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RANDOM QUESTION: So, over the last few days I've been thinking about sexuality, and the different labels used to define an individual's sexuality (including how this links to gender). So I have 2 questions.
(1) How many genders do YOU think there are? I think there are 2 binary genders, and then some people may fit in the "middle" (like a venn diagram)
(2) Is there a difference between pansexuality and bisexuality? I personally don't know what I think about this, since my "definition" of pansexuality based on my own beliefs is different to a lot of pansexuals

dylanhope951 4 July 10
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depends on how you define gender lol if you define it as societal and expression its endless...but im not sure that helps society. pan and bi is BASICALLY the same.

I agree with that (pan/bi comment). As for how you define gender, whether it's something that's innate or based on society or expression, that's a really interesting point. And I feel that's what the trans community is mixing all into one, society AND expression AND it being innate, and that all of these factors make someone trans, which I think can be quite harmful and reinforces gender stereotypes. It kinda makes the whole "being trans" thing a choice, and removes any form of definition of what it means to be trans because then EVERYTHING could be trans.
What I meant by the question, is how many do you consider to be "innate"? But that's a really good point, that there are loads of different ways to look at it

  1. I agree with OP's ideas about gender. Two binary genders and some people in the middle. For example, I know that some (but not all) intersex people don't feel exactly like a man or a woman and I think that needs to be recognized considering intersex people constitute ~2% of people which is over 100 million people and comparable to the amount of redheads in the world.

  2. I think there is a difference between bisexuality and pansexuality. This is gonna seem like I'm wayyyy over explaining, but I want to be as clear as possible. I am bisexual and only attracted to people with typical male primary and secondary sex characteristics OR people with typical female primary and secondary sex characteristics. I am not attracted to people whose secondary sex characteristics do not match their primary sex characteristics and I am not attracted to people with ambiguous genitalia. Pansexuality to me means that someone can be attracted to people regardless of their primary and secondary sex characteristics.

In short, to me, someone who is bisexual is only attracted to typical males and females while someone who is pansexual is attracted to males, females, and anyone in between.


There are 2 genders. The existence of intersex people and people who identify as non-binary do not change that fact. I used to say I was pansexual, but now I say that I’m bisexual because I was lying to myself thinking I would sleep with someone who doesn’t call themselves a man or a woman lol. I have been attracted to one trans person and I don’t think that makes you “pansexual”

I agree with you. I mean, I can't speak on behalf of you, but from my own experiences with attraction I know (for me) that the only reason I am attracted to some trans people is because I'm attracted to male sex characteristics. That's what it means be a gay guy. So, if a trans guy has male characteristics I like, then I'm going to be attracted to them. I think this might be similar to your experience with it.


I tend to accept two genders/sexes, and 6 types of orientation. Male and female for the first, and the attraction to same sex, other, or both. I like what I like and I don't care what you like as long as your orientation requires consent, and from a person capable of giving it.

Hey- sorry, I'm just confused about the 6 orientations? Didn't you list 3? Apologies if I'm being stupid- just a bit confused haha

@dylanhope951 3 sets, applied to two genders. I'm not real good at math, but that comes out to six for me.
Male: likes male, likes female, likes both = 3
Female: likes male, likes female, likes both = 3
3+3 = 6. Maybe my description is poor or something ...

@Warm_Fuzzy ohh ok yeah sorry lol I was just thinking homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual. I didnt realise you were taking into account the 2 sexes

  1. I think there are 3 genders: male, female, and other. "Other" would encompass nonbinary people of all kinds.

  2. My wife identifies as "pansexual." She prefers this to "bisexual" because she believes there are more than 2 options -- male, female, nonbinary, trans male, and trans female being the options -- and her potential to be attracted to any of those options.

How other people use pansexual/bisexual, I don't know. I'll find out by reading other comments here! 🙂


There are as many genders as there are students in the department of social justice at the local university.

sqeptiq Level 9 July 11, 2020

I know I will get some flak over this, but here is my response: If you and 4 others get blood taken and have it blind tested, what will the science say?
That is why LGBTA exists and is based off a biologics and sexual attraction or lack thereof.
Why can't that be accepted and move on?
I could go on more about this, but what is the point, the answer is simple, but I guess that is why some do not like it because the answer is very simple and they just want it to be more complicated because that gives them a false sense of being special, which in the real world it is your actions that make you unique and special to others.

That would depend on what they are testing my blood for. If they look at my lipid panel, they will say "male," due to the testosterone I've been taking for years. But if they look at my chromosomes, they will obviously say "female."

I also believe that one day, Science will have solid evidence that a transgender person's brain has physiological differences. There is already some rudimentary evidence for that. It needs more study.

I agree with what I think is the main point of your message - we should just accept it and move on! I don't think I am any more "special" than you or anyone else in the world. Being trans is just one thing about me. Let's look past these labels and judge people by their character again!


There are two biological sexes and a freakishly small number of outliers. I care zero where people insert their body parts or what they insert into their bodies, so long as the things they are inserting into their bodies or the bodies they are inserting their bodies into are old enough to consent. Don't go there, it's a different question. I care zero about your identification, so long as you don't require me to go too far out of my way to accommodate you, which includes allowing biological sexed males to take a shit or piss in the same room as biological female children, or force biological sexed females to compete in sports with biological males. Call me whatever you want. Don't care. BTW, you never picked cotton, I never owned a human, I don't owe you shit, end of story.

stone Level 4 July 11, 2020

I think there is the male sex, the female sex, and intersex people. I think "gender" is a social construct used to describe behaviors society that typically associated with masculinity and femininity to the point where it began to be used interchangeably with sex.

I don't believe that there are 100 genders because I barely believe there are 2. From the perspective of "an adult human female" the whole concept of gender has been used to box women into activities and styles that were "feminine" and to shame men into avoiding them. In the gay community it used to be a major insult to call a butch lesbian "sir" or even date identify her as a man. Now my butch lesbian friends are back to being called "sir" with male pronouns against their will because society has determined that if you are a butch female or a feminine male you are trans, binary, or genderfluid.

In the 80s and 90s there was a movement called "genderfuck" for people like Boy George, a young RuPaul, and Annie Lennox. It was called "genderfuck" to challenge sad stereotypes of male and female.

I don't personally think that labels are helpful. They can be used to categorize races or sexes as bad or good and today they are used to create division within communities and in the worst case coerce young people into thinking that they need hormones if they are uncomfortable with their masculinity/femininity.

Before anyone says otherwise--yes, I believe there are people who experience gender dysphoria and feel they are in the wrong body. Hormones and transition may be the answer for the distress that they feel. But when you have 100 genders you actually make light of their dysphoria and transition experience.

If you can be "autism gender" (yes, they have that now) or "dragon gender" (yep, that too) then really there is no such thing as gender and we're all just individuals in a flesh suit.

My thoughts exactly. Although I do believe that we're just spirits living in flesh suits, there is a difference between a female flesh suit and a male flesh suit lol.


There's only two biological sexes. Male and Female. That's it (Yes, I know intersex people exist, but I wouldn't count them unless they were a significant percentage of the population.). I also don't believe in Gender at all. I see it as a pretty word for sex, and distinguishing biological sex from sex sex. My personal interpretation of Bi vs Pan is just that Bisexual is being attracted to both, and pan is just a word for someone who is Bi but with no preference.

yeah, I see where you are coming from (regarding gender). Like you said, I feel gender and sex are linked. Personally, I feel gender does exist but I view it as how biological sex works within society. This is different to it being a social construct, because I view it as a direct consequence OF biology.


There are 2 biological sexes and gender has no legit meaning anymore in my opinion. So there can be as many genders as we can imagine. But there are only 2 biological sexes. Period!

MerCi Level 5 July 10, 2020

I agree. Gender has lost all meaning/value, since people can identify in 100 different ways now. And as for biological sex, people on twitter and tumblr would disagree with you on that lol Apparently sex is a social construct now too- soon humans will also be social constructs


Honestly as a transsexual, I believe there are only 2 genders. Male and Female. I don’t know a lot about Non-binary but as you said I think they are some where in the middle. As for bisexuality and pansexuality, I believe they are the same. I think that the term pansexual was coined to encompass trans people, but I think people can be bisexual and be attracted to someone who is trans.

How do you feel as someone I assume had gender dysphoria when people come up with these crazy genders like autism gender or lycan gender? Do you ever want to scream "Shut up shut up shut up you ridiculous tumbler babies!" ?

@ThomasinaPaine As a person who has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, it upsets me when people make up genders like that. Nothing against anyone with autism but autism is not a gender. Lycan is not a gender either, that sounds more like a trans species than a gender. I won’t scream about it but I try to educate people that making up genders like this hurts the trans community more than it helps. I’ve watched the support rate for trans people drop considerably because of it. Most of these people that are doing this I feel like are looking for attention or are very confused.

@ShaneRooker Shane, you are so much more patient than I am at this point.

After thinking about this topic, I completely agree with everything you just said. And I'm not trans, but I can see how a lot of the new gender identities could be offensive to a lot of trans people, especially when radical trans activists are actually causing acceptance to go DOWN like you said

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