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I just saw a post recommended to me regarding Noah Finnce's newest response to your Elliot Page video, and there Ryan was applauding him. Everyone called you a grifter and said you're a minority so why are you grifting? It makes me glad that I still follow you and not them because I would probably have lost my eyesight from rolling my eyes too much. Apparently he still is pressed about you?

SolEmerald 4 Dec 27
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ugh i know the young trans kids love to hate on me. they can't help it that we simply disagree on certain topics.

As much as I like to listen to dissenting opinions (ones more right wing and more left wing than I am), I personally don't understand why people tend to call anyone they disagree with a grifting, self hating minority. Isn't that a sense of discrimination based on opinions, calling you a pick me? All because you (admittedly) could have initially titled the video differently...? It's got a better title and the core message of butch/GNC women feeling in this day and age to be pressured into being NB or trans because they don't perfectly fit into gender roles is absolutely valid. My reaction the the whole thing was "that's cool" and then I moved on, at least until I read the coming out note and then it got me thinking.


It's a betrayal. I have a gay nephew and him and his friends do not trust the "Queer" part of the community and he is starting to distrust trans people. He feels that if he gets to close they will kick him under the bus (The Kalvin and Ryan videos hit him hard.). I keep telling him most transsexuals do not contribute to cancel culture madness. He tells me that I do not know his generation of LGBT and they kick cis gays and cis lesbians under the bus, and that they hate us... because if they didn't why are they doing what they are doing?
All these videos are hurting trans people the most because they are killing LGs trust in trans people.

It's very true! I seem to notice that my support for trans issues and the like are waning, and that's no fault than the people around my age (for context I'm 21). I get that we are young and wanting to be a part of activism, but it's mostly the internet activism that is tainted by people who haven't been really in the adult world for a long time to really understand what it is like. I'm not saying I know what it's like, but at least I'm not ostracizing people based on the fact that some people just prefer cis partners. Is that wrong?

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