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Foreign-Born Americans vote overwhelmingly Democrat - so what?


Note: as there is no source listed for this chart, please consider it accordingly.

Over the next few election cycles, will this gap...

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Since there is no source, and also since I am "foreign-born", I have to disagree, I don't vote democrat. From what I hear from other immigrants, they don't either. Most of "us immigrants" wanted to come to the US because it is conservative, and we don't like socialist tendencies. Now, of course I am talking about actual immigrants, that did the paperwork/process. I DO NOT know about illegal aliens (often called "undocumented immigrants, etc (which is a slap in an actual immigrant's face) that do vote, of course they are here and have a hard time. Being here legally of course creates a lot more opportunities. Meaning, if you are here legally you don't need any handouts, hence you don't vote democrat/liberal/socialist.

rocr Level 6 May 25, 2021

So whites are better. Only because I'm mostly Mexican that doesn't mean Im blind or can't put one and one together. I wasn't indoctrinated by the selfishness of our contemporary societies where you derive your stupidity from what opinion is convenient for you to have. I hate these shitty worthless people.

A1fredo Level 8 Apr 23, 2021

Whites are better that's wgy we beat Mexico's ass and took Texas and California. The only thing Mexico can do is smuggle drugs to crackhead Biden so he'😉) open the border and get more crack. Biden would sniff and suck your asshole for crack.

@FreeThinker35 I find your reply very silly. Obviously, #NotAll and definitely you are the type that would not qualify. I'm glad to respond to you again once you come up with something reasonable to say.


I don't buy it... Most I know are conservative, eastern European, Slavic, middle eastern, Asian and even Hispanic.

azjc Level 7 Apr 22, 2021

The election was a farce. The president is mentally fragile. Plus he loves to sniff children.
At some time in the future "I would bet sooner than later" those really in charge will do away with elections.
You may end up with an emperor or something similar.
Ancient Rome is a classic example. The Senate ruled Rome until the Emperors took control. Lots of blood letting to get that control.
As for those voting stats, the real figures would have blown the Democrats into obscurity for many years. They knew it and the fix was in!


Where is my (and my 6 kid's) free lunch? Better housing! What are those white supremacists doing i the house I want, my kids need? Of COURSE we're not working! We're in America!
I actually saw a group in Canada get away with much of that!

Only niggers get jobs and housing.

@FreeThinker35 Muslims, likely Antifa. I didn't find the colored all that entitled before. Plenty of entitled Caucasians (Coks, druggies etc.
Muslims intend to take over, BTW. Hmm, Chinese? Or Muslim?


Of course those coming into the country who haven't contributed anything to the U.S., will vote for the lunatic group who will promise to give them everything free. My guess is that the majority of honest immigrants will see things much differently and therefore vote differently.

Dale Level 6 Mar 25, 2021

You are dead wrong.

My Republican mom was born in Mexico.

She got her citizenship through divorce-fraud. Stop throwing stones in a glass house.

I agree, i actually do not know 1 naturalized citizen who votes democrat. where is this information coming from, i live in San Antonio and know more than a few

For starters:

All the #Somalian #Muslims in #IlhanOmars #Minnesota district vote Democrat!

@w0tn0t Well then it makes sense that I wouldn't know any of them,, I live in Texas and the ones i know are from just south of the border down to South America. I think I knew a few from Europe, but they were conservative also. Politics has become against my religion lately, just doing good and helping others is working for me, i see no reason to change it.

@Callnote Yeah, Texas seems to be a different place compared to California. My dad is from Texas and he is a strange guy.


Consider the sea changes from 1992 (B. Clinton v GHW Bush) to 1996 (B. Clinton v Dole) and from 2004 (Bush v Kerry) to 2008 (Obama v McCain). Foreign born citizens are not entirely tribal. Whether the gap widens or shrinks will depend on the candidates who run.


From what I have read, whites are the only major race/ethnic group that supports the GOP consistently. The Dem's push for immigration is not altruism, its self-serving. Note they have no interest in white immigrants from South Africa or brown immigrants from Cuba who tend to support Republicans.

Exactly, white Europeans are not getting in so easily anymore. Educated South Africans are being denied VISAs. As our schools are being dumbed down America desperately needs more educated people.


If they're voting as legal citizens, more power to them. Whether or not the trend continues depends on where they're coming from. I think everyone realizes many immigrants come here for the freebies. And democrats know those freebies lead to votes. It's been that way a long time.


Not make any difference. We won't have elections if the globalists take over.
If we can throw them off or outlast them we'll have to start a new government from scratch. And it won't be the USA.

REN777 Level 7 Mar 11, 2021

You let more people in you simply exacerbate the problem.
Been happening here for decades, Labor use it to boost their voter base.


The aim of globalization is to set minimum wages as a universal standard. People from “shit hole countries” expect less, deliver less snd this will usher in the universal living wage and produce “liberal leftist commie” voters who are “union bots”. People who are basically just worker drones obeying instructions that are passed down the chain of command.

Rick-A Level 8 Mar 9, 2021

Plus a vast influx of foreigners is a great plan to ruin a nation's culture.
This was done by the Syrian Empire after they conquered Israel.

As Dick Vitale might say, "It's all about equity, babyyyy!"


Illegals are NOT migrants - they're CRIMINALS

w0tn0t Level 8 Mar 9, 2021

I don't think "foreign born" necessarily is limited to Central and South America. Folks emigrating from all parts of Europe - save the former Soviet bloc - would find the Democrats of even five years ago to be downright conservative. And from personal experience, most Europeans think America is downright backwards in its thinking and should be far, far more progressive than we are even today.

So, regretfully, I think we are only an election or two away from a Democratic supermajority from here on out, unless Gen Z surprises us.

It is all over. US has ceased to exist.

@toronto_Georgia and so few in my neighborhood realize this.
My mom yells at me when I mention it. Says I'm too negative and need to be more cheerful.

@REN777 Not really paying attention to all the changes does that to people. So many just figure politics is best left to the politicians. Never good and being cheerful is just agreeing to let the swamp run the show. So sorry your mom doesn't get it. Keep her happy, but you also keep your eyes peeled and stay active without involving her much.

@toronto_Georgia going to try to overturn Agenda 21 where I live. I was surprised at how simple it is. Most local governing bodies know nothing about it.

@REN777 That is FABULOUS that you've figured that out. Most are unaware that it does go right down to your local town/city level. Keep us posted on how you do and what the process you took was.

Most people from the former Eastern Bloc know what's happening and where it's leading to, from experience (and they definitely don't want to live through it again). There's already action happening in some former Eastern Bloc countries (eg Visegrad 4 - banning communism and communist symbols) to prevent what's happening in the states happening there.
Venezuelans know what's up, Cubans know what's up... There is enough people out there, just probably not in high enough concentration to be effective. And when elections are rigged and the courts are corrupt, it won't matter.


Considering the open southern border, I fully expect these numbers to increase in favour of Dems. That's the whole point of keeping the border wide open.

The #IllegitimatePresident is one of the #GreatReset elites who want open borders - to allow an influx of all types, including criminals, murderers, rapists.
Biden's campaign slogan #BuildBackBetter is the slogan of #KlausSchwab & his Marxist #GreatReset with the aim of destroying capitalism, democracy, borders & to control all people, worldwide!

@w0tn0t Not saying anything I don't already know. US is over under Biden.

Yeah. But they have shown they don't need our votes to win.

@REN777 Find out who your local Republican is and volunteer to help in any way you can. Trump is definitely focused on increasing Republicans in both houses.

@toronto_Georgia he goes to my church.
County sheriff.

@REN777 How very fortunate for you. Ask him how you can help, in any way, and tell him he can count on you right up to and through the next election cycle. (PS: I'm assuming you think well of him)

Wait a second, didn't Trump build the wall there?

The guys on here keep saying he built a wall?

@bastion Republicans are chronic liars.

All they have to show for 4 years of a Trump presidency is a down payment for 2 miles of steel slats stolen from a crippled veteran in New Mexico .

Trump did not build that. There are still massive gaps between these steel slats.


Probably stay the same, the Democrats have a way of enticing immigrants with empty promises and social welfare programs.

Yea, but they are introducing MORE foreign born (mostly 3rd world) "immigrants", so the # is likely to increase...

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