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Why does the left celebrate rapists?

ariellescarcella 7 Aug 31
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Because Donald Trump hasn't been accused of rape, sexual harassment, and inappropriate groping, grabbing, unwanted kissing and altogether predatory behavior. And you're gonna vote for this guy? Just WOW. I'm DISGUSTED by the right quite frankly.


The current "thing" is to support criminals of color who end up on the wrong end of a lawful use of force, because it is ugly. Did we see any riots when the black St. Louis cop was murdered recently? Nope.


Lesser of two evils?
Like those on the left who know Biden's history of sexual assault allegations but continue to support him nonetheless because he's "not as bad" as Trump.
Because the agenda is more important than individuals, particularly women. Ever notice how a lot of people on the left are more than happy to use gendered or homophobic slurs towards those they don't agree with politically?


"I wish Ghillain Maxwell well" who said that? Endorsing the prison warden who happend to like dating very young girls. It appears the bar on morality has been lowered recently.


Because they are Marxist. And Marxist only care about power. Just started reading the book 48 laws of power. Recommend it to everyone.


Because Democrats like to operate within their comfort zone.

Xtra Level 8 Aug 31, 2020

They live in a fantasy world like me too. In reality they are just vile abject misenthropes and sad depressed sacks of .....




Good question. Also, why do they support the criminals of the Kenosha riot (including pedophile Rosenbaum, wife beater Huber, and burglar Grosskreutz) who were trying to kill a 17-year-old kid who was trying to help people? The only answer is that they’re a bunch of power-hungry frauds.

*power-hungry Marxists

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