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The LGBT across social media is the devil. There, I said it.

I got doxxed on Facebook for saying "bisexual lesbian" isn't an actual or valid label - it was the STUPIDEST argument I've ever been a part of, but my location and place of work got exposed so I removed my last name and location from all of my social media.

To any of the folks who follow me on here, I changed my username from "alexlgarxxx" to "alex_star_shine" - hope this doesn't confuse anybody ❤

Back to the social media thing ... I have some feelings.

The vibe that's sprung up from things like the trans rights movement and the growing "progressive" mindset is toxic, ignorant, cult-like and intolerant. There doesn't seem to be a feeling of overall empathy or acceptance within a lot of LGBTQ communities anymore - it's just uber combative and divisive. This is going to sound melodramatic and dumb, but Twitter alone kind of makes me feel like a hapless bunny who used to enjoy a peaceful existence in a rainbow-colored wonderland, only to stand around with other hapless woodland creatures, watching as it burns to the ground.

Arielle, if you're reading this - DANG. Oh my stars and oh my damn, I don't know how you and other creators put up with this kind of shit full-time - the sheer shit-talking alone would break me and turn me into an emotional basketcase who can't stop staring at the wall.

On Twitter (it's a fucking hellscape!), I feeling like I'm dying inside just reading through some of these threads - like when I stumbled on a thread full of 20-year-old trans men who were bashing gay men for "being too pussy to take on a man with a pussy". Why yes, Kyle - "PUSSY" is actually a thing. If you have one, whether or not you present as female or male, the chances of you getting nailed by a 100% full-blown homosexual male without an ass-ton of alcohol present are basically slim to nil. This is not transphobic - this is reality. It doesn't mean that homosexual men won't court an honest friendship with you or that they won't support you like the dickens, but if you happen to have certain (lady) parts, chances are they're not gonna think of you sexually. This is just the reality of gay men in general and nobody with a vagina should take offense, but when I tried to point this out, I got called a transphobe for "trying to push that attraction to people based on their genitalia isn't bigoted" 😳🤡🌈

Further Twitter nightmares:

  1. I got creeped on and DM'd by some random who went full SJW on my ass - they'd been following me on Twitter and apparently gOt OfFeNdEd when I retweeted a drawing submitted for J.K. Rowling's book, needed to let me know they couldn't follow someone who supported such a shameless TERF who didn't regarded trans women as women, and told me I was probably a terrible person anyway because I follow shoe0nhead and Blaire White. First of all - J.K. Rowling is NOT a transphobe, but she IS getting dragged for having tHe WrOnG oPiNiOn and stating that the experiences behind biological sex are valid, and secondly, if a child's drawing of a damn peacock is going to trigger you that badly, block my ass and leave me be, man.

  2. They've turned against Fred fucking Sargeant and branded him tHe DeV0l!! What the fuck - this is like some goofy nightmare Twilight Zone shit! Fred Sargeant is an LGBTQ legend - he's a Stonewall veteran and co-organized the first ever Pride Parade. His contributions to the LGBTQ are extraordinary, and he's being called a TERF and a transphobe for speaking out against the trans rights movement. Fred Sargeant is not a bigot, nor is he a transphobe, but he is vocal about the extremes being perpetuated by this "progressive" movement and he's not doing so because he's transphobic - homie's pissed because he spent the last five decades fighting for gay rights just to see gay men and women having their sexuality shamed and erased because "sex-related attraction" is deemed transphobic (it doesn't help that the pRoGrEsSiVe SiDe decided that "gay" and "lesbian" are basically gender-related identities, and no longer "definitive" sexual orientations). He's also vocal about modern lesbian erasure - which is A REAL THING THAT'S HAPPENING and NEEDS to be addressed - I'm just saying, it's not hard to see why dude's angry.

I repeat - social media's the devil. I just end up angry, bewildered and depressed and all I want to do is listen, laugh and escape. I dumped Reddit and Tumblr because they're both crazy toxic and I couldn't take the "progressive" crap on those platforms - I disagree with it too much to ignore it anymore.

I still love to engage with others and celebrate the things I enjoy - Tony "Candyman" Todd liked my tweet to him the other day and I geeked out for hours, I've met some awesome people who are as bewildered as I am at the ugliness - it's not all bad. I'm just tired of the extremes this brand of Cancel Culture has created within the LGBTQ, and also the extreme PC Police mentality. It's like these two things got together and made a mutant love-baby that impregnated itself within this movement, and it's like a rainbow-colored horror movie. Sigh.

alex_star_shine 5 June 23
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ugh im so sorry. distance yourself as much as you can from these crazy people


And that's why I don't have an online friend group any more. They all got like that.

And they're missing out by shutting people up. It's much more interesting and educational to talk these things out, I think.

RaveMStark we'll be your online friend group.

@Darkhorse48 <3333

Hang out with me/us anytime!! Online is a great place for meeting new people 'on your own time/during your own comfort times'. I met my partner online (BBSing!). So, it definitely has it's upsides.

I even met an author online and we've become friends such that the next time I'm in CT, we are getting together. My guy BFF (and he's been embarrassed when I say it around him!! so cute!) I knew for a DECADE before I met him in person. I visited him and his wife and kids when I was in DC two years ago. We met online organizing a political party.

It is a GREAT medium - but like fire, has it's good and bad uses.

@Darkhorse48 Thank you!! I like this online friend group a LOT BETTER! 😀

@tracycoyle Thank you! You're right that it's like fire - it can be good and bad. I think that one big group I was in was just the kind of people who were highly susceptible to the far left rhetoric.

I do still have one or two long-term online friends still who were not part of that group. So, I know you're right. You can meet cool people as easily as uncool people online. I was just in the wrong corner!


What's sad is they seem to take everything they hate about others, and turn those tactics into their own. If you really want people to stop calling people pussies, stop doing it yourself. It's not that complicated. People who are gay can't help being gay, just like they can't help being trans. So truly, they are the ones who have something to learn.


The extremist crap used to be more on the "right", and there is plenty there. At least generally the right (with the exception of the supremacist/nazi wackjobs as far I can see) did not deny the humanity and worth of the people with whom they disagreed. The politically correct left has gone completely off the rails - tell them something they don't like (which is anything outside of their orthodoxy) and they go completely apeshit. Take a look at Seattle - it has been imploding for the last decade, and only a few of us saw it. Now the "CHAZ" crowd are showing that they are no better than those about whom the complain, and maybe worse. Tolerating criminality; preying on the residents and businesses in the area, and blocking the cops and medics who were trying to rescue shooting victims. Seattle thinks the area can be taken back. Well, yeah ... but not without hundreds of casualties. Bet on it.

I stay off social media. Never had a Twitter/FB/etc. presence. I'd lose my mind. I have no idea how decent people with functioning brains can stand the crap there - just look at the abuse you describe, consider the stuff I have seen said about Arielle, JK Rowling, etc. Fuck that. I had a hard time with myself about joining here.

The craziness truly frightens me - I wonder what we will see first: the end of the year, or the end of the Republic, replaced by a totalitarian government of one kind or another.


I joined Twitter near the beginning and used it daily, hourly....for more than a year - and I was a BITCH to people that tried to mob others. Eventually - and yes, I got tons of hate - I just got tired of it. It didn't run me down emotionally, I love a shitstorm!, but it was just the same stuff over and over. You could point to the sky and say BLUE and there would be a dozen arguments over the nature of looking was stupid. I went back a couple years laters, saw the same stuff going on but MORE of it. Now, I drop in occasionally but most of my 'friends' who have tens of thousands of followers don't even interact, just post and is SOCIAL media....millions of people talking, no one listening.

You are better off - btw, all my personal information is public, I am pretty 'bully' proof. I've been that way from 1995 when I got on the web.

As to the trans community - it IS toxic as it is being represented and pushed by the Left Activists - and yes, it is FULLY AND COMPLETELY an artifact of the Left/Progressive/SJW/Woke drone mentality.

The transactivists are DESTROYING the transgendered people in the eyes of the general population.

People like Arielle who see what is happening and have a platform need the support and encouragement of those of us on the ground with her/them.

You're welcome in my place - virtual or otherwise - anytime. San Diego is warmer and drier!

Thank you so much, both for your understanding and your sanity ❤❤❤ Social media is a mixed bag, that's for sure - lots for positives, and more than its share of negatives. I respect and admire Arielle for keeping strong and staying sane in the face of some of the extremes of this "woke" hivemind mentality - it's just humbling how ignorant and ugly that crowd can be.


I'm having difficulty putting into words how I feel about this post. So whatever I say probably won't do my honest feelings Justice.
You seem to have had taken quite an emotional beating on social media. I would pick you up, dust you off, love you all better and ask you if you're ready for another round. I want to see you in the arguments. But I want to see you grow stronger every time you get into one.
I guess my only advice is to stick with logic and facts. And practice the art of today on this site more than any other.
I've been attacked pretty bad myself a couple of times. And I found myself not wanting to comment at all and that's what they want. They want you to shut up and go away it's a part of their social engineering.

Thank you ❤ I'm actually super grateful for this site in particular - it's really nice having a platform where we can express ourselves openly about this stuff.

@alex_star_shine I'm grateful as well. They still have a long way to go. I've seen them delete posts that I wish they hadn't because it was opening conversations that were very difficult that we still need to have. I didn't mean to take some notes on it and I haven't got around to it yet.

I think it is fear - don't ask what of, I doubt they know and it likely a bunch of things - and so they lash out.

My three favorite words: I. DON'T. CARE.

What people think of me, say of me, see in me, hate about me. I've heard it all. I AM most of what I've been accused of being. When the trolls and haters come and call me a) b) c) d)...etc, I just say Yep, and?

Teflon wishes it worked as good.

Darkhorse is right - honesty, facts, logic. If those fail, then it is on them. Nothing more you can do for stupid. It likes that state.

@alex_star_shine yay

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