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Ok, I love the ideas we get to work through on this site without being seen as evil but is anyone else concerned that this place might become a echo chamber? I kinda want to throw out some controversial idea and defend it even through I don't believe it just to test my own bias here. Because most people think similarly to me on this site

Shiosakai 6 Oct 24
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i think it CAN become an echo chamber, but i think there are still a ton of "progressives" that follow me. Just hopefully not eh crazy kind.


That is the problem when you have people that think and lives in the real world, they come up with the same answer and it can appear to be an echo chamber, but in reality they independently came to the same conclusion/answer/solution.


I have a reputation amongst my friends of being pro-arguing, pro-debating and I've often taken the opposing viewpoint to my own simply for the enjoyment of the debate/argument. I've been on discussion boards since 1984 (yea...that year) and from people that don't like me, I've got a rep as a bomb thrower! Tossing something out, defend it and enjoy the discussion.


For me personally I'm described as Centre Left (UK though and I think I'm more conservative).
I often find myself playing devils advocate when chatting with family over politics or other domestic topics.
On here I see allot of things I'd disagree with but usually don't reply as I don't know enough on those topics as it's usually centered on US topics.
Maybe I should start though?

Fleabag Level 6 Oct 25, 2020

I don't know, I see several people on here that like to throw in opposing views and often have good points. They still stay respectful and it does keep things more interesting.


in todays political climate all social media platforms are going to be populated with a vast majority membership of one political ideal. IDW happens to be one site where all political/social/cultural points of view are not only uncensored but are openly welcome. This is a condition that any modern sjw, leftist cannot tolerate - at least not for very long. The leftist, sjw is not able to post their nonsensical ideas without being challenged on them. So they don't stick around very long - I mean if you can't find at least 3 other people who believe the same as you - you wouldn't stick around very long either.
Leftis/sjw people are just as welcome here as any Trump supporter. No one will threaten them, dox them...but they will certainly be challenged.
So go ahead - toss out any idea you like - see what happens.

iThink Level 8 Oct 24, 2020

I'd suggest maybe checking out the magazine articles. They have some heft to them and a greater chance to have a back and forth with commentators.

Poll posts are also good to participate in. There's a greater chance there as well. I find the slug polls done by admin and the slug of the day interesting.😁

Thanks, I will.

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