French Ambassador After Islamist Beheading: “France is a Muslim Country”
RealAlexJones TX Oct 27 Oct 27 11
Reports: Wray Had Hunter’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Since December — Kept It a Secret from President Trump
1patriot Canada Oct 26 Oct 26 11
The Deep State War Part 2 - 50+++QProofs by Mr TruthBomb (Censored Documentary) This video looks at how President Trump is involved is working with military patriots to bypass the media in a covert battle with the Deep-State. The Deep ...
ajhilder WA Oct 26 Oct 26 00
Here is some really scary shit!!!! Americans better be ready to stand and fight
farmerguy56 PA Oct 23 Oct 23 11
Oof. This meme will leave a mark. Christopher Colombus 1, Natives 0
Truth_Teller20 FL Oct 22 Oct 22 11
What do you think?????
farmerguy56 PA Oct 20 Oct 20 00
The real threat to your gun rights in not just rust and crooked politicians- The biggest threat to your fundamental right – your right to keep and bear arms – may not be what you’ve always feared. It may not be new laws. The ...
SpikeTalon PA Oct 17 Oct 17 00
LINK Democrats raise $1.5 billion in third quarter through ActBlue | TheHill
TheMiddleWay OH Oct 15 Oct 15 00
Trump Campaign challenges Biden to debate without debate commission-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 10 Oct 10 11
Whitmer kidnapping plotter was a BLM supporter, media narrative crumbles-
SpikeTalon PA Oct 10 Oct 10 00
Scientists Call For Nationwide Rebellion Knowing that Dems lie should lead you to understand something is up when one of the Dem criticisms of President Trump is the lie he disregards science. Here is some COVID science that lying Dems will ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 10 Oct 10 22
Scientists Call For Nationwide Rebellion Knowing that Dems lie should lead you to understand something is up when one of the Dem criticisms of President Trump is the lie he disregards science. Here is some COVID science that lying Dems will ...
JohnHouk OK Oct 10 Oct 10 22
Joe Biden
ajhilder WA Oct 2 Oct 2 00
Where Oh Where Can the AG Barr Be, Oh Where Oh Where Has He Gone? For four years we have heard that legal action is coming from the Department of Justice regarding the Russia probe and corruption stemming from action taken during the Obama ...
UndergroundUSA FL Sep 28 Sep 28 11
Here's a tiny 40 minute sketch from imagination. I used a Zebra ballpoint pen over paper.
Supervixen NY Sep 22 Sep 22 11
I gotta say Tim is right. The right needs to get their shit together. You want Marxism or a free society? Either way you will have to fight for it.
Cmon_man IL Sep 20 Sep 20 55
Straight Outta Marxism: BLM Protesters Take Over Grocery Store to Protest Lack of 'Access' to Grocery Stores BY BRYAN PRESTON SEP 13, 2020 1:25 PM EST "For start the thing that most struck me about those students in the street was ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 14 Sep 14 22
COVID-19 Get the latest information from the NHS about coronavirus.
ieuan UK Sep 5 Sep 5 00
We Must Alter Our Tactical Mindset or We Have Already Lost "People who believe in Americanism, the Charters of Freedom, and our Constitutional Republic simply must change their mindsets about how to approach this enemy, and make no mistake, ...
UndergroundUSA FL Aug 30 Aug 30 11
RealAlexJones TX Aug 20 Aug 20 33
Of course the great reveal that their ideology is marxism...
squid1492 Canada Aug 13 Aug 13 00
Marxism: Global socialism (Internationalism) and its respective counterpart: fascism (national socialism) are always one more execution away from utopia.
TomCheytan Canada Aug 12 Aug 12 11
Progressives, establishment Dems set for major clashes in Aug. 4 primaries FOXNEWS POLITICS
RAZE AZ Aug 1 Aug 1 11
If the left is guilty of "cultural Marxism," surely the right is guilty of "legal fascism," no?
WilyRickWiles IL July 28 Jul 28 44
Illinois Democrat candidate tweets about how she was laughing at Federal Agent getting hit in the head-
SpikeTalon PA July 27 Jul 27 33
LINK Racism as a Disability, Gov. Pushing Critical Race Theory and CIA Backed LGBTQ re: Glassdoor – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN July 17 Jul 17 00
LINK Dissident Thoughts: The Libertarian Case For Marxism!
ArthurSido IN July 11 Jul 11 11
If we don't stop it, Marxism will annihilate the American way of life-
SpikeTalon PA July 7 Jul 7 66
Some players want the name of the first commissioner of baseball, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, taken off the leagues MVP award. He has been accused of committing the cardinal sin of Cultural Marxism: Racism. Anyone who does not worship Negroes ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 30 Jun 30 44
We now have a new nation and it is a disgrace to any thinking person, but simply the logically result of diversity and Marxism. CHAZ CapitalHillAutonomousZone RazSimone Soundcloud IStandWithTucker
TonyOdarg IN June 15 Jun 15 22
I have attached the link to an article that was posted on, a couple of years ago, to "commemorate" the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. This article is a clear example of why the Austro-Libertarians have been rightly considered to be the most ...
CdnLbtn Canada June 12 Jun 12 33
Radical Marxists succeed because they latch onto real issues. A Marxist is a parasite. Scholarly discussion of Cultural Marxism with Douglas Murray
Tarpon FL June 11 Jun 11 22 INTEGRITY (Male or Female) CAN’T COEXIST WITH GOLDEN SHOWERS & MARXISM: {5 months ago} It seems to me that people afflicted with the disease of Marxism blindly project their defects upon all other people. ...
1914wizard FL June 1 Jun 1 11 FEMINIST THEORY & MALE PRIVILEGE: {9 hours ago} The Parthenon of Athens, Greece was built to honor A WHAT? A female goddess? Now wait just a minute there buck-o! The Patriarchy simply will not have ...
1914wizard FL May 28 May 28 00
For in depth discussion on covid and the 'plandemic' see London Real with Dr Judy Mikovits and Robert Kennedy - vital viewing for everyone, share it around as much as you can, we need to wake people up to what is going on.
Edain UK May 12 May 12 00
LINK Civil liberties at risk in COVID-19 era -- YouTube
dd54 HI Apr 25 Apr 25 22
LINK Private In Home COVID-19 Testing IN YOUR STATE - YouTube
jameslyonsweiler PA Apr 15 Apr 15 11
Federalism and the private sector rock!
SpikeTalon PA Apr 12 Apr 12 00
President Trump reaches out to Sanders supporters: 'This ended just like the Democrats & the DNC wanted'-
SpikeTalon PA Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LINK More Than Manipulation
etinvisibilium NC Mar 6 Mar 6 00
Putin (comrade pooty-poot) and India's prime minister Narendra Modi want to use "national currency", for bilateral trade. Hey, seems legit!😱😳👍
EAL_Flt1979 PA Feb 6 Feb 6 00
It would be good to see America remove the vestiges of "cultural" Marxism from Her domain, if only Americans will start turning away from the current gaggle of tyrants and cultural Marxists in the Democratic Party. Stop allowing these agents of ...
JustinOSmith TN Dec 18 Dec 18 11
In reality, does Marxism / Socialism support the working class? Well worth watching for 18 minutes.
pbuck0145 Canada Nov 27 Nov 27 00
Unmasking the liberal elites
Diegovizc Spain Nov 7 Nov 7 00
What do y'all think about this?
Kakushi WA Sep 17 Sep 17 55
Gerri4321 MI Apr 23 Apr 23 44
Victim Person
GZLFB Apr 22 Apr 22 11
LINK Dr. Jordan Peterson & Slavoj Žižek - Happiness: Capitalism Vs. Marxism debate - YouTube
2dimwits AR Apr 21 Apr 21 00
Your Sunday morning funny, enjoy
KUJO88 Canada Apr 21 Apr 21 00
Whichever country you live in. There can be no fifty, fifty allegiance to this and another country. You are either British or nothing else or you are not British at all.
RichardCowley UK Apr 21 Apr 21 00
Anyone watch the Peterson / Zizek debate last night? It was better than I expected and they agreed on much more than I anticipated. I’m a huge Peterson fan but also gained respect for Zizek. Considering it was a debate that was supposed to be ...
Jenko PA Apr 20 Apr 20 00
Debate at Sony Centre in Toronto at 7:30 PM tonight on the topic: Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism. ... will place the debate, in its entirety, on YouTube after a month. You may still be able to pay for a link to watch it live ...
Janeybird OK Apr 19 Apr 19 00
Marxism vs. 4th Grade Math
mykeff WA Apr 18 Apr 18 22
The Truth regarding the Deep State. Often times I see people refer to the deep state in describing some of the possibly illegal, and very sketchy behavior by individuals with in the State. Personally I don't see a distinction. The Deep State is...
CodeNameZebra TN Apr 12 Apr 12 11
Are "new world order," "cultural Marxism," and anti-Soros narratives just rehashes of antisemitic conspiracy theories like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?
WilyRickWiles IL Apr 8 Apr 8 55
LINK Meet the Godfather of Cultural Marxism - Foundation for Economic Education
VonO TX Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LINK List of Killings in the Name of Islam.
Valentine Australia Apr 8 Apr 8 22
LINK The Hate Speech Fabrication as Orwellian Thought Control - Smash Cultural Marxism
10thGeneration VA Apr 7 Apr 7 11
Anyone want to Explain Marxism in a way that really outlines the compelling aspects of it, (strong man the ideology). Then deconstruct it and pinpoint where you believe it falls apart, if you believe it falls apart. Or debate why you believe it can ...
EthanBlake Canada Apr 4 Apr 4 55
Up for discussion - DAHL: The Democratic Party Is Being Corbynized
Tidewriter GA Apr 2 Apr 2 11
LINK Will Fascism return in the 21st Century?
TamC Apr 2 Apr 2 2222
DerekRants Apr 1 Apr 1 55
Could you debate a Marxist and win?
Marxist_Ghoul Chile Apr 1 Apr 1 88
Enough of this nonsense; anyone who wants can take him on in 2020; for now let’s let our president do his job!!!
Grandmahufford PA Mar 23 Mar 23 22
LINK Tommy Robinson's Verdict - A COMPLETELY CORRUPT SYSTEM! - YouTube
RsLowman PA Mar 16 Mar 16 22
Today, we find ourselves locked in a three way struggle of political philosophy. The country was founded on Lockian principles. In the early to mid 20th century we started migrating to Hobbesian principles. Today we stand on the brink of Marxism. Do ...
Buflineks KS Mar 14 Mar 14 44
What do you think is the purpose of art? And do you guys have a favorite artist?
OrderOutofChaos NM Mar 6 Mar 6 1111
How can the government say the DNC's server was hacked when it has never inspected it?
Chipster WA Mar 5 Mar 5 44
Marxism vs Fascism... discuss
jnaatjes WI Mar 5 Mar 5 33
POLL Will David Frum repent?
Dave_Rubest Canada Feb 25 Feb 25 33
Socialism vs Communism vs Marxism vs Fascism?
ThomasLadder PA Feb 24 Feb 24 33
LINK Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete) - YouTube
Mufasa NY Feb 23 Feb 23 55
LINK Cultural Marxism: Ideology, Politics, and Intellectual Sources - YouTube
BrokenEnglish MA Feb 22 Feb 22 11
POLL Guess who said this? "The doctrine of Marxism repudiates the principles of nature and substitutes for it the eternal privilege of force and energy, numerical mass and its dead weight. thus it denies the individual worth of the the human ...
kaliv Canada Feb 18 Feb 18 22
LINK Discussion: Sam Harris, the IDW and the left - YouTube
SpikeTalon PA Feb 15 Feb 15 11