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What brought you to this website?

I've been a huge fan of Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson for years now and lived when they were labeled intellectuals and then when they were put in this group, I don't even know who coined the actual phrase, I loved it even though I think it was an attempt at insulting them.

Sam Harris and Dave Rubin are people I completely disagree with on some things but love that they want freedom of speech for themselves AND those who have different opinions so having them get into this IDW thing was very cool too.

What or who inspired you to check this site out?

Gilmore22 5 Apr 18

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Pod cast, and the need to get away from hyper emotional people with limitless opinions on how to remove peoples rights, yet they somehow get to cherry pick and keep theirs.


Facebook sadly, although I was notionally familiar with it through the work of all the above and the incomparable Gadfather.


I think I found Stefan Molyneux first. I got somewhat tired some of the things he was trying to do but, his interviews introduced me to some others. Dave Rubin and Gad Saad in particular. That led me to Jordon Peterson, Sam Harris, Erich & Bret Weinstein and Ben Shapiro. I'd heard of the IDW on that journey but, I found out about this site on a Facebook ad.


SpikeTalon offered me candy at and told me to get in his van. I first heard of IDW prior to that on The Yaron Brook show, so it didn't take much to convince me.

Just joined. Made me smile.

@AndrewInVail Now I've got IDW Coins to offer to the newcomers in addition to candy...

@SpikeTalon Mmmm... Sweet, sweet fiat money and candy...


Saw the advertisment on Facebook, and was curious.


RanksDerek was my doorway...


Follow jbp on facebook. Saw him mention this. Downloaded it in the middle of class


An advert on facebook, in the uk, got me hook line and sinker. I love this site


It was Eric Weinstein who applied the phrase to the lot of them.

I'm here because somebody offered me the link at another forum after I whined that nobody talks anymore, but instead just bicker.


Same group, and the teaser of deep conversations with people who aren't threatened by someone disagreeing.

What did I win?

...gratitude? With a side of respect and maturity. Enjoy it, ha ha.

Seriously though, I am so tired of trying to have conversations and having it end up with people insulting me when they don't have anything else to say. It's like going to Thanksgiving dinner with Cenk, it's chaos

@LaylaLee22, unsatisfying, disconnecting, divisive--none of that is how it has to be. We'll probably never escape that, but I do try.

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