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Cultural marxism? Meet cultural Randism. John Galt is black. You meet it in this form: black people invented everything. The white man only knows how to steal. For example, a black man invented the light bulb. Edison stole the invention. It never occurred to me until now that this is Cultural Randism. Whites are looters, blacks are inventors. Ayn Rand's two classes are culturalized.

jasonc65 7 Jan 15

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John Galt is a fictional character. He was created in Ayn Rand's mind. His race was irrelevant to the story.


Black people built the space shuttle which took us to the moon, all hail St. George Floyd!

They mined the minerals from which it was made. Elon Musk took credit for it.


It's just another example of cherry-picking data. As we all know, Edison spent years finding the right filament. That cinched the idea of mass-producing a bulb. A black dude, I think someone who worked with him, improved the bulb. Which is great. Always look for improvement.
The racists cherry-pick such data by pointing at one lone guy having made a contribution and saying: "without him it would not have worked". This is the same sort of goofiness that corrupts the "science" on the global warming and WuhanFlu scams.
In this case, it comes out of a love of commie trash, since they are at their roots racists.

There are anti-Edison narratives from the alt-right, too. I don't pretend to know who the real inventors are.

@jasonc65 Gotta be careful there. Groups labeled "alt-right" are frequently given that by screaming loons on the left -- talk to a CNN addict to get an idea. That said, yes, there are nut jobs on the right, too. Not as many, but if you take a walk innna minefield there are lots of places you can safely put your foot -- until..... So, my suspicion, skepticism, is that a real right wing nut job might be pushing a weird narrative 'cause they've been told the "official inventor" is some sorta Jew or something.
Aw Geesh. I thought humanity gave up that crappola 70 years ago.

@bobbo666 alt-right isn't nutty right, it's right wing populism. They are tired of elitists, especially CIA. They can be very myopic, but if they don't like what the CIA does to third world nationalists, they are onto something. Judaism is like Islam: there are peaceful Jews, and there are jew jihadists. There are alternative narratives about other scientists who raced against Edison for the invention, and disputes about who deserves the credit. Every invention has been disputed. Most ideas are misaccredited. Euclid compiled the theorems of others. Bohr and Einstein popularized Planck and Minkowski. Inventions are like pencils: no one knows how to make one. They need collaborators. So Edison didn't invent the lightbulb. Edison and others who worked for him, including black dudes, did. Blacks who have these alternative views are the black alt-right. Some of them have overcome myopia and understand us. They like Lumumba and Tucker.


Say something enough times and people might believe it(but not me).


And my point is that I have heard of the narrative that the inventors are black. I have heard of Jesus is black. I wonder if anyone thinks John Galt is black. I don't think Lumumba would agree with this either, because that would not be mutual respect. But Chappelle would think it's funny. He indulges in racial humor.


Can't tell if you have some sort of white guilt or are trying to make some other point. Rand was not interested in race politics. She was pointing out the pitfalls of marxism - which identity politics is a part of. It's not a matter of black vs white (a favourite marxist angle), but socialist vs capitalist (which is political not racial). Explain further please

It's just humor that I'm indulging in. It's like Chappelle saying that Planet of the Apes is racist. You're supposed to laugh.

@jasonc65 😅 no worries, it's hard to tell tone with text. These days it's even hard to distinguish between satire and news.

@Tom81 That's because there is no difference anymore since we all fell down the rabbit hole.

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