LINK Texas Family Mourns Mom Shot and Killed by Cop Who Was Aiming for Her Dog
JacksonNought PA Sep 23 Sep 23 22
36 Virginians hit by state's red flag law so far... Red flag laws should be illegal, the potential for law abiding gun owners to unjustly face problems from such is too great.
SpikeTalon PA Sep 21 Sep 21 11
Dave Morrison makes some excellent points. Do we need to remain silent to support free speech? Personally, I am ambivalent.
pbuck0145 Canada Sep 20 Sep 20 33
Saudi Arabia is buying shares of Alberta's oil sands companies. The 'ethical oil' argument is dead. Max Fawcett: If Canadian oil and gas companies are going to accept Saudi Arabia’s , it’s probably time for their proxies to retire arguments ...
1patriot Canada Sep 19 Sep 19 11
Atheism is an idea, it doesn’t have to be reasoned with, but emotions alter the interpretation of ideas. Theology is a study, and like those who Search and research, those who study find patterns, and patterns oppose chaos, which means reason, ...
MisterEdmonds OR Sep 18 Sep 18 22
LINK Bret Weinstein | Social Justice, Civil War, Election 2020 & More (Full Podcast) - YouTube
WBALEF UK Sep 18 Sep 18 11
Sheriff Albert has my respect. 2A supporting Sheriff walks away from Democrat Party-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 17 Sep 17 22
“A rule that cannot be bent will surely be broken.” ― Robert Brault "Don't expect people to abide by your rules if you don't clearly communicate what they are. And don't expect them to live by your rules if you're not willing to ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 17 Sep 17 11
Anti-gun violence research consortium admits problems not the gun, but the individual... On April 25, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy, in a press release, announced the creation of an organized “States for Gun Safety” coalition between...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 14 Sep 14 22
LINK COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity – Forbidden Knowledge TV
turnerjolene48 NC Sep 13 Sep 13 00
The Chain of Ascension The old English rock group called The Police had a hit song on their 1981 album called Ghost in the Machine, and this song was named Spirits in the Material World. Gordon Sumner was the handsome and charismatic front-man for ...
Lehmanruss CA Sep 12 Sep 12 22
Below the radar: Jaime's Law... While we place a lot of the focus on defending against laws that target firearms, anti-Second Amendment extremists also target ammunition. In a way, this ammunition control can be worse – because ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 11 Sep 11 00
Joke Five Antifa thugs went to the suburbs looking for a house to loot and burn. At night they sneaked into one that seemed less protected than the rest. However the owner was a light sleeper and single handedly beat the devil out of all five. ...
REN777 IN Sep 11 Sep 11 11
Virginia Democrat's laughable claim on background checks... It’s not surprising to see gun control groups make false claims about the success of their anti-gun agenda, nor is it particularly shocking to see politicians ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 10 Sep 10 11
Now Judges are helping the gun control efforts... Texas Judge says gun control can fix "systemically flawed" justice system- A local judge in San Antonio, Texas is using his position on the bench to push for a slate of new ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 9 Sep 9 22
This hard nationalism being put in place is based in US-OUNb political ideology. Each layer of society shares many aspects of socialism with a get out of jail free card based on adherence and activism. The further you climb in society, the fewer laws...
1patriot Canada Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Putting Nadler On the Spot “The Democrats’ acceptance and tacit encouragement of violence has real consequences. It is beyond time that you forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and convene a Committee hearing to examine the civic...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 8 Sep 8 00
Undelivered Mail Dumped By The Truck Load In Empty California Parking Lot "Go Figure"\
B1967 NY Sep 7 Sep 7 00
Diane Abbott does it again 🤦‍♂️
ieuan UK Sep 6 Sep 6 00
Butterfly on the patio IPhone X
HeadMofo VA Sep 5 Sep 5 11
Minneapolis law prevents protection of property for dumbest of reasons... Minneapolis was ground zero for the riots and outright lawlessness in the wake of the death of George Floyd. When the dust settled, entire city blocks ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 3 Sep 3 11
(admin) Starts at 7:30. Relation between music and math, Cheat by Mail voting and more
ajhilder WA Sep 3 Sep 3 00
This Isn't a Protest...It's Crime The Chicago Police Department released a surveillance video from the BLM protests back in May -- allegedly to peacefully address systemic racism in law enforcement -- asking for the public's help in ...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 2 Sep 2 11
“If you violate laws of God, you're a sinner. If you violate laws of men, you're a criminal. If you violate your own laws, you're hypocrite.” ― Toba Beta "I detest that man who hides one thing in the depths of his heart, and speaks for ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 2 Sep 2 11
I really do not understand why we have any laws at all. Everyone is doing what they want to regardless. Masks, distancing, going to a protest in another town but carrying a firearm to "protect" yourself. Protesting an injustice then smashing windows...
Pand0ro WI Sep 1 Sep 1 00
“Go looking for conflict, and you’ll find it. Go looking for people to take advantage of you, and they generally will. See the world as a dog-eat-dog place, and you’ll always find a bigger dog looking at you as if you’re his next meal. Go ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 1 Sep 1 11
Woah! What’s going on down under?
AliceatTWL SC Sep 1 Sep 1 22
Black panther died ? ... That's awful...
RemiDallaire Canada Aug 29 Aug 29 22
Democrats are freaking out, and they should be- The New York Times ran an article Wednesday about how voters in Wisconsin are responding to the riots by switching their support to Donald Trump. This is a very strange thing to ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 27 Aug 27 22
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-08-24 NEHEMIAH’S HEART “I confess the sins we Israelites, including myself and my father’s family, have committed against You. We have ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 24 Aug 24 00
The school Democrats are dying off replaced by young Marxists raised in Leftist accordingly people....
B1967 NY Aug 22 Aug 22 33
‪BreakingTruth GlobalNews and all other MediaSilence in ChildExploitation CriminalSyndicates and Liberal Democrats want this Exploitation to become Normal ‬
YellowPill Canada Aug 22 Aug 22 22
Nothing says peaceful protest quite like Hatetifa in riot gear.
ThoughtCrimina NY Aug 22 Aug 22 00
Imagine that you were a Soviet dissent living in Stalin’s Russia in 1937. Times are tough and the Communist regime is brutal. People suspected of being dissidents routinely disappear in the middle of the night never to be seen again. Many are ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 22 Aug 22 1717
Click on this post fod link to article, part 2 of an investigation. Prigozhin's long running war on free media.
TitaniumCowboy IN Aug 20 Aug 20 00
Today (Thursday) we discuss how technology has changed politics. Join us Live at 2:00 P.M. EST
ramzpaul OK Aug 20 Aug 20 22
🦐 ULTIMATE KRILL OIL 🦐 🛒 Shop Now & Save $10:
RealAlexJones TX Aug 19 Aug 19 00
The Great Replacement in Atlanta
B1967 NY Aug 18 Aug 18 11
COVID Contradictions
1patriot Canada Aug 18 Aug 18 11
Welcome, enjoy and stuff.
hankerchief AK 11
Guys, what is your opinion on free speech? Should It have any limit? If it should, why and which limits? As a voluntarist/libertarian, I'm a radical pro free speech, and my case for this is the fact that offense or honor are always subject to ...
Cecilia Brazil Aug 16 Aug 16 44
The younger brother of President Trump, Robert Trump, dies at age 71-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 15 Aug 15 22
(admin) From Billy Gates Msn News. The League of Women Voters used to run the ballot collection here in Oregon, but later that was replaced by mail in voting. I am concerned about vote tampering and fraud from mail in. Illegal Immigrants, Dead People...
ajhilder WA Aug 15 Aug 15 11
From another chat, would like a thread(I wrote it), lets have it "I think where you guys were missing eachother was that Ghillie tends to separate "the market" from "the government" STL does not. The trouble with liberty for all is a ...
Amarok MN Aug 15 Aug 15 22
POLL What are the effects of laws about prostitution? What laws should there be or not? (
BrianFey Aug 14 Aug 14 99
Continuing what I was saying now. That was what I said is why that I don't like the judicial system. But there is more to it than what I can talk about. Actually yeah if you don't know, there is more than what I can say, that's what I mean. So, ...
caseyxsharp TX Aug 13 Aug 13 11
Libertarianism is a childish anti American hippie ideology for retarded millennials promoted by CCP, change my mind Jo Jorgensen Political positions: end the War on Drugs, abolishing drug laws (awesome just what we need more unemployable ...
RossGray PA Aug 13 Aug 13 44
Hey. Niche, I'm drunk. I feel like talking about talking to you for real. Seriously. So here's the deal, for you to interpret, you're welcome. I have a case worker, since I'm on disability and goe to a mental health facility, it wasn't by my choice ...
caseyxsharp TX Aug 13 Aug 13 00
These Republican Senators Are Blocking Subpoenas for Comey, Brennan, Et al "GOP senators on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs panel may be blocking subpoenas for former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John ...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 12 Aug 12 00
Chicago protests: Restrictions imposed after chaotic night of unrest
B1967 NY Aug 11 Aug 11 11
I wish Netflix and Amazon has some sort of TV guide so we could what shows they actually have. I need to rely on video like this to tell me:
AlpacaLunch Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Q & A Subject: 'light' We say we can’t travel at the speed of light, yet the speed of light has already been created by physics, why can’t we solve this? The Constant is the Uncreated. It's the relative that is the created. ...
Zteph Canada Aug 9 Aug 9 11
Here, I want to tell some things that might be helpful for you. You know how, you're usually normally a very stressed out girl, I mean it's been a problem for you before in the past and I can imagine I believe you. Well, you can take this from me, ...
caseyxsharp TX Aug 8 Aug 8 11
September 1st. That is my deadline for Barr and Huber. After that, I will not trust they will actually act before the election and absent that, they will NEVER act. A comment made at ZeroHedge by Sara Carter: > Barr doesn’t seem to realize ...
tracycoyle CA Aug 8 Aug 8 55
Lecture 6, The Laws of Logic: ?
lawrenceblair OR Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Were they all marked "Republican"? Geller Repot: 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections! It’s why the Democrats want it so bad. This report was published back in April, but it’s important that Americans see ...
warminster100 Canada Aug 7 Aug 7 00
Philadelphia Muslim-Jewish Circle of Friends Statement on Rodney Muhammad
B1967 NY Aug 5 Aug 5 00
NRA-ILA: Contrived data at odds with lived reality- Social science research is not as clear-cut as the hard sciences; research findings require interpretation and explanation. The findings have to be plausible. When the ...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 3 Aug 3 00
1 Samuel 8:4–18 (ESV) 4 Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah 5 and said to him, “Behold, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways. Now appoint for us a king to judge us like all the nations.” 6 ...
lawrenceblair OR Aug 2 Aug 2 00
Response Meme for the issue @timcast on @bitchute brings up here:
TheBlackJester Canada Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Strange thought, Imagine if all the religious experts over history had it all wrong. Constantly looking for visual proof of God and trying to document visual proof of God, when all along they were all wrong. What if, there is no visual proof, just ...
jakuboj Aug 1 Aug 1 33
Why So Much Rain Happening Globally
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 22
A few of my opinions on transgender and the politicizing of this subject. First and foremost it is my belief that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want within the normal laws that govern decency. However... A bloke in a dress is not a...
Stevezombie UK Aug 1 Aug 1 55
Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered The government is “looking very seriously” at making vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils and has taken advice on how such a law could work, the health secretary has ...
ieuan UK Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Why electing Joe Biden will make the culture war even worse-
SpikeTalon PA July 30 Jul 30 11
QUESTION OF THE DAY Can decisions made in the future affect the past? Retrocausal Quantum Theory This theory isn’t saying signals can be communicated from the future to the past. Retrocausality means that when an experimenter ...
Zteph Canada July 29 Jul 29 11
If the left is guilty of "cultural Marxism," surely the right is guilty of "legal fascism," no?
WilyRickWiles IL July 28 Jul 28 44
And The Sheeple Cheer
2peros CA July 23 Jul 23 11
Here's a look at some of those "peaceful" ANTIFA folks in Portland that most media wouldn't give you-
SpikeTalon PA July 23 Jul 23 33
Cryptocurrencies could undermine obsolete laws, says cybersecurity expert-
SpikeTalon PA July 22 Jul 22 00
Sorry for the long post but I really needed to vent. I've always been very pro trans I've know trans people for almost a decade pre and post. I very much treat people as individuals. Ive picked people up from hospital when their HRT has got ...
WhytfAmIHere UK July 21 Jul 21 44
I Don't Care Much about the Antifa kids getting snatched by DHS. But How much should I? I apologize, ahead of time for my lack of berevity. There is a lot of heat online about how libertarians are hypocrites for not causing a ruckus about DHS ...
RyanLSumner TX July 19 Jul 19 66
Your engagement in these conversations, and on YouTube, seems sparse. The only reason I mention it is because you mention in your YouTube videos that you comment frequently. Am I missing something?
Doal FL July 16 Jul 16 22
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-07-16 RELIGIONLESS CHRISTIANITY “Everything they do is done for people to see…” (Matthew 23:5) Are there things that we do so that others ...
warminster100 Canada July 16 Jul 16 00
Onion Browsers can make you cry- The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI recently alerted organizations against threats spurring out of the Tor anonymity network. Using Tor, cyber actors mask their ...
SpikeTalon PA July 14 Jul 14 00
Leftists attack daughter of slain officer for putting 'blue lives matter' in tribute thread to her father-
SpikeTalon PA July 12 Jul 12 66
Calm Before the Storm Its Very Interesting
ieuan UK July 12 Jul 12 00
Stonewall Riots History Rewritten as False Trans Narrative.
TimTuolomne CO July 12 Jul 12 00
FL gun owner shoots, kills multiple armed intruders...
SpikeTalon PA July 10 Jul 10 00
I was just thinking again about the NFL and the renewed discussion player "protests" that disrespect our flag and national anthem, and I was thinking that I don't know why an individual or group would find it a good thing to willfully insult a whole ...
KeithThroop IL July 10 Jul 10 44
You did not sound too bad at all in the latest video. Now, in response to the video I will give a quote that fits this: "I am dumbfounded that there hasn't been a crackdown with the libel and slander laws on some of these would-be writers and ...
TheHerrDark PA July 8 Jul 8 00
It Really Is That Simple
2peros CA July 8 Jul 8 44
This is disturbing... City of Seattle holds segregated racial sensitivity training session; here are the disturbing handouts-
SpikeTalon PA July 8 Jul 8 88
Fireworks became a hostile debate in my neighborhood, a large planned community. - Our city’s population grew exponentially over the past years, and due to that, fireworks were outlawed within the city limits. There are logical reasons for it, ...
Starlight TX July 6 Jul 6 11
Newbie. Christian American. Man looks at the skin: God looks at the heart/mind (1 Sam 16.7).
FloydBeck GA July 5 Jul 5 33
I'm going to put this post on three different groups. I feel it deserves that, as there seems to be a triad in my mind of connection to it: The Culture War, Conspiracy Truth: Wolves and Sheeple, and Satanists and Satanism. All are important to me, ...
Ranticore GA July 2 Jul 2 44
New gun control laws take effect in VA as sales soar nationwide-
SpikeTalon PA July 1 Jul 1 11
The Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-07-01 THE BIG PICTURE “…even the darkness will not be dark to You; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to You.” (Psalm 139:12)...
warminster100 Canada July 1 Jul 1 00
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
2020 IS THE HINDSIGHT YEAR It is the hindsight year to see ourselves and how we really are both on the inside and on the outside. I remember once reading that each of us has THREE FACES, The Face we see when we look in the mirror, The Face other ...
drshallal June 29 Jun 29 00
"Imagine all the people thinking for themselves You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one"
WhiskeyM CT June 28 Jun 28 44
Blacket apology anybuddy received a Reply to one of his/her comments from me dated today, June 28. Born smartass, I try my best to keep it bottled up but scrolling recent RP channel threads, it spilled out. This attempted sorry for & ashamed of, a...
JATW IL June 28 Jun 28 00
“Holy Monkeys Terroize India” reports the Daily Telegraph “India Is Being Overtaken by Armies of Defiant Monkeys” warns Vice Magazine “Invasion of killer monkeys that bite 400 people a month in Indian city” – cries the Mirror ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 26 Jun 26 00
BLM co-founder appears to violate IRS laws on CNN-
SpikeTalon PA June 26 Jun 26 11
Example case shows why red flag laws aren't needed-
SpikeTalon PA June 23 Jun 23 00
The new Robocop statue probably can't go up now. He was a robot but, at one time was a white man. Not to mention a cop. This is the only thing in Detroit I would be interested in. I love Robocop.
Sacha799 AR June 23 Jun 23 22
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-06-19 A NEW RELATIONSHIP “This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put My laws in ...
warminster100 Canada June 19 Jun 19 00
Tom Cotton: If John Roberts wants to write laws, he should resign and run for office-
SpikeTalon PA June 18 Jun 18 22
What is really going on at the India-China border? "The only common border China and Pakistan have is within the Pakistan controlled Kashmir (POK). Should India eventual try to (re-)gain the area Pakistan and China would be separated. The China ...
lawrenceblair OR June 18 Jun 18 00
Living Truth Daily Devotion 2020-06-18 A NEW RIGHTEOUSNESS “But God found fault with the people and said: ‘The days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the people of...
warminster100 Canada June 18 Jun 18 00