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Times Kalvin Garrah said TRANSPHOBE/TRANSPHOBIC in his Arielle video: 9
Times Kalvin Garrah said TERF in his Arielle video: 18

Percent of transphobic violence perpetrated by radical feminists: 0%
Percent of transphobic violence perpetrated by straight men/transphobes: 100%

yasuda 2 July 22
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Ugh im still upset over it tbh


Kalvin's an idiot who needs to grow up


I just watched the video. I'm glad Arielle made a response! You bring up a good point. Kalvin was saying "Arielle is not a TERF," but he used the word quite a bit and claimed her content "fuels TERFs."

I think you're right that all (or almost all) physical violence against trans people is NOT perpetuated by radical feminists. I have never personally heard a story about a radical feminist physically attacking a trans person. But I think the discussion doesn't end with physical violence. I am not defending Kalvin's viewpoint (because I think he's wrong and I am also a big Arielle fan), but I do think that radical feminism CAN cause harm to the trans community (and vice versa) with bigoted language and beliefs. Just my two cents!


Give people a little testosterone and see how they become angry and violent.

Seriously tho, Kalvin is a kid. An SJW. A college student. Kalvin may try to be a more liberal leftist but still a leftist and today leftism means "everyone who doesn't agree with me is Hitler".

If you're still on the left after watching how violent and intolerant the left has become then you need to seek therapy because you need help.

I just have to point out that giving trans men testosterone does not make them angry and violent.

When I began taking testosterone, I became much calmer and more centered. My doctor told me that in her experience, my response to testosterone was very common in other trans male patients.

@RavenMStark Don't mind me I'm just man-hating. It's my feminist knee-jerk reaction when I hear women getting criticized for having an opinion.

@ThomasinaPaine Fair enough.

In the last 5 years homophobia and sexism has run rampant... and it is considered progressive. Who needs evangelical homophobes saying "Turn or Burn" when you have allies that say your a bigot because your gay or lesbian.... and tell you to should shut up... or else.
Who needs old boys telling you to learn your place... shut up and get back in the kitchen has been replaced shut up, and learn your place or else.

TERF is the new Femme-a-Nazi... same crap new packaging.

@EarthBear66 Its the new conversion therapy.

No. Being a sane leftist doesnt mean i should switch sides because of some insane trans people or insane allies. Absolutely not

@blackarchon Imagine it's not a political party but a boyfriend or girlfriend. You would say that you shouldn't switch sides after they show: 1) that they don't appreciate you and are seen out with other people who they shower with the love and attention you no longer get 2) that person looks the other way when someone calls you a pejorative and says "all -pejoratives- must die" and "rape a -pejorative-" and 3) uses your money you put in their pocket for your own reproductive health for years and years and years for stuff the other person who just showed up says they need more.

Women BUILT the left in the US. They built Planned Parenthood of America. They canvassed for marriage equality and made it hard for straight men to not give a shit. Women made the US left and they care about as much as a cheating spouse.

Fuck them. I don't let someone in a relationship treat me like shit because "everyone else in the world is worse". I don't believe that by going along you get what you want when they clearly have shown that our platform is less important in 2020.

When women like JK Rowling are now shit on and even threatened with 90% of everyone else in the left either agreeing or looking the other way that is a sign of what will happen to you if you step out of line.

Stay with the terrible partner if you like. That's your choice but in 2020 I stand by its not a smart move. When someone KNOWS they have your obedience no matter what they do they have no reason to do right by you.

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