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Tech giant Twitter very clearly “manipulated the algorithm” to push down any tweets related to Donald Trump’s CPAC speech, according to Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens.

Mr Trump spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday (local time) in a much-anticipated appearance marking his first since President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In the speech he hinted at a potential run for president in 2024, while also slamming President Biden and “weak” Republicans.

Ms Cousens said the president was extremely popular after the CPAC which was evident the “hundreds of thousands of people tweeting about it”.

Despite the large of traffic relating to the president, many of the Trump-related terms which were trending were quickly replaced with trends relating to the golden globes.

“The trends only had a couple of thousand tweets attached to them in a lot of cases,” Ms Cousens said.

“The actor Jeff Daniels was trending well above anything associated with Trump and he had 00 tweets attached to him.

“So it was very very clear that Twitter was manipulating the algorithm and manipulating the tweets – which they do – to push down anything related to Trump and to push up anything kind of commercial.”


w0tn0t 7 Mar 1

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Why are true Americans with conservative values still supporting TwitTurd. The best way to reduce their power to destroy America is to migrate their business from TwitTurd to one of their competitors that support 1st amendment rights like Parler and/or Gab. Every time I post anything on FaceCrook, I also post it on mewe and/or IDW and I almost always include a comment on FaceCrook encouraging people to migrate off FaceCrook by following this pattern.


I don't twit.


Google does the same thing and Facebook just deletes you.


if enough people will simply stop using twitter twitter will go away...really. funny thing about business dynamices in a free market - people either buy your product and you stay in business or people do NOT buy your product and your business fails.
Let it fail - let it fail.
Same with Facebook...if you don't like it stop using it. No one makes you use it and you (the general "you" ) obviously dislike it...stop using it

I agree - cease using these anti-free speech platforms - hit them where it hurts - their pockets.
Let the lefties eat each other

yep been saying it for years, Twitter is for Twits... just don't use it.

This sets up a positive feedback loop: more conservatives leave twitter, means more liberals are on twitter, meaning twitter becomes more liberal, meaning conservatives feel less welcome, meaning more conservatives leave twitter, meaning more liberals are on twitter, ad nausium.

So it's not enough for conservatives to stop USING twitter... they must also STOP CARING ABOUT WHO IS USING TWITTER because eventually it will be 100% liberal and then they'll be shaking their fist at a self fullfiling prophecy!

@TheMiddleWay since I never used twitter in the first place (not because of my sociopolitical views) I really can't say. I'm just getting weary of seeing all the posts here and about ranting about how twitter...blah blah blah...
From what I can tell "conservatives" are not welcome on the site in the first place so why bother? IMHO.
Let the "libs" have their echo chamber. Really - what's keeping "conservatives hanging around on twitter? stubbornness, stupidity, masochism?

I'll add masochisms and that feeling of righteousness that comes from playing the victims to the list.

@TheMiddleWay that's an interesting idea. Conservatives as "victims". Seems incongruous because the "victim class" generally consists of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Females. If one argues that this group is NOT of a "victim class" I think there is more than enough evidence to show that they are certainly a "protected class".
But all that is beside the point - twitter and social media in general.
Again, I don't use twitter. From the outside - the point of the casual mostly indifferent observer and with a bit of tongue in cheek I say this thing is like conservatives trying to get into the liberals treehouse. I guess they just want in because they want to aggravate the Libs. Can't think of any other reason - can you? ha!

I think a less cynical view is that they see the amount of attention and exposure people get on twitter and feel left out

Or, worse yet, that people are being indoctrinated by the left with no way for them to indoctrinated those people on the right! 😉


Everybody, of all political stripes knows twitter is biased. They don’t bother trying to hide it any more. I’ve never had a twitter account so don’t see the attraction anyway.
It’s my opinion that all conservative minded people should abandon twitter. If you maintain a profile you are giving them tacit support. Every tweet puts money in their war chest to use against you - in 2022 and 2024

Conservatives on Twitter are suspended while leaders of nations who murder their own people & call for "death to America" & lefties who incite violence all remain on Twitter.
Twitter is a lefty sewer!

precisely - so why go there. you (conservatives) don't really need twitter.

@iThink I've never needed twitter.

@stevie-f Nobody needs twitter

@iThink au contraire, Jack Dorsey needs twitter


Twitter is filled with twits.

When Trump was talking, twits tweeted about Trump.
It is no surprise that when the Golden Globes started up, twit chatter turned to the golden globes.

The algorithm is working fine: twits tweeting about stupid shit always takes center stage


Golden Globes ..... only the left posted about that political garbage.
And remember, Twitter is comprised of lefties - many conservatives have been suspended on Twatter

Exactly. Mrs. Cousins, provocateur par excellence, is merely trying to gain more conservative votes telling them what they want to hear about altered algorithms and vast conspiracies against them...
... when in truth it's just twitter twits acting like normal twits.

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