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Do you ever hate how women are portrayed on TV Arielle Scarcella? It pisses me off sometimes. I mean not going to lie it makes for a better movie yes. But what's with the instant panic where she's all sobbing and is hysterical while uttering oh my God? Girls will fight you man what hell? Or wearing heals while running down stairs in a horror movie, I mean really, why? Sometimes I hate it how easy it looks to pick up girls in movies, like I can't even get girls to talk to me, how's a guy supposed to hold a 2 minute conversation about what neither person wants to talk about about then, boom, like magic, she's leaving with him, I wouldn't even do that? I watched maleficent 2 today, it makes you wonder, when they're going to the dinner and crossing the river with a bridge made of roots, were they wearing heals?

Caseyxsharp2 6 Feb 17
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In the first place movies are fictional and or fictionalized renditions of real life stories. Movies are purpose designed to be entertaining. Go figure.
Movies portray women in every possible way. Some female characters are gorgeous and able to run stairs while wearing stiletto heels. Go figure.
The thing is that movies portray the basic and real dynamic between men and women. Generally speaking men are bigger, physically stronger and can take a punch in the face. Conversely women are smaller, not as strong as men and fold and collapse to the floor in tears the instant someone punches them in the face.
Sure women "will fight you man" - just as you say. But the fact is that a given man of average strength can easily overpower almost any woman. It takes an exceptionally strong athletic and well trained female to overpower an average male. Truth!

The dynamic of the man/woman relationship is that the woman needs and seeks security and safety. The man pursues physically attractive females. Ultimately the female either accepts or rejects a given male based upon her personally prioritized list of attributes in a man.

Who would bother to sit through a movie where the women are unattractive, the men are weak Betas and - well, nobody would want to do that. We go to movies to be entertained. We want to see attractive females and strong men. We want to see the male characters vanquish the evil bad guys and to see him rescue the female. We experience it vicariously. Sitting in a theater seat we let our imaginations run with the movie. We imagine that WE are the characters on the screen and for a little less than 2 hours we get to enjoy the thrill of seeing ourselves being the hero and the rescued damsel...Truth!

iThink Level 8 Feb 17, 2021

Yeah well I meant it that it does make for a better movie. But I don't think that just only an athletic woman can overpower an average man, I'm saying women will fight you because they're designed to, given one on one that woman is kicking that man's ass if she felt like it. Either way that's exactly what people see when they go to the movie are beta males because if the women wanted they could kick his ass. Like if it was Dwayne Johnson versus Brittany Spears, Brittney Spears will whoop his ass. Yes if men they ever really tried to fought women the women would win because women would whoop ass. There's women bigger than I am and I already have more strength and muscle than most other men just because I'm lefthanded and biologically my brain is closer associated with females, I'm a girl that lives in a body of a man, I'm not even trans or a lady boy I'm for real a girl with a man's body and physically I'm stronger and more stronger than any man that would be my size they couldn't even approach my power. Girls are stronger than men. They just don't have the testosterone to grow the same size but a man given the same size as a female the female is stronger.

@Forra888 don't feed the trolls

@Forra888 me too

@Forra888 @iThink cool but you don't know. You think I'm stupid. You don't have to answer you do. People think that because women have more estrogen that they can't build muscle, those who don't know testosterone is such a powerful chemical that it can build 7 times more muscle than a person working out for a year in one month not even working out, and, when that changes in a man they lose muscle, the reason it doesn't even effect girls is because they do have more estrogen which creates the thermogenic effect that causes fat burning and protein synthesis, it works the same when men sit in a sauna, warm up before exercise, have fever or when it's hot, it allows muscles to work better, the less fat you have the less estrogen which is actually what builds muscle, that's why there's a limit to how much bodybuilders can build because they have the testosterone but not the adequate amount of estrogen in order to keep building muscle, girls have more estrogen than men, if they try building muscle they're better at it and can be stronger than me, people think that having big muscles is what equals strength but it's actually weak muscles because people only build muscle due to the tears in the muscle not by having bug muscles or there'd be no point of working out for anyone, girls don't lose muscle to working out and not having as much testosterone, and girls can build muscle because of it, therefore girls are stronger than men. I knew a Houston Rockets cheerleader that weight 110 and could bench 250 lbs. I think we're passed this.

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Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

Posted by Caseyxsharp2I don't know what happened to the comments that I was making before on my other post.

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