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I spent 15 years identifying as a lesbian before I realized I was trans. For 13 years of that time, I blogged as a lesbian conservative. I was quoted by the likes of Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity. I left the right wing not long after Trump was voted into office. I now say I am neither right nor left and tried to connect with the left - only to be viciously attacked for not being “left enough”. I don’t really belong anywhere. I’ve spent most of my adult life working in public safety (EMT, firefighter, paramedic, now a 911 dispatcher and emergency management coordinator). I’m very dismayed to see how both sides seem to be as extreme as ever and I’m afraid we’re headed for a major break.

TexanMurph 2 Apr 21
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Consider 'classical liberal' if you want to evaluate politically.

I would be considered 'trans' but don't identify as such, nor consider myself part of the community.

Glad you were able to understand yourself better. When we try to conform, even as a non-conformist, we tend to hide what/who we really are. Being honest with yourself, about yourself, regardless of the labels, however those labels are defined, will lead to longterm happiness (or at least the chance for it).


I'm doing my best to bridge the gap between the SANE left and center / right.

I applaud that. It takes courage to stand up and say things‘ve gotten outta hand.


Thank you for sharing and regardless of everything else or disagreements we do/don't have: Thank you for working in public safety, you are a service to humanity and human life <3


I am a classic liberal gay man... but classic liberals are apparently not liberals anymore according to the far left side of liberalism. I also identify as a homosexual because that "G" in LGBT no longer represents me. I first noticed something was wrong when lesbian and gay friends in academics started getting bullied by students and then later terminated. The next thing that happened was a lesbian journalist friend did a story about lesbians and was labeled a TERF. Once she received that label she was publicly attacked, received calls at home, her editors were contacted, she was smeared and attacked on social media, and then the most frightening and disgusting things happened. She started getting death threats, threats of violence and the most disgusting rape threats. More than one person sent her a story about raping then killing her. The general consensus among LGBT media and LGBT orgs. is TERF is an appropriate thing to call women. They will justify it's use then accuse a person of transphobia when it is stated that it is offensive to call a woman TERF.

This prompted another lesbian journalist to say "The "L" in LGBT is silent.

The current Left of the LGBT community is not liberal, it is Authoritarian and Fascist. Many far left parts of the community are promoting communism and other ideologies that go against our core values. A liberal should say clearly without a second thought "coercion, sexual harassment, pedophilia, rape, death threats, an threats of violence are not in our core values." It is basic liberalism. We support free speech, even if we disagree with what someone is saying, NO platforming is not a liberal value. Liberals debate we welcome open discussions and dialog, the current idea of there is NO debate and debating things is wrong, goes against liberal values.

The changing of what gay and lesbian into "Same Gender Attraction" goes against liberal values. First of all classic liberals recognize that gendered stereotypes and roles is a corner stone of sexism and homophobia... at least we did at one time. Liberals also used to understand that LGB are subjugated based on our same SEX attraction. Changing the definition to same gender and not same sex also says homosexuality is conditional we can easily be attracted to the opposite sex depending on the circumstances. That goes against all of my liberal values.

So who am I now... I am a free thinking homosexual male that does not support fascism, homophobia, sexism, and racism. I can never be a conservative for several reasons... mostly economic and global issues. I'm still technically a registered Democrat... but that is not so much supporting Biden as much as it is voting against Trump, if I am perfectly honest.

I disagree with you. Want to talk?

ah i love that you two are talking!

Classical liberalism is first and foremost about individual liberty - seems to be a natural place for 'sexual/gender non-conformists'! Modern liberalism has no connection to it - it is the flip-side of the social conservative (which is also the natural home of the classical conservative: the head of the State is ruler of all). I too get crap from both sides. I give as well as I get though.

In the end it is less about the label and more about the attitude: give me liberty, or give me death.

@tracycoyle I mean I love the state of mind but the odd thing I find is that the result of class-lib/libaterianism ends up hurting people like you and me the most and the people who espouse it usually want the "freedom" to be mean to people and not be critisised...

I'm not necessarily saying that you're like that and "give me liberty, or give me death", I stan sister. I stan. But... I dunno I don't think I have the answers either of us are looking for and neither do I think any ideology does.


Congratulations, you're a Free Thinker! Neither of the two "sides" will accept you, as neither are intellectually independent and free-thinking people are a threat to them, but there are MANY people who are free-thinking just as yourself and would happily welcome your brain to help sharpen their own intellect! I have such a group I'm cultivating discussions with on my Discord server, let me know if you would like an invite -- but most of all, know that you do belong!

hah story of my life

Hey I'd be interested in joining 🙂


I understand your feelings. I'm very left-leaning, but I always struggle with feeling like I'm not "left enough" because there are certain things I strongly believe we need to talk about within the LGBT community - not only trans issues, but problems with "micro-labeling" that might unintentionally be adding to trans- and homophobia - that nobody wants to talk about because "everyone is valid and LGBT and if you bring up these concerns, you're a bigot." But on the other extreme of that, I face purely mean-spirited transphobia. I wish I knew what the answer was.

Edit: words

Jayyy Level 4 Apr 21, 2020

I have similar concerns on microlabelling... do we make it broad and accept that when people say a certain word they might mean different things, or do we microlabel to be specific so that there is less confusion (at least inernally). I also have a linguistics streak and especially from that perspective its an interesting but confusing question

@Creamegg There may very well be useful ones, but think my issue with micro-labeling is that it begins to describe things that every human being experiences to some degree, and so we are having people who are having completely normal and healthy experiences being told they’re unique and LGBT. I’ve noticed this a lot with labels like demisexual or with certain non-binary identities, and I personally think it’s gotten to an unhealthy point of people spending so much time thinking about and breaking down their identities into smaller and smaller boxes, building themselves inward and hyper focusing on it. It’s created an environment within the LGBT community that is obsessed with labels to the point of redefining existing terms into meaninglessness, with the community as a whole feeling confused and distant from one another. The LGBT community was never meant to be “anything I think is different/weird,” and differences in individual experiences between people was something I think we took as a normal part of being human. From a personal perspective, I’ve seen homophobia, biphoba, and transphobia repackaged as queer micro-labels enough times for me to find harm in it.

I’m sorry if that doesn’t quite make sense. I just woke up so I’m having trouble figuring out how I want to explain myself.


Sadly I agree. I have always found myself stuck in the middle trying to reason with both sides. I'm really not sure how our society can progress like this. I only hope enough people get sick of the extremes.

maybe we started a new group then? of free thinkers haha! where we learn from each other

@ariellescarcella Ancient philosophers did that - learned from each other. Seems to be a much better way to go about things.

I understand the sentiment loads but I feel like pretending its new without understanding the historical context of politics is dangerous in and of itself. Politics is like a huge game of Go, you start out as a free thinker or you put your ideas out there as a free-thinking ideology, but it as you put down your thoughts, your ideology and your ideals other people react and you form your friends and your enemies. Marx was once a "free thinker" and look at his ideology now.

I think if you got this ball rolling poperly, made a free thinker movement, it might be a breath of fresh air but I don't know how I (say) vote for a free thinker? How do I know they won't just comprimise and fold on everything?

Although on a tangent I feel like I'm on the left trying to reason with both sides too

@Creamegg The real problem is free-thinkers can't create free thinking. Generally free thinkers unintentionally indoctrinate non free-thinkers. This is what creates factions in my opinion.

This is why exposure in colleges was meant to be across the spectrum. The only way to create a free thinker is to give all options and allow for discussion on differences. You have to be taught to continue to be open even when you form a belief/opinion.

As for the voting problem, I think the issue is more that we have locked on to extremes in our parties. I would say the left has done this more so than the right at the moment, but this is a more recent development. I think free thinkers may always feel left out because we see reason from both sides but it is easier to garner support from a biased base.

We also have to as a society break the unaccountability that seems to permeate the government. Moderate democrats won seats in 2018 talking about issues that mattered to their people, and then they proceeded to push impeachment sometimes against the will of their people. I myself am more moderate left and can't stand the hypocrisy of the party.

@KariPanda I love that take honestly, although I'd like to offer you some food for thought: free thinkers aren't always (or even necessarily often) moderate and are often radical in their own ways.

Consider disabled communities, which are largely non-partizan, but still relative radical for the empowerment and accessibility of disabled people.

@Creamegg I can agree with that, and you can have free thinkers that hold radical views in specific areas. I also know that while many of them may hold radical views in a specific area they are open to hearing critique or alternatives that could provide a positive outcome.

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