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A wise man once said, "beware those who make excuses for which to lay blame."

Pointing out a failure in design of a machine, is the first step in solving the particular problem. I don't see this as an excuse, when it is in fact a design flaw or material failure. If in the other hand a mechanic damaged the part, creating the flaw, and blamed the design or material, we have an excuse.

Another wise man, said, "I already know you're perfect! You're perfect, because you have a perfectly good excuse for why you're fucked up!" He went on to explain the we get this from our parents. If you break a dish, it's never enough to say you messed up and broke the dish. There has to be more to it. Why did you break the dish? So we are trained to come up with a reason it's the dish's incompetence, not ours.

We see this same excuse culture at play regularly. A criminal commits a mass murder, and the highly trained perfect people, show up with all their perfectly good excuses. It's the gun, it's the access to guns, its video games, its breast feeding, it the solar orbit in decay, its anything and everything except the simple truth that a criminal committed a crime.

Why is it so hard to blame the criminal? We have gun laws from here to Christmas, and they have yet to stop such a crime, because they only apply to those people will follow the law. A criminal, definition is someone who does not follow the law. So we get the absolute insanity of "that guy broke the law! We need another Law!!!"

Now that enough people have seen the falisy of that stupid concept, we get, you guessed it, another perfectly good excuse. Its video games, music, television, or movies to blame.
Never mind the reality that the numbers of people who enjoy such activities outweighs the number of bad guys by such margins, that the correlation is statistically nil.

Then comes the cries for Red Flag laws, which frankly apply first to any idiot advocating them. The subjective nature of such absurdity only serves to create a means to circumvent the bill of rights. Free speech, gone. Due process gone, 2nd Amendment rights, gone. 4th Amendment rights, gone. All based on the same lunacy as the Salem witch trials.

Passing a law, thinking you will stop tragedies is like passing laws to control weather and seismic activity. Mother Nature does not pay any attention to your laws any more than the criminal, who is also a part of nature, whether you like it or not.

Throughout history, three percent of the population refused to adhere to the rules of society. Today is no different. The population of the earth has doubled in my lifetime, meaning that three percent, is twice the size too.

Nature provides each creature with defenses and tools to defeat the defenses of the prey. You'll never save an animal from its predators by removing that animals means of defense. People are no different. Criminals are predators, and the nuts in charge of the nut house want to disarm the prey, which is us, we the people.

The time has come to make it very known, with our other weapon, our voice, that we will not be relegated to fodder so these idiots can feel better about themselves in their quest for power over us. Make it known, we will not accept more restrictions, laws, or disarmament.

Just a common man's view

Jbisnoop 5 Sep 7

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It is not a good idea to let a LIB judge decide if anyone can have a gun. You know that LIBs do not want anyone to have a gun, and most judges are LIBS in my extensive experience!

@ObiRonMoldy I had most of contact with judges on the LEFT coast.

@ObiRonMoldy Both.I have found that's a CAL conservative is still a LIB where I come from, and you seem to fit that mold!

@ObiRonMoldy You can not have it both ways. Who pays for your social issues?

@ObiRonMoldy Again, who pays?? This just proves my point, you are a LIB!!!, not a moderate or conservative of any type!

@ObiRonMoldy I understand everything you addressed, but go back 120 years and see how these things were dealt with, those solutions worked and we did not have recidivism.
You worked or you starved.
Those that really deserved help were taken care of by their communities and/or churches, not the tax payer that had know idea who these people were or if they DESERVED help!!!!!!
That system worked!!!!!
You are the one that does not get IT!
Look at any major city on ether coast and see how well you ideas work, maybe it is time to do what WORKED in the past.

@ObiRonMoldy Sorry, we can not continue to take care of those the CHOOSE not to take care of themselves. I agree some do need our help, but not all that are taking it. I understand that conditions 100 years ago were not good for those that needed help, we can fix that, but those who CHOOSE not to take care of themselves should NOT be able to live off the rest of us!!

@ObiRonMoldy This discussion is a waste of time for both of us, we just need to agree to disagree. When people like us stop working because we are not allowed to keep what we earn, all this comes to and end. I hope you have a stockpile of ammo!!!!!!
And GOD Bless!!!

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