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Anyone NOT Christian Here?

Any Agnostic, Pagans, Non-Abrahamic Religions here at all?! Atheists?!

Can’t you see we gotta have a common spirituality to get outta this mess?!!!

Trump is half-ass claiming the Bible is the answer. The church is

FrozenSoul 7 June 11

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What good would a common spirituality do ? If your goal is just get everyone on the same page, ax spirituality all together, you'll never get peoples existential experiences to line up


I'm a Polytheist, my Pantheon is the Iberian and Celtiberian.


I think of myself as an agnostic pagan monotheist. Monotheist because I believe there is only one god (could be more I suppose). By pagan I simply mean non-Abrahamic. And I use the term agnostic because, although I believe there is a god, I'm not sure what to believe about this god. I can't understand god's "personality" nor god's motivations and goals.
I might use another term; Panenpsychist. Pantheists believe god is the universe. Panentheistes believe the universe is in god, or that god is transcendent. Panpsychists believe that all matter has a bit of consciousness, and, put together properly, can equal a human consciousness. Sometimes I think we are living within god's mind... we are characters in god's dream.
This is rather similar to the notion that reality is a computer program - that it's all just information. But why be so "technological" about it?
Anyway, I think you're right. Much of what we're going through is a spiritual problem... obviously a moral problem. We're told that life clings to the slightly cooled crust of a molten ball of rock whirling around a lonely fusion bomb through the vacuum of space... And that ultimately it's all meaningless. No matter what great heights we achieve, no matter the poetry, the institutions, the music, the architecture, no matter what we overcome and potential we reach for it all comes to nothing, either with a Big Crunch or with Heat Death. It's all meaningless. The Big Bang may as well have been a fart far all it's worth.
I'd prefer to believe something greater is going on. And something greater to strive for. Certainly something that outlasts any individual, and something that outlasts humanity itself.

I have a pagan group


Atheist Libertarian here


I’m Christian but I sure suck at it! Gonna keep trying though.

we all suck at it ! hang in there !


Yeah, faithless Christian, here.


Raises hand.


There are quite a few non-Christians who I've seen. There are at least 2 specific Atheist groups here [] [] and I myself am a Satanist and created a group for that too []

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