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Men in dresses. Good, bad? Who cares?

ariellescarcella 7 Nov 24
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Don't care. People should wear whatever they want if it poses no direct physical threat to others.
I don't care if they walk around naked.

I have a dress I got so I could go to a "men in dresses" bowling event.
And I have a kilt. I don't wear either one.


I mean I really don’t care if a man wears a dress or not. I think men should be allowed to express femininity but also men should respect women while wearing dresses


Yeah, I wish one of things they would do is learn why dresses became so prominent among women and eventually became feminine, the answer is simple: hygiene.
Believe it or not both men and women sweat down there, and only in the last hundred and fifty years did we finally have sufficient infrastructure, medical advances, and knowledge to avoid the health issues women face that men do not have to worry about(damn biology).
Skirts and dresses makes it easier for women to relieve themselves and kept air dried, in different civilizations some form of slacks for men developed while women kept wearing dresses, and the cultures where the women wore slacks they also had higher hygiene practices and standards.
And why do we believe dresses are feminine? Instead of telling their children of both sexes it was for the reasons above, they would probably just say,"Because dresses are for girls and slacks are for boys."
That explanation gave the results it needed, over a length of time, the actual reason was forgotten and this became the acceptable norm, while the real reasons were forgotten.
Nothing to do with controlling women or the patriarchy but just practical reasons for avoiding health issues. When you really think about it it is pretty obvious, and men wearing dresses can actually be viewed as disrespecting women and their real health struggles.


They're just trying to get laid. Poor guys.


It's about the continued feminizing of men.

cheesel Level 4 Nov 26, 2020

I don't care as long as they don't wear the dress to play woman or trans gender. There is a growing group of people who are cos-playing other peoples oppression. These are the guys who send rape threats, death threats, and threats of violence to lesbians like Arielle. "They" are abusers that attack transsexuals like Buck Angel, Blaire White, and Rose of Dawn. They are abusers disguised as woke.

If it just a guy in a dress... ok, cool.
If it is a homophobic, transsexual-phobic, and sexist a-hole... F off.


Men shouldn’t wear women’s clothes. Women shouldn’t wear men’s clothes. That’s what I believe

Atitaya Level 5 Nov 25, 2020

They only care about their free expression. Others do not care because they think it does not impact them. But as the culmination of an ancestral bloodline reaching back hundreds of thousands of years, does that kind of bloodline-severing emasculation really feel worth it, just for the cheap thrill?


My vote: WHO CARES?

I don't think it's "empowering" for a man to wear a dress. I don't think it's inherently shameful or terrible for a man to wear a dress either. If a guy just likes to wear a dress, I say let him. I have seen some pretty tasteful skirts and dresses on men. I think it can be fine.

I care if someone is wearing a dress AND being gross or obnoxious in some way. But in that case, it's not really about the dress. It's about he behavior.

I'm with you on this one.
Its not about what you wear its about the person inside. Some people seem to think that if they dress differently to the norm they can be jerks and get away with it.


Good for engagement, amirite?

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