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Does the policies that have been implemented in countries across European countries who have imposed austerity measures, unseen here in the UK since prior to the first world war not clearly violationg human civil and cultural rights. Given the obvious impact of recent welfare entitlement cuts, the closure of important resource centres, among various other cuts in public expenditure, not likely to affect the wealthy citizens, but will impact in discriminatory targeting of the most deprived individuals who are some of this country's most impoverished, as well as having least opportunities for gaining employment after the Tory policies that devastated entire regions across the UK by the closure of most shipbuilding on the Clydeside shipyards leaving generations which left school without qualifications, moreover practically removing the heavy industries in the entire UK. The disembling of trade unions,placing regulations upon workfofce unions from calling for strike action, and by using state violence during the mid 1980s striking fear into those watching the picketline striksrs, namely the use of heavy handed police violence which, as a child myself wittnessed mounted police in riot gear running down striking mineworkers and viciously beating the peacful protesters who bravely fought for the generatioonal employment given by mine owners who had prospered while industries flurished in UK exports and infastructure in previous decades which fuled the Great British industrial revolution. Austerity, i suggest has at its core sights on those already living in poverty, therefore it has been my intention to raise awareness of universal rights, European covenant documentation that was introduced as the only powers we living daily without enough food or as i pointed out in an artical i sent to the committee on fuel poverty that there were undeniable discrimination towards those who were given no option but to accept token, or prepaid top up electricity meters that i showed were clearly targetting poor people with rental cost, costs for using local community strores who took shares of all individuals forced to pay them to have their token keys, or prepaid power cards,and the issues my artical raised could not be reviewed within time limits of the committee tasked with investigating evidence relating to unfair additional fees that were being imposed on those deemed not credjt worthy to be fitted with the normal standard type of meters which had outragous differences for token meter customers compared with the standard household meter registering far lower costs based on an electric company agent who took readings then customers would continue to be paying lower estimated bills, of up to £140 per annum.
This is to my personal disbeief to see austerity imposing cuts hitting the poor so hard that the unheard of introduction of foodbanks popping up in towns, regions and cities in Scottish and English higest unemployment statistics as the plain, and visible discrimination against the countries poorest homes and communities.
I have researched literature online and in publications of original documented rights and freedoms.

Shadyclever 1 Feb 12

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Austerity imposition in the UK, which have been unseen ince the inter-war years, and never as sever and clearly visibly a violation of UCHR and civil liberties when suddenly over five years we have seen for the first time in my home Country of residence. In most cities and Larger towns, Almost each of these places have suddenly, and almost complete covertly set up something thay had not entered my volcabulary, is "Food co-ops where the DWP award qualifying invididuals with a pice of documentation informing the not;for-profit charity which runs on soley donations from residents of the town, althore i do inffer that supermarket chains donate little in contrast to their semi non taxable indusrt, who in their first quartly amount published 50 ton wasted perishable food, that in in only 2 month of Teco exta 24 opened store in Port Glagow where i have live my whole life despit achieving every study goal i set myself srince 2005. This year i have been made an offer to pusue mu ultimate goal of qualifying myself to a level i could sstand as an MEU. This has been a long task since entering uni in 2007 after, utlwhich i carried out BA (hon) in psychology, and scichotherapt. Then Uk social policy and political targetting the disadvanded (hon), and i was invited by university of glasgow to study a post garduate Masters in research involving potentally a positin on in facacty totorial team im 20010/ Recentli i have the option of being [ary of Aren's university os law and -0;itical science. One day i would not be re,imded of years of more than a few bad mistakes.

I'm furious about living under austerity while giving billions away in foreign aid

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