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Ahh, yes, I remember you! You were banned from Agnostic. ?
Yes, I was banned. Some poly-gendered bigot there nicknamed as "Lucifer" had a vendetta against me. My original nickname was "WhereAtAth3ist" (replace the "3" with a "E" ) before my email was hacked and my phone was bombarded with spam . I am extremely far left but not so open minded that I am going to let my brain spill out on the pavement over some topics that have very little to do with me . A few famous #breadtube influencer​s from Youtube also verbally harassed me at my job at a fancy hotel I used to work at before I got fired ( Good riddance ) . I recently lost my cell phone and it has made it easier to get back onto the internet I was locked out of . My new profile name is "SanDiegoAirport" .

Aug 23, 2020 at 5:37pm EST

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