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I lived on a dairy farm till I was 8. The best things were the Draft horses and racing around the dairy yard with bare feet in the cow dung. You'd slip and slide through the yard and then jump in the trough and wash off most of the smell.
I left the farm when dad died and moved into a small country town. Those were the days when the kids roamed free and got up too all sorts of fun. The doors of the houses were never locked. Like they say, The kids were raised by the village.
I left with 4 years in high school. Enough for a white collar job but I went just a little crazy. I was a Barman, Bouncer (not a clever choice) a Warehouse storman, Train shunter, A Railway Guard, Driving trains, A Separator operator, A milk powder maker, A butter maker and a Spreads maker and maybe more.

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