There will be no debates!!! On Sunday the 27th, the DNC will announce that Biden has COVID. They will offer Harris to debate Trump. Trump will say no, Biden is running for President, not Harris (wink wink). The Dems will then scream TRUMP IS AFRAID ...
farmerguy56 PA Sep 25 Sep 25 00
Hunter Biden Raised 'Counterintelligence And Extortion' Concerns… A GOP Senate report incriminates Hunter Biden (yup, that is quid pro Joe’s ) in various criminal enterprises that includes a possible link to human trafficking. I would be ...
JohnHouk OK Sep 25 Sep 25 00
Thanks to everyone who came from my new video today!!! <3
JaclynGlenn CA Sep 24 Sep 24 22
Seattle pays ex-pimp $150,000 to offer ‘alternatives to policing’
Rosary_Trace GA Sep 23 Sep 23 00
"“I think they should wait until the next president and let the next president pick.”" Pres.. DJ Trump, in an interview with Good Morning America re: supreme court nominations in 2016
TheMiddleWay OH Sep 23 Sep 23 33
‪CBC, you’re like the boy who cried wolf. When the scarywary reports you’ve been bleating since April are examined in the light of the facts, facts corroborated by what has happened in Sweden, Spain, Poland, Germany, and Italy, you become even...
parsifal AZ Sep 23 Sep 23 00
Dear Liberals, If you are a liberal who can’t stand Trump, and cannot possibly fathom why conservatives would ever vote for him let me finally fill you in.It’s not that we love Donald Trump so much. It’s that we can’t stand you.And we will ...
2peros CA Sep 21 Sep 21 33
johnlondon AK Sep 20 Sep 20 33
LINK First Amendment & The National Park Service. We discuss two cases of missing children & mammals. - YouTube
Darkhorse48 ID Sep 20 Sep 20 00
Sunday Movie Feature will be a real documentary and it’s a Darn good one. Watch at your own risk I do not recommend this for children.
JVIP-WTPNN UT Sep 20 Sep 20 00
Kamala Harris website hacked, shows pic of RBG burning in hell Hurry before it's fixed if gone here's the link
MikeHunt NY Sep 19 Sep 19 11
“Books, purchasable at low cost, permit us to interrogate the past with high accuracy; to tap the wisdom of our species; to understand the point of view of others, and not just those in power; to contemplate--with the best teachers--the insights, ...
Krunoslav Croatia Sep 19 Sep 19 00
Ben Emlyn-Jones and Rin Michaelis 5 Subjects discussed include: defunding Netflix, the leftists who are defending Cuties, the age of consent and much much more. Have standards of decency disappeared?... See here for the full article: ...
benthejrporter1 UK Sep 17 Sep 17 11
Study: up to ninety-five percent of 2020 US riots are linked to Black Lives Matter- Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 16 Sep 16 88
Yes perfect solution 🤣
Texican TX Sep 13 Sep 13 11
RealAlexJones TX Sep 13 Sep 13 00
Vitamin D, Sonnenschein & COVID (Coronavirus): großartige Fakten! Quelle: Fakt Nr. 1: Eine Studie aus Indonesien, die Daten von 780 COVID-19 Patienten untersuchte, fand heraus, dass diejenigen mit einem Vitamin-D-Spiegel zwischen ...
medicineman9 Germany Sep 10 Sep 10 00
Post Modernism will come for you, learn what it is.
ThoughtCrimina NY Sep 8 Sep 8 00
New poll indicates more than 9 out of 10 voters say riots will play a role in 2020 decision-
SpikeTalon PA Sep 8 Sep 8 11
Bethlehem Police Chief Mark DiLuzio retires after offensive Facebook post furor- Attached is supposedly the post DiLuzio shared, so the viewer can make up his/her own mind. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I couldn't ...
SpikeTalon PA Sep 6 Sep 6 33
Don't know who don't care who. Now that's he's BLM Definitely don't give a shit
1patriot Canada Sep 5 Sep 5 44
Charlie Hebdo 5 Years Later - Hate Speech and Free Speech
AndrewInVail AZ Sep 4 Sep 4 00
LINK More blacks killing whites because they're white.
RoscoNovaro Canada Sep 4 Sep 4 22
Today on Sacha and Paul we review the states and regional differences in America. Why are Texans different from Californians? Join us live today (Thursday) at 2:00 P.M. EST and tell us about your state.
ramzpaul OK Sep 3 Sep 3 11
Petition: Convicted Rapists Should Remain In Jail Entire Life And Burial. canpoli ukpolitics cdnpoli aupoli uspolitics uspoli rape Pedophillia paedophillia justice MAPs NoMAPS Grooming
TheBlackJester Canada Sep 1 Sep 1 00
"An alarming number of White People are so traumatized by their life-long journey through the mountains of blame that they actually flinch when they encounter Whites who prefer pride over shame." -- Dr. Stack
CharliePrime TX Sep 1 Sep 1 00
ANTIFA marches through Oakland chanting 'death to America', fights with police-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 30 Aug 30 11
This website has lists of some people's efforts to create communities ranging from looser co-housing to groups with a more specific philosophy. What would you want or not want in a community?
BrianFey Aug 30 Aug 30 00
Your KKK analysis/info on BitChute was accurate and well done...thank you.
athro PA Aug 30 Aug 30 11
About sums it up...
2peros CA Aug 27 Aug 27 33
National Justice Party: "America needs an outlet that is willing to talk straight about the real issues and advocate for Whites unashamedly in the public space."
CharliePrime TX Aug 25 Aug 25 22
(admin) Is it time to end Political Correctness?
ajhilder WA Aug 22 Aug 22 22
Just going to leave this right here
JVIP-WTPNN UT Aug 22 Aug 22 00
A good job as always by Richard.
ThoughtCrimina NY Aug 22 Aug 22 00
The Recent FBI Document Dump Is Interesting
Andyman MD Aug 21 Aug 21 22
(admin) Steve Bannon pleads not guilty
ajhilder WA Aug 21 Aug 21 00
The promise and threat of quantum computing-
SpikeTalon PA Aug 20 Aug 20 00
Click on this post fod link to article, part 2 of an investigation. Prigozhin's long running war on free media.
TitaniumCowboy IN Aug 20 Aug 20 00
Trump Fights Back: Invites The McCloskeys And Nick Sandmann To Speak At RNC
VDARE CT Aug 19 Aug 19 33
What is the obsession with Michelle Obama? Even when I was a liberal, I never understood the complete fawning over Michelle Obama. From the perspective of a liberal, yes, she seems like a nice person. She seems somewhat authentic. She's ...
BlackoutNJ NJ Aug 18 Aug 18 77
We are getting to the day where it will be legal for blacks to kill Whites.
ramzpaul OK Aug 18 Aug 18 22
In an effort to hold on to me I have taken to my go to therapy which is the brilliant, talented lyricists, poets and musicians that make sense to my soul. From classical to rock to soul to my go to Prose (uk) brilliant. I love all musical genres ...
CHFandango Aug 16 Aug 16 11
LINK Paradise Syndicate - Podcast with Brian Fey and Dirk Christoph - YouTube
BrianFey Aug 13 Aug 13 00
Marxism: Global socialism (Internationalism) and its respective counterpart: fascism (national socialism) are always one more execution away from utopia.
TomCheytan Canada Aug 12 Aug 12 11
Diversity training isn't just expensive, it's counterproductive- "In response to the killing of George Floyd, the massive Black Lives Matter protests and pressure from students," write Amna Khalid and Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, "dozens of...
SpikeTalon PA Aug 10 Aug 10 44
Q & A Subject: 'light' We say we can’t travel at the speed of light, yet the speed of light has already been created by physics, why can’t we solve this? The Constant is the Uncreated. It's the relative that is the created. ...
Zteph Canada Aug 9 Aug 9 11
“White Shouldn’t Be Capitalized Because Whites Have No Culture”
Andyman MD Aug 8 Aug 8 00
Should racism be treated as a public health crisis?
B1967 NY Aug 7 Aug 7 22
Video: "We have to kill Whites." This is how Jewish theory works. At the academic level, they say they want to destroy the "construct" of "whiteness," because of "privilege" and "racism." This supposedly noble goal then informs various media and ...
Thaw NY Aug 5 Aug 5 22
Mazie Hirono, a female senator from Hawaii, made the astonishing claim that the looting, burning, blocking traffic and attacks on the police and random Whites that we have seen on television and social media are not really caused by Antifa/BLM. No, ...
ramzpaul OK Aug 5 Aug 5 55
Great vintage for this time of year when you need a change from summer whites:
BigPawBullets OH Aug 1 Aug 1 00
Join me LIVE to cover the most insane COVID-1984 news and insanity! coronavirus ghislainemaxwell billgates covid1984
WolvesAndSheeple CA July 31 Jul 31 00
SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THE STATES. [What America’s Thinking While 18% of Americans believe that most whites are racists, 25% say the same thing about most blacks. An overwhelming 75% of Americans say the label “racist” refers to ...
drshallal July 25 Jul 25 00
BLM leader: Whites are subhuman 'genetic defects' A co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Toronto wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post that "white people are a genetic defect of blackness." "Whiteness is not humxness," wrote Yusra ...
ieuan UK July 20 Jul 20 11
Starting on Friday, July 17 I will be on a one week social media fast. This means no videos, live streams, twitter, slug or checking the news until Saturday, July 25th. Happy Homelands for July 18th has been cancelled. But we will be back on July ...
ramzpaul OK July 17 Jul 17 1212
I will never accept incusivity. I view it as a hypocritical belief since it seeks to all whites into reducation camps.
Iamjustme CA July 14 Jul 14 22
A rather serious post about race relations. So just the other day I was going over notes on Covid events. I like to keep some small notes on important topics so I know what was said by whom and when in case they change it later on as many have ...
Slugo Zimbabwe July 13 Jul 13 55
Question- I watched your mask video this morning. Is there any truth that wearing a mask will protect us against covid? My area had one of the highest cases of covid and most stores require you to wear one to go inside. Where I am many people did get...
aroonius NY July 13 Jul 13 66
LINK Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker is one of dozens of writers, artists and academics who signed an open letter in Harper's Magazine criticizing cancel culture — where prominent people face attack for sharing controversial opinions. Other ...
Megistus Canada July 9 Jul 9 44
The Black underclass are not Cultural Marxists, as if they could even understand the concept. They are herd racists par excellence. Blacks, quite monstrous when just left on their own, have now been weaponized by the deep state Marxists to destroy ...
PostUmbraLux NY July 7 Jul 7 11
LINK The Last Time Whites Listened to Jews, Deicide Happened – Tony Odarg
TonyOdarg IN July 5 Jul 5 33
So enjoying nature, going to parks or hiking is now white supremacy. Everyone and anyone can go to a state park, hike or camp. Is it white supremacy because it tends to be something white people enjoy? Blacks always had the same opportunity to go as...
Mimi4mi CT July 3 Jul 3 77
Why do men Kare? I just flew into LAX, and got called an asshole by a white dude in his 30s because I wasn't putting on my mask immediately after landing. He asked me why I wasn't putting on my mask as per the pilots instructions. I said I'd do it...
tenslein DC July 2 Jul 2 99
Everyone knows that our national parks were built by enslaved black bodies. So why don’t those black bodies have franchise and equity in the parks that literally sprang from the blood that wept into the soil from their stripes!? It’s time we ...
jdawgsupreme CA July 2 Jul 2 77
Some players want the name of the first commissioner of baseball, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, taken off the leagues MVP award. He has been accused of committing the cardinal sin of Cultural Marxism: Racism. Anyone who does not worship Negroes ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 30 Jun 30 44
POLL Provo UT "BLMers"?! WTF? Prolly the most AYFKM-est vid & story seen so far display how far our "fellow whites" and/or "greatest ally"'s propaganda taking over 20something whites' minds. Big upside provided tho - in my humble opinion - by ...
JATW IL June 30 Jun 30 44
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Reddit official okays racial hate against Whites.
ramzpaul OK June 29 Jun 29 1414 DID THE MAN SHOOT THESE YOUNG MEN - THESE KIDS? Get some common sense, The police didn’t shoot these boys & neither did some fictional nationalist. Your very own shot theses kids. The only other place you can ...
1914wizard FL June 29 Jun 29 11
Liberal whites can help make sure blacks have access to the help they need in everyday life by wearing tee shirts that read WHITE ALLY. This would make it simple for black strangers to find someone happy to give them a lift across town, $20 to buy ...
sqeptiq PA June 28 Jun 28 77
NBA Players will be able to put "social justice" statements on their jerseys. Nike will be the supplier. We all know what "social justice" statements are. Anti White rhetoric where Blacks blame the squalor of their own making on Whites. Lebron...
PostUmbraLux NY June 28 Jun 28 33
I've noticed more and more instances of double standards and I don't understand how this is legal. For instance in Oregon Whites need to wear masks but Blacks don't. Another is you can threaten White people on social media platforms but if you ...
Mimi4mi CT June 28 Jun 28 44
This is so the state of California can legally discriminate against Whites.
ramzpaul OK June 25 Jun 25 77
The races are naturally divided. It is Whites the commies must divide to conquer. The sexes are not divided, but complementary. The commies must cleave them from each other to rule all.
PostUmbraLux NY June 23 Jun 23 33
Allegedly someone put a noose in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's garage. Wallace is the lone Black driver in NASCAR. The management of NASCAR and all the White driver's are aghast. The FBI is conducting an investigation. Wallace described the act as ...
PostUmbraLux NY June 22 Jun 22 1010
Anti-racist CHAZ sets up a black only zone. No Whites allowed. (click dtube link to watch)
ramzpaul OK June 22 Jun 22 55
Seems this man makes sense,and the Blacks in UK are plain stupid and are only making demands which are putting every one on mob rule, if only they had a brain , a man I knew he went to a pub in Brimingham and the Blacks in the pub told him this is a...
ieuan UK June 21 Jun 21 11
None Dare Call it An Anti-White Revolution... "It’s almost as if The Mob doesn’t hate Confederates, so much as they hate whites (as the “Kill Whitey!!” graffiti in green paint on the Francis Scott Key plinth suggests)." -- @Steve_Sailer...
VDARE CT June 20 Jun 20 22
45 years ago. Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his "A Radical Program for the 20th Century," wrote in the following: "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness...
PhilipFry TX June 20 Jun 20 11
45 years ago. Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his "A Radical Program for the 20th Century," wrote in the following: "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness...
PhilipFry TX June 20 Jun 20 11
Another secession map, this time from Nick Fuentes's twitter followers. I think this map is reasonable, not perfect of course. Any Partition deal can be made ever more perfect using Greg Johnson's "slow cleanse" idea. I also am a proponent ...
Afterthought TX June 19 Jun 19 55
This was just a matter of time. Even mild civic nationalists are now being banned. Basically, if you think Whites have the right to live, that is now deemed 'hateful.' This is why we need to promote sites such as Slug.
ramzpaul OK June 19 Jun 19 77
You didn't think they would stop with Confederate leaders, did you? The BLM mob is now targeting everything that is White. The next step will be the mass murder of Whites. And to celebrate this mass murder, BLM members will do a primitive tribal ...
ramzpaul OK June 19 Jun 19 11
What is happening to Officer Garrett Rolfe is a state back lynching. The DA is an black who hates Whites. Expect to see more of this abuse of power in the future.
ramzpaul OK June 18 Jun 18 66
It’s mildly amusing reading the rationalizations for capitalizing Black but not white, when in reality they come down to the middle school concept that Blacks rule, whites drool. That’s why elite journalism suddenly looks like a middle ...
VDARE CT June 17 Jun 17 33
Mainstream GOP types like to console themselves into thinking that BLM is mostly about attacking capitalism. The thought that BLM is mostly racial, and many of BLM supporters would cheer the mass murder of Whites, is simply too horrifying for them to...
ramzpaul OK June 17 Jun 17 11
Early on in the epidemic, the Chinese conducted a study that indicated that the health impact of COVID-19 may have a racial component. I mentioned the study, and immediately the usual suspects started to claim - RAMZPAUL SAYS COVID DOES NOT HURT ...
ramzpaul OK June 12 Jun 12 33
Problems in Antifa paradise. Africans screaming at each other as Whites look on.
ramzpaul OK June 12 Jun 12 33
Changing the definition of racism. I'm sure they'll change it to benefit minorities, and demonize whites. Lawsuits incoming?
Ranticore GA June 11 Jun 11 55
A few years ago the late Bob Whitaker made the comment that 'anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.' And it seems that he was right on the money. As a White person there is NOTHING you can do to satisfy the SJW mob. Just being White ...
ramzpaul OK June 10 Jun 10 33
LINK Don't ALL Lives Matter? Why Saying "Black Lives Matter" Is Wrong
cpurcellartwork PA June 10 Jun 10 1010
When people use the statistic that whites are killed by cops more: Leftists: “well of course the white population is larger, proportionally based on population though.” Also Leftist: “There are more whites in leadership roles than blacks....
Joehlert11 PA June 10 Jun 10 66
Leftists changed the definition of "racism" to include the element of power. Leftists say blacks cannot be racist because they lack power. Leftists say whites cannot speak because they have to listen to the marginalized (minorities). One who...
2peros CA June 8 Jun 8 44
Did fatal amounts of fentanyl and meth contribute to the death of the Gentle Giant? Or did the Gentle Giant die because the policeman was racist and this makes all Whites guilty?
ramzpaul OK June 5 Jun 5 22
Black togetherness
Joehlert11 PA May 29 May 29 11
Antiwhiteness from our "fellow whites". This used to be passed around a lot, but I have not seen people share it in a bit so I wanted to place it here. This is an old account from Twitter that was taken down once it got big. The only thing this ...
Slugo Zimbabwe May 25 May 25 11
Has anyone read Jon Entines book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports And Why We're Afraid To Talk About It? Even though it sounds like its attacking Whites or promoting Blacks it makes the point that genetic differences promote different ...
Robert100 MD May 20 May 20 11
Dr. Carol Baker: "Get rid of all the american whites" - ...because they're the group that resists vaccines. she proposed this at a conference about vaccines. CDC Vaccine Chair: "Get Rid Of The Whites" Scandal. Professor Carol Baker...
JoogleVAX4U TN May 17 May 17 88
Dr. Carol Baker: "Get rid of all the american whites" - ...because they're the group that resists vaccines. she proposed this at a conference about vaccines. CDC Vaccine Chair: "Get Rid Of The Whites" Scandal. Professor Carol Baker...
JoogleVAX4U TN May 17 May 17 22
I'm so glad that whites are out of the conversation aren't you ?
RemiDallaire Canada May 11 May 11 22