrahamic Caucasians!! We just want to be proud of our race and Blacks be proud.. it’s a Semitic doctrine that justifies this!!!!!

Er... you think the Koran is not racist...

Unless you include all three Abrahamic religions...

@Hanno he's probably just a a Marxist Troll. Islamic stuff is usually trolling.


There are some valid points in the garbled mess that are the BLM demands. The police aren't perfect and unions as a whole cause all sorts of problems, not just the police unions. An honest and open discussion is what we need, but that's not what we will get. What Trump needs to do is make clear what his stance is and leave open possible talk. Then just let them make their next move, because someone is going to escalate this. That way when things go bad, people will see that other options were there and they simply just ignore it because most of these people do not seem to want change but instead to just destroy everything thinking they can build something better.

well said.


Come on, he's incapable of that.

Yeah, it's interesting how both sides seem to want Trump to be a better candidate.

This person is a professional troll
And he should be ignored


BLM is an anti-white hate group funded by George Soros and other millionaires. Its mission is to promote open borders and mass 3rd world immigration,. People must understand that.

BLM is being USED by Soros, just like Antifa and many other groups!!!
The objective is that the top one half of one percenters control EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
Really pretty simple!!!!

  1. mandatory sentencing guidelines for law enforcement convicted of violating their oaths, and any other crimes using their jobs as an advantage. Also some form of mandatory charges for the same violations, no allowing them to resign and move just to get a job in some other city.

  2. remove all confiscation, and forfeiture laws from the books, end policing for profits. Also put in all funds collected by LEO into general funds for the city, county, or state rather than allowing those monies to go to the agencies that issue the tickets.

  3. End the hiring of former military, particularly combat vets for jobs in law enforcement.

Another thing they can do that would take time is audit all the laws on the books and begin removing laws that are outdated, only selectively enforced, and are simply wrong. Then start to eliminate all the excessive law enforcement agencies. Most of the federal alphabet soup agencies could either be removed entirely or whittled down a great deal, FBI, DEA, ATF, TSA, and bits like Homeland Security. States, and counties could also do with getting rid of a good deal.

Also force courts to educate potential jurors about their right and ability to use nullification to rid us of unjust and pointless laws.


I'm a sadist. Nothing I could say would be said outside of any self gratification.
I like to see suffering.
That is all.


I firmly believe there are some things that cannot have a positive resolution and what is occurring in America is one of things things that can have no good end. To allow anarchist to win will bring on a communist tyranny; to put the revolt down by further empowering the militaristic police state will bring about tyranny. The empire is crumbling and as far as the American people are concerned there will no winners. So, I guess I will have to answer; none of the above.

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