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I had heard rumors of these restrictions in California, but I hadn't been certain about them. From what Ben Shapiro is saying, the rumors are true. COVID-19 is a serious disease, but the public policy response has been a hoax and a scam. The people of the United States are being tested to show whether we are still worthy to live in a free country. To the extent that people still support politicians like Newsom, we are failing. Once upon a time, maybe we could give powers to the executive branches of our state and federal government and allow them to make rules. That power needs to be removed. Every regulation should now be established only by the vote of a legislature. If we continue to elect the legislators who would vote for these laws, we are not worthy to live in a free country.

WftRight 6 Oct 26

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I'm kinda hoping Sleepy Joe wins so we can get the war over with.

If they can't decide on a winner, would you be willing to split the country rather than have a war?

Not really. They grow like cancer. The good half would just start getting infected and like the left has done to us at the present, they would start growing again. Of course I said that in jest. I think the left socialists will eventually win. Not in my lifetime but it will happen. If the democrats dismantle the military like they want, China will take over the world if Russia allows it or are defeated themselves. I wish I could see it. For Gods sake get ahold of the kids that are near you and teach about our culture before liberals completely erase it.

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