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Are too many kids transitioning these days? Meet Chad, who has had gender dysphoria his entire life but is glad he didn''t transition.
ariellescarcella 7 May 9
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I'm very glad that this trans-children movement was not so prominent when I was growing up. Throughout childhood and most of my teenage years, I was convinced that I was supposed to be a man, but once I got older I realized that I'm just a butch lesbian who had the misfortune of being raised in a church that condemned gays and treated women as second-class. Within the confines of that religion, I would have had to become a man to lead the life I envisioned for myself. As an adult, I now no longer believe in that religion, and as a result have been able to fully embrace being a woman and a lesbian. Because of my experience, I think that transitioning children is incredibly dangerous, because there are so many other external social and family life factors that go into how a child/teenager perceives their gender identity. Once you become an independent adult, sure, do whatever you want, but don't be pushing children/teenagers towards something they don't fully understand.


This was extremely good to watch. Funny enough, my name is Chad lol. I am a gay man, and when you brought up about how you had feelings of your life having been easier if you were a guy, that resonated with me hard. When I was young and figuring out my personal identity and sexuality, I often always thought that life would be so much easier if I was just a girl. I would specifically try to make myself more feminine because I thought that was how I was supposed to be. I thought being gay meant that I was this thing in between male and female. I used to dress in woman’s clothing, I carried a purse, and all kinds and f things like that. As I got older I started to embrace myself for who I was. I started to see that my sexuality has nothing to do with my gender identity, that I didn’t have to be some sort of perception of what I thought everyone expected. I’m so happy with who I am as a man today. I embrace the fact that I have masculine characteristics and feminine. Im really worried with how the world seems to be shifting in a way that tries to pressure kids into doing whatever makes them happy, but also seems to be forcing them I to something to quickly. If that made sense. I would have been so easily convinced to do something I regretted if someone had told me about transitioning and encouraged my feelings of inadequacy. It really takes time to figure out who you are, and it really doesn’t help things when people are telling you what you could be or do. With therapy even, I was lucky enough to not have someone tell me, “well maybe your this or that”. Kids just need an open atmosphere to figure everything out for themselves.
I hope this didn’t ramble on for to much. It just really made me start thinking a lot. Lol thanks for the video, it was really good as usual.


I really enjoyed this video. It reminded me of the actor Rupert Everett, who's openly gay and commented on his own thoughts about gender identity. Rupert has stated that he actually grew up thinking he was meant to be a girl. He believed this about himself until he was 16, and eventually grew out of that mindset. It's something he struggled with as a gay man, because he isn't stereotypically masculine and doesn't adhere to a lot of the stereotypes about being a "man". He also said that if he had ended up transitioning, it would have been a tremendous mistake for himself, and ultimately would have made his struggles with his own identity worse.

yess exactly


Hello!! I have gender dysphoria. I recently just discovered this because of a recent “gender dysphoria episode.” I started having gender dysphoria at 14 and I’m 30 now. After realizing that I have gender dysphoria the thought of transitioning made me very happy. I do not believe that this person has gender dysphoria because of the first statement he made.


Great video. Thank you for making it and sharing it.

Karlaj Level 3 May 9, 2020
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