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Biden/Harris Admin's new website "
Jeezus, he couldn't come up with anything better than the same terminology used in the World Economics Forum??? Biden, the master plagerizer. Bet you dollars to donuts all the policy on there come directly from the WEF


toronto_Georgia 7 Nov 23

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I'm really enjoying the excessive commas and fragments on a dotgov website. And the weird almost-an-aside trying to say I'm an outsider-- concerning our economy specifically-- as a woman? As if I'm forced to stay at home and not offered the same pay as others with my work experience levels when I do choose to work outside the house? Ugh. No thanks, bruh. No thanks.


It's not just the phrase, it's the ideaology behind it. All the corrupt leaders are using it.
" The great reset" termed by doctor strange love is just a nicer term than world-wide communism.



The Great Reset abolishes the US Constitution & English Bill of Rights



That's were he gets his directions from.


Exactly. Governments are Aligning. NZ is doing it, Victoria Aust is doing it. Read the WEF Great Reset


All of the UN NWO cult are using this phrase around the world. It is part of the Agenda 30 script.


Well biden has always been far too stupid for his own good


yeah I don't think Biden plagerized that - it was a slogan created for his administration. It's gonna be their tag line. Every initiative they come up with will somehow be said to "build back better". Biden does absolutely NOTHING on his own because he cannot. His brain is addled. It will be interesting to see just how quickly they put him out to pasture. I tremble at the thought of Kamala POTUS and who will be the new VP...Hillary maybe?

I’m guessing Valerie Jarrett

@FEWI could be

@iThink The possibility of picking a skank is endless.

@iThink This slogan WAS NOT created JUST for the Biden/Harris Administration. This is the slogan developed by the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab) and is being used by Macron, Merkel, Johnson, Arden(NZ) and Morrison (Australia). If you need proof, go to or the UN's main site. This has been a coordinated effort to bring in the Great Reset and usher in the UN's 2030 paradigm. We are all now pooched. Trump heroically tried to keep us out of the New World Order plans for all us peasants. That is why he has such a loyal following. He was the only one standing in the way of the NWO takeover of Western civilization.

@torontogal4388 We need a “ OH S**T reaction option!

@torontogal4388 thanks for the good info - my point was that Biden did not plagiarize that tag line.

@torontogal4388 We are not doing it... at least not yet.


Should have gone with Bring Back Brunch!

He couldn’t understand that, it’s way over his comprehension, sad!

See! That would get my vote!


Useful idiots for the "Great Reset" / "New World Order" proponents.

some people just call them Progressives.

@Lightman Specificity is the soul of wit. I call them them Commie bastards but while true, does not convey what specific flavor of genocidal leech they are. Does not say who gives them marching orders and updates on talking points for the day.

@Lightman Interesting and ironic how the regressive left has hijacked the label "Progressive".

@pbuck0145 Here they've been calling themselves "Progressives" for years... The Greens and Australian Democrats were the first groups to adopt the term then Labor... how or why anyone would want to associate themselves with such an ideology is beyond me.
Today's Progressives are nothing like the Progressives of the past and as such IMO are simply Regressives.

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